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Blackbeard Uses The Yami-Yami & Gura Gura Devil Fruit Powers [HD]

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Text Comments (2264)
SAGE Time! Indonesia (2 days ago)
Really no body cant defeat you BB? Want To Fight 1 by 1 with kaido or Dragon? They will kick you ass if you want fight they :) good luck... Haters gonna hate my comment and try to do a fact that Kurohige (BB) was the strongest... lol
Junel Hipulan (2 days ago)
He ate whitebeards dick
Juice Senpai (4 days ago)
I'm still fairly new to one piece but wouldn't the bearer of a devil fruit die with their host at the time of death? But Teach just ended up getting it anyways with logia effect
kaiserwilhelm (5 days ago)
I am tired of people who set ads on these kinds of videos, ITS NO YOUR CONTENT DOUCHEBAG
Shen Lord (6 days ago)
0:16 jirayah sensei
Jacob Teodoro (6 days ago)
Teach: nobody can match for me Shanks: hold my beer
rosa & rosi (6 days ago)
0:16 jairaya
西野瑠亜 (8 days ago)
Edward Newgate (9 days ago)
i think teach give respect to WB he destroyed the marineford for WB's goal
ポテトサラダ (11 days ago)
ヒュー (13 days ago)
monkey D garp anime (14 days ago)
Did any one notice there were 3 yonko in marine ford ! White beard , shanks, black beard !
Arman Hakim (14 days ago)
Not even close how white beard does it when he did it once with most of his energy he destroyed my whole screeb
D'onte Graves (14 days ago)
A.K.A. the most bullshit moment in One Piece
となりのだれか (16 days ago)
Anthony Crenshaw (18 days ago)
Everyone i think i figured it out! I saw a theory by a famous youtube but foegot who sorry... But he said that ut was the blood. If you look closely blackbeard had blood on only one side of his face but when he came back out he had blood on BOTH sides. He might have drank or touched whitebeards blood. The theory says thats how luffy is able to do red hawk because he had aces blood on that hand when he died!!!
D. Law New (21 days ago)
pssssttt yetttt.. Roman guy dulu.. D.blackbeard
きむらかずき (24 days ago)
「これで、もう敵はねぇー!!」 えっ、かたくりだったら攻撃できんだろ
Killercloud (25 days ago)
But then Shanks arrived...
フク (26 days ago)
Feels weirdman (27 days ago)
I think we need more flashback about teach at last part he said he obtained the dark fruit then lastly he achieve his last goal obtain whitebeard power meaning becoming whitebeard son his only way to steal and kill his power
Darkris (1 month ago)
Il ne lui manque plus que le Zoan de Kaidou
White Menthos XOXO (1 month ago)
Does anyone realize that oda doing some mistake about darkness fruit and fujitora gravitation fruit? Blackbeard could use blackhole which blackhole is caused because a massive gravitation (singularity). so blackhole should be fujitora's skill, not blackbeard
uliks krasniqi (1 month ago)
Mr cow Jones (1 month ago)
Lol imagine if Blackbeard tried to use WB devil fruit and it didnt work
sujan sitaula (1 month ago)
Doesn't that make blackbeard strongest man in the world now.
goudmol15 (1 month ago)
0:14 wow that man looks a lot like jiraiya! sorry just had to say it
Micah Washington (1 month ago)
0:16 Jiraya???!!
Abhiyan Dhungel (1 month ago)
He is like I am gonna go and suck white beard's d*ck
Inri Perno (1 month ago)
wtf.. did he rape whitebeard?
坂田銀時 (1 month ago)
Vepur (1 month ago)
BB: "Now, nobody is a match for me!" *KAIDO APPEARS*
Mus Ta (1 month ago)
0:17 شبه جيرايا
Jacob Cass (1 month ago)
Black beard should have took kizarus power too /instead
安田亨 (1 month ago)
Le O LeO (1 month ago)
Hong Hao Lau (1 month ago)
Maybe he ate whitebeard's flesh???just like big mom ate mother caramel??? To get the devil fruit power???
Steve Smith (1 month ago)
I doubt it. He was dead at that point and should have lost his fruit the instant he died
Andrew Duran (1 month ago)
Fuck Blackbeard
Jochen Müller (1 month ago)
BB just sucks whitebeards cock
2Fast 2Furious (1 month ago)
I've learned about One Piece even if you're weak as long as you have a decent DF powers that makes you OP.
