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One Piece OST - Mother Sea (First Part) [Extended Version]

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DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www2.zshare.ma/1gfsawyswmya Here the extended version first part of the great Song "Mother Sea" from One Piece... It´s so sad.. and so beautiful to me.... everytime i hear it, I want to cry.... Nostalgia rulez!!!
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Text Comments (2670)
RAiZUS (1 day ago)
:'( xoxad
To330nY (1 day ago)
One Piece Forever, agree?
Eva's DDs (3 days ago)
One Piece- the only anime to make us cry over a damn ship. And its still sad to think about it today.
Drettlinking (5 days ago)
*Caleb sent me*
Blue Dark (5 days ago)
Bleach is Gone, Naruto is Gone, Dragon Ball is Gone, Theres One Piece Holding the game and i cant imagine it ending
Lt m (9 days ago)
BELLEMERE-SAAAAAAN **sniff** **sob** :(
SL_ Raph (11 days ago)
How can people dare to dislike that 😢
SL_ Raph (11 days ago)
One masterPiece! 👒
carlos XD (12 days ago)
Merry!! :'''v
Luffy Men (13 days ago)
Tiap dengar malam sblum tdur .pake hedset.. Serasa flashback ke masalalu...
Gamalier Gh (16 days ago)
Merry,ace,shirohige ......bai
Nothing No (18 days ago)
Wishing for a Devils fruit... so can meet the crew...
BLADOX (18 days ago)
MERRY!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭
Programmer Gojira (23 days ago)
Luffy Men (23 days ago)
Always in every night....
Sattawat Takaeng (23 days ago)
Absolute AMVS (25 days ago)
Ziz Bod (29 days ago)
Merryyyyyyyyyyyy !! 🥺
Elgrenier ! (30 days ago)
This is the best music in One Piece
Kevser Atik (30 days ago)
Wahe Avanessian (1 month ago)
Justin_0907_ (1 month ago)
well i'm sad again
Galih Sangra Adiyuga (1 month ago)
sun deku (1 month ago)
@ Luffy climbed over 5000 meters of sheer rock in a blizzard, wearing a sleeveless cardigan, and shorts to find a doctor to save Nami and Sanji's life. After a hearty climb, he managed to reach the castle and laid down in pain and relief. The doctor came to his aid, shortly after, he said... "Those are my nakama."
Mrc (1 month ago)
this song alone can make you cry.
Abubakar Beater (1 month ago)
Why its remind me at some ost from Clannad
Bapuk (1 month ago)
shushu :'(
buche del buche (1 month ago)
Nunca te olvidaremos merry 😢
kuraudo (1 month ago)
When luffy and his friends returned in one piece
Anime World (1 month ago)
We shouldn't listen to music. We feel the music.
Elian Waeber (1 month ago)
haithem allaoua (1 month ago)
big mom is past motherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Yael Fuentes (1 month ago)
Es bellísimo
Rubencho El More (1 month ago)
No pongan rancheras ni vallenato de mierda pongan esto cuando muera
Icanohzyl (1 month ago)
*_gomen ne_*
LUCKY Games (1 month ago)
Looooooooffffffffeeeeeeee!!!!!! Uuuuuuusssssssssoooooop!!!!!
MEHDI (1 month ago)
Is this copyright free?
Mizz Thang (1 month ago)
Setsu Chan (1 month ago)
Luffy Men (2 months ago)
Shit .. I cry..
ikhmal aqif (2 months ago)
NØTTELI YOUNG BLOOD (2 months ago)
I Love one piece ❤️❤️❤️
Julius Sihombing (2 months ago)
Shit, i cry...
Julius Sihombing (2 months ago)
Ohhh... Love this so much
Christopher Solano (2 months ago)
2018 anyone Man I love one piece no anime can replace one piece
Luffy Play (2 months ago)
el noruto :v (2 months ago)
Dragon ball Naruto y One piece they are the best animes in the world
Tabea Hohendahl (2 months ago)
Before the 3th second played, my eyes began to tear. What is this, a fuckin onion?! T^T But it's still so beautiful...can't stop crying anymore...fuck *Eiichiro Oda, who slices an onion in background and smiles at me*
cringeman (2 months ago)
TheCrazyChief (2 months ago)
Play this at my funeral
BLADOX (2 months ago)
MERRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
My dog passed away 3 days ago and i still remembering it with that theme. I'll miss you for the rest of my life, my friend.
