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Britney Spears - Criminal

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Britney Spears' official music video for 'Criminal'. Click to listen to Britney Spears on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/BritneySpot?IQid=BritneyCr As featured on The Essential Britney Spears. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/BrineyEssiTunes?IQid=BritneyCr Google Play: http://smarturl.it/BritneyCrimPlay?IQid=BritneyCr Amazon: http://smarturl.it/BritneyEssAmz?IQid=BritneyCr More from Britney Spears I Wanna Go: https://youtu.be/T-sxSd1uwoU Radar: https://youtu.be/PctD-8y0FRg Hold It Against Me: https://youtu.be/-Edv8Onsrgg Follow Britney Spears Website: http://www.britneyspears.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/britneyspears Twitter: https://twitter.com/britneyspears Instagram: https://instagram.com/britneyspears Tumblr: http://britneyspears.tumblr.com/ Subscribe to Britney Spears on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/BritneySub?IQid=BritneyCr More great noughties videos here: http://smarturl.it/Ultimate00?IQid=BritneyCr --------- Lyrics: He is a hustler, he's no good at all He is a loser, he's a bum, bum, bum, bum He lies, he bluffs, he's unreliable He is a sucker with a gun, gun, gun, gun I know you told me I should stay away I know you said he's just a dog astray He is a bad boy with a tainted heart And even I know this ain't smart But mama I'm in love with a criminal And this type of love isn't rational, it's physical Mama please don't cry, I will be alright All reason aside I just can't deny, love the guy
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Text Comments (87100)
SourSugar (24 seconds ago)
(G)OLD x3
Fucking Weeb (9 minutes ago)
sHES' sO PreTTy?? hOW
ShadowWolfy Yolo (45 minutes ago)
Anybody 2018
Socorra Bowen (1 hour ago)
Dude......she's having sex with a man twice her age!!!!!
huynh thi diep Chi (1 hour ago)
b nonya (4 hours ago)
Do those police even know how to A M
Laila S (4 hours ago)
this song really had 14 yo me thirsting after a middle aged white guy
Isabella Fernandez (6 hours ago)
Bentlee Scott (7 hours ago)
Britney Spears my queen she will never die also gimme the potato chips
Leandro Andrade (7 hours ago)
2018 alguém??
Bre Bre (9 hours ago)
wtf is she doing when the camera is in her 😂 and she looks kinda old 😥 why Britney
Bre Bre (9 hours ago)
Anyone 2018
Marko Blazevic (10 hours ago)
Wow that’s one of the fallen .
Marko Blazevic (10 hours ago)
Poor thing ...😕
Moniczka Bln (13 hours ago)
Someone here in October 2018???❤❤
Liyana Machaiah (14 hours ago)
s sl sla slay slayi slayin slaying B Br Bri Brit Britn Britne Britney idk why I did this *XD*
:p (17 hours ago)
Wattpad kitaplarının konusu.
Kata xD :v (19 hours ago)
Encuentra el 🙂. 😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😍😍😘😍😍😘😍😘😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😘😍😘😘😍😍😘😍😍😘😘😍😍😘😘😍😍😍😘😍😍😘🙂😍😍😘😘😍😘😘😘😍😍😍😘😘😍😍😍😘😘😍😍😘😘😘😍😘😘
chyla liburd salmon (20 hours ago)
I guessing it was weird to do the naked part
It really stimulates MR
Jung kook (1 day ago)
JoãoE Rodrigues (1 day ago)
Começa em 1:25
pedritovm mylife (1 day ago)
Jade Barba (1 day ago)
Is it real?????? 😓😓😓
Melike Dönmez (1 day ago)
Ayıp ayup
Lucas Belo (1 day ago)
2018 ?
Houda Ibrahim (1 day ago)
I’m so glad you didn’t get shot with the gun
Houda Ibrahim (1 day ago)
You guys are amazing
Amei linda
Hay qua
Julia P (1 day ago)
Ну чё, 2k18? Кто из Раши?
#1 Memelord 1234 (1 day ago)
14, October 2018 anyone?
Unicorns :O LOL (1 day ago)
October 2018??
