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NYC Apartment Tour: $28.5 MILLION LUXURY APARTMENT! Top real estate broker Ryan Serhant of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing” gives me an exclusive tour at one of New York City’s most luxurious penthouse apartments! NYC Apartment Tour: $3.6 MILLION LUXURY APARTMENT https://bit.ly/2AJemAl NYC Apartment Tour: $20 MILLION LUXURY APARTMENT https://bit.ly/2vtfAdp Subscribe for more APARTMENT TOURS! http://bit.ly/1uNAdLQ and turn on POST NOTIFICATIONS! Subscribe to Ryan!! https://bit.ly/2ExFwII https://www.instagram.com/ryanserhant/?hl=en Follow me: http://instagram.com/erikconover https://www.facebook.com/erikbconover/ https://twitter.com/erikconover Copyright Free Music I use! https://goo.gl/N5WJnj Huge thanks to Camera Gear from B&H Photo: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/ https://www.instagram.com/bhphoto https://twitter.com/BHPhotoVideo Filmed, Edited and Produced By Erik Conover LLC, NYC 2018 #newyorkcity
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Erik Conover (3 months ago)
For a bit of a price comparison, check out what $3.6 Million dollars will get you in NYC. Click the link to watch Episode 3 of the apartment tour series!! https://bit.ly/2AJemAl
Mo Ana (1 month ago)
Emilie smith
Agnes Philips (1 month ago)
🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 nice house . is that a #lumiylightblade lamp LOVE IT!
HoBxHaloChicken (1 month ago)
Is this per month, or what
Research Tips (11 hours ago)
your smile and kidding during video is awesome
DeezNuts (11 hours ago)
Kitchen ceilings are too low. No thanks.
Ethan (18 hours ago)
This guy is the ONE who can take over Times Square to show "Subscribe to PewDiePie" like if you agree
my whole home is in size of the living room and dining room!!!! LOL I am gonna become so lean and thin if I moved into such home. :-p
MICHGO1 (1 day ago)
Justin Hopkins (1 day ago)
Zedd’s house is 12 million less and much cooler.
Faith David (1 day ago)
MORE RYAN!!!!! 💓💓💓💓
gmittaldiamond (1 day ago)
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Jacob Federici (2 days ago)
I fapped to the master bathroom
Products Explorer (2 days ago)
same in Europe, max. 2 mil EUR.
Piotrek Piotrek (2 days ago)
For a kitchen 1.5 mil dollars... I think iven when i have some much money i Will be not So stupid to pay So much money.. Just for a KITCHEN :) :) :) XD
Russak20010 (3 days ago)
Ivan Ruiz (3 days ago)
But Zedd's mansion is $16 million and it comes with a Skittles machine....
Evil Weenie (3 days ago)
All that money to live in a box. The value on this is set by idiots with money. It's 100% true that money is no insulation for stupidity.
Matt Fernandez (3 days ago)
Not worth the 28. Maybe 15 for the space
Nightwing. (3 days ago)
I want this apartment.
secura (3 days ago)
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rizwan Chaudhary (4 days ago)
i want to buy this one contact me
Sil Fernandez (4 days ago)
Como se pavonean por dios! Ni que fueran Los duenios del depto!!!
Jeff Richards (4 days ago)
Greed I guess that is the American way.....I wish you all luck
Jeff Richards (4 days ago)
Imagine all the poor children in this country and the imagine the very few at the top laughing in their expensive towers over looking at the middle class
Gregg Powers (4 days ago)
The huge pillar in the master bedroom.. No, you can find much nicer for 28M.
Chris Humphrey (4 days ago)
28.5 million dollars and I didn’t see one tv in the house
A Z (4 days ago)
Who spent 28 Mill In a apartment 🤣 With That Money I'd Rather buy a Mansion In LA
Markus Mulder (4 days ago)
28.500 million dollars and they had to put space saving stools in the kitchen 😱??? By the way you could have taken off your shoes before stepping inside the tub 😡
Outlaw (4 days ago)
Too modern for my style, pretty nice though
lucy's underground (4 days ago)
I could not live there , I'd be too tempted to jump to my death off that balcony , tbh .
