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Sea kings wondering why luffy and Roger can hear their voices

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Sea king talking among themselves and speculating that luffy can hear their voices. They also remember about another human Gol d Roger that could hear their voices too . Episode reference - 568
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Noel Archival (6 days ago)
I hear them too . do you want to come with me? we sail the ocean of pacific and conquer the terrifying sea of china.
jorsam. andales (10 days ago)
tom as best shipwright of pirate king, toms brother as best shipwright at fishman island will repear it for sure
sterben 110 (14 days ago)
RosesAre Rosé (15 days ago)
I wonder who are the guys that the sea kings are talking about. " in order to fix that we need help from "them". 😕
Albert Halasan (15 days ago)
I think Franky will fix it and make some changes in the NOAH to use it on the Final Battle. I GUESS
J M (17 days ago)
noli tan (18 days ago)
The blood of a pirate king thats why
Jayson Magallones (19 days ago)
the future ship of the pirate king ..
jakyren rosado (9 days ago)
Jayson Magallones mm.
Enumerables Jefferson (19 days ago)
Their voices are cool.
Ase (21 days ago)
Noah = pluton?
Etc 1234 (1 month ago)
next pirate king..
quentin salat (1 month ago)
Mysterious... Everything's voice can be hear by mom too
Pulverizer 24 (1 month ago)
The one who made this story is so good at foreshadowing.
BTS JIMIN (23 days ago)
2380knight (1 month ago)
They have such piercing eyes and grim faces, that strike fear. Kind of like the titans from attack on titan. They’re like the yonkos of the fish 🐠
大ちゃん (1 month ago)
Raul Zetina (1 month ago)
Why do I only listen when roger and Hacchi speaks?
Puffy is the reincarnation of roger
lechar roper 023 (2 months ago)
666k views i’m scared
har (2 months ago)
franky and the galley la company will surely fix this in the future when the great war that will engulf the world when one piece is found, its purpose? i think they are going to turn it to pluton like weapon if pluton is revived in order to rival it, pluton is still somewhere in alabasta waiting to be found
abdel aziz ibrahim (2 months ago)
so that makes the sea king special?
Pro Shamer (2 months ago)
I think the noah was one of the ancient weapon that the wg looking for. The sea kings said if it's going to be fixed again, that's why i got to the conclusion that the noah is so important.
Ase (21 days ago)
Mark Arellano (2 months ago)
i hear voice too cause i have schizophrenia
なぜだろうねぇ。 なぜ喋ってるんだお魚さん、、、、
spoiler alert: Around 800 years ago, the residents of Fishman Island made a promise to a great man named Joy Boy. Joy Boy attempted to raise Noah with Poseidon's aid, but he broke his promise to Fishman Island. However, Fishman Island promised that they would keep Noah safe until a certain day came. On the poneglyph is a letter of apology from Joy Boy to Poseidon, apologizing for breaking his end of the bargain.
that means everything will come to connect on the wano arc.
Brick Spadeley (2 months ago)
The one who build the Noah is the ancestor of TOM think of it. They created pluton. The theory that joyboy will destroy the red line that's why he try to evacuate the fishman by using Noah.
WTF I can also hear them
GUY LEE (3 months ago)
Fishman island will be destroyed and everyone who resides there will have to evacuate which is why the Noah is there, I see oda using a reference to Christianity to this later on down the line.
Vanessa Speed (3 months ago)
The 'D's are probably descendants of the rulers from 800 years ago that the celestial overthrowed and blackbeard was a descendant of the one who betrayed them. I'm just pulling things out of my ass.
masterfunk kush (3 months ago)
This arc was so bad lmfao
v Venkat (3 months ago)
Maybe luffys Rogers son
GUY LEE (3 months ago)
v Venkat fuck no nigga
ZeAldhyr (3 months ago)
"By the appointed time", being the most important piece of dialogue here
Yeah Nah (1 day ago)
+Van Gaguk I think you are probably right. It's odd though. They said that 'the times are changing' like it's the only reason that 'them' could not help anymore. Maybe because there are no more shipwrights as skilled as Tom. Iceberg could probably help. Ugh who knows.
