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Blackbeard Uses The Yami-Yami & Gura Gura Devil Fruit Powers [HD]

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Text Comments (2736)
khaled alk (1 day ago)
He sucked Whitebeard’s dick and gained his power. Thats how he gained his second devil fruit
julian brylle (2 days ago)
Probably a box (3 days ago)
I have a theory Its because blackbeard is so fuckin fat He can handle 2 powers
いやいや、海軍と白ひげ海賊団見てないで 攻撃しろよw
João Victor (4 days ago)
So like big mom who eated mother caramel blackbeard just eat whitebeard organs thats why his stance is so skinny and strange
Lazy Zack (5 days ago)
Blackbeard sucked dick lmao
Kingdome Cthulhu (6 days ago)
The real question is when luffy runs out of gears (4 at time of post) whats his next power he has to keeping evolving or he wont reach his goal...
Yassine SHOW (6 days ago)
ofc Bison is in teach's crew
He sucked white beards dick under the curtains lol
Bryan Quindara (7 days ago)
Blackbeard sucking the old man. Damn you blackbeard!!
Triple M (7 days ago)
I bet it's an illusion
Sahil King (7 days ago)
What did he do to Whitebeards body?
Jzer Guinto (7 days ago)
I have theory that blackbeard's body have 2 or 3 people inside his body or he that yami yami no mi have an ability that can absorb a person or something along those lines that lets him have multiple person in black beard thus he was able to have 2 devil fruits and didn't kill him because he is technically 2 person in 1 body. I got this theory because when i searched up blackbeard in the net i saw that blackbeard might be inspired from the real life pirate blackbeard and his real name is edward teach or edward thatch. From that i had a hunch that maybe thatch and teach is in one body i dunno. Just my theory
Raja Abat (7 days ago)
jiraiya did not die he escape naruto and go to one piece maybe theres a kamui in the sea
てち〆龍 (7 days ago)
DEAN3STACKS (7 days ago)
Wait how did he aquire gura gura im clueless
Asali Balali (8 days ago)
It’s actually crazy that almost a decade later we don’t know what Blackbeard did underneath that black cloth
Son Pogy_Dk (8 days ago)
Hello Jiraiya 00:15
Nephilibata (8 days ago)
I hope oda do not reveal that blackbeard eat white beard to get that power.
Eminem Music (8 days ago)
Imagine the third fruit he can carry would be luffys one.
Poon Slayer (8 days ago)
I wonder what the tremor tremor fruit awakening looks like
ZephyrXYZ (8 days ago)
2 Things: 1. I think the devil fruit or better the devil soul covers the hearth of their eater. So you can eat the heart or somehow extract it and make it your own. 2. Blackbeards devil fruit can disable devilfruits. Thats why i think he can use 2. He disable his own devil fruit and use WBs or he disable WBs and use his own. Maybe he merged them and can use both at the same time.
MoisKatze - (8 days ago)
0:16 Jiraya-sensei?!
sean lim (9 days ago)
Garp sengoku akainu kizaru aokiji and all the other shichibukai and vice-admirals all stood there and did jack shit while blackbeard took whitebeard's powers under that stupid vulnerable piece of cloth? Oda must he getting too senile for this job lol
bwythe -_- (10 days ago)
I mean i dont know if teach is that strong i mean hes devil fruit is op as fck but dunno bout hes haki since we never saw him use it before time skip
Kaizen Space (10 days ago)
I really want to see luffy beat the hell out of this guy's ass
とびたひろかず (11 days ago)
Kool Cheeze (11 days ago)
so if white beared wanted to he could have destroyed the whole navy??🤔🤔🤔
r3dp0isn (11 days ago)
Blackbeard violated old mans corpse
Smooth Criminal (13 days ago)
I wonder no one even a single person from Navy or White beard pirates tried to stop Blackbeard 😒
Geniustache crocs (13 days ago)
If the Darkness fruit can reduce everything to nothingness does that mean black beard can lose weight
Donald Duc (11 days ago)
what the fuck is darkness fruit, you damn retard
Samir Issa (14 days ago)
Damn this was 7 years ago...
