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One Piece Theme Songs

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I don't own anything Boa Hancock-Wonderland by Natalia Kills Brook-Spooky Scary Skeletons by Andrew Gold and remixed by The Living Tombstone Franky-Nothing in the World by Dan Castellaneta and from The Return of Jafar Marco-The Phoenix by Fallout Boy Monkey D. Luffy-Centuries by Fallout Boy Nami-Rich Girl by Gwen Stefani Nefertari Vivi-Cinderella by Tata Young Nico Robin-Reflection by Lea Salonga and from Mulan Portgas D. Ace-I Will Not Die by Three Days Grace Roronoa Zoro-Not Gonna Die by Skillet Sabo-My Song's Know What You Did in the Dark(Light 'em Up) by Fallout Boy Sanji-Spice! by Kagamine Len Tony Tony Chopper-I Wanna to be Like You by Louis Prima and from The Jungle Book Trafalgar Law-Monster by Skillet Usopp-You're Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring Yuma Chun-Deep-Sea Girl by Hatsune Miku
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Text Comments (4)
Enrique A. Malavé (1 month ago)
I reallly hate the way you put that stupid song between all songs.
saidebibi (1 year ago)
I new Marco would get Pheonix XD
Kubo Edgeworth (1 year ago)
I'm guessing Yuma Chun is your OC?
Kieasia Crowder (1 year ago)
Kubo Edgeworth most likely yup

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