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One Piece OST - Mother Sea (First Part) [Extended Version]

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DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www2.zshare.ma/1gfsawyswmya Here the extended version first part of the great Song "Mother Sea" from One Piece... It´s so sad.. and so beautiful to me.... everytime i hear it, I want to cry.... Nostalgia rulez!!!
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Text Comments (2580)
My dog passed away 3 days ago and i still remembering it with that theme. I'll miss you for the rest of my life, my friend.
Ruskin niksuR (3 days ago)
I want this music on my wedding
Anouar dz (5 days ago)
is the name of the music mother sea ..!
Tjerty (6 days ago)
One piece has definitely been lacking in it's old charm.
Kuroi Kenshi (6 days ago)
Uldren Sov (10 days ago)
1:40 that's what you're looking for T_T
ismeth ulam pegaga (10 days ago)
Sad ost...sad episode...😢
Eren Sümen (11 days ago)
Doctor: You only got 3:24 minutes to live Me:
Laarni Callado (12 days ago)
Damn! I love One piece so bad! I recall every episodes that made me cry so bad! I love everything about One Piece i am turning 30 this coming feb and i still keep on watching this master piece! I can't express my feeling but i never fell inlove in anime ever! There's this one time i was scrolling to my husband hard drive and i saw this one piece tv show. That's when i started watching it. Im on episodes 197!
This ost is and will forever be legend.
Uff q recuerdos mery ..
Kevin ascencio (14 days ago)
Bran Vicente (14 days ago)
the Merry part was the saddest. who’s still listening? after all I won’t let you guys forget this one... i hope i could put a smile on your faces after you guys hear it.
I’m just Saiyan (16 days ago)
Im sorry...
Aggelos Mexis (18 days ago)
I cant listen to this music without crying
Oliver Beier (20 days ago)
dalast knight (20 days ago)
2018 anyone?
KpopXanime _Lover (21 days ago)
Play this at my funeral.. Wait my PSLE is gonna end tomorrow..how about play this at my school's graduation day..?
David Flores (23 days ago)
Tales of the Pokepark soundtrack- Farewell
Toshihiro Kakogi (25 days ago)
Perfect music for the ending. I'll be ready to hide somewhere while watching it coz everyone will think I'm an idiot crying with no reason
Ghost C-Play (26 days ago)
คิดถึงเรือแมรี่ TT
Bnfm Djdjd (26 days ago)
Derrick Marrillo (1 month ago)
Rest in peace... 🐯Pedro🐯
Derrick Marrillo (1 month ago)
Rest in peace... 🕺Mr. 2 Bon Clay🕊
Derrick Marrillo (1 month ago)
Rest in peace... 🐐Going Merry⛵
Derrick Marrillo (1 month ago)
Rest in peace... 👨‍👦‍👦Edward Newgate, Whitebeard☠
Derrick Marrillo (1 month ago)
Rest in peace... 🔥Portgaz D. Ace🔥
Sean Daniels (1 month ago)
I want this played at my funeral as they lower my body and everyone says there final goodbyes
Lee Reon (1 month ago)
Just watched the part when they said goodbye to Merry..I like this music.:(
Jimmy L (1 month ago)
Furor Teutonicus (1 month ago)
This and "His Song" from Undertale are the most emotional songs I ever heard!
kawaii dakedo (1 month ago)
Awww que sad llore mucho :v porqué
Next Technology (1 month ago)
When I Hear This Sad Song...I Always Remember Going Merry. Rest In Peace Never Forget That Moment
psychotic Senpai (1 month ago)
good buy marine
Felipe Cesário (1 month ago)
jean santos (1 month ago)
Masum Veled (1 month ago)
Which part
fleesox (1 month ago)
That’s why i love one piece ❤️😭
Duke (1 month ago)
Merry was the nakama you didn't know you treasured until he was gone. That's why his death was so devastating.
toxic412 (1 month ago)
Who still listening ? 2018?
xrebornnessx234 (1 month ago)
when me and my daughter had a argument and this song plays in the background and i have flash back of her baby days * to future me*
EMTEE (1 month ago)
I want this played at my funeral To make it look like they crying for me but its really this instrumental
DeShawn Thomas (1 month ago)
This is the song! Finally found it! I’m loving One Piece so far for my first time watching.
Nikola Kitic (1 month ago)
sun deku (1 month ago)
2:52 Luffy climbed over 5000 meters of sheer rock in a blizzard, wearing a sleeveless cardigan, and shorts to find a doctor to save Nami and Sanji's life. After a hearty climb, he managed to reach the castle and laid down in pain and relief. The doctor came to his aid, shortly after, he said... "Those are my nakama." Those were the words that came out of his mouth.
황희찬 (2 months ago)
진짜 띵곡
Alberto Di Turi (2 months ago)
Kirin Vlogs (2 months ago)
muito triste.. calma caiu um cisco no meu olho ....
Barhomi 00 (2 months ago)
Olavia09 (2 months ago)
Bellemere ;__;
ketan first (2 months ago)
This sure brings back memories Matthaka!
