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Britney Spears ABC's New Year's Eve 2018 Full Performance

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Princess of pop, Britney Spears begins 2018 with an incredible performance. ABC Channel.
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Adrianna Dziedziela (7 hours ago)
Brit is a queen but first of all......she should sing LIVE.....cause if the whole show is playback-it's like a 'dead' one...ppl cant sing along and feel the artist.What's more- she always dresses the same naked way.She used to be so sassy,elegant and fashionable and now it's all about wearing panties
Koexistence13 (22 hours ago)
Pretty twitchy for toxic. Pilled up?
uwantapieceofme (1 day ago)
Legend 👸🏼
Issajazmyn _ (1 day ago)
She got some weird ass moves going on, looking like she can’t control her arms. 😂😂
Crystal McKinney (2 days ago)
I wonder if these odd hand movements are a social anxiety compulsive move? I realize she had a bad knee injury after having babies. But it seems like maybe she's excitable and nervous. But wow she looks great! So happy she's back to wellness again. Been watching the documentaries.
Mel Corrales (2 days ago)
connor vongrumbkow (2 days ago)
Even the walks are to staged she needs to be free with things like walks and hand movements when they are not dancing
Garry Merza (4 days ago)
The coreography is sooooo 2002 and she didnot even sing any word live.
Winston B (4 days ago)
I don't know what is up with her dance moves. Lots of walking back and forth in boots not "working bitch" I'd rather see her in a pair of sketchers dancing better.
Jaypee Malbas (4 days ago)
Another lypinc performance
David Hughey (4 days ago)
Britney did good I thought her work bitch choreography was good she did amazing no wonder she's the princess of pop it don't matter if Britney Spears had a knee surgery it don't matter if she had a broken leg Britney will still do it she can sell out records she more of a big pop starting ChristinaAguilera who's overrated Britney has sold more records than other pop female artist she is the best Britney's won Grammys billboards MTV video music awards people choice awards she won all kind of award Britney is that b**** so to all her haters hate all you want she is still the best and she is a legend
Adriano Marçal (5 days ago)
the inner top of her mouth is green 1:12
Nicolette Merlot (4 days ago)
Britney is one of the best dancers/ entertainers of all time! I didn't say singer, Of our generation or the past 50years. If I did a top 25 dancers of our time She would be one of the top 3 or Number 1, For real, she can dance ! Thats judging from throughout her career.Just watch some videos of her on here. When she was younger she blew it out of the park!! better than JLo! (But Jlo seems to keep it up with her age. Britney has to step it up) She can just dance when entertainers like Ariana Don't. wouldn't want her too YUK No one cares if Britney lip syncs. We care if others do (Americans / we are so weird like that) She's Iconic so we don't care She is the only one we let slide on this subject She does it Eeevery show even on CARPOOL Karaoke AHHLOL IT's because we loved her when she was young and a ditsey dumb blonde (still is), and she survived a total drug induced mental breakdown that lasted for years and came back looking hotter than ever, even after having two kids AND surviving that stupid t.v. show as a judge ,with Simon exploiting her, putting her in front of the camera to soon. She was drugged and looking frumpy the whole time LOL i.e.Xanax's Like REALLY Bad.LawoRD....Anyway To be Iconic you have to sing fairly good BUT dance, bring people into your show and perform solid, fun, artistic, vibrant, bang out looking shows, Like Micheal Jackson, and Prince-Beyonce-Bruno Mars, Madge, JLO , Fergie, Ciara etc. ((well Ciara isn't iconic but she is a TOP 5 dancer of our time" LEVEL UP"!)) Britney just has IT! I agree her dancing is stiff now at times especially this performance but at the 2016 billboard she looked great- and her hand movements sometimes are stupid-She needs to stretch more- maybe work on her ballet.Whatever the case, Her knees? Its not her knees -back-or neck-Like someone said on here; With her money she would of had the best physical therapy. So With as many performances that she does and practices for her AWESOME Vegas Shows, She has to hit EVERY mark. Im sure for the length of the shows they have to keep some choreography simple. That way she doesn't over exhaust herself. You get stiff doing that every night and day without proper down time or stretching. I know she must work hard--"Better work bitch!" -Also we've seen it soooooo many times Its like OMG get on with it....move your hips...when you sling your hair bring your neck up...GEEZE LOL-She needs NEW choreography and a new choreographer. But above all else, She's one of the Best! oxoxo
She IS singing live!
孙杨 (6 days ago)
Jaedon Johnson (7 days ago)
Good thing she retired before she could bore anybody with stupid POM 3.0.
