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Britney Spears - Work B**ch (Official Music Video)

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From the album "Britney Jean". Download now on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/britneyjean?Iqid=yt Black Dog Films/Little Minx Director: Ben Mor Executive Producer: Coleen Haynes Producer: Tony McGarry Music video by Britney Spears performing Work Bitch. (C) 2013 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment Best of Britney Spears: https://goo.gl/GtiLUb Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/srnexr #BritneySpears #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo
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Text Comments (165600)
ANITTA POP (36 minutes ago)
Lisa practicindiva (2 hours ago)
I work bitc#
도깨비 신부 (3 hours ago)
This song is already 6 years old??? Damnnnnn i feel like this was out like yesterdayyy..... waiting for the time where i come back to say "wow this song is 12 years old?!?!?!?!??!?" XD Brit brit time flieeeees but im always with you😘
Destiny Baxter (3 hours ago)
tell my why i saw a thank u, next ad before this video
First time I have ever heard this... Loving it!! This will be on my tv show one day.
Jennifer Sorenson (10 hours ago)
My motivation song to get up and get to work when I don't feel like it and make $$$.
Yesmin (10 hours ago)
Britney please make another iconic song to end unemployment rates of 2019 😂😂
M. JAVAD ZARIF (10 hours ago)
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breanna (11 hours ago)
Baby_Cakes 06 (12 hours ago)
When ya mum see you watching YouTube vids and you need to do the laundry...
Eleanor Duff (15 hours ago)
♫♪・*:..。♫*゚¨゚゚・*:..。♪ Wonderful 👍゜.+:。(*´v`*)゜.+:。💕 Very good.
Denise R (18 hours ago)
I came here from the game grumps
김낫용 (19 hours ago)
여자들 대표 노동요
ANAMIKA TRIPATHI (21 hours ago)
Kylie took the song too seriously😁💝
Katy MacCoy (21 hours ago)
Love Britney!!! There can be only one :) still bringing it and killing it
lil meow meow (23 hours ago)
I see Willam is doing pretty well after his elimination on Rupaul's Drag Race
Lily Mecca (23 hours ago)
Britney should run for president. Her party should be called “slumber party”
boisson célian (1 day ago)
2019 !!!
anıl demir (1 day ago)
Habibeden not isteyince
Me:Takes A nap for literally fucking 10 minutes My mom:
trey sieler (1 day ago)
I can feel the unemployment rate go down as we speak
Edncoh Edncoh (1 day ago)
Andy_Boy07 (1 day ago)
Lady Snape (1 day ago)
Adrian Silva (1 day ago)
Mee in 2019😄😄😄😄
Martin Reinheimer (1 day ago)
I dont need that kind of negativity in my life
LKB LKB (1 day ago)
for playlists ?
LKB LKB (1 day ago)
Videos you save for later
LKB LKB (1 day ago)
Today at present. I am an Australian women working together with a company to assist them with research and development for the IT industry.
Rob Boss (1 day ago)
It's 3 in the morning... What am I doing with my life?
Beautiful Life (1 day ago)
Blessing it with some GODNEY!! 😘
Made In Mantras (1 day ago)
No one rocks wide leg pants like Brit. She looks like her Crazy/Hit me days.
Paolo Rovazzi (2 days ago)
This video is discusting. Why are they using whips and why is there a speaker in someone’s mouth. This is encouraging and approving with slavery. Very disappointed that that is what she is up to
Beautiful Life (1 day ago)
WTF lol
Thais Novaes (2 days ago)
michael skates (2 days ago)
Love this so in to the haters your right dear
Joker Bing Bang (2 days ago)
La version sin censura :)
Joker Bing Bang (1 day ago)
La escuchaba en just dance 2019 😃
The Legendary Miss Britney Spears ❤
_misra.ble_ neh (2 days ago)
Put this song in the next Just Dance please
Eliseo Bondoc (2 days ago)
For the longest I thought she was saying “Work it hard like it’s your brother Shawn” lol. I never understood that until I found out she was saying profession. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Beautiful Life (1 day ago)
It is so clear...
Alex Grimes (3 days ago)
hamza hanoun (3 days ago)
Work 😎😉😘🤔
Malik Gipson (3 days ago)
I liked your video it was so saete
Only4 Hoes (3 days ago)
Daniel AC (3 days ago)
Firefly Johanna (3 days ago)
야으즈 (3 days ago)
My mom when I don't study
turbobuddah (3 days ago)
How did I miss this and how is it so good? Didn't realise she had it in her to come out with a decent tune!
