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Alien Sea Creatures You Won't Believe Exist

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These fish look like aliens, but are in fact creatures from the sea! The vampire squid, giant isopod or goblin shark look like space aliens, not fish! SUBSCRIBE for the latest videos: https://goo.gl/7xzjzR Don't forget to CHECK OUT our latest upload: https://goo.gl/LUB8Xw 10. Blobfish Starting our ranking of alien fish that should be in their own monster movie...number ten...the Blobfish. Looking like the ultimate couch potato with fins, there’s something really erie about this globby mound of fishy flesh. First discovered off the coast of New Zealand in 2003, its been unseen for so long because it typically lives in really deep waters...up to 39-hundred feet where the pressure is 60 to 120 times higher than sea level. This creature is all blob and no bite really. 9 Fangtooth Fish How about this fish to look intimidating and dangerous. Coming in as number nine in our list is the Fangtooth Fish. It is also a deep sea dweller...in some cases being found at depths of more than 16-thousand-feet. As the long teeth in this baby would tell you, this is a predatory fish that uses those long sharp teeth in sort of an “attack first and ask questions later” method for meal time. The teeth of the Fangtooth are the largest of any fish in proportion to its body size in the ocean. 8. Barreleye Fish Next is something called the Barreleye Fish...also known as a Spook Fish. This truly looks like something from a different planet. The most unusual feature of this fish is its transparent head...sort of like a glass canopy of a fighter jet so the pilot can see all around. When you look at the front of this creature you see an obvious mouth and what appears to be two eyes just above. Those are actually the equivalent of nostrils. 7. Giant Isopod Number seven is just one nasty looking sea creature, the Giant Isopod. These guys live in the cold deep waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans and can range from three to almost twenty inches long. They look like a cross between a beetle and a common roach...but they are much larger. While much bigger, they are actually relative to what is typically called the pill bug 6. Stonefish Next is a fish that is a master of disguise...the Stone Fish. Possible the most dangerous fish in the sea for two reasons. First, this guy sits on the ocean bottom like a piece of the ocean floor. A expert at camouflage, this fish looks exactly like a rock or a piece of coral. The second reason it’s dangerous...its dorsal fin contains spines that inject a stout neurotoxin that is venomous and can be fatal to humans. 5 Archerfish: The next on our list of top Alien Sea Creatures is this little guy. Growing to about 6 inches long this is the Archerfish. You may think...this fish doesn’t look at all like an alien sea creature...in fact it looks pretty typical as far as fish go. But it’s not what this fish looks like as much as what it does. 4. Angler fish The Angler fish on the other hand is a fish that should have had a part in Rocky Horror Picture Show. This guy is one ugly, scary and alien looking fish. It’s not just because of the incredibly big mouth with those terrorizing teeth, but then he has this...this...appendage that is a quite unusual fleshy curved night light that hangs in front of its face to attract prey. 3. Vampire Squid: This floating mass of flesh is next up...the Vampire Squid. This guy is found in the very deep depths of temperate and tropical ocean waters. These creepy creatures are about a foot long on average and typically have a velvety black color to a light red shade to their exterior depending on where you find it and how much light is available. 2. Black Dragonfish: This sea creature is one wicked looking fish…if you want to call it a fish. Scientifically it is, but It looks a lot like the creatures in the movie “Alien.” This is really a creeper and what’s really weird is that the male and the female are so totally different, it’s like they’re not even the same species of fish. 1. Goblin Shark: And topping the list of truly Alien Sea Creatures is this one...look away if you must, but this is known as a Goblin Shark…a rare deep sea shark also known as an Elfin Shark. This hideous looking water dweller is thought to be a living fossil because it carries some very primitive traits that scientists say date back to 125 million years ago. Its long Pinocchio looking snout and small eyes give it a unique look that is magnified when it wants to feeds. Its jaw is what truly makes it goblin looking.
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He sounds like fandroid
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Just discovered this channel. Truly awesome videos. DEFINITELY a "thumb up" & subscribed! Have a nice day! ;)
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Creatures from the deep ocean are the closest thing we’ll get to seeing aliens
CrazyTuberking (5 months ago)
Isopod from fallout
Explosive Dynamite (6 months ago)
Dats why I don’t like the ocean
Cookie Ace (4 months ago)
I love the ocean
CrazyTuberking (5 months ago)
I feel for you
Matthew Productions (9 months ago)
Matthew Productions (9 months ago)
I was hoping no one would notice
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Nice video :3
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Those are alien sea creatures
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Awesome like always and love your voice
jawbreaker (10 months ago)
that water spitting fish isnt really a deep sea creature...
Alex 8bp (10 months ago)
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+What Lurks Below Hi i love ur vids too! ^w^
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