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7 Mystery Riddles Only the Smartest 5% Can Solve

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Bright Side found several brain teasers that only a few people can figure out. Test your detective and logical skills with these amazing riddles! Are you a fan of a good old Agatha Christie novel? Or are modern works with the elements of thriller more to your liking? Time to test yourself! We are all familiar with typical IQ tests that rate your intelligence level after you have answered 40 standardized questions. But there are some other ways to find out what your inner genius can do! We've found several riddles that only a few people can figure out. Do you feel brave enough to crack them? Then go ahead and test your detective skills with these riddles! After each riddle, you will be given 15 seconds to find the answer! Music: Sugar Plum Breakdown by Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com) is licensed under a Creative Commons license https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ TIMESTAMPS Jailbreak 0:50 A stolen necklace 2:03 Murder at school 3:04 A lonely man 4:13 Two pills 5:27 Frozen windows 6:27 Chemical substances 7:36 Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC  Subscribe to our new channel 'SLICK SLIME SAM' - https://goo.gl/zarVZo Give a thumbs–up to see more adventures! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (82450)
BRIGHT SIDE (1 year ago)
Hey guys! Did all of you manage to solve these riddles? I hope so. If not, tell me which one you found the hardest!
joshua stevens (6 days ago)
Paula Black (1 month ago)
Math never trust math
Ahmer Sarfraz (2 months ago)
That was easy
Mark Ferniz (3 months ago)
BRIGHT SIDE i know jack can climb to the shovel
BRIGHT SIDE please play roblox
zZ DylanJone Zz (11 minutes ago)
I got all of them
YOU CAN SUCCEED (2 hours ago)
I wonder who left a shovel in a cell and how he managed to jump off the high window
Christy Wallis (5 hours ago)
Alpha Wolf (7 hours ago)
I’m one of the 5%
Sara lively (8 hours ago)
it was nickolas
Emarld the evee (8 hours ago)
i missed 1
Pikesi Pul (8 hours ago)
I have solve only four
Kid Banjo Baby (8 hours ago)
Wow! I got 3/7 Yay!
Pusheen536 In ROBLOX (9 hours ago)
They all scared me. :(
Mayaba Sanoe (10 hours ago)
I got 4 right
litten plays (11 hours ago)
Got all right
Jonah Daley (13 hours ago)
He did it
Jonah Daley (13 hours ago)
Old man
Jonah Daley (13 hours ago)
The Garner
Jonah Daley (13 hours ago)
She did it
Mr.isaac 903_ drift (13 hours ago)
Saberr Sumersoltz (13 hours ago)
Rupo 980 (16 hours ago)
Nask Salah (17 hours ago)
i swear i knew the killer was the math teacher bcs i knew ut from th pic
Angel 45 (18 hours ago)
I solved all of ‘em After watching the video twice 😂
Joe4 (18 hours ago)
For the prison escape riddle, I had a different idea. If he could get the right angle, he could use the shovel to pole vault through the window.
vinnie rowland (20 hours ago)
make a hill
Bluekachu (20 hours ago)
I solved every riddle except for number 6. I'm only in the top 2% of ICELAND with the population of ca. 300k people.. That's not even the entire world! except if the smartest people live in Iceland...
Pennilaine Ong (21 hours ago)
Wellll I got 3 riddles right!
Rishon Thomas (22 hours ago)
I got 1\7
Manunpuii Ralte (23 hours ago)
Manunpuii Ralte (23 hours ago)
jone kiled him
Manunpuii Ralte (23 hours ago)
Manunpuii Ralte (23 hours ago)
Manunpuii Ralte (23 hours ago)
from the hole
Bishnu Maheshwari (1 day ago)
5:20 this riddle is complete nonsense
Connie Russell (1 day ago)
I guess my brain is wired differently: 7. Pretty easy and simple. However, I wonder why he was in there and why did they leave a shovel with a prisoner? 6. It was obvious the window was broken from the inside. However, I don't know how it fit the story. If we go by the picture, it's a small hole. What is the broken window's significance? Plus, Mrs. Smith said her necklace was missing. She didn't say it was stolen. But even if we assume that's what she meant, the broken window is circumstantial. She didn't say a thief broke in thru a window. 5. Obvious and to the point, for this exercise. Although, did the other 3 people have witnesses? The evidence only shows the math teacher lied about the test. It isn't evidence that he was the murderer. 4. I didn't understand this one at all. Why would the milk man leave a bottle of cold (new) milk when there were two bottles of warm milk? Why would a murderer leave any incriminating evidence? They would have taken the papers and milk. Plus, when the policeman came, I doubt there would have been any cold milk. Assuming all of the objects were ignored, why would the mailman call out to a customer? They just leave the mail in the mailbox. Where were Wednesday, Thursday and Friday's newspapers? And of course I don't understand the logic of the mailman coming "only on Friday"? 3. Just misleading. The narrator specifically stated (to us) one of the pills was poisonous and the other was harmless. I've read other variations that made more sense. 2. I don't know why someone not answering the door would prompt someone to want to look in a window. That would have made me question John. Plus most people would have called. The frozen glass is irrelevant. 1. You would have to know the abbreviations for chemical substance to technically solve this one. I want to know if the chemist was murdered, how did the police know he only had three visitors? So I guess I failed!