Nathaniel Stensen (4 days ago)
more ryan!!
Hapito (4 days ago)
One in the pink tie sounds like Connor from Cyberlife
Alana (5 days ago)
I want it
reshi p (5 days ago)
pmbfrance (5 days ago)
2 f ing loosers
New Michigan Realty (5 days ago)
Nice apartment but not right on Central Park.
James Waddington (5 days ago)
Goddamn I need to get working
RIPxBlackHawk (5 days ago)
Yup these apartments are trash dude. Not even lying they are much more than I could afford but they also aren't great looking. That outdoor space is awfully cheap looking. The living room is poorly shaped. The master sweet is amazing.
Fred Winslow (5 days ago)
if you are well off , have a good income , or are wealthy and watching this or billionaire yachts are making you jealous envious or wanting ,.. there is something terribly wrong or missing from your psyche or world that no amount of this will fix or remedy for more than seconds and i dooo like luxe
Melissa Kerik (5 days ago)
For almost 30millon, not a chance would I live in the same building as other people I’d have a large house with a nice yard
Carl Mannhard (5 days ago)
This place actually looks really nice, especially the open living space with the windows. But no amount of luxury would convince me to live in one of these apartments. I'd like a nice central small space to call home, not live in a hotel where every room has an echo and zero personality. If I felt cramped for space, I'd buy a nice beach house on the coast for the 27m I would save by downsizing.
Sidharth Vijayan (5 days ago)
More Ryan
steven chamberlain (5 days ago)
you can put four of these inside my uncles place in vero beach price for 26,000 sq ft 23 million and you get no neighbors and a garage for ten cars
Alaa Elsayed (5 days ago)
its a nice apartment, but not worth the money , this should cost at max 15 mill
Santiago Comics (5 days ago)
28.5 million I never wanna see an electric bill I also need a swimming pool, personal gym and basketball court. Not worth the money considering most mansions are $6-10 million
Fran Cace (6 days ago)
feeling poor af now !
Tony Gareth (6 days ago)
I’d love to have an apt/condo in NYC! Something with a view would be incredible. I wouldn’t mind having a place in SF, Paris, and Seattle. Something at the beach would be nice to. NYC with a view would be special though.
Ankush Roy (6 days ago)
Which place?
danijela radic (6 days ago)
When the money is only source of happiness in ones life...
Raptor Jesus (6 days ago)
i'll take it.
Peter Bökfi (6 days ago)
this price bullshit... you can buy better apartment or haus in miami....
Karan Vito (6 days ago)
bullshit, i rather buy me a mansion in bolivia in the hills for 1/10th and spend the rest on boozer and babes.
I got 99 problems but this apartment ain't one.
My Name (7 days ago)
Boring apartment...
Dr Ft (7 days ago)
not worth. not even 10% worth.
irokatcod4 (7 days ago)
Looks just like Sam Scheffer
Erik Conover (7 days ago)
Joseph Green (7 days ago)
Wonder what Ryan’s net worth is
EveTheShopper (7 days ago)
LIVEFRMNYC (7 days ago)
Amazing place and design, but for that much money I would want unobstructed views.
pier lennoff (8 days ago)
Por qué YouTube me recomienda esto? Capaz quiere que me compre uno así
Abel Seyoum Hagos (8 days ago)
more ryan
MUN MN (8 days ago)
all the worth is of the area and not the interior you can build the same interior in some other city and it will cost 50 percent less than giving that money to charity so that you'll not feel ashamed that while you were enjoying a lavish life someone was starving or homeless in cold.
JTS 21 (8 days ago)
I’m broke.
Guillaume Hanks (8 days ago)
Absolutely insane
elizah 753 (8 days ago)
My hands are sweating looking at how high up that is 😱
Shane Baumler (8 days ago)
I see nicer places than this everyday at work in Iowa. They aren't at that height but otherwise I'm not kidding one bit.
