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THE TOP 10 FUNNIEST Food Reviews EVER!! Sugarless Haribo Gummy Bears

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Text Comments (2159)
Cori G (21 hours ago)
How ignorant ARE you exactly?
imissnj2 (4 days ago)
Alonzo, you can’t tell people to get a dictionary when you can’t read or say “sphincter” or “gastrointestinal”!
Wolfman 4900 (2 months ago)
Bro u need to learn some common words
719Gas from THEslumZ (2 months ago)
Cubert gooding jr fused with dj akademiks a splash of kevin hart in there, thats what you look like folk.
Emma Planas (2 months ago)
Wrecklesseating told be about those! https://youtu.be/N9MPKNjDO9Q
K S (2 months ago)
HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I just went on amazon and they are no longer available!!!! (insert crying laughing emoji here) I'm on a laptop right now.
Heather McFarland (2 months ago)
A,B,C,D,E,F,G Gummy bears are chasing me One is red, one is blue One is trying to steal my shoe. Now I’m running for my life, Cause the red one has a knife. Gummy bears are dangerous. First they’re coming after you with a knife and stealing your shoes then they’re making you so sick you can’t get to the bathroom before you blow your pants out. Stay back satan. Lol
Roux Herold (2 months ago)
It's pronounced : nay palm. It a dangerous chemical war far instrument
P Johnson (3 months ago)
Sounds like jelly belly's sugar free jelly beans it actually states on the bag it may cause diarrhea.
Jiyū Maehara (3 months ago)
Umm guess shit hit the fan
Candice Thomas (3 months ago)
2:26 Did he really pronounce "bones", bo-ness???
• Toxic• (3 months ago)
0:47 when someone eats my food!
Charlotte Martin (3 months ago)
Monkey Bubbles (3 months ago)
He calls people idiots but he didn’t know what a sphincter was and prob STILL doesn’t know how to pronounce it! He kept saying “sphinCHer”. Smh 🤦🏼‍♂️😂
Kay Slugz (3 months ago)
If you’re smart and read comments before watching the video don’t watch while eating or soon after eating
Monkey Bubbles (3 months ago)
I’m eating cheese fries 🍟 while watching. 😂😂😂😂 Thank goodness I have a strong stomach! 🤦🏼‍♂️😂
Kay Slugz (3 months ago)
Trust me I made the mistake
Anthony Ronacher (4 months ago)
Sphincter. Sphincter. Sphincter. YOU better get a dictionary
Monkey Bubbles (3 months ago)
Anthony Ronacher WE have sphincters... HE has a “sphinCHer”, I guess. 🤷🏼‍♂️😂😂😂😂
JDM12983 (5 months ago)
He tells people to "get a dictionary"... he needs to get him a phone app, or something, that tells him how to pronounce a lot of the words he doesn't seem to know.
Monkey Bubbles (3 months ago)
JDM12983 exactly! I had to comment on that too. He’s such a hypocrite when it comes to sentence grammar, spelling, AND definitions!!! Smh 🤦🏼‍♂️
Siyeda Daniels (5 months ago)
I’m just in this bitch watching old videos but anywho... I use to pray to Jesus every time my period was late and promise to never have sex again. I still be hoeing but still no babies!!
NGC gamer (5 months ago)
Yes sir 5:40
Greta Holliway (6 months ago)
so hilarious😂😂😂
Austin Franklin (6 months ago)
ALONZO napalm is  a radioactive gas that was used during world war 2, another thing  it also causes radiation to the skin
Hamzah_YT Gamer (6 months ago)
Jeez I've never laughed so hard in MY LIFE!
Caitlin The Destroyer (6 months ago)
My best friend showed me your channel two years ago and they recently passed away a few months ago, so I’ve been watching your videos everyday while I think of him, it keeps me from crying and helps me not be so depressed. I’m 28 weeks pregnant, so I’m trying to stay as positive as I can. So thank you for doing what you do, Alonzo, keep being yourself.
Ruth Mayhew (6 months ago)
Really I eat these all the time and nothing. I'm almost certain that some of these are overly exaggerated.
Larisa Pascotescu (6 months ago)
Wtf? I eat Haribo all the time and never had any problem. They are so delicious!
Boomin Toons (6 months ago)
OMG a video that didn’t start with ‘SO!’. You feelin ok Alonzo?