Van Gaguk (1 day ago)
+Yeah Nah i think they reffered to Tom's clan. Dude was a fisherman right and the fineast shipwright there is. He can even built a fuckin ancient weapon but choose not to
jose louie lim (6 days ago)
This is probably where Franky comes in.
noe body (7 days ago)
I think luffy is going to destroy the red line the get rid of the celestial dragons which will destroy Fishman island and create the all blue. My reason why luffy destroys the redline can be tweaked but that's my prediction
DUBUDUBUDUBU (9 days ago)
I think the most fit translation would be "by the promised time"
Christian Jay S. Acoba (3 months ago)
My theory is that in raftel they can find one ancient weapon. When 3 ancient weapons are used the red line will be destroyed and that will be the all blue, and upon destroying the red line, the fishman island will be destroyed and that time the noah will be used to get the fishman folks to get out.
Silent Soul Ken SSK (3 months ago)
Hmmmm the Sea Kings are aware of something... something that's supposed to happen... I wonder... is Noah... Pluton?
Ralp Barnes (3 months ago)
"Appointed time" hmmm
HebeBlazinGt (3 months ago)
What do they mean that can be it be fixed? By the appointed time? D they mean end of the world? Or a big tsunami? Or other? I wonder what is it
ニワ取り (3 months ago)
R (4 months ago)
After some recent episodes showing the straw hat as this mystical item and etc.. This is kinda disappointing imo. I hate the "chosen one" trope, it's so overused. Luffy doesn't need to be a chosen one, neither from noble blood, special race, etc.. None of that crap. This actually makes the character less interesting. He was destined from the beginning to be a super important personality in his world... Well, so what is the point?
BTS JIMIN (23 days ago)
Johnson Thokchom (4 months ago)
I thinks the fishland army will come in that ship pull by sea kings and help luffy at his last war(by the appointed time)🤔
E L L A (4 months ago)
This makes me sooooo curious! Who's "them"? When's the "appointed time"? Why pirate kings can hear voices? I am so stoked!!! <3
Reem Al Thakafi (4 months ago)
I think that the Sunny will get destroyed at some point in the Wano arc and they'll use the Noah to defeat Kaido and world gov. Also the people who will be aboard the Noah will be Luffys alliance, samurais from Wano, Merpeople from Fishman Island and the remains of White Beards Group. I might be wrong, but Oda will probably think of something way cooler than my idea ;)
reign hard (4 months ago)
how could they know what a hat is...
Shockwave Demon (1 month ago)
Sea Kings are actually intelligent creatures. Much more intelligent than they look.
Fauziah Shafie (4 months ago)
Jonatahn "D" Rotschild
Akbar Fauzi (4 months ago)
Noah ship will be use on the end of one piece when ancient weapons use, like from the Noah story
mighty mouse johnson (4 months ago)
Didn't notice that the sea kings referred to some clan as "them". Are they referring to the D? Or some other clan? Wonder who'll be introduced to be "that" clan.
Jevilz (4 months ago)
Keimi acts like Midoriya lol
Nurul Ain (4 months ago)
When I watch this cut, then I thought those Sea Kings actually are all human and those are 'D'. Since they're being called as Sea King, the family of 'D' is the King of The Sea. Also, Doflamingo warned the world with a question 'Where are they hiding (refers to D family)?' in the recent manga. I also guessing that the big ship is to take all merman in Fishman Island to the surface but until I realized that mermen can swim. Lol.
Kendots (4 months ago)
Hmm, I wonder if they can poop.
TOMOトモちゃん (4 months ago)
ルフィも万物の声が聞こえるのか チョッパー翻訳してくれそう
詳細 (4 months ago)
タケチクボーイ (4 months ago)
詳細 それと考えつく約束の時なのですがサンジの夢『オールブルー』はプルトンによってグランドラインが崩壊する時に完成するとよく考察にあります。 その時海は大変大荒になると思うのでその時にノアの箱舟が活躍すると思います。 つまり!考察に考察を重ねるとプルトンによってグランドラインが崩壊!そして海が大荒れ!ノアの方舟でみんなを救う!これが約束の時だと思います
タケチクボーイ (4 months ago)
詳細 残念ながらタケチクボーイです
詳細 (4 months ago)
タケチクボーイ もしかして尾田栄一郎先生ですか?w
タケチクボーイ (4 months ago)
詳細 しかもフランキー(本名カティ・フラム)はものの心ついてすぐ海賊に捨てられたと語っています。 その海賊は不明ですが一族が海賊になっているのならかなりのありゆるかと。 尾田さんの伏線はそういうのに含まれ安いと思うので(ヴィンスモーク編でのサンジの出身地がノースブルーと判明したのが『うそつきのノーランド』だったように)
詳細 (4 months ago)
タケチクボーイ マジかー!
