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Arabic Food in Jordan - HUGE MAQLUBA (مقلوبة) Upside Down Chicken Rice Platter!

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Get more Amman travel tips, things to do, where to stay, and delicious food here: http://migrationology.com/travel-guides/amman-jordan/ On Day 5 of our trip to Jordan we traveled outside of Amman, first to Dana Village in the Dana Biosphere Reserve. We had an incredible local lunch, and were served a dish called muqlaba, which literally translates to upside down - it was an incredible local meal. Finally, we moved onto Petra, and after checking into our hotel, we went to Petra by Night. 00:23 Breakfast and Leaving Hotel - To begin the day, I had a quick breakfast as the hotel in Amman, and then we packed everything up and headed off to do some traveling around Jordan. Driving towards the Dana Biosphere Reserve, we took our time, stopping off at a variety of different rest stops. One of the things I grew to love immensely while traveling in Jordan was Arabic coffee, and the good news is that coffee was available at every rest stop along the highway. 1:41 Maqluba (مقلوبة‎) at Dana Biosphere - The Dana Biosphere is a nature reserve in Jordan. The reserve is home to a variety of different natural environment, and starts on a plateau and descends all the way down in the Wadi Rum valley. The views of the valley were incredible. We continued driving until we reached the Dana Village, located on a hill overlooking the valley - it’s a historic town in Jordan, and they are trying to renovate certain areas of it - it’s an amazing little village. They had set up for us to have a local Jordan food lunch at a home within the village, so after walking around for a little while, we went inside to have lunch. There’s a famous Middle Eastern, Arabic dish, that’s also very common in Jordan called muqluba (مقلوبة‎), which directly translates to upside down. The reason it’s called upside down, or flipped over, is because the dish is cooked in a big pot, with meat and spices, or in this case chicken, topped with rice all in the same pot. When the dish cooks, all the flavors start to mingle and blend to create another incredible dish. When it’s finished cooking, the pot is flipped over onto a tray, so the rice goes to the bottom, while the meat stays on top - that’s the upside down part. After the rice and chicken was flipped onto the tray, it was then topped with lots of chopped up parsley, fried peanuts, and finally some lemon slices for decoration. The dish was incredible, the r 11:08 Wadi Musa, Movenpick Hotel, Musakhan for dinner - After our incredible lunch at Dana Village, we continued driving. Along the way to Petra, we stopped at Wadi Musa, which is said to be the place where Moses struck the rock and water came out. There was a rock there, and extremely clear water was flowing out. We drove to Movenpick Hotel at Petra, and we checked in. For dinner, we ate at the Movenpick buffet restaurant, and they had a good selection of both Western and Jordanian food. The dish I was most interested in eating was the musakhan, a Jordanian and Palestinian food of bread, chicken and spices, all cooked in lots of olive oil. It was my first time to try it, and I enjoyed it - and I can only imagine how much better it would be home-cooked. 14:58 Petra By Night - Petra is the most famous attraction in all of Jordan - some people will visit Jordan with a specific purpose to visit the historical city. One company decided to set up candles in paper bags and open Petra by Night, so you can visit the main Treasury at night. Ying and I took the walk, and it was pretty cool, but it was still so dark, that honestly I couldn’t really see anything, and my camera couldn’t really pick up anything as well. So stay tuned for tomorrow’s video where we visited Petra for the entire day! -- Check out my Amman, Jordan Travel Guide: http://migrationology.com/travel-guides/amman-jordan/ (Including where to stay, what to see, safety information, and extra tips) MY WEBSITES: Migrationology.com: http://migrationology.com/ EatingThaiFood.com: http://eatingthaifood.com/ TravelByYing.com: http://travelbyying.com/ T-shirts & Food Guides: https://migrationology.com/store/ Resources: http://migrationology.com/travel-resources/ SOCIAL MEDIA: Snapchat: @migrationology Instagram: https://instagram.com/migrationology Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/migrationology Thank you very much for watching this video! --
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Mahe Akbarian (3 days ago)
Mark you are the BEST. You were so lucky to be hosted by the locals and get to experience that authentic food!they are such warm and giving people!
You're making me hungry. Food is a big part of culture you're right.
النايف قطر (7 days ago)
thanks brother for this video you are really great...
عمان و القدس من افضل العوصم العربية افضل المأكولات في العالم العربي انا من السعودية
Sjaad Ijaz (8 days ago)
Love ❤️ mark my sweet brother and baby 👶 Mika
Kalloljit Barman (9 days ago)
Maqlobeh = Biriyani ?
Zul O Curran (9 days ago)
Once you taste Arabic coffee, all other coffee pale in comparison
Yafai (10 days ago)
You have to have it home made to really know how good it is.. I once went to my Palestinian Lawyer’s office and he offered me home made Maklooba and it was amazing
Kikz B (11 days ago)
i love petra I been there....AMMAN Jordan is nice too
Nita Frank (12 days ago)
The food looks divine and the people are heaven sent.
