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One piece character size comparison Final Edition

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So here we are, the last video of this serie, it's a compilation of the 3 other video. Music : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAugv7geooY&t=254s
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ledernierutopiste (9 months ago)
Almost 400k views, that's crazy, well before commenting, don't be fooled by the ratio of like/dislike, most of the dislikes are from people who believes blackbeard is 6 feet tall (183cm), and that katakuri is just a bit taller than Luffy. Actually most of the height are official, and even the ones without official height below Oars, are extremely close, i made a long search to get all this height. For the gigantic creature above Oars i had to guess their height and take an average because sometimes their size changed by hundreds of meters depending on the drawing. Sorry for my bad english :D and enjoy the video.
ENDER RYAN (11 days ago)
Wheres chopper Chopper has so many forms Monster form is his biggest form
Emmanuel Owino (1 month ago)
+Toriyama 破壊の神sama genetics
How is Kizaru and Fujitora taller than Aokiji and Akainu?
Shana Rias (3 months ago)
Btw you tupid or what..just go to wikipeadia la dumb,its always give a perfect information for the character biodata,i have disagree couple of character that the height a bit crazy..and there was correct ..so don't say what are you putting on your video was a correct one...fk off..
Russian Bot Ulf (4 months ago)
*ledernierutopiste* , are those numbers correct though ? in the manga and anime most of the people seem much smaller ... i mean fujitora is not much bigger than your average person in the anime .. 304cm is almost double as big as a human and smoothie definitly bigger than katakuri , luffer would only reach katakuri´s knee at most, it looks way different in the mange , like maybe about double as tall as luffy
أبو حسين (8 hours ago)
Pekoms !!!!!!
Lazer Tech12 (1 day ago)
This is so bad why tf you make katakuri so damn big he not a giant😂
Were gang beges son
Killua Zoldyck (1 day ago)
Zoro is a fucking beast to think that cut Pika in half when he's seven times the of San Juan Wolf who's huge as well. And Zoro is considered weak compared to a Yonko. Goes to show how powerful and underrated one piece power scaling system is.
F Kristi (1 day ago)
I didn’t think luffy was that short like compared to brook that seems off the hook
Chris Bc (1 day ago)
N'importe quoi...
Kayde D. Akagami (2 days ago)
Does anyone know what the theme starting at 3:49 is called? Please let me know Edit: the link in the description is leading to a video that cannot be found because its been deleted
kuzan (2 days ago)
Shanks size is 199 And rayleigh size is 189
Im Inition (2 days ago)
Nice list but would've been cool to see Chopper in every form tbh
Phuong Tong (2 days ago)
9:39 not the pika is the pica Pika is a fruit
Burning Frost (2 days ago)
Its not 6 feet its 4-5 feet
Quimper111 (3 days ago)
Was Sogeking or Usop on the list? Their noses should add 10 cms when looking up. Oo
Marchal (3 days ago)
And what about the last version of Kaido ?
れん れん (3 days ago)
meme are for children (4 days ago)
How is nami bigger than luffy??
HANN (4 days ago)
Where is Dellinger? He is about 175
Kata Kuri (4 days ago)
Boa Hancock = 1.98 m
Will Of The D (5 days ago)
Should have done chopper giant formation
kondifire (5 days ago)
Someone tell me when big mama is
Berg (5 days ago)
Chopper is pretty much variable with his Zoan.
GoldenRush (6 days ago)
Real life: "Holy shit, that person is 2 metres! That's pretty tall!" One Piece: Katakuri - 5m "Nothing out of the ordinary"
Isana (6 days ago)
6:16 Ivankov looks two heads high, so he/she has 192cm head?? lol
Shaktipus (6 days ago)
If id be standing next to half of these characters , i would feel like an ant...
Ngọc Dương (6 days ago)
Something wrong! Pizarro 5m or more ._.
Maruo Foddo (7 days ago)
This isnt true
Hola Adios (7 days ago)
Big mom is giant no human
The Batman2120 (7 days ago)
where do you get these stats? source?
