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Luffy eating Shirahoshi's food [HD]

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Luffy pigging out in Shirahoshi's room - Episode 532 Dat mouse cursor. Disclaimer: I do not own this video. One piece belongs to Eiichirō Oda and Toei Animation "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."
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Text Comments (4149)
アンカヤ (7 hours ago)
- patachaos - (23 hours ago)
I don't know why, but the sounds of Luffy eating here is satisfying.
baothienka1 (1 day ago)
At the end of video... To be continued -->
ジェコサファ (1 day ago)
ゴッドもどき (2 days ago)
시환 (2 days ago)
돼ㅈ... ㅇ..아니 큼
Dumb Frog! (3 days ago)
Oof Dab
1329マサト (3 days ago)
人間のかたは一人辺り70年 頑張れ👊😆🎵
チーニポル (3 days ago)
OGT.2nd channel (3 days ago)
Tanduay 5 years (5 days ago)
Don't forget the mermaid milk luffy
Sey yes (7 days ago)
しらほしのおっぱいに挟まりたい そして全身で柔らかさを感じたい
ゆきみ大福 (7 days ago)
marshen 101 (8 days ago)
What is the cry baby doing 00:10
高津唯 (8 days ago)
ぺぺふぷ (9 days ago)
ゴリ子 ゴリ子 (9 days ago)
スカウター (10 days ago)
Tom Westling (10 days ago)
ending tho lmfaoo00o0oO0o0o0o
田所弥 (11 days ago)
Sweet Revenge (12 days ago)
So cute :33
NHT Animes (12 days ago)
Cute wearing moving w
110 4869 (12 days ago)
najam md (12 days ago)
Luffy stomach is like a black hole he eats and the food disappear in few hrs
コバ84 (13 days ago)
Playmaker (13 days ago)
I've dreamed of doing that for years!!!
R&J manga (15 days ago)
Hello admin. permission to post comment about my channel, thank you so much :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBA1F_xojOg
ゆっくりChara (15 days ago)
0:52 飲み物かよ
The Water Warrior (15 days ago)
Why does everything Luffy eat sound like hes eating apples?
Ra's Eternal Wisdom (1 day ago)
Never noticed it. Either that or sucking a balloon through his throat sound.
F L U K E (2 days ago)
unlimited971 (13 days ago)
Plz. Apple doesn t sound that tasty
Bork PomPom (16 days ago)
He intruded into her room, jumped on her boobs, insulted her making her cry, ate her food then told her he thinks she’s a coward and that he dislikes her. What a jerk... but he DID save her.
Adriel XD (17 days ago)
What Luffy see ITS Giant Food park
T. t (18 days ago)
池松京四朗 (19 days ago)
ごしょう万力 (20 days ago)
Jing Senju (20 days ago)
Look like hamster to me hahahaha when he ate
(*゚▽゚)ノ (20 days ago)
Angelus Marcarita (21 days ago)
Future pirate Queen. Luffy and Shiraoshi perfect couple
Harris Obioma (22 days ago)
The end had me rolling😂😂😂
halfdragonhal (22 days ago)
Ok I understand most thing being bigger there made for her size “how queen Martin luthier king gave birth to her is without legs is one piece greatest mystery” but where there get that giant fucking lemon?
Azsxdcfv Gbhnjmkl (25 days ago)
just how much can he eat 😂😂😂👏🏻
Vade (25 days ago)
2:12 it looks like someone poking a pet hamster’s cheek
Rosie Yahiko (25 days ago)
I wish i can eat like.that
DUNNO THIS NAME (25 days ago)
0:05 wait..where is here face?!
Tiến Phạm (25 days ago)
Luffy 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
mariegeoise (25 days ago)
lowkey ship it
Skunk (26 days ago)
The ending got me
homie alien (27 days ago)
4k comments by the way, the best comment quality you could ever ask for.😂🤣🤣
homie alien (27 days ago)
Gotta say though Luffy definitely looked like a hamster nibbling on his food 😂🤣
homie alien (27 days ago)
Don't bother Luffy when he's eating or try to take his food. He's on his natural habitat.😂😂🤣
俺ちゃん (29 days ago)
Mr. Boomguy (29 days ago)
Why do poeple hate Shirahoshi so much? She has been locked in her room for 10 years, you won't get to socialize at all if you're at the age of 6?
Paulo Oliveira (30 days ago)
Luffy come pra Caraí...😂
鈴蘭 (30 days ago)
Loop in Circle (30 days ago)
0:48 悟空が骨付き肉食べてたときの 音に似てる
Kayla Larskey (1 month ago)
Lmao Luffy’s hardworkof stuffing and chewing food XD
CriticalMass 21 (1 month ago)
1:02 2:12 Luffy looks like hamster lol
TheScorpion0081 (1 month ago)
Is he even tasting that food?
dgoid_game (1 month ago)
someone needs to make a gif from this 2:12
ten nn (1 month ago)
luffy super cute 🤣🤣💖
Jano NOPETWO (1 month ago)
Why every food is crispy and worst asmr
Steven Barry (1 month ago)
Bartholomew and Boa be like : "Lucky girl to poke Luffy that much"
Mustafa Harb (1 month ago)
Damn now I'm hungry
Kutay Sirius (1 month ago)
Luffy is like my old hamster
trackboy17 (1 month ago)
That megaloden doesn't look scary at all
Sketchy NOOT NOOT (7 days ago)
JäyΔr (1 month ago)
that's a Z cup right there
Loc Nguyentho (1 month ago)
Ai Việt Nam k
Bacon Tube (1 month ago)
War Phoine (1 month ago)
When he spits his food. I died laughing.
Asura Shun (1 month ago)
This feels like watching a hamster eat
まっちゃうじ (1 month ago)
ルフィ=クリリン しらほし姫=ケールちゃん
Hans-Ulrich Rudel (1 month ago)
kairussj 2029 (1 month ago)
Wari Zaraki (1 month ago)
Is it just me or does Luffy looks kinda cute here😂?
*ゆきたす (1 month ago)
nan . . . (1 month ago)
fake luffy asked if he could eat at the beginning
Sketchy NOOT NOOT (7 days ago)
nan . . . Hello kitty friend ;)
Joshuaaawhatwhat69 (1 month ago)
In reverie arc shes gunna get caught by a bastard celestial dragon ahahaha spolier aleerttttt xDdddddd
うそうさぎ (1 month ago)
KpopXanime _Lover (1 month ago)
Paris Duarte (1 month ago)
This particular scene is honestly so cute! Luffy running around stuffing his mouth and slowly blown up while keep talking in such an adorable tone and voice are just too priceless 💯😍🥰❤️
Hey Mf (1 month ago)
Unexpected Ending
改造ガレージ (1 month ago)
Sagar Dulal (1 month ago)
Can u imagine how big is that room. It is probably bigger than sunny go... Luffy seems like an ant walking around
Jin Kazama (1 month ago)
oda knows the male fantasy all too well
Jerry Gonzales (1 month ago)
These good animation
Zaid Al Sekri (1 month ago)
The last poke HHAHAHA
rikuりく (1 month ago)
Joey Lariosa (1 month ago)
shirahoshi's voice is 💞💓💗
NotSandi X (1 month ago)
Yea if luffy fucks shirahoshi he must do the thing 3 gear od his dick xd
Marshy Lol (1 month ago)
That ending tho
Newgamer End (1 month ago)
Luffy wants to eat melon

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