Ruskin niksuR (2 months ago)
I want this music on my wedding
Anouar dz (3 months ago)
is the name of the music mother sea ..!
Tjerty (3 months ago)
One piece has definitely been lacking in it's old charm.
Guardian Angel (3 months ago)
Uldren Sov (3 months ago)
1:40 that's what you're looking for T_T
ismeth ulam pegaga (3 months ago)
Sad ost...sad episode...😢
Eren Sümen (3 months ago)
Doctor: You only got 3:24 minutes to live Me:
Laarni Callado (3 months ago)
Damn! I love One piece so bad! I recall every episodes that made me cry so bad! I love everything about One Piece i am turning 30 this coming feb and i still keep on watching this master piece! I can't express my feeling but i never fell inlove in anime ever! There's this one time i was scrolling to my husband hard drive and i saw this one piece tv show. That's when i started watching it. Im on episodes 197!
Maosenju ɨ (3 months ago)
This ost is and will forever be legend.
Uff q recuerdos mery ..
Kevin ascencio (3 months ago)
Bran Vicente (3 months ago)
the Merry part was the saddest. who’s still listening? after all I won’t let you guys forget this one... i hope i could put a smile on your faces after you guys hear it.
I’m just Saiyan (3 months ago)
Im sorry...
Aggelos Mexis (3 months ago)
I cant listen to this music without crying
Oliver Beier (3 months ago)
dalast knight (3 months ago)
2018 anyone?
KpopXanime _Lover (3 months ago)
Play this at my funeral.. Wait my PSLE is gonna end tomorrow..how about play this at my school's graduation day..?
David Flores (3 months ago)
Tales of the Pokepark soundtrack- Farewell
Toshihiro Kakogi (3 months ago)
Perfect music for the ending. I'll be ready to hide somewhere while watching it coz everyone will think I'm an idiot crying with no reason
Ghost C-Play (3 months ago)
คิดถึงเรือแมรี่ TT
Bnfm Djdjd (3 months ago)
Derrick Marrillo (3 months ago)
Rest in peace... 🐯Pedro🐯
Derrick Marrillo (3 months ago)
Rest in peace... 🕺Mr. 2 Bon Clay🕊
Derrick Marrillo (3 months ago)
Rest in peace... 🐐Going Merry⛵
Derrick Marrillo (3 months ago)
Rest in peace... 👨‍👦‍👦Edward Newgate, Whitebeard☠
Derrick Marrillo (3 months ago)
Rest in peace... 🔥Portgaz D. Ace🔥
Sean Daniels (3 months ago)
I want this played at my funeral as they lower my body and everyone says there final goodbyes
Lee Reon (4 months ago)
Just watched the part when they said goodbye to Merry..I like this music.:(
Jimmy L (4 months ago)
Furor Teutonicus (4 months ago)
This and "His Song" from Undertale are the most emotional songs I ever heard!
kawaii dakedo (4 months ago)
Awww que sad llore mucho :v porqué
Next Technology (4 months ago)
When I Hear This Sad Song...I Always Remember Going Merry. Rest In Peace Never Forget That Moment
psychotic Senpai (4 months ago)
good buy marine
Felipe Cesário (4 months ago)
jean santos (4 months ago)
Masum Veled (4 months ago)
Which part
fleesox (4 months ago)
That’s why i love one piece ❤️😭
Duke (4 months ago)
Merry was the nakama you didn't know you treasured until he was gone. That's why his death was so devastating.
toxic412 (4 months ago)
Who still listening ? 2018?
xrebornnessx234 (4 months ago)
when me and my daughter had a argument and this song plays in the background and i have flash back of her baby days * to future me*
EMTEE (4 months ago)
I want this played at my funeral To make it look like they crying for me but its really this instrumental
DeShawn Thomas (4 months ago)
This is the song! Finally found it! I’m loving One Piece so far for my first time watching.
Nikola Kitic (4 months ago)
레알 (4 months ago)
진짜 띵곡
Alberto Di Turi (4 months ago)
Kirin Vlogs (4 months ago)
muito triste.. calma caiu um cisco no meu olho ....
Barhomi 00 (4 months ago)
Olavia09 (4 months ago)
Bellemere ;__;

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