arvin krishnan (4 months ago)
This boat need to be repaired before luffy destroy the red line so the fisherman can travel to the top by using that.
山下凌矢 (5 months ago)
Carl Freericks (5 months ago)
Those who bear the name D can hear the voice of all things the void century caused a lot of weird shit
Carl Freericks (5 months ago)
2K Curse I think shanks might be a D
Carl Freericks (5 months ago)
2K Curse You need the initial D for that to happen we don’t know if other D can hear the voice since we didn’t get to see them at Fishman Island arc
τнe resonance (5 months ago)
Carl Freericks Nope. Ace can’t hear it. Nor Garp,Law,etc. Maybe it’s connected to the Chosen Ones of the Will of D like Roger n Luffy
Big Back (5 months ago)
Fixed by the appointment time? That sounds like a prophecy. I'm assuming Luffy destroys fishman Island when he destroys mariejoa. The appointed time will most likely be when that happens and all fishmen escape on noah
τнe resonance (5 months ago)
Big Back Yup, I think Oda foreshadowed it in the Reverie arc. Shiraroshi ( i forgot the name ) said that she wanted to be free and live in the surface. Since the W.G’s preventing them to go to the surface, Luffy will free them after the Great War.
Azria John Demetri (5 months ago)
If you based it on the bible, probably OP will be flooded and Noah ship will be use to carry all the people in OP. Probably because of the 3 ancient weapons or only poseidon. Or the noah is poseidon itself.
τнe resonance (5 months ago)
Azria John Demetri The Mermaid Princess is the Poseidon itself.
Blaq Z (5 months ago)
Why there is no voice, only subtitle?
Sans Skeleton (5 months ago)
Janervousal Studios (5 months ago)
Who are "them" ?,is it galley la shipwright team iceberg?.
τнe resonance (5 months ago)
Probably no. The Fishman Shipwrights can’t hear the SeaKings.
Francis Jeremillo (5 months ago)
Re m (5 months ago)
no wonder luffy can understand ryuu
Biyonzo (5 months ago)
I see so thats the reason why luffy is going to go back to fishman island and also destroy it so the fishmen can live above the ocean
τнe resonance (5 months ago)
Biyonzo yup yup.
Maverick Lampano (5 months ago)
Maybe that Noah ship is the original Pluton!
τнe resonance (5 months ago)
Maverick Lampano That ship doesn’t looked like a Warship or Battleship. It’s more like a transportation. In the manga,maybe 904 - 906 . Shiraroshi? I forgot. ( Mermaid Princess ) said that they wanted to be free and live in the surface. Maybe after Luffy become the Pirate King. Luffy will destroy Fishman Island, as the fortune teller mermaid said in the Fishman Island arc.
mArk bAguiOen (5 months ago)
"them" ? i think they are talking about the giants . just my thought
ヤシロユキア (5 months ago)
この白黒の奴カームベルトにいた奴だよな、 やっぱ全海王類あやつれるんかな?
Lushawn Juan (5 months ago)
Nasay daro...(I wonder why) Nasay daro Nay... (I wonder why as well)
enzymesX (5 months ago)
Anyone assume the pelican sea king was the female voice?
kenneth fernandez (6 months ago)
am I the only one here who notices the similarity of Gol D Roger ship and the sea king's ship?
RU 73 (6 months ago)
i think that the ship noah has a big role in one piece
Khaxeleq Morphling (6 months ago)
They show these seakings in the first one piece opening.
502 [C.H] (6 months ago)
1:58. Makes me wonder what they mean
PvM Virus (7 days ago)
+Maxel Bocarile Just write the time stamp as normal 0:00
Maxel Bocarile (10 days ago)
How to comment like this with time?