BillyBobBue (13 days ago)
You really want to compare how religious jews treat you and how religious muslim treat you. Here is experiment, go to hassidic quarters in Israel, any where. Very like you will going to get spit on, and harassed. Now go to any where, in Middle East.
Reyaaz Pathan (15 days ago)
Mark can really pack😜
Rohit Mondkar (16 days ago)
Legendary Khalil jibran Khalil
nazatul atikah (17 days ago)
I'm craving that olive 😖😖
Martha Escobar (18 days ago)
wow seeing this, is not so different from Puerto Rican Arroz con Pollo (rice with chicken) obviously the spices are different and give different flavor!
Beth Duffy (19 days ago)
The exact dish I have been looking for...only with beef chunks, cauliflower, potatoes, sometimes eggs, man do I wish to eat that again!
Nermeen Ragab (19 days ago)
The Arabs are known for their hospitality and delicious food ..you should make more episodes about Arab food
Keluarga Surya (19 days ago)
Exotic food
bmercyp (21 days ago)
Mark Weinstein you are doing an absolutely brilliant job... am now in love with Pakistan,Jordon and all Arabic counties
Glorious Channel (21 days ago)
Jordan is amazing but Pakistan is paradise 💞👌👌👌👌👌
Asif Hassan (23 days ago)
that was awesome
Yakov Isaacs (24 days ago)
Lovely rustic dining room in Dana and the food looks wholesome and tasty.
M.A.D.D G.O.A.T TV (25 days ago)
Pakistani, are beautiful people❤👍
M.A.D.D G.O.A.T TV (25 days ago)
Mark, l enjoy watching you enjoy eating. Your tasting reactions are priceless.🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰
Jerome Pickus (28 days ago)
Never think that Fox news is showing an Arab in a positive way. They are mongers of fear. The people really looked after you and fed you well.
mashal hosam (29 days ago)
wellcom in jordan mark you are good guy really
Jessie Sineath (30 days ago)
Hey Mark I know you speak a little bit of multiple languages but do you generally have a friend who interprets for you everywhere you go?
Aum Ali is an Egyptian
Esmeire Ogawa (1 month ago)
Aí que delícia
Ghazl (1 month ago)
I wonder if there’s any food you don’t like ?
Alaa Abd (1 month ago)
يااا الاهي فتت على الفيديوو من الصورة 😅 يقطع الرجيمم واشتهيت المقلوبة بعز البرد .. وباقي الاكل الله 😍😂
Ms Sunshine (1 month ago)
أتمنى ازور الأردن احبها ❤️❤️❤️❤️ تحية من عُمان
Abdul Hadi Khalil (1 month ago)
I am in love with Jordan ❤️lots of love from Pakistan ❤️❤️😍😍🇵🇰🇵🇰
RAJU TV (1 month ago)
Mr.Mark Sir I also want to travel with you
RAJU TV (1 month ago)
Mr.Mark Sir I also want to travel with you
Hassan Ali (1 month ago)
V love ur styel of head slowly down after eTing
Sele Said (1 month ago)
love it
Sele Said (1 month ago)
mmmm must be good cook with love
Tarawa St. (1 month ago)
I just want to k ow what was going thru that guys mind as he picked his nose in front of the camera that’s sick
Dawn Perri (1 month ago)
I have had the privilege of knowing a man of Arab background. Can I tell you how generous he was to open his home to my son and myself? I was his daughter’s friend. And always wanted to know if you wanted anything. These are beautiful giving people. FOX news portrays them, as a people, so wrong!
Binita Patel (1 month ago)
please also give more site scene
Rita Contreras (1 month ago)
Omg that food looks so delicious 😋
ahmad sidiq (1 month ago)
The jordan people eat very much
Noman Saleem (1 month ago)
Respect and love to Jordan From Pakistan
AQAM studio (1 month ago)
Umm Ali is Egyptian
Sniper phoenix (1 month ago)
Would love to have you again here in Jordan. You are invited
Mahuma Sentilo (2 months ago)
love the reaction
nasser ali (2 months ago)
Enjoy your food
rambo john (2 months ago)
مرحبا بك ب الاردن
Patrick DiNapoli (2 months ago)
Truly aMazing Mark., Thank You So much.
TeeTees Mansion (2 months ago)
Loved visiting Jordan this was my second favorite dish my other was shawarma 😍😍
B K (2 months ago)
I love you Mark, you videos give me appetite and you have lived in Congo so you are my bother. I am from Congo aswell. Bless
thrashed_ ism (2 months ago)
dkg fkgnc (2 months ago)
Maqluba is a Palestinian native meal made by the majority of Palestinians in jordan
G RST (2 months ago)
Min 8:30 my respect for the MAN seriving you one more portion of that food that looks delicious, i wish i can eat that food one day. . .greetings from California usa.
southbay rescue (2 months ago)
use the hand ....for eating food.