LISH IV (7 days ago)
So many unnecessary moves.. ((( very dissapointed(
JamesLiveBackwards (7 days ago)
She kool not great singer but good performances wat she really about..like a modonna Same shit..🔥🔥
Ksu Tem (8 days ago)
BEAUTIFUL Video - https://youtu.be/bdpFURRAfvQ 😍😘
Jeongim PARK (8 days ago)
あんがと💕 很健康❗❗
Jeongim PARK (8 days ago)
Jeongim PARK (8 days ago)
素手の女子戦士。 戦わねば~~武士 ❗
Irene Ferolino (8 days ago)
love u britney spears!whatta a performance..welcome back
OMNI KING (9 days ago)
truly we are in the robot era.
Maria Aguilar (10 days ago)
....I dont see why people like her, she Is a terrible performer; I cringed the whole time
Kayla Nichole (10 days ago)
If she is given this choreography (where she mostly moves her upper body) because she needs support for her knee, and if a knee support helps her, I think it would be really cool to see designed supports. Like bedazzled and colored ones to match costumes. Like its no secret she's had knee issues in the past. If a knee support would help her dance, I think she should wear one, she obviously wants to dance.
Jade B (10 days ago)
She never has any graceful moves or any moves that go along with the tune. She just seems to always flap her hands and hair about randomly 🤷‍♀️
Brian Hagaman (10 days ago)
after all these Years I loved Britney Spears and I still Do She was my Very First Celebrity Crush When I Was 8 or 9 Years Old I Had Her First Album around That age
Lisa Lives (11 days ago)
Is it me or are Britneys arms the only thing dancing?
Смотрю лишь из ностальгии по Бритни, которая еще делала шоу... Теперь тем старше она, тем меньше одежки. И это смотрится вызывающе. Танцевать разучилась, глядеть не приятно.
Tin Hunter (11 days ago)
Reanna Foster (11 days ago)
Why does the second performance look like the one from the year before 2017 ? Or is it me still love her tho
She doesn't dance any more.
Chris Ridler (11 days ago)
love her
Matthew Graybill (11 days ago)
Trash !!
Jessica Hubbard (11 days ago)
Ok, I love Britney. But that movement she keeps doing with her arm is driving me insane. She still rocked it tho. She’s done a fabulous job at getting herself and her body back together. Major props.
Scott H (11 days ago)
I have to admit, her lip syncing has improved.
Jesse Solano (11 days ago)
why the inside of her mouth green? 1:11
Karma Kaze (12 days ago)
What on earth were those spasms she was having throughout that performance though 💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽
Jen L (12 days ago)
truly an inspiration
Jaysen Summers (12 days ago)
ive been a fan since the beginning, but yeah those arm spasms gotta go.
Martin Patrick (12 days ago)
From a cute teen popstar to a mature hot and sexy superstar!!.
Martin Patrick (12 days ago)
Kentwood La Britney Spears looking so hot and sexy!!.
Patrick artiste 3D (12 days ago)
APPLAUDING LYPSINK.....she's a fraud and ppl Fucking Crazy to support that Illuminati MK ultra Sex slave bitch
Sebastian Ornowski (12 days ago)
Happy 2019 to you Britney and I wish for you to be happy just as in this performance. I am a huge fan of you and I know you went through the darkness but seeing you today so beautiful, fit and full of energy just made my day 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Sebastian Ornowski (12 days ago)
She absolutely killed it as always 💜💜💜
atam gits (13 days ago)
Henry Rik Abeyta (13 days ago)
Ugh... she's the worst performer ever. She looks like she smells like yeast
Maria Saleshe Ampel (13 days ago)
Everyone can say what they want. I grew up watching Britney's concerts and Oops I Did It Again was the first song I danced to for a class presentation back when I was in first grade. so I'm just really happy that she's back!!! Go Brit!
Sarah Lundeen (13 days ago)
She seems robotic. Maybe it's time to retire Brit.
Sammy Keogh (13 days ago)
What’s the point in having a mic ? 😂
Nathalie Colon (13 days ago)
What’s with the robotic moves? She doesn’t even dance smooth anymore. It’s all so premeditated. The Work Bitch choreography makes me cringe. It’s like she’s in a hurry 🤣
Guillaume Robert (13 days ago)
How can you all say it's an amazing performance ? She's not singing. She's not dancing, she's slightly moves. She doesn't know what she is doing anymore. This is so boring.
Andrew Mcy (13 days ago)
Playback full
Paulo Ferrer (14 days ago)
Gosh! It's been years now. Her and I have the same age. But her body changed. She seems to be tired . The performance was horrible.
Italolatin7 (14 days ago)
She should fire her choreographer. It looks like a 7 yr old did the choreography for her. She deserves way better than this. Pathetic, old style and childish dance steps. Get rid of the choreographer!!!!
Ana Priscila (14 days ago)
Very beatiful !
