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NUKI NUKI (French Version) Funny Bear Lyric Video Gummy Bear Song

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MA TÉTINE NUKI! C'est la vidéo lyrique de la version française de "Nuki Nuki"! Enjoy the new "Nuki Nuki French Version)" Lyric video by Gummibär aka Funny Gummy aka Osito Gominola aka Ursinho Gummy aka Gumimaci Official Gummibär WEBSITE - http://www.thegummybear.com The Gummibär SHOP - http://www.gummybearshop.com Sign up for the Gummibär mailing list to WIN GREAT PRIZES! - http://www.gummibar.net/newsletter FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/funnygummy TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/imagummybear PINTEREST: http://www.pinterest.com/imagummybear
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Text Comments (60)
Allan Nguyen Chao (10 days ago)
Stop at 2:12 he is crazy
Allan Nguyen Chao (10 days ago)
Who knows if he's a little being a nuki
Missy Vigil (16 days ago)
Can you do the spanish version
Gumi Miś (21 days ago)
Czemu w tytule pisze po polsku xd
Ramos Lopez (1 month ago)
Drikataloma Oliveira (1 month ago)
D Cook (1 month ago)
Bhavisha Patel (1 month ago)
No I am going to be in town
Rebeccah Lucília (1 month ago)
muito bom mas era bom se fosse em português
Neja Jan (1 month ago)
Joao Costa Q
FireFol XD (1 month ago)
Je suis français :/
KDK Gamekillerxx525 (1 month ago)
Lmao now I know why I keep saying nuki nuki nuki how I love my nuki
Andrés el Gamer (1 month ago)
Jeune Boucle (1 month ago)
fr cool
BlaineDoezArt (1 month ago)
What am i watching?
matthios 51 (1 month ago)
your not new no more
Gf Yy (1 month ago)
Wow! French sounds nice! 😉
Nat Re (1 month ago)
Gf Yy hnkjonpjpopkjl, lu
Sara Mohammed (1 month ago)
адский бил (1 month ago)
35 минутка гумибер произнес куки
Atife Heydari (1 month ago)
I like this one alot! Watched in full;)💕 👍267
Игнат (1 month ago)
Please Nuki Nuki in Russian.
d T (1 month ago)
Go nuku Russuan
Marco Casale (1 month ago)
Que língua é essa,francês?
tcp2205 (1 month ago)
Is the ghost that the clip clip so late
Jimmy da boiiy (1 month ago)
Ok time to die
A Person (1 month ago)
Congrats on the gummy bear song being in the new goosebumps trailer. Will it be in the final movie ? ✨
Ernane Alves (1 month ago)
Hgyg bcshvdv f de tudo para ter acesso ao tentar fazer tudo o ygdvfbvfhvw de um dos melhores do que a minha vida e não é o mesmo que eu possa
Ernane Alves (1 month ago)
Cool dude 29 hfjdvdgdygdgedvfsgsb
Ernane Alves (1 month ago)
A Person vchcgfdtgcgyfyg
Bella Cavazos (1 month ago)
A Person SA sswwwrc cis cccxzz🛍
Cool dude 29 (1 month ago)
A Person is it
Common Sense (1 month ago)
candydog loves sans :3 (1 month ago)
he will never stop
Ch Joãokjjjpp
Maria Perez (1 month ago)
I kinda had a bad day at school yesterday and when I saw this it made me feel better Thx m8 😊
SuperGummy Fan14 (1 month ago)
Do more
KPOPGummyBear (1 month ago)
Gummibä will make more every Saturday
DepressionPony0w0 (1 month ago)
Love you 😍
Do Nuki Nuki Brazilian Com Letras
Tbh ik the lyrics already on the Brazilian Version
Liliane Oliveira (1 month ago)
E muitas felicidades para Souza pesou a quelindo de mais
KPOPGummyBear (1 month ago)
He’s making Lyric Videos now
Gummibar song long ukranian
thicci nikki (1 month ago)
This is honestly straight fire
KPOPGummyBear (1 month ago)
To TOGBc, how did you make that awesome font?? I wanna be like you Gummibär
KPOPGummyBear (1 month ago)
Can you do it on any languages???
Pardalian Rusen (1 month ago)
KPOPGummyBear (1 month ago)
Can you do it on any languages???
Será Mesmo? Em? (1 month ago)
Nuki ;-;
Kayla Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Hallo gummy bear! Are you German?
Gf Yy (1 month ago)
I think he's English because he made a lot of English videos
KPOPGummyBear (1 month ago)
Ok 👍🏻
Kayla Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Gummibär Fanboy I know! But his native language is German!
KPOPGummyBear (1 month ago)
Gummibär can speak any languages because he’s GummyBearIntl
KPOPGummyBear (1 month ago)
Ik the lyrics
crazy pumpkin (1 month ago)
Lol a French version

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