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1 billion Jack the Drought is still alive One Piece 779

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Jack the Dought of the Beast pirates is still alive under water. All rights go to Eiichiro Oda, Toei Animation, Funimation, Manga Entertainment, Madman Entertainment, Odex!! I DO NOT OWN ONE PIECE! Please share video if you liked it and want to see some more! Hit like and subscribe (^_^)
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戦士たこ焼き (8 days ago)
Huskyyy (19 days ago)
Jack is truly a mystery, and don't call him half human half fishman because Vander Deckan is a pure fishman and still can't breath under water after eating df.. That's explains why Kaido didn't just jump into the sea if he truly wanna kill himself.. They simply "immortal" and i wonder how strong Shanks really are since he stop Kaido before went to Marinefold
Jonah Waxman (1 month ago)
I have no idea how he survived.
Kakakarot Cake (1 month ago)
Reda Lhioui dont be stupid, Luffy or Katakuri wouldn’t survive being underwater like this. Jack is half Fishman like Delinger, just look at his teeth and the fact that he is “fine” underwater 🙄
Reda Lhioui (1 month ago)
Why wouldn't he survive? It's literally just water. I'm sure someone of his rank can hold his breath for hours
Ali Taher (2 months ago)
When ur title is the drought but u get stuck under billions of tons of water.
ferry febrian halim (4 months ago)
Jack is dead for saving rose
Don Immortal (5 months ago)
Jack the Drown
Reda Lhioui (1 month ago)
vincent tormis (6 months ago)
Jack is return to kuri town in wano is real😕
Ctrooper2011 (7 months ago)
I'm guessing that Jack is half-human half-fishman, like Dellinger. Maybe there's an inherent savagery to hybrids between those species?
Kakakarot Cake (1 month ago)
chagwey and Jack also has Fishman’s teeth....duh? He is obviously one
Ctrooper2011 (5 months ago)
+chagwey Maybe so.
chagwey (5 months ago)
they both have the same skin color and the same hair color ... siblings maybe ?
Siam (8 months ago)
He is a fishman???? Thats the only explanation of how he can breath underwater
Reda Lhioui (1 month ago)
His durability is just insane. Devil Fruit users don't neccessarily die instantly from drowning, they just become dead weight, they might die later on from lack of food or something. I think this is why Kaido didn't commit suicide by drowning because he'll just stay stuck underwater while being alive
Justice Factory (3 months ago)
I don't think he is a fishman, think about what they said kaido is immortal and that he tried to kill himself a lot of time, but what if he is not the only one in his crew, who is immortal? I think that makes more sense than the fishman theory lol.
Kaneki Ken (4 months ago)
+muhamad faizal If Jack's going to die it's likely from Malnutrition he can't move to get food
Kaneki Ken (4 months ago)
+muhamad faizal VanderDecken is another Fishman who ate a Devil Fruit back in the Fishman Island Arc
muhamad faizal (4 months ago)
+Kaneki Ken but is he supposed to die due to suffocating? I douby if he is fishman. Never seen fishman ate df before
Psycho Gunner (9 months ago)
“Eventually, Jack the Drougt stopped thinking”
Its half gyojin he can breathunderwater
giv me the succ (1 month ago)
Psycho Gunner r/unexpectedjojo
Barbe Rose (5 months ago)
Lord Yvar (5 months ago)
More like.. Jack the Drowned
Dario Baldon (8 months ago)
Is this a Jojo reference?
Ti Kaff (9 months ago)
To whom was he talking to ?
Bassem Elmehdawi (4 months ago)
Scratchman apoo
Ti Kaff i'm gonna guess that his crewmates have his Vivre Card to find him in case something like this happens.
Genter (1 year ago)
0:36 her hairstyle looks like Zelda's :p

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