Mirkan Tayar (6 months ago)
Fishman island will be destroyed by luffy someway and everybody will escape with the noah when it gets fixed. The fortune Teller prophesies that if you remember
Vanessa Speed (3 months ago)
Maybe he'll destroy it after everything settles because he feels that the fishermen deserves to live on the surface too and he sees their underwater world as a cage (remember how mermaids like to surface to see the sun)
firdaus aiman (3 months ago)
No, the fishmen island will be destroy by an enemy. In the prophecy, it is actually Luffy who will backup/saves the island eventhough it looks like Luffy are the one who will destroy them 😂
Jacob Elzo (6 months ago)
At the very end what did the sea kings mean by the “appointment time”?
Parry Hotter (6 months ago)
Because They Have The Haki Of The Supreme King?
τнe resonance (5 months ago)
Probably connected to the Ancient Kingdoms or the Will of D. ( Chosen one )
Secret Person (5 months ago)
TRP boii wrong
Zarala2010 (6 months ago)
My question is... how long has Luffy been hearing the voices of the sea kings? I mean, he killed and ate sea kings before... so he was hearing their final screams as he sunk his teath in them? That's messed up. O.O
Negus Dowling (3 months ago)
Go Vegan
Thomas Medg Manuel (4 months ago)
sea monsters and sea kings are different
Hardik Sankhla (4 months ago)
I think that was a deep sea fish that they caught.
Sanji Vinsmoke (6 months ago)
OP it's so genuine, so mystical. This kind of things makes me cry of happiness 😀😀
layzy24 (6 months ago)
That's because Luffy is really Gol D. Roger's son!
aknama gaknama (5 months ago)
actually he is dragons son xD
Juan Jesus Bueno (6 months ago)
A beautiful face 1:07 A funny face 1:27
Sarcalogos Tortolero (6 months ago)
Juan Jesus Bueno that’s why she’s the perfect waifu
igme bradley (6 months ago)
nick johnson (6 months ago)
KAI = SEA ... D. OU= KING ... KAIDO what if kaido was the king of all sea kings, and ate oni oni devil fruit, thats why he got the face of oni but the name of sea king
Jimmy Cen (6 months ago)
That ship is freaking huge
BUM Productions (6 months ago)
The Noah is gonna be what the fishmen escape on .After the island is destroyed
HachiZenki (6 months ago)
@ 0:49 Who knew Brook was also a Sea King?
AceACE SoulGAMING (6 months ago)
Are th pirate king lvl
Jason Ruiz (6 months ago)
I solved it! The reason they can hear voices is because the straw hat ate the listen listen fruit it makes perfect sense if you think about it!
Rahil Abbas (4 months ago)
Jason Ruiz sorry to break it to you but you solved nothing.
τнe resonance (5 months ago)
The Straw Hat had nothing to do with it since Roger aint wearing it at that time. The Hat is connected to Roger’s will.
Ivan Rios (6 months ago)
Ooof 😂
Sarcalogos Tortolero (6 months ago)
Jason Ruiz wait but roger wasn’t wearing it then
ADITYA TRIPATHI (6 months ago)
Ya Yah Yáh Bibeh (6 months ago)
Can chopper also hear them?
τнe resonance (5 months ago)
Jhunel Badayos I think no, since they are different to the normal ones
Imthejuggernaut_bitch (6 months ago)
Ok we get it man luffy will become the next pirate king in 10 years
John Morojo (6 months ago)
That ship seems fishy
GetOutoFHere Mate! (6 months ago)
These guys below comments crack me up...U just didn't take ur Mental health medication thats why u hear voices....lol
James Bryan Juventud (6 months ago)
This ship will be used by fishermen to backup Luffy if he is in trouble fighting strong opponents like: Kaido, Blackbeard or even the World Government.
ayato Ota (1 month ago)
James Bryan Juventud Really?