Alana Gee (7 months ago)
Alana Gee (7 months ago)
F your oxyclean. We use AWESOME! Spray. That's the real name. Put it on everything and it's really awesome
Chimera (7 months ago)
" Get a dictionary " ... This fucker can´t even read XD
anna mcfadden (8 months ago)
Never laugh so hard
Samantha Peters (8 months ago)
Ha-ri-bo is how it's pronounced.
Holly Smith (8 months ago)
Sphincter!! Haha the way you’re saying it lol
Bluu Bandette (8 months ago)
I'm pranking as many members of my family with these gummy bears. I know I'll get my ass kicked but atleast they'll keep away from my real gummy bears!! XD
Eric Rodriguez (8 months ago)
Cool shirt.
Heero (8 months ago)
How did you look the word up and still manage to pronounce it wrong?😂😂😂
QcChopper (9 months ago)
I hate a bunch of sorbitol based sugar free candy once, what came after can only be described as sandblasting the toilet with pressurized liquid shit or shartblasting if you will, I had to go three times in an hour, I wouldn't recommend it.
Alexis Ensign (9 months ago)
I dont know what their problems are I can eat three bags and keep going...
Oddball Skull (9 months ago)
Lol "what is nah-palm"
Huey Freeman (9 months ago)
It's pronounced "nay-palm", and it's basically a super flammable, gelatinous gasoline. The same stuff used to fuel flamethrowers.
Casey. cosplays13 (9 months ago)
Napalm(nay-palm) get a dictionary!!!
Hella Hounds (9 months ago)
Anthony LaPiana (9 months ago)
One time I had some diarrhea and I heard or saw that if you have diarrhea just keep going until you're empty. I tried that it and it became liquid so I just assumed it was ending but no. My butthole exploded with the force of all the nukes and volcanos in the world combined. I just sat on the toilet for 30 mins silently sobbing
Adam F. (10 months ago)
Literally any small thing goes off: Alonzo: 😳🤸🏿‍♂️🤣
KawaiiDesu Chan (10 months ago)
I will give these to someone I hate
Cest_La_ Vie (10 months ago)
Hair-a-bow is how it’s pronounced
Hannah Wallace (10 months ago)
Your pronouncing it wrong 😂
Alissa (10 months ago)
I’m shocked that he didn’t know what Napalm is or how to pronounce it
ZychoHawk Gaming (10 months ago)
It's pronounced like sss-fink-ter
Dave Hoyes (10 months ago)
hey alonzo just a little help with pronouncing haribo it's pronounce "harry bow" i have spelt it out phoneticaly so that it can help you pronounce the word haribo correctly hope this helps in future ^_^
Bethanie Pierson (10 months ago)
Sphincter. Pronounced sfeengk-ter
Jokerfan45 (10 months ago)
Doesn't know what a sphincter or napalm is. SMH lol
Jeramy Ware (10 months ago)
So basically, you make a living critiquing other people's spelling, yet your reading, comprehension, and vocabulary are at a 3rd grade level. Riiiiiiight.
Chris Guala (11 months ago)
@alonzo Lerone is pronounced like this (ss-fing-ter)
Aria LeBlanc (11 months ago)
I heard about these on GMM and the fifth review was from the attached GMMore episode.
Harley Quinn (11 months ago)
I have never had an issue with Haribo gummies
Amy Shannon (11 months ago)
It's pronounced sf-ink-ter i.e. Sphincter.
Mrz. Castle (11 months ago)
Everyone saying get a dictionary.... He wants to know how to say it, not what it mean ass. Yes, I know it says how to pronounce it, but still some people have to hear it. 😑 I have to hear the word.
Victoria Bryant (11 months ago)
Dude I never heard of sugarless gummy bears
AngelWingsYT (11 months ago)
looked it up on amazon it is TRUE
Ashcontent (11 months ago)
I’ve eaten these...I’ve never experienced the horror that the people in the video did
Sarah Ali (11 months ago)
I actually found this on Amazon before I saw this video and the torture it was to some people was hilarious
Buy Oxiclean Detergent (11 months ago)
Yeah everyone, buy me.
Brady Cohen (11 months ago)
at 2:27 he mispronounced bones. get a dictionary!!