Godsend (1 month ago)
Teach has the Dark Dark fruit, which allows complete control over darkness. I think the sheet they covered Whitebead with (and Teach went into) is a big clue. If you can completely control darkness, going into the sheet creates a perfectly dark environment for Teach to take advantage of. Using the darkness to to enhance his Logia abilities could allow him to potentially enter into Whitebeards body. Also, one of his abilities is "Black Hole" which can potentially pull/suck anything down into it. My theory is Blackbeard used the cover of darkness in the sheet to turn himself into pure darkness and then entered the body of Whitebeard; then while in the him, used his powers to suck the Quake Quake powers out of Whitebeard and into himself before the powers could empower another fruit. My theory about Teach's "irregular body" could be talking about being soulless. Maybe not having a soul is the prerequisite. It would also make sense of why all of Blackbeard's crew members seem to be of the absolute lowest morality - them themselves being soulless too, allowing Teach to "steal" fruit powers from others and implanting them into his crew mates. As for the "D", it could be anything. Devil, Demon, Destiny. Maybe the Devil fell in love with a woman and had some kids and the "D" in their names is the marker showing who is apart of the bloodline of the devil. Maybe the Devil died or sacrificed himself to create the devil fruits and every D. represents the "will of D" or "will of the Devil" living on. Who knows, can't wait to find out though.
When first time i see this i thought blackbeard change body with dead whitebeard.hahhaha
Yel Cruz (1 month ago)
Blackbeard said no one matches to him but when shanks said to fight him. Blackbeard disagree. So in this case shanks is more powerful than we ever imagined
Natsu Ludin (1 month ago)
Sorry i have better opinion 5:Chop-Chop Buggy 4:Yami-Yami Blackbeard 3:Gura-Gura Whitebeard 2:Flame-Flame Ace 1:Gum-Gum Luffy This is Mine for me tho
Frank The Bunny (1 month ago)
Game changer
҉えり (1 month ago)
0:17 ミニモリアいる w w w
Gaunter o'Dim (1 month ago)
0:16 Jiraiya
SkeletonWarrior (2 months ago)
What Ost plays when it shows the blackbeards up close face shots?
Y .M (2 months ago)
ML DiscipleGaming (2 months ago)
I think behind that black curtain. Blackbeard is sucking whitebeard's D.
TF you lookin at (2 months ago)
Is it because blackbeard has the Will of D that he can control two Devil fruit powers?
Steve Smith (1 month ago)
We don't know. Marco just said his body was unique
Miguel López (2 months ago)
BB kills Shanks, Shiryu fucks Beckmans, you read it here 1st :D
Miguel López (2 months ago)
BB gave Shanks the scar without Whitebeard power,why the fuck is people saying he chickened out lol, his crew wasn't ready for Shanks crew,thats probably why he left.
Mr1152451 (2 months ago)
So we are just waiting for BB to acquire the strongest zoan fruit? And knowing how wicked these ugly guys are, it would probably be stolen from some big people, maybe Kaido or Dragon? Or someone we still haven't heard of.
Charles Kevin Calipes (2 months ago)
Why don't the marine higher ups like Sengoku and the admirals didn't do anything while this is happening?
Steve Smith (1 month ago)
Cause they were fighting in a war, and Blackbeards crew was standing gaurd while he took the power
Peter Butter (2 months ago)
How to kill blackbeard pirates just shoot them.
DestroYS (2 months ago)
BlackBeard Cheat
Diego Savage (2 months ago)
So everyone just gonna accept that Whitebeard didn’t even move an inch after Blackbeard used the whitebeard lunch?
Jae Taylor (2 months ago)
I think mihawk could kill him.
松尾龍樹 (2 months ago)
burning legacy (2 months ago)
still he choise not to fght Shanks
TriggerHappySJW (2 months ago)
He sucked his dick
John Michael Vinson (2 months ago)
Can someone explain to me how do it??? 😢🤔🤔
Akainu Sakazuki (2 months ago)
John Michael Vinson only oda knows
Rich Lizard (2 months ago)
BB ate WB
S.K. Akailvi (2 months ago)
As a character design I really like Blackbeard. He is true Pirate not like Luffy and Whitebeard or Shanks
STIFAN FERNANDES (2 months ago)
I think he ate whitebeards heart
Nadia KB (2 months ago)
God i hate blackbeard so much!!!!! I cant wait to luffy defeat this piece of shit!
Nadia KB (2 months ago)
Akainu Sakazuki diffucult but not impossible.
Akainu Sakazuki (2 months ago)
Nadia KB thats difficult
0:16 so thats were our jiraya and kisame went for the time being why does characters like this fool 0:53 gotta be irritating to the eyes like akainu kizaru are the uglyest and most annoying faces ive ever seen how much more could characters like this become so annoying to look at lol one piece has those characters were your just like really ugh your stupid over power but irritating to look at
SkeletonWarrior (3 months ago)
All for one just doing his job
フルイドGO (3 months ago)
Miguel Álvarez (3 months ago)
Garp should have punched him into space.
