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Carrot bites Luffy's Throat One Piece 778

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Jevilz (6 months ago)
Wait till you see her moon transformation you will fap like hell if Toei does a good job
Bob Bob (1 day ago)
I beat my dick so hard already I can't beat it anymore
Mohamed Ali (2 days ago)
I am from the future. It was cool
Marceline Abadeer (17 days ago)
Well they definitely didn’t disappoint
Raphael Gregor (18 days ago)
The transformation was good
Kamran Qureshi (21 days ago)
Gotta search it up right now.
Chris Just ah NOOB (59 minutes ago)
i will never understand anime
Bikesh Oinam (2 hours ago)
Wow this Carrot can make straw hats ship fly 1:28
lucario just for fun (3 hours ago)
If I shot an eight her would that be considered cannibalism or is she at that point where she's just a rabbit these are the questions we must ask if we are on a ship in the middle of the sea is she food or is she a crew member hummmmm
Chris Breezy (12 hours ago)
Lucy from Fairy Tail in bunny form
Kevin Carb (13 hours ago)
I’d bang tf out of carrot
The ReplaceBuilder (16 hours ago)
Miia Best Waifu (19 hours ago)
Shes such a waste of a good spot for crew members. They couldve done better. Now theres another wack looking character in the crew taking up space. This crew needs another badass and cool character like Zoro.
Carrot: too hard!.. Me: that's what she said😏
幸せなキス (1 day ago)
ltuka hrf514 (1 day ago)
ん? 今何でもするって言ったよね?
Bluebird Frontier (1 day ago)
Carrot and Jimbei for the next strawhats
Tess R (3 days ago)
Luffy done fucked up now. He can’t steal her food like he does everyone else’s. 😂
ToXc V3N0M (4 days ago)
too hard.... that’s what she said ;)
Myst15 (5 days ago)
0:52 ん?
リリー (6 days ago)
スマブラファン (6 days ago)
One piece has the best timeline since Carrot is 17 and Luffy is 19.
ベジタベジータ (7 days ago)
銀田一祐介 (1 day ago)
頭なでなでしたらニコニコするとかキャロット可愛いなぁ❤️ こういう彼女欲しい✨
Cheka (9 days ago)
katakuri:*beats the living shit out of luffy with haki* Luffy:*recovers after a few moments* Carrot:*bites luffys throat* Luffy:*almost defeated* Carrot>Katakuri
Sem nome (11 days ago)
Jinhunter Slay (12 days ago)
...is this really the rabbit that destroyed an entire armada by herself ??
SOR (12 days ago)
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The Wandering Senpai (13 days ago)
2:13 Luffy was almost defeated.
Inferno (14 days ago)
She is to pure for this world.
GutsBR BerserKU (14 days ago)
김종현 (14 days ago)
TheTimon64 (15 days ago)
"Ok you can have the carrot" Ok that's a real waifu right there lol
Mike dew (16 days ago)
wait i thought luffy couldn't get hurt
Isaac Acosta (18 days ago)
ChopperXCarrot :v
john tu mejor amigo (18 days ago)
This is very furry
サイコフライ (18 days ago)
元キン (18 days ago)
キャロットめ… 俺の魂を荒ぶらせよって… ぬ……なんでもない…
ray2900 (19 days ago)
Carrot comites necrophilia
Eminem Music (19 days ago)
2:10 when you got a bj and the she asks if it was good🤔
ルッチロイド (19 days ago)
T城玉 (19 days ago)
Archa (19 days ago)
Nicu-desu ! Yohohoho ! :3
遣除鬼魅門 (20 days ago)
Kamran Qureshi (21 days ago)
Anime is how furries are made thats true true.
Kamran Qureshi (21 days ago)
Yeah she becomes a bunny were wolf at full moon.
Kamran Qureshi (21 days ago)
It looks sexy as hell but vulgar an vicious at the same time edit:sorry for bad vocabulary did I spell vicious right?
Santiago Meza (21 days ago)
That ass :v
TGA GAMING (25 days ago)
Umm.. Garhcu?
TylzorJPG (26 days ago)
Carrot: Baron Corpse! "She bites Brook" Carrot: Too Hard!! Brook: That's what she said!
Theoret1cal (27 days ago)
I’m not a furry, but she’s damn hot!
samtemdo8 (2 days ago)
Well, at least she's a mammal....lol.