Arthur Reis Dos Games (2 months ago)
Alguém em 2018?
Bruno Kauan (1 month ago)
Arthur Reis Dos Games eu
Yeah, Im a Gamer (2 months ago)
Did they stop using this post time skip cause i don't know if i heard it yet?
Lucrative Lou_137 (2 months ago)
2.2 million views.. I’M GLAD I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE GUYS 😭🙏🏼
Petite Otaku (2 months ago)
I'm crying😢so beautiful
Lycidas (2 months ago)
Eu estive aqui^_^. . .
Low •-• (2 months ago)
"Gomen Merry"
Gravity (2 months ago)
Going Merry is not a ship, it's a soul...
Nerzak (2 months ago)
Aini Morham (2 months ago)
now, i will remember you forever in my heart. you will never know how much i love you, and will miss you. thankyou AA. (,:
Thiago Azevedo (3 months ago)
meeeu amigo feels bad
Richie (3 months ago)
what is the tittle pls..
*_Coca Koka_* (2 months ago)
"Mother Sea" Il y a écrit ça dans le titre
OnlyStarling 53 (3 months ago)
*Q sad*
Quentin Ringenbach (3 months ago)
😢😣😁 thanks
Professional gamer (3 months ago)
Love this💖💖
TherValenMC (3 months ago)
Dios mio como me encanta One Piece ES LO MEJOR!!!!!
Ivanzin! El Loquin! (3 months ago)
0:42 Arritakeno.. Yumewoo.. Kakiatsume..
Youli 29 (3 months ago)
This music is sad but happy at the same time which makes it my kind of music
god usopp (3 months ago)
Ashley lanclos (3 months ago)
This song fitted zoros childhood perfectly I WILL B THA GREATEST SWORDSMAN NO MATTER WUTTTTT
stetson Sweowat (3 months ago)
"I'll get stronger, stronger than she ever was you hear me, strong enough that my name reaches up to the heavens, I am going to be the worlds greatest swordsman. I promise her that"
Seth Mamintod (3 months ago)
Guys listen carefully, the melody is the same as "we are" but slower and the chords are sadder
j3ko folle (3 months ago)
its so fucking sad...in crying for this Song...im Remember my losing,my love delusion and more...
EL Brolongo (3 months ago)
One piece existeeeee
THE ONE (3 months ago)
Who is cutting onions
Matí Zoldyck (3 months ago)
Esto llega a sonar en el final de one piece y me suicido
Davey Diaz (4 months ago)
I miss the merry.
Henrique Marques (4 months ago)
Ace... ;-----;
kevin magne (4 months ago)
al escuchar una lagrima de la nada se me salio :,(
Toxic waste (4 months ago)
2018 how far we’ve come
Juinuer (4 months ago)
Saudi Arabia Lost 5-0 💔💔💔
Sketch Stevens (4 months ago)
There's a song very similar to this on the Sonic OST
SaDeRoTi (4 months ago)
I wan't this music when i die
aka55 KNB (4 months ago)
Ptn comment je kiff cette musique 😍😍😭
Twist of Collection (4 months ago)
Poor linlin, everyone left her behind :(
Robin Mejía (3 months ago)
Twisted Rai she ate everyone and didnt realize***
Blue Angle (4 months ago)
Reminds me about when ace died I cried for 2 days he is a awseome brother
Akagami shanks (4 months ago)
This OST remind everybody about merry's death and I'm here crying about doctor Hiluluk ...
Johnathan Holmes (4 months ago)
Damn it. Why did I play this while rereading Merry Funeral.
Jevilz (4 months ago)
It doesn't matter if you apologize because that dog's treasure won't come back
Gol D. Newgate (4 months ago)
Merry:Je suis désolé les gars,de ne pas pouvoir vous accompagnez plus loin Luffy:Ce N’EST pas de t’a faute Luffy:Je t’ai cogné contre des Icebergs à mainte reprises. Luffy:Zoro et Sanji sont des idiots. Luffy:Ils ont cassés plein de choses Luffy:Usopp est nul en réparation Luffy:SI QUELQU’UN DOIT S’EXCUSER,C’EST NOUS ! Merry:Mais j’étais heureux. MERRY 😭😭😭😭😭🤧
ismeth ulam pegaga (4 months ago)
I really like this ost.. 1 thousands like👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
deepu kutty (4 months ago)
After hearing this I have feeling that I went to past, childhood
mistere (4 months ago)
every single time this playing in the anime i cried
Hamza Sharif (4 months ago)
The only anime that rivals and maybe surpasses naruto
Madkiller 1412 (4 months ago)
Just...just how many arrow have hit my heart?!?
Luiz Szuchmacher (4 months ago)
That music makes me cry ... i love it <3
Moid D. Khan (4 months ago)
I want this music to be played on my funeral
Charlotte Lin Lin ate her friends and especially her mother carmel.
God Usopp (4 months ago)
La chanson la plus touchante de One Piece ^_^

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