Joshua Fletcher (1 day ago)
If you cant solve these! 😒
Ziad Hindi (1 day ago)
The 1st was so hard and by the way I cannot solve them all
augdog 10 (1 day ago)
He's a killer for holding a book from the year prior?
Blanca Dora (1 day ago)
I got all the cracks and correct
Car Mar (1 day ago)
I knew the first one
Michmich Plays (1 day ago)
Michmich Plays (1 day ago)
christine eyre (1 day ago)
I got 9\10
Animals are Awesome (1 day ago)
I got them all I promiss I am not lying
Doris Wu (1 day ago)
I solved 8
Animals are Awesome (1 day ago)
yeah it definitly leaves youout
chris fnafvids (1 day ago)
7:46 vsauce
Steven Pacheco (1 day ago)
Easy don't push read more or else No you have to like thanks
Poisioned le water
Jackson Mckinley (1 day ago)
All except one will too
Game Freacker (1 day ago)
I was Sure the mailman was. It cause he looked into a window And there’s No pool in a house.
Kathy Davis (1 day ago)
It is so there's so much dirt you put under the window
Luca Shaw (1 day ago)
I got 6 right and one wrong
2 of them
Sen-Pie Animations (1 day ago)
This is the one Sk3tch watched
ajay jadeja (1 day ago)
Hit like if you searching for a answer in comment box
Gustavo Horn (1 day ago)
4 out of 7... :/
Vi Go (1 day ago)
I feel so sorry for human kind if only 5% can solve this (but inside I hope 5% is only of usa people)
christine perez (1 day ago)
it’s so easy it’s the math teacher!
Exclusive kids (2 days ago)
I did cause im in a smart class
Exclusive kids (2 days ago)
It was easy
Shair Yaqoobi (2 days ago)
1 make a big sand castle and climb 2 the window was broken from inside 3 math teacher 4 mail man 5 the poison is in water 7 combine the names. Answer . nicolas
OfficerDodo (2 days ago)
the pill one was easy
Wolfy Ally_playz (2 days ago)
I only got 4 right...
angela mae joyohoy (2 days ago)
陈锦清 (2 days ago)
I find the one with the lady that lied her necklace got stolen, it was hard but has an interesting answer
陈锦清 (2 days ago)
I got 1. 5. 7. WOW its so hard!
riann hollen (2 days ago)
Pile of dirt
Josh Chapalonis (2 days ago)
Yes 3 of them
lolbit productions (2 days ago)
Izabellah Greene (2 days ago)
I got these all Wright
Jermaine Dudley (2 days ago)
hardest riddle yet
Daniel Hernandez (2 days ago)
i watched it again and solved'em all!
julio simon davis (2 days ago)
I agrr
Cutie Cat Butterfly (2 days ago)
It’s the math teacher because look at his face
Yorkie Bar123 (2 days ago)
Boom I got the teacher one like if you did to
Cranky Furball (2 days ago)
5%!? More like 99%
Arleen McClung (2 days ago)
7/7 it was actually really easy
N. Oliva (3 days ago)
Solved them all. This is deffo not for genius
aswin windarto (3 days ago)
He lied
aswin windarto (3 days ago)
The princibal
aswin windarto (3 days ago)
Escape using the window
Toua Hang (3 days ago)
i got 5 out 7
Wayne Payne98 (3 days ago)
I disliked every second of that.
Logan Ramirez (3 days ago)
Yes I did
Jimams_Jamz (3 days ago)
I got 5/7 ;-; Oh well
om0729 (3 days ago)
Because the murders names were written on the note🤔🤔
om0729 (3 days ago)
The police was a genius detective
Jessica Ringelsten (3 days ago)
I got all right
Hunter Snyder (3 days ago)
Only 2
Avery Kaiser (3 days ago)
I solved 3
olga murillo (3 days ago)
I solved 5/7
itz_your_boy aiden (3 days ago)
You know which color pill is harmless and non harmless
itz_your_boy aiden (3 days ago)
math teacher
itz_your_boy aiden (3 days ago)
use the shovel to dig the wall
Mark Grant (3 days ago)
i got every riddle
char630036 (3 days ago)
Daniel Hernandez (3 days ago)
hard 1 solved
Thylacine Rules (3 days ago)
I solved them all it was pretty easy especially the first one
music/games I (3 days ago)
AC ACTION! (3 days ago)
i solved like 3 of them lol
Ninja David (3 days ago)
I got 4 right and they were 7,4,3,and 1

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