ىىة ا (2 months ago)
النشامى The guys 😂
manzero134gd (2 months ago)
I am glad I found Mark Wiens. All I feel is happiness, positivity, and my thirst for travel and food being quenched as I watch. I feel like I am also travelling with him, I feel like I know Mark personally and he's my friend, like I know him for a long time. I am just soo happy. I am soo glad. Thanks Mark. :)
Seeking Truth (2 months ago)
OOhhh fresh mint tea
Sami Learner (2 months ago)
always same reaction..
Mohammed Elbrichi (2 months ago)
I think it’s Jordanian food, not Arabic food 😀
Mikey Diaz (2 months ago)
I love this dish. My mom would make this a lot when we were young. Yummy!
Aj-1980 Ajaja (2 months ago)
You welcome in Jordan
Aj-1980 Ajaja (2 months ago)
You are so awesome we could it up sude down مقلوبة
MARITZA GARCIA (2 months ago)
oh wow
TnT507k 666 (2 months ago)
حي الله النشامى اهل الكرم والطيب والمرجلة دايم تبيضون الوجه
ىىة ا (2 months ago)
ييي الله محييك ومحيي اصلك
Megos West (2 months ago)
You are such an incredible man mark .. I love and I respect you so much
Megos West (2 months ago)
The people of Jordan are so extremely generous ... i love everything about Jordan especially the people and food
Bhumika Rathod (2 months ago)
In India we call this dish as Chicken Biryani...and the mixture of yogurt and tomato is called Raita
qusai galaxy (2 months ago)
its actually called "fatteh" which yougurt and hummus and Taheni no creema
manish Salian (3 months ago)
780 dislikes - racist people.!!
iran tehran (3 months ago)
سلام ماهیهای اقیانوس هند ... غذای اصلی چین ماهی در شرق آسیا .... چایی . ماهیهای دریای خزر خاویار شیلات ایران restaurant bismark fish egg red onions green grapes .,. Mushrooms beaans Sangak bread Ghormeh sabzi . baghali polo Lamb Shanks Khoresht karafs german like food thanks goodbye . yes okay danke schön
Gladys Spark (3 months ago)
Love the music as well!!
mus6afa (3 months ago)
MAQLUBA is one of the Palestinian food BTW
rohitman club (3 months ago)
Mark come india again I want to taste you the food of Bihar (India) ±916201536440
Dennis Noulet (3 months ago)
you have do go to peru...ya love it
sara a (3 months ago)
You should try persian food!!
rockmorpheus69 (3 months ago)
Does nothing taste bad for him ? He has the same expression whatever he tastes.
Dana Salama (3 months ago)
🇯🇴 is the best
Issa Al Ashi (3 months ago)
Dude at the beginning of the video telling someone to show em how to mix the salad with the chicken 🤣🤣
Cornwall 59 (3 months ago)
Arab food is fabulous and so much of it!
Ravi Moon (3 months ago)
Love your all videos
Noor-e- Khuda (3 months ago)
Muslims are so generous and kind !!
Sajed Al Haj (3 months ago)
Minzef is the only foof that you get if you were invited in a jordanian family😂😂😂
Menad Amrouchi (3 months ago)
For the Republicans /redneck's lol
Bernadette Bailey (3 months ago)
Mark, you make me want to stop smoking so I can get my taste buds back. Seriously!
Imaad Minsar (3 months ago)
Mark wines is like Gordon Ramsay but the complete opposite and mark will eat anything and love it
Innocentah (3 months ago)
Jordan is my favorite arabic country. Everytime i vitis it, someone always invites me to eat at home, these poeple are soooo nice.
Naseefa Hamid (3 months ago)
My fiancé and I plan to do an Israel and Jordan trip in Dec and I will def be taking some of your suggestions. Thank you for the video, great stuff. And you make me very hungry when you describe the food lol.
Najwa Al Depsawi (3 months ago)
اطيب اكل والذ الامل العربي اصلن والله مو عشان عربيه بس معروف الاجانب والاسيوين الأفارقة العالم ياكل الاكل العربي ماينسى طعمه يدمن
Joe Food 2017 (3 months ago)
Khurram khan (3 months ago)
Muslim halal food is best
Terrence (3 months ago)
Extra thumbs up for peppermint tea
yutbxt22 (3 months ago)
Why do you always give the same Expression after tasting everything, even tomatoes taste the same every where in the world, but still you give you a Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm Facial expression while Rolling your eyes backward.
blue15heart (3 months ago)
ابي اللبنه بس مع كاسة شاهي
Aldis Akaldis (3 months ago)
Lovely Maqluba, but its looks like a pilau/plov which originally came from Persian empire as a noble food. Lovely, I love cooking myself this, which came to my country through Soviet times, where all republic dishes were mixed together. Missing old times where food was delicious and natural not like nowadays - genetic modified crap with all chemicals possible..
Nadia Cavallini (3 months ago)
Great video! Love everything Arabic and especially watching your face when you took the first bite of maglooba!! Arabic food & hospitality ROCK!!!
Benard Opiyo (3 months ago)
How do you eat, Mark, without gaining weight?
Mansi Biswas (3 months ago)
Lem brim (3 months ago)
Everything looks amazing ...bread pudding my favorite 🤣thank you😋

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