X menia (14 days ago)
i wonder if Blackbeard vs Alvida teach use darkness against Alvida, not surprise if she turn to old hag again
D Family (15 days ago)
fuck blackbeard.,! 😬😬😬
Mark Cabañog (15 days ago)
Idiot Admirals just watching BB. What a dickhead marines
Najmi Roslan (15 days ago)
Gay blowjob
Kim amai (15 days ago)
Is it really possible to use 2 devil fruits? Wouldn’t he die🤷‍♀️?
Ba-to C. (16 days ago)
OMG 7 years have passed already? time flies faaast..
Gary Madafaka-Oak (16 days ago)
I can't wait to see Blackbeard using the single most destructive HtH attack in this series: pulling devil fruit user with Yami Yami no mi into haki-boosted Gura Gura punch (I'm surprised if Blackbeard can't use haki at this point). Even his regular punch was enough to almost kill Ace and we don't even know if Blackbeard pulled that punch back then. Now add full power of Gura Gura no mi and possible armament haki and you got punch that can kill almost any devil fruit user without fail. You can't even avoid that in any way unless you can inflict enough damage to stagger the bastard, which may be more or less impossible after timeskip as not even Whitebeard or Sengoku could inflict any significant damage on him BEFORE timeskip. And if Blackbeard has been able to add 3rd devil fruit, let's say mythical zoan to this arsenal to boost his raw power even further, I cannot see many characters besides Yonko surviving such blow. It will interesting to see what kind of plot armor Oda can create to shield Luffy from that kind of instant annihilation.
The MRTN Show (16 days ago)
He sucked dead man dick for that
Allcryptic (17 days ago)
0:19 *cough * where they raping
SHYLESH RAJ (17 days ago)
Blackbeard:Nobody is a match for me.... Shanks: wanna fight!!! Blackbeard: I was just leaving....
Ryuji 1996 (17 days ago)
Who came here after 4 yonko reaction on luffy 5th emperor?
Dan Zalisnock (17 days ago)
What is Shilwlwlelelw of the rain talking about "if it fails i suppose we'll have to disband"? Even if it failed they woulda been a crew destined for greatness....plus plot armour
もふ もふ (19 days ago)
by金木犀らんて (20 days ago)
失敗したら解散っていうことは 死ぬ可能性もあったってこと?
NAGA太POKO助 (17 days ago)
クルーは黒ひげの身体の構造を知ってるんだろうけど、あまりに未知数(本人も)だっただろうからねぇ。 単に能力を奪え無かった場合なのか、死ぬのか…
EggBoyHero (20 days ago)
No matter how strong a devil fruit is haki will always be stronger.
A.R.R Channel (20 days ago)
This how blackbear got his power Take out whitebeard's dick and suck the juice of the gura gura fruit 😂
Crank Dux (21 days ago)
i can tell how much fun akio has voicing blackbeard
Second Power (24 days ago)
He ate black beards heart
スタープラチナ (25 days ago)
Anish Franklin xaxa (25 days ago)
I think luffy and teach will make a good rivalry
barbarian131 (25 days ago)
He gave whitebeard a blow job.
tommoore2012 (26 days ago)
"I've obtained it at last! Now, nobody is a match for me!" Goro Goro No Mi: "Hold my lightning."
animedragon master (26 days ago)
I bet hw rape him inside
Tuugii (26 days ago)
a logia user eats the fruit of a paramecia user
kapal mo (26 days ago)
i think blackbeard has other personalities..which is he give gura gura no mi to his other self..its like in ghost fighter which is sensui has 7 personalities and all of them has different powers itself..and i think he use his devil fruit to suck in whitebeards power into his other self because his power is blackhole..which is suck everything that surrounds it..sorry for the grammar haha..