PiGayy RedField (7 days ago)
Kaido biggest ><
Leonardo De Carlo (8 days ago)
average france man height is 175-176.
Lou Lou (9 days ago)
Je croyais que Zoro était plus grand genre 1m86
IPOMAN ! (9 days ago)
Luffy can be the tallest if he wants to
Alano Carter (10 days ago)
Sanji is taller than zoro...
_SkillFeelsBad_ (10 days ago)
Vera much wrong sizes Not good work! Sorry men...
O Baqui ta LOk (10 days ago)
Como eles são tão altos... mano que exagero. WAHAHHA
Luan Baudoin (10 days ago)
Et smoker ? Sinon super vidéo !
Thuỷ Nguyễn Thị (10 days ago)
Joselu2099 (11 days ago)
Law 191 and Luffy 174... fake
Rio Ocktarian (11 days ago)
Admin ngarang
Delroy ShamZ (11 days ago)
Vikibe K Sumi (11 days ago)
interesting video
Dalma Grafiano Dhissa (12 days ago)
Damn admiral sizes..
Sundae (12 days ago)
Greatest One Piece mystery is the difference in size between humans
Micah Bell (12 days ago)
My ego is bigger than all of them, get on my level
堀口英二 (13 days ago)
ゴールド・ロジャーの身長そんな高くないと思うけど。 レイリーと同じくらいじゃないか?
{Royal} 21 (13 days ago)
bruh for the longest time I thought Boa Handcock and Nico Robin were the same person
True Berserker (13 days ago)
Bullshit shanks is wayyy taller than that in the marine ford arc when buggy was standing beside shanks shanks was taller than him and when shanks met with mihak they were the same height
frecceiro (13 days ago)
"Final edition"? LOL
Red But not red (13 days ago)
I always knew kuma was massive
Raphael Gregor (14 days ago)
Pekoms is never 2 meter tall
God Enel (14 days ago)
Zunisha é confirmado com 20 km
La Prision De DUFFY (14 days ago)
hola :v
카타쿠리 (14 days ago)
*Good* :)
Ашот Пуля (14 days ago)
KhaTor Ch (14 days ago)
ความสูงเเม่งมั่ว ใช่เหรอที่ ซาโบ้สูงกว่าเเช้ง เเต่ละคน สายพันธ์มนุษย์ด้วยกัน เเต่คนละเผ่าพันธ์กันเลย อย่าเช่นเผ่าขายาว เผ่าตัวสูง เเม่งพลเอกเเต่ละคนตัวใหญ่ชิบหาย
KhaTor Ch (14 days ago)
ยิ่งหนักเข้าไปอีก ทราฟาก้าลอ สูงกว่าเเชงค์ เห้อ คนต่างชาตินิน้าา โคตรจะมั่ว
Cold King Amv (15 days ago)
shanks is actually 199cm this list is fucked up
The video was made before that info was revealed.
ocyname23 The Gamer (15 days ago)
Luffy is the biggest cuz he can rubber
12Metatron (10 days ago)
But zunisha is 10km tall. Plus characters like katakuri or any logia can increase their size just like luffy
Emma Bit (16 days ago)
marco is 203cm '-'
The video was made before that info was revealed.
Davian Rattray (16 days ago)
Oda really should do a class on genetics lol
M.Salah FC (17 days ago)
7:48 Name Music ??
Thrillseeker8922 (17 days ago)
I haven't seen One Piece, but Average Man In France seems to be a recurring character.