Beautiful Life (1 day ago)
Every tune from her is ICONIC!
Dianar TV (3 days ago)
российские тут? отчет
moon Sun (3 days ago)
2:12 Is that Halsey?
Sara Mae (3 days ago)
I’m having finals right now and for some this is really inspiring at the moment!
Shadow diamond Fire (3 days ago)
Anyone here because of just dance
Josh Lara (3 days ago)
LKB LKB (3 days ago)
I still have the certificate to fully certify it.
LKB LKB (1 day ago)
23 years ago I worked in Great Britain, loading pallets in a warehouse for a company called Boots and I was nominated for best temp Aussie of the year.
Dave Ridlespriger (3 days ago)
She should never left the top spot. It girl
Marcello Saymmon (3 days ago)
Marcello Saymmon (3 days ago)
Carlos Centeno (3 days ago)
I would to see rob thomas from matchbox twenty be in thus video
Queen Brit (3 days ago)
2019? anyone?
akbwan WV (3 days ago)
this song could potentially raise the economic growth around the world
Célia Mendes (3 days ago)
Algum BR?
:3 :v (3 days ago)
Sigue siendo hermosa por más que pase el tiempo ^_^
aluna Flores (3 days ago)
2019? 😎
jessica Mateja (3 days ago)
Casper Stage Hansen (3 days ago)
Comrade Britney
Gabriel Humair (4 days ago)
That awkward moment when all you've been doing for the past 10 months is work bitch but you don't have a hot body, a Bulgatti or a Maserati
Army Reveluv (4 days ago)
Those 130k people who disliked this must be people who haven’t worked yet (omg this joke is horrible ok I know)
Lizzie forever (4 days ago)
Costa12346 (4 days ago)
Myah Marie did a good job singing this one + the producers that made it sound like a robot, that album was really pure trash
Beautiful Life (1 day ago)
To you!
Katy Katy (4 days ago)
Trevor Klinton (4 days ago)
:3 :v (3 days ago)
Francois Chalmel (4 days ago)
Adrian Silva (4 days ago)
Mee in 2019😁😁😁😁😁
Tidus Sims (4 days ago)
Wow remember when Britney saved the world economy
Thedarksoul (4 days ago)
idk wtf brought me here i was watching darksouls 3 trolling videos and this video looked funny. Happy random ass youtube brought me here tho great song. I could not stop thinking of south park tho kek
Guy 2005 (5 days ago)
300m coming 🙌
Kennedy Blair (5 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Glenn Baxter (5 days ago)
Here u go
Beautiful Life (5 days ago)
298 million views and 1.299 million likes!! ^_^
VorzeCzYT (5 days ago)
My father when i graduated.
Jazsy Ali (5 days ago)
Carrying this energy all through 2019.
Alex Santos (5 days ago)
Adrian Silva (3 days ago)
Mee in 2019👍👍😄😄
Pablo Lopes (5 days ago)
deserto tour
Katarina Fan (5 days ago)
fkn love this song perfect for the club
Angus Heays (5 days ago)
I just imagine her playing this to all her interns
Lipegasai •_•; (5 days ago)
I wanna be rich and live in paris My mom:
Manuel Rodriguez (5 days ago)
I only like 5 of your songs but this song I heard, it has bad words and I don't like it.
Es Rojas (5 days ago)
You better work work 😝🤘🏻
Alexa Martinez (6 days ago)
Teooo (6 days ago)
This is actually really motivative
бритни рулит даже в 2019 году по прежнему хороша чертовка
Wesley (6 days ago)
Everyday Before going to work !!!!
Jane Rom (6 days ago)
этот ритм принудит заняться сексом!
NAJAN (6 days ago)
I'm just glad that Sebastian Ingrosso & Otto Knows produced this song...only reason I'm here
Jezio Jezio (6 days ago)
U B``Ch
LKB LKB (6 days ago)
Welcome to Hollywood
Jeremy Cornwell (6 days ago)
The only reason for men to work is for wife/child. I have non
Jeff Haber (6 days ago)
Work B**ch, you're next!
Keyve Sampaio (6 days ago)
this song motivates me to work everyday
Walberth albur (6 days ago)
Marc (6 days ago)
sour patch kids (7 days ago)
Work it hard like it's your brother Shawn , *sweet home Alabama*
Eliseo Bondoc (2 days ago)
sour patch kids omg I’m not the only one! Lol
touchedbysatan (7 days ago)
2019 anyone?

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