Shinron Vaynex (6 months ago)
Plot Twist, Luffy is Actually form Real Noble blood. And the World Nobles are actually rich Fakes, But that was lost in history. Real Royal would be Momonosuke, shirahoshi , vivi, anyone who as the right to command seakings/beastkings. the reason why pirates have bounty, would be the higher the price the more likely they will find the world polyglyph, the world nobles uses the word goverment/marines to protect there lies. which is why they are funding bounty`s. Vivi would be the weapon that Crocodile was looking for, but was never revealed. only Robin would know. and perhaps king of alabasta
Pulverizer 24 (1 month ago)
+You're* Roger knows it, he told it to whitebeard.
daway212 (3 months ago)
You're* that most likely would be the case, although we have had several characters that were shocked/surprised finding out those with “D” in their name, but I guess all we can do is wait until Oda reveals what the will of D is
You're* (3 months ago)
daway212 I see your point but you have to understand if that were the case at least some people would secretly cling strongly to information like that especially anyone who opposes the world government. No roger pirates have ever mentioned anything of it and no one we know with the name D knows anything of the sort either so it’s safe to assume something like that is passed on through the name, ergo the “will” of D
daway212 (3 months ago)
You're* rather than nobles, I’d see them as the previous big powerhouse who were righteous to an extent. I also think the will of D was most likely the previous race that got eliminated by the world govt 800 years previously, but they weren’t known as will of D and through the poneglyphs was how the will of D came to be
You're* (4 months ago)
i believe anyone carrying the name and will of D is a descendant of void century nobles. that doesnt mean theyre related to each other like cousins or brothers just descendants like uzumaki uchiha and hyuuga to the sage. momo is definitely also a noble of some sort, as far as ive seen any characters with any connection to ancient creatures is definitely some type of void noble descendant
Tz Wars (6 months ago)
Oh no . I also hear they voice . Am i also the pirate king ??
ookam96 (6 months ago)
no you are lame with that lame ass joke trying to be funny
Goku salah (6 months ago)
Tz Wars not funny
Kevin Tran (6 months ago)
Was this entire video muted? I could only read the subtitles
andrey arshamir (9 days ago)
not the choosen one .
Y S J R (1 month ago)
+Makishima Shogo You call that playing along? I call that explaining a joke away.
2380knight (1 month ago)
Lmao clever cunt you are 😂 I see what you did there
Makishima Shogo (3 months ago)
kid dd oh my bad broke the cycle eh. the dots in the end of your sentence made me think it was for real lol
kid dd (3 months ago)
Makishima Shogo even I was playing along with u..
ji min (6 months ago)
I can hear it too 😱😅
Cavin Nillo (6 months ago)
I still wonder what are they talking about an" appointed time"
aknama gaknama (5 months ago)
joy boy who lived long ago. he made promise to mermaid princess but didnt make it. robin finds poneglyph in green forest that was message (apology) of joy boy. in other translations they say promised day not appointed time thats what it stands for .
joker dio (6 months ago)
in order to fix it we need help from "THEM" i wonder who is them the seaking talking about that can fix the gigantic noah ship
joker dio (6 months ago)
who ever they are they can talk or undertand the sea kings for sure and have deep connection to them for the sea kings to ask for help
strateeg32 (6 months ago)
I assume humans/mermaids
back number (6 months ago)
back number (6 months ago)
Thats kinda stupid on the author part if thats correct. hahahahaha
ba sillah (6 months ago)
It's suppose to take fishman to a new island but they can just swim so pretty much not needed
Pandan The Leaf (6 months ago)
i hope oda wont forget seakings and give us filler about who are really them and what's their purpose on Noah
Richie Fauni (6 months ago)
Isn't that the ship luffy destroyed when he fought hordey jones ??
Farmer Frank (5 months ago)
Yes, 50% destruction using 3rd gear Gatling....but he was bleeding out from his wounds and Shirioshi could see idestroying the Noah was killing Luffy which scared her enough to shriek for the sea Kings while creaming Luffy name cause she could see his veins bulging and blood squirting everywhere
Ahmed Rasheed (6 months ago)
Richie Fauni luffy didnt completely destroy it
Dee (6 months ago)
Shit! I also hear them talk. I also had the ability to hear the voices of all things!
(antares) (11 days ago)
Fuck you
Leo Jansen (4 months ago)
+Dee You should be the Next Pirate King
Taky (6 months ago)
Dee is your middle name d

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