Chandra Housley (14 days ago)
Ugh how hard would these songs to actually sing? Why must everybody lip sing. I love Britney and I know it more than just the singing but come on
Jaye P (14 days ago)
I sure miss her dancing Britney was so talented in the 90s and early 2000s 😢
Despacho Santiago (14 days ago)
Y esta weona va a morir y sin cantar en un concierto!!
James Cowan (14 days ago)
sad how Hollywood turns such skilled people into their little puppets to make the world so foul.
geison marte (14 days ago)
Deberían despedir la o el coreógrafo de Britney.
Jesse S (14 days ago)
Britney looks great here, awesome!!! Thanks for all that hard work Britney!!!
Krissy Lefave (14 days ago)
Also bullshit her knee injury is to blame for her inability to dance well. She slid on the ground knees first. 🙄🙄
Krissy Lefave (14 days ago)
Her body is back. Her passion is back, for the most part. But the flailing arms... no no no...
kalel 311 (14 days ago)
I love Britney, long live the Queen
Shellz Zabat (14 days ago)
This performance was fire! Hopefully she will resume her residency in Vegas after taking care of her father.
It's Jess! (14 days ago)
She is still rocking it! Love it
Michael Laporte (15 days ago)
What is that green thing in her mouth at 1:12?
crazzi-j north (15 days ago)
Why does she look like she needs to piss when she sings toxic 😂
hh b (15 days ago)
All she does is raise her arms up and down and walk around. Not even sing live. It's just frustrating to watch her. Damn I could have done that😑
crazzi-j north (15 days ago)
She’s clearly not singing live...but it’s all good she looks amazing I’m glad Britney is back
shreck101ful (15 days ago)
all I can hear clearly is the word "bitch". and people love it, what a world!
Claire Frier (15 days ago)
If I was in that crowd, I would've asked for my money back. It's so obvious she's miming.
karen l (15 days ago)
who ?? what has she done in years? just using the B word does not mean you can sing.
Noe cacheiro (15 days ago)
muy bueno
Anna Gr (15 days ago)
She will never EVER learn to dance...
T J (15 days ago)
Good job, Britney! You're not a quitter, just like me. 😂 She *slayed* the dancing.
T J (15 days ago)
Wow Britney!! Incredible performance. We're sorry we ever doubted you 😂. The vocals weren't live though, but still wow on the dancing! She's got that fire back. 🔥
Veralsy (15 days ago)
Her moves are so short, quick. It’s so pointless. She is too stiff. All she does is either walk on stage or walk with strange hand moves which she makes like she’s a T-Rex.
Jessi tyson (15 days ago)
I wonder if she dances bad, on purpose.. #conspiracytheory
Paul William (15 days ago)
Lisa Love (15 days ago)
Well can see she still lip-syncs really well, but what's up with the rushed robotic dancing?
Rayleen G (15 days ago)
Weirdest choreography I’ve ever seen!!! White girl pop locking?!?!? Why??????? 🤦🏻‍♀️
Laci Newcomb (15 days ago)
Her dance moves r weird
Laci Newcomb (15 days ago)
ceegsterr9669 (15 days ago)
This chick can never sing live. Always the lip syncing.
S V (15 days ago)
Dang she will never be the same as I remember her. The confidence in her dance is just not there.
She looks amazing!
Diogo Resende (15 days ago)
Was it hald live??? Gosh!!!
Ryhomah Muir (15 days ago)
So much illuminati in this if any one realizes she got the eye in the costume in work bi.. th performance devil horns everywhere
Peaches Peaches (15 days ago)
she physically looks good but why does she bother with the microphone?!?
darkroar3x (15 days ago)
She looks sooo good i mean She enjoy the show you can see it in her face, smile ... Dance, well she needs to move more like a human not like a robot but everything was GREAT!!!
For The Love Of (15 days ago)
She looks amazing - but what in the HELL is going on with her dancing?!? She looks like a tweaker 18 hours in to a heavy binge... not a good look.
For The Love Of (15 days ago)
And don't get me wrong, she is still an incredible dancer. The problem is those ridiculous, redundant arm and hip movements the choreographer put in at unnecessary times.
Tiffani Montoya (15 days ago)
When is Britney going to sing live ???? 🤦🏻‍♀️
Regina Franco (15 days ago)
And I mad I missed this. But thank God for YouTube
Regina Franco (15 days ago)
I love Britney Spears
David Jeffreys (15 days ago)
Seems like doing a residency in Vegas is good money, but career suicide
Scott Johnson (15 days ago)
Please she’s not singing... real artists like Gaga pink are soooooooo much better
laura bandula (15 days ago)
What I want to see, is her singing acapela. Ok it's great she's performing, but I didn't buy 1 single note that she sang. Just looked like lip syncing to me, like all the time, especially with certain moves her sound doesnt change. I may not be her fan, but as a non fan I still wish just 1 song live nowadays to be what it is, live and raw. Other than that she looks amazing :)

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