Penny ღ (1 day ago)
Yes ;-;
Reinaldo Talisson (1 day ago)
Essa criminosa roubou meu coração
Phố CFM (1 day ago)
Shan Aj Shan (1 day ago)
Paula Mirgova (1 day ago)
2018 💞
Linh Duong (1 day ago)
Có ai nghe từ bên tik tok bay qua đây hk🙃🙃🙃
Priscilla Ibarra (1 day ago)
Good Bye (2 days ago)
Good Bye (2 days ago)
The best music for ZOOTOPIA
jykeitishaable (2 days ago)
I love this song but what is dog astray
Shinoa hiragi (2 days ago)
I love it Thank u po Wait po I dont like girl with the boys
Antonio Williams (2 days ago)
This was really a good song that should have went sky rocket but britney hates promoting
uni kawaii (2 days ago)
B Br Bra Bras Brasi Brasil Brasi Bras Bra Br B
Js Twin (2 days ago)
uni kawaii A Au Aus Aust Austr Austra Austral Australi Australia Australi Austral Austr Aust Aus Au A !
Iris Tayla (2 days ago)
Vania Apple (2 days ago)
😱😲😁i criminal 🎧🎧🕪🎶beautiful man 👀
Brian Dutan (2 days ago)
It was funny when she kicked him in the bolls
Ahmad Mahamid (2 days ago)
This song reminded me of an old school song by "Scooter". I don't know if the rhythm is stolen, but they sound pretty much the same!
Ahmad Mahamid (2 days ago)
susuguel 10 (2 days ago)
The Burnt marshmallow (2 days ago)
The Burnt marshmallow (2 days ago)
Did he have goose tattooed on his chest?
TTG aşk (2 days ago)
harley quinn x joker loaıystredrtywuoqpğ
TON (2 days ago)
Ariel Pimentel (2 days ago)
What did I just see?
Erica LR (2 days ago)
bonnie and clyde
Good Bye (2 days ago)
Zootopia - Very good music with Nick x Judy
anonim anonimich (2 days ago)
Как можно на столько обожать эту песню? !♥♥♥
manuel zamora bernal (2 days ago)
Tu estilo tu flow baby es muy criminal...🎶😂😂
Sophie Jeneya (2 days ago)
But momma I’m in love with my iPad Pro. And this type of love is ridiculous not acceptable.
Lalit Bhangre (2 days ago)
Eylül Mavi (2 days ago)
AYŞE NUR (2 days ago)
Oha AWK dksjdks
Lily Sue (3 days ago)
They had too much ..... you know (the thing)
Genesis 3vs19 (3 days ago)
Black CatVn (3 days ago)
It's not a BS music video without PERFUME xD
c4rlos gamer11 (3 days ago)
My love music
Ron Lai (3 days ago)
damn that guy packs a punch! he is frikin hulk
Mundo da Anna clara (3 days ago)
like at music ❤❤❤❤❤
mat gargiulo (3 days ago)
1:25 😉
Amor a Bangtan (3 days ago)
mập bé (1 day ago)
Bdhdhdbd Shdg (3 days ago)
Rimsha Ali (3 days ago)
Alexa Mellark (3 days ago)
How in GTA 5 really.
Sofia vazquez (3 days ago)
gabriel lopez (3 days ago)
le copio a naty natacha
jem olympia (3 days ago)
Cause momma am in love with a candy
POW_ 94 (3 days ago)
1:23 lol
NO NA (3 days ago)
Love this song💕
Mahfuj Raiman (4 days ago)
Subzero Inferno (4 days ago)
F-B-E- L-G (4 days ago)
Cops these days can't even aim😑
why are police always like stormtroopers in music videos: dumbasses that can’t aim ._.
miranda mogollon (4 days ago)
1349 anyone?
Stella Macchia (4 days ago)
When the best romance it's in a music video...
Oyuku chan (4 days ago)
B Br Bri Brit Britn Britne Britney Britney S Britney Sp Britney Spe Britney Spea Britney Spear Britney Spears Britney Spear Britney Spea Britney Spe Britney Sp Britney S Britney Britne Britn Brit Bri Br B
POW_ 94 (3 days ago)
Hannah Xin (4 days ago)
Neydelin Amador (4 days ago)
hermosa cancio😍😍😍
Derek Krahn (4 days ago)
I really liked the part where they beat him up
top 5 channel (4 days ago)
J (4 days ago)
Amo muito a minha britoca ❤❤❤❤
Dina Alineese (4 days ago)
Absolutely love this video it’s different to wat Brit ever did before wow love it
Thoa Lieu (4 days ago)
gr3encl0ud (4 days ago)
Hoje me sinto como a Britney, mygod
Damian Pascal (5 days ago)
Original Perfume wouldve made a perfect sequel
WARP-Nucleo-WARP.Tm (5 days ago)
Genius,sideral beautiful.WOW!!!
PANDA SLIME (5 days ago)
Oh my

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