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Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea - Pretty Girls (Billboard Music Awards 2015)

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Assista à performance de Britney Spears no Billboard Music Awards 2015 com Pretty Girls Link para download: http://www.britneyspears.com.br/forum/topic/28636-download-pretty-girls-live-billboard-music-awards-2015/ OBS: Devido ao seu contrato com Planet Hollywood a performance teve de ser feita em sua residência.
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Text Comments (13)
Veaneth Pérez Martinez (11 months ago)
Britney spears 👸🏼
Anna Koelewyn (1 year ago)
do fancy live to😃😃
Brent Anderson (2 years ago)
Wow this song is really awful, I'm surprised it didn't ruin two careers
Janis70 (1 year ago)
Well.... Nothing will ever ruin Britney's career-- she's set for life... Iggy on the other hand.... She dissed the Princess of Pop and suddenly you don't hear anything from her anymore... whether that's true or not... who knows
Samuel Lisboa Martins (2 years ago)
ali lovett (2 years ago)
great lip syncing
Lucas Hsu (2 years ago)
Brit obviously
Manny Guacamole (2 years ago)
Which one 😂😂
Banana Lah (2 years ago)
i really love iggy's outfit in this performance
George Paul (3 years ago)
She has always been back
gustavo ingles (3 years ago)
Tiago Alvarez (3 years ago)
Věra Miadiková (4 years ago)
Wow,Britney really enjoyed it and I´m happy she had performance on Music Awards after years. Perfect show.

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