Riska Andini (27 days ago)
He sucked whitebeard's dick
Channel Motty (27 days ago)
何故今のうちに撃たないの?? もしかしてこの海兵たちはお馬鹿さんか!?笑
Ninkudo koh (27 days ago)
0:15 Jiraiya died and transported to isekai.
。ハルキ (27 days ago)
00:15 エロ仙人現る
anonymous Xx (28 days ago)
Blackbeard sucks whitebeard dick to get his powr i guess. Thats why they need to cover it up😂
Maki Nakama (28 days ago)
7 years???!!!!! Fml
ドットしーヤン (28 days ago)
2nd Commander Sabo (28 days ago)
Interesting !!
希望匿名 (29 days ago)
dian nugraha (29 days ago)
Sabo will die and luffy will wrap his body and gain the fire power
Jotaro Kujo (29 days ago)
Saitama -Caped Baldy (29 days ago)
Teach seemed so OP at this moment I thought he wouldn’t be able to ever be beaten until the time skip
geramel alzate (29 days ago)
is that jiraya ? hmfft. now i knew haha
Marcus Hendriksen (1 month ago)
I can't express how much I want Teach to get Marco's fruit. It'd be perfect, thematically. Only problem is, he'd be just about unkillable without seastone or insane haki
Austin X (1 month ago)
A fat todoroki
hari chandan (1 month ago)
And the idiot marines are like ok let's wait and see what happens
Marcus Tumaliuan (1 month ago)
I think Blackbeard ate a bit of Whitebeard since I remember Big Mom ate Caramel her mother to obtain the Soul power
SummerTime High (1 month ago)
But why did yall just sit there and let him do it?
MaverickTheNoob1112 (1 month ago)
0:16 Jiraya
DarkInfernape65 (1 month ago)
Soo, weren’t df supposed to disappear from a preson as soon as he died? Or does it some time after the user’s death?
Jarvis Bailey (1 month ago)
Let's be honest, he just didn't want anybody to see him giving a dead man the good S U C C
Panglima Putih (1 month ago)
Maybe he do a blowjob tu whitebeard. Haha
SaintPlaysGames (1 month ago)
He sucked the hell out of Whitebeard
DJ Burger (1 month ago)
1:17 WTF did San Juan Wolf get there?
DJ Burger (1 month ago)
0:15 I saw Kisame and Jiraya from Naruto Shipudden
Syamimi Damia (1 month ago)
I'm think I know how his steal WB power BB can use his DF skill name kurozu allowed his can absord DF power so DF Users unable use his power but if his use it at dead person what do you think can be ? Yupp his steal
wilmor fajardo (1 month ago)
Slum dunk
Tatsuya Izaki (1 month ago)
Where is akainu this time?
El Masterio (1 month ago)
didnt know that sucking dicks gives you super power ... Yo gay people you should be happy . W8 does this means superman was gay ? dam
Akeme Willie (1 month ago)
Jiraiya Sama in the background at 0:16 huh...
John Leo Basbas (1 month ago)
Wow BB giving WB a head
Albanian Potato (1 month ago)
0:15 Kisame, Jiraiya and dad of Sanji and Saitama at all the way back
fgfdgh fjyjhygh (1 month ago)
Damn. All For One can use GuraGura quirk now.
Portgas.D Jay (1 month ago)
Maybe he just dug into whitebeards stomach?
ShAdOwMaN (1 month ago)
BLACKBEARD IS OP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Steal Mil (1 month ago)
Blackbeard original voice is awesome
Grit & Grind (1 month ago)
But still refuse to fight shanks 😂
Guntur Rivaldiz (1 month ago)
0:16 Jiraiya,Kisame,Future Sanji Thumbnail = There is Gaara in here
Yoyo Bolokskie (1 month ago)
3:28 isn't that kaidos crew member
TAMO TAMO (1 month ago)
can (1 month ago)
Am i only person to hate that blackdick*
can (1 month ago)
+Dark Hacks :)
Dark Hacks (1 month ago)
No you're the only racist here :|

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