Blood Seeker (17 days ago)
Height doesn't Matter
NIKSTER__X_ 900 BG (17 days ago)
1:00 R.I.P white bay
Andrew Zhang (18 days ago)
This is y this is anime the sizes r off the charts
Andrew Zhang (18 days ago)
Zoro beat Sanji by I cm XD win for zoro fans XDXDXc. The edit was correcting sanji’s name from Sanjuana back to normal. Auto correct tho
JohnPlays YT (18 days ago)
atleast 20 km ? holy cow shit
Skrillz_ 14th (18 days ago)
There's no way Luffy is taller than Reiju, right? Even if it's just by 1cm
Pauline (18 days ago)
I didnt know big mom is bigger than kaido and kaido is a giant
Danang Ari Kusuma (18 days ago)
The hottest character in one piece : 1. Wadatsume
Is Brook taller than Franky? Really?
LIGU Channel (19 days ago)
No real
Beau Guerrier (20 days ago)
music please .... !!!!!!
Avril Velasco (22 days ago)
Mean while I was only 165 cm 😑😑
greg f (23 days ago)
omg everyone knows that white beard is not 578cm but 666!!!! check out the true information before making a video pls
Vinsmok (25 days ago)
parle français bâtard arrête de faire l'anglais (humour)
Miguel Escudero (25 days ago)
AVALO PIZARRO is 505cm, Morgan 285cm, Roger 274cm, Shanks 199cm, Little Oars Junior 35m, WHITEBEARD 666cm, JOZU 503cm, Vista 328cm, IVANKOV 449cm, MAGELLAN 491CM, VASCO SHOOT 573cm, San Juan 180m, DUval 470cm. So, have of your characters are wrong. Fake news :V
The video was made before that info was revealed.
Andrew Derey (29 days ago)
Music at 3:49 : One Piece Epic Battle Theme (SteveInTheZone Remix 2017)
the NOT 403 CDIII (29 days ago)
Wut Bartolomeo is taller than morgan!?!
Yusra Ajttar (1 month ago)
Smoothie is like 90% legs 5% hands and 5% head
BLUE TOOTH (1 month ago)
Believe me..luffy is the tallest.
Truls Andersen (1 month ago)
Honestly. Why the fuck do you show the size of an average man 100 times in this video? People know what an average human looks like.. Triggered the fuck outta me. Fucking idiot
Truls Andersen (1 month ago)
Stick to eighter meter/cm.. Jesus fucking christ this video sucks.
mello amv (1 month ago)
They are like dinosaurs wtf
Hanafi Kiprawi (1 month ago)
what a music at 03.49 guy??
Cyril Sean (1 month ago)
8:00 what song it is please :) ?
D G (1 month ago)
Too much mistake.. First, zorro is taller than sanji?? Exactly, sanji is taller than zorro. And, kaido is oars.. how could big mom taller than kaido??? Big mom can stand in floating thousand sunny. But if kaido stand, thousand sunny will definitely sink.
Baaqy Ishaq (1 month ago)
this aint accurate at all wtf
Baaqy Ishaq (1 month ago)
wait boa hancock = law ???????
Baldur Odinson (1 month ago)
We didn't see Smoothie fight in this arc did we ?
PitFiend2001 (1 month ago)
why does the human ratio always stay the same? It makes it kind of deceiving.
Bryan Cruz (1 month ago)
No creo brook es mas alto que franky?
Tauri Vijar (1 month ago)
Are Franky and Pedro really the same size in episodes i seen Pedro be almost to Frankys chest or heart
GaRbS (1 month ago)
Oars and Little Oars Jr.'s heights are wrong, they are 39 and 38 meters respectively.
GaRbS (1 month ago)
So Crocodile is as tall as Berserker from Fate/Stay Night? I would have never thought. He sure didn't look like it in the anime or the manga.
Rychy Lz Dz (1 month ago)
Pekoms 2.05 m jajaja
BERIPEIN (1 month ago)
Garp lol
Luzt for AdVenture (1 month ago)
What's the name of the Music in 6:10?
Luzt for AdVenture (1 month ago)
+Farhana Baharuddin Thanks!
Farhana Baharuddin (1 month ago)
the very very very strongest
mgbaltazar Chavez (1 month ago)
Kaio ken Saiyan (1 month ago)
You forgot franky

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