Halim Ismail (28 days ago)
0:27 😂😂😂
阿吽 (28 days ago)
ルフィのズボンの色おかしくね。 俺は漫画しか読まんから知らんだけやろうけど。
spiritbuu (29 days ago)
Damn that Rabbit is annoying AF.
TheSonOfTheDragon (30 days ago)
I think I'm in love, although the biting would take some getting used to.
evil epic (1 month ago)
She gave him one hell of a hickey
Volluble Rabbit (1 month ago)
Carrot is cute and should be Luffy's gf.
vert (17 days ago)
Volluble Rabbit fuck no
Daniel Torres (1 month ago)
New nakama NOW Oda...
O.G Stoner (1 month ago)
Lol luffy to funny
jinbei and carrot next nakamas. 👍
Torey White (1 month ago)
Nononononono, NOT THE EAR!!!!!!!!!! AIEEEYAAA!!!!!!!!!!
Icy Dragonheart (1 month ago)
Hahahahahahaha luffy got bit by carrots I'm dying
Thinking Carrot is cute isnt really furry related considering the only rabbit parts of her are her ears nose and tail. Correct me if im wrong but doesnt that basically describe a slutty rabbit costume for halloween? Would you call a guy who hookes up with that girl on halloween a furry lover? OF COURSE NOT!
Dobble007 (1 month ago)
しかしあの少女時代のハンコック こんな子になるとはねww
theHedgex1 (1 month ago)
Wow he's really lucky that he's made out of rubber or else she would have killed him.
Kuchi Kopi (1 month ago)
A pity, real rabbits don't like carrots too much and it is unhealthy for them. Only a couple of sticks should be given per week as a treat.
Akid Ibrahim (1 month ago)
0:38 The Tiger voice is the same voice of Vegeta. He even instead of saying " Carrot " he said " Kakarote "
LORD ALPHA (1 month ago)
So carrot and jimbei both will be joining huh. Can i pat her ???
GrzegorzGear (1 month ago)
Was this a reference to monthy python or is it just me?
MilesTailsProwerfan9 (1 month ago)
That’s one hell of hickey.
Majestic Suicune (1 month ago)
2:12 Just put a blue background, make his face more serious and epic, and you got your self true anime.
joseph g Koko (1 month ago)
Zecory 3 (1 month ago)
Luffy was almost defeated!
The Handsome Devil (1 month ago)
So anything is all good, as long as I pat her head? My god. rule 34 is gonna have a field day with this one
Ian (1 month ago)
Dammit Oda what are you trying to do to the Japanese youth?
Smithyboy (1 month ago)
A whole year and we’re still going
PRchris13 (1 month ago)
She definitely join the crew To many men Last one was the fish guy
Melissa 7w7 (1 month ago)
Autista 777 (1 month ago)
Fucking furries
slender gaming (1 month ago)
rip luffy neck if he dont have gomu gomu nomi
The Jolly Weeb (1 month ago)
0:25 When you take the scene out of context
Blueeyes (1 month ago)
Juan Juarez (1 month ago)
One piece looks like a random assortment of character i swear that shit puts me off from watching it soo much
WinterWisps (1 month ago)
Kinky shit
Sepi :3 (1 month ago)
Putos furros
Lloyd cher (1 month ago)
Devin Duran (1 month ago)
The only furry allowed
DanccBoi (1 month ago)
Vaku Zaku (1 month ago)
Carot 😏
Boosted FELLA (1 month ago)
I wish carrot joins Luffy's crew
Sour Apple (1 month ago)
0:04 Nami has no ribs
IgnoreThisCommentBro (1 month ago)
"Im hungry, somebody make something!" *Pulls cat away off screen towards kitchen*
Jrandez duh5th (1 month ago)
Lunch* 3 karuts juice* karut juice snack* 1 karut extra shirt* dont tell me it has a karut
Z0 Ri (1 month ago)
Fumy /Nagisa (1 month ago)
Why theres no mark???
ドド松トッティ (1 month ago)
huy trường (1 month ago)
She likes giving hickeys, I see. Does she like giving it during her sulong too?
Tzielsky (1 month ago)
Thats hot
Joks iZantos (1 month ago)
ZombY Fuqer (1 month ago)
No nut November plays a trump card on the furries with this character when she transforms

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