Jennifer Richardson (11 months ago)
It's pronounced hair-a-bow
Connor Hinson (11 months ago)
what is napalm? *sigh
msalexander126 (1 year ago)
That's an amazing filter you got there I would have gotten through the whole story and then realized I shouldn't have said that
Angela Best (1 year ago)
That must be the sugar free gummy bears
queenpaine hasnoname (1 year ago)
S-fin-kte r sphincter
Gareth Hills (1 year ago)
All sugar free sweets have a laxative warning. Some people are just stupid enough not to notice that
MentalAbility28 (1 year ago)
For someone whose catchphrase is "get a dictionary," I'm surprised at the words you don't know the meaning of or know how to pronounce. Come on Alonzo.
Harley Quinn (1 year ago)
spink ta
Harley Quinn (1 year ago)
2:40 in and I have to correct you it's Nay palm. And Harry Bow.
saio (1 year ago)
Carver Upqik (1 year ago)
Napalm isn't liquid but it is a flammable gel like substance
Ivy Ray Smiles (1 year ago)
Rewatched this and just noticed he said gastrointestinal wrong
Citizen 1 (1 year ago)
smh.. liberal arts degree.
Jamie Harding (1 year ago)
It is pronounced, 'sfinkter'. Thought you might want to know.
Avery Adams (1 year ago)
This is true with a lot of sugar free candies. Eat too much and you get the shits.
roxcyn (1 year ago)
Pronunciation: Hair-a-bow
MegaLaplace (1 year ago)
It’s really bad that I now want to try these sugar free haribo gummie bears
Sammy Brown (1 year ago)
You mispronounced napalm and sphincter. Go to dictionary. com and listen to the pronunciations.
Harabo. Hair a'bow
Mariah Parsons (1 year ago)
Okay..the fact you don't know how to say sphincter or gastrointestinal is really shocking. Better get back to that dictionary.
Lexi Shyann (1 year ago)
One of my guys friends and I were talking (we were eating a bunch of junk food) and he asks if the gummy bears we were eating were sugar free. I looked at the bag and said no, and he said (these were his exact words) “good, those make you sh*t your pants.” Our academic team and out academic team coach were listening to our entire conversation 😂 Edit: 2018 anyone 😅
Lorrie Smith (1 year ago)
The funniest one I read was a woman said her bum made noises like trumpets summoning DEMONS back to HELL! I almost died laughing. It was a long review and worth every second. Beyond hilarious!
bananabuttersomethin (1 year ago)
C'mon, you didn't even try to pronounce "gastrointestinal".
Z D (1 year ago)
I am sensitive to sugar alcohols used in sugar free candy. It’s 10 shades of awful.
lily bost (1 year ago)
it’s pronounced “s-fing-ter “ not “spin-cher” ... get a dictionary,god damn
lily bost (1 year ago)
i love your videos though
maxsass (1 year ago)
Alonzo man you need to go back to school, I am 12 and I know all the things you couldn't say. WHO NEEDS THE DICTIONARY THIS TIME?
buick sea (1 year ago)
why is this in a playlist labeled "Your Lie in April Classical Pieces"
healLV (1 year ago)
I wonder same lmao
Ashlee Thompson (1 year ago)
Great, now I want to eat a whole bag in one sitting just to see. Every time I watch one of these kinds of vids my mind automatically goes “I’ll take that challenge!”
Kayla McElroy (1 year ago)
September 3 is my birthday!!!!!
hannah frohlich (1 year ago)
Oxiclean is not spelled with an I it's oxyclean
MegaLaplace (1 year ago)
People after hearing these reviews would you rather have a super spicy Indian curry or 20 of these gummy bears
Who else wants to see him actually try these gummy bears
This is what happens when you don't inform people that eating sugar-free food like you're cramming normal food will act as a laxative. Some candies actually have that as a WARNING on the package.
GenXGypsy (1 year ago)
It's the sugar alcohols in that stuff! If your sensitive to it, you'll be an ass blaster. And gastrointestinal? Get a dictionary!
Haley Riehl (1 year ago)
I’m type 1 diabetic and can’t really have regular candy. My dad hadn’t come to many of my appointments so he didn’t know that sugar free candy could make me sick like regular. Anyways, my dad gave me these sugar free gummy bears and I ate half the damn bag. We’re talking one of those huuuuge bags you get from like Walmart or some shit too. Now I was a child...shaking, crying, praying for my momma to make my ass stop burning. All in all though, the gummy bears were delicious but dear god..don’t eat them
Ryocko (1 year ago)
Ok this had me crying xD
Sevanni Black (1 year ago)
still waiting on a reply in my inbox. u making me angry

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