Lalo Ortega (8 days ago)
tie tasteless...
That Cas's Show (8 days ago)
Bitch I wouldn't know what to do with 28 million. I barely know what to do with $12 bucks. Shister shooketh. Anyways follow me on instagram cmlehigh cause I might as well promo myself if I am ever gonna have a scandal in my life. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But also like I'm kidding, you dont have to follow me. Do what makes you happy I think I'm rambling now.
Anthony Davis (8 days ago)
More vids like this one please
Millie Moses (8 days ago)
Where I live you can get a 5 bedroom 6 bath for under 2 million dollars.... New York is crazzzzyyy
Elijah ojo (8 days ago)
If only the view wasn’t blocked by two other skyscrapers
Seiferboy (8 days ago)
I'd rather have a fully customized house built for that amount of money.
360 Sales Consulting (8 days ago)
Great tour of a great place. Really nice to see apartments like that. Awesome guys. Keep it coming.
Barbara Kempf (8 days ago)
I could never never live that high in any apartment. Also loss of privacy in bathroom.
Augie Werthman (9 days ago)
More Ryan!
Kourtni Pullen (9 days ago)
More, give me more!!!
ghettogotte1 (9 days ago)
$25 million and it doesn't comes with a parking space Lol plus who was the interior designer Granny MC?
Ron Andersson (9 days ago)
Stupid price Boys 👏🏻👀👏🏻. Recession is coming...
KhAoz (9 days ago)
LOL, ridiculously overpriced. Not even close to being worth $28.5 million.
Rocky Dans (9 days ago)
I bet you two used the bedroom before leaving.
P Junos (9 days ago)
i stopped watching when they said this is the bottom shelve of the building. and that view sucked
theaweary (9 days ago)
If you have zillions, those 30m is nothing for you, so those prices is shocl only for peasants, riches lose or get more in trading in a day.
wakeywarrior (9 days ago)
Vastly overpriced.
Betty boo (9 days ago)
Guys, this is the worth it apartment
Freyondabeat (9 days ago)
god damn that is some boring interior
Naty L (10 days ago)
Jesus... what type of job do you need to have to afford a place like that?
3D Cartoonist (10 days ago)
hmmm I m intrested I m actually going to take it for xmas if still on the market hmmmmmmmm
Peter Duyvenboden (10 days ago)
I like the house of Bill Gates.
Trans Filipina (10 days ago)
Can you get me that apartment please? 🙄😜
Alejandra Guillen (10 days ago)
Lol I’m over here saving up money and hoping to get a 400$ apartment
User Name (10 days ago)
4:48 3:31
david .t (10 days ago)
With 30 million I would buy tons of land but it all in Your preference the max I have put in a aprtament is 2millon euro but more then that I dont see the reason why but well billionaires make my wallet seem like nothing lol .
Torrance Harris (10 days ago)
not even worth the money for that much and the look is just modern
Steve A (10 days ago)
That location is great and all, but man that place did NOT look comfy. I've seen people that live in vans that look cozier.
Glenn Gayet (10 days ago)
Serhart showing why he’s one of the best. Knowing every detail of the property.
Blue kid (10 days ago)
Man I want to live there
Venkatesh babu (11 days ago)
How much ever the money you pour it is always getting costlier.
Mark Cleveland (11 days ago)
You live there until America needs another proxy war for some commodity and send there terrorist servants to run in with a bomb and level it.. While your in the shower
Will Zimmermann (11 days ago)
Will Zimmermann (11 days ago)
That's a tiny Terrance from thirty million fuckin dollars
Will Zimmermann (11 days ago)
Bryce Harper could make this home if the mets sign him
JimexJimex (11 days ago)
All those glass, sharp edges, and open space make it very cold, temporary, and hotel-like... Doesn't feel like "home" where it is comfy, cozy, and warm.

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