Mcglerry Gascon (3 months ago)
I think black beard suck white beard dick and abdorbed the power of gura gura Nomi
May be luffy is the only one to beat BB ,i wonder if this will be the same case as enel of skypiea because he can't be personally hit by earthquare since he rubberman (but can be affected by surroundings quake) and also he can use haki all forms. But I don't think BB can use Haki as well. But it would be epic if luffy beats black beard with three DF, Lastly mythical zoan (Maybe He steals from Kaido if he has one) but man if BB awakens all devil fruits he consumed then Oda knows what will happen to One piece world. I wonder how would be fight Then Luffy vs Blackbeard.😍😍😍😍 😯😯😯
Second Son (3 months ago)
Even the marines said that BB is starting the war that involves WB.
Ilir Ahmeti (3 months ago)
Still he is naive and shanks would destroy him for sure...
TF you lookin at (2 months ago)
For some reason i think shanks is going to die in the final war
もやし (3 months ago)
k t (3 months ago)
となりのだれか (1 month ago)
Jason P (3 months ago)
That zayhaha laugh pisses me off
Akainu Sakazuki (2 months ago)
Jason P its zehahaha
Amogh Sikka (3 months ago)
Teach is a bitch
Short Panda (3 months ago)
He ate whitebeards heart
QADIR ROCK THE BIG GUY (3 months ago)
They all just stand and wait for blackbeard
L M F A O L.O.L (3 months ago)
stupid shit, no one did shit the marine or the whitebeard crew, while he scheming a plot, my question is why?
TF you lookin at (2 months ago)
Exactly marco didnt even try to fly over there to help whitebeard when he was getting shot up and slashed by blackbeards crew
あだむまもん (3 months ago)
二ャック (1 month ago)
あだむまもん 災難だったね(;_;)
二ャック (1 month ago)
おすすめあなたへの チミ バカすぎ。討論向いてないよ( ◜ω◝ )
あだむまもん (1 month ago)
おすすめあなたへの あと自分の説に整合性を見出せていませんよね?私は別に整合性を見出せていなくてもあくまで予想だからいいんですけど人に整合性をそこまで主張するなら自分の意見に確証を得てから人の意見を否定して方がいいんじゃないですか?wバカに見えますよw
あだむまもん (1 month ago)
おすすめあなたへの だから自分一人のコメントで書いてるじゃないですかw貴方が勝手に湧いてきて黒ひげはケルベロスです!ドャァって来たんでしょう?w特大ブーメランすぎw頭弱いんですか?w
jose cruz (3 months ago)
Ya se , miren no ahí nadie mas que pudiera comerse la fruta de shirogige para eso esta serie tubo que ocupar a balckbeard no ahí cuestión. Que se deban hacer
hey daddy (3 months ago)
Blackbeard was sucking whitebeard's dick behind the black curtain
Kruger Tennant (3 months ago)
I cant wait to see blackbeard full potential. I wonder if blackbeard and shanks would be the end like 4th war of this 2 and luffy i mean whitebeard/luffy vs HQ then 2 yonkos vs HQ vs luffy then last war would be shanks vs blackbeard vs luffy and his comrades they vowed to luffy
bob bobbgarte (3 months ago)
Its well known fact that blackbeard ate chunk of whitebeards flesh to obtain his power. Eating a fruituser also transfers power like eating the fruit itself, like how charlotte linlin ate mother carmel.
Steve Smith (1 month ago)
That's not a fact. Big Mom is the only confirmed case and she's probably unique as she's huge, probably swallow her whole. Plus whiteboard was dead for a bit before blackbeard put out his plan into motion. The moment someone dies their fruit should be tenor elsewhere. It's how his crew is now going around stealing fruits by killing the user.
ガミ-とみサワー (3 months ago)
黒ひげ海賊団って黒ひげとシリュウ以外弱いような気がするんだけど、、 バージェスとか弱くない?
Logic Prime (3 months ago)
Yeah but this doesnt make much sense to me. Whitebeard already died. His power should have been already transported to a different fruit. Whitebeards dead body doesnt have the fruit powers anymore... plot hole?
Logic Prime (3 months ago)
+Charlotte Ulquiorra Yeah but whats the point of a black cover over whitebeard then? I fear that in the future when Oda reveals how Blackbeard stole Whitebeards power its gonna end up being a plot hole because of the already stated facts.
Charlotte Ulquiorra (3 months ago)
Maybe Blackbeard have one fruit without power so whitebeard power transported to a fruit and then he ate him
R K (3 months ago)
焼き肉食べたい (3 months ago)
焼き肉食べたい (3 months ago)
Erick Aspiroz (3 months ago)
At 0:18 anyone notice or kind of get Jiraiya and Kisame vibes? 😂
This nigga jiraiya died and he now cooling with the whitebeards 0:16
Jk Sinaon (3 months ago)
Blackbeard did the dark blowjob to acquire whitebeard ability?😕

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