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The Spicy Gauntlet Challenge (ft. World's Hottest Chocolate Bar- 9 Million Scoville) | L.A. BEAST

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Watch L.A. BEAST'S LATEST VIDEO HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5cz7dhIy6U Please Subscribe for More L.A. BEAST Antics: https://www.youtube.com/user/skippy62able While doing a YouTube Live Stream the other day, a Loyal Fan suggested that the L.A. BEAST attempt to eat Vat19's WORLD'S HOTTEST CHOCOLATE BAR which is made using 9 MILLION SCOVILLE Pepper Extract. Having consumed some of the Spiciest Peppers in existence and recently trying Mad Dog 357 Plutonium 9 Pepper Extract (which also contains 9 Million Scoville Heat units), the L.A. BEAST jumped at the opportunity to give this challenge a go. But because the L.A. BEAST is a straight up BEAST when it comes to consuming SPicy things (not really), he decided to up the ante and take on The Spicy Gauntlet Challenge From Hell. With Ghost Peppers, Sriracha Hot Sauce, Coleman's Spicy English Mustard, Hot Chocolate and The World's Hottest Chocolate Bar on the table, does the L.A. BEAST have what it takes to succeed and keep himself warm during the Winter Holiday Season? Let's Find Out. Sit back relax, & enjoy.... Have A GOOD DAY!! WARNING: Do not recreate or reenact anything seen in this video. Thank you. BRAND NEW L.A. BEAST T-SHIRTS & HOODIES!!! https://thrilled.com/brands/labeast Download "The Crystal Pepsi Song" by clicking link below: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/crystal-pepsi-song-feat.-thats/id1024817772?i=1024817779&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 NEW!!! Get your L.A. BEAST "Have A Good Day" Sticker here: http://mkstk.co/labeast Follow My Daily Vlogs.... I swear A Lot. They are Funny. That is all. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrfgIZx8kunMJdu0OZupgFA T-SHIRTS: http://labeast.spreadshirt.com/?nocache=true SNAPCHAT. LABEAST62 INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/labeast62/# TWITTER: https://twitter.com/#!/KevLAbeast FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/La-Beast/234004536649803?bookmark_t=page WEBSITE: http://www.labeast.com MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO IS ROYALTY FREE MUSIC AND PROVIDED BY: WWW.INCOMPETECH.COM "Welcome To Horrorland (1)" "easy lemon" "Private reflection" "Long Road Ahead" "Americana" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ DISCLAIMER: I AM IN NO WAY WHATSOEVER SPONSORED BY OR AFFILIATED WITH ANY OF THE BRANDS SEEN IN THIS VIDEO.
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Text Comments (5794)
Zantar95 (5 hours ago)
Please show us the full vomits
am i cute? (9 hours ago)
Please don’t die. :( you’re an amazing inspiration to everyone
Joe Malick (11 hours ago)
He used the Mustard spoon for the Hot Chocolate... What a madman...
Oobydooby Tooby (12 hours ago)
RIP ———> TO YOUR ASSHOLE BRO!!🥺🥴💩🙏🏻 1like= 1💩
Kaleb Fontana (13 hours ago)
Man, the shit he took the next day...
Joseph Mobley (17 hours ago)
La beast you should consume a bunch of edibles! That would be dope
Marc Oliaro (17 hours ago)
Thanks for the censor
Sparky Robinson (1 day ago)
Wtf does Hot chocolate have to do with the world's hottest chocolate?! One is on the scoville scale and one isn't, or am I missing something? lol
Chris White (1 day ago)
That part with the mustard was hilarious!!! I couldnt make out 1 word lol
Hilde Lian (1 day ago)
hotsaucejunkie tim (1 day ago)
MattsGotIssues (1 day ago)
I feel bad for his terlit.
Andrew No (1 day ago)
Is this the video instructions of how to shit pints of blood?
Kenneth (1 day ago)
By watching this video the temperature in The netherlands rises with 10 degrees.. Almost summer...
Herb Warrior (1 day ago)
Have a good day!
Jays adventures (2 days ago)
Bro what the fuck did u shit blood...?
Briana Avalos (2 days ago)
I fєєℓ ѕσ вα∂ fσя уσυ ¢αυѕє уσυ ¢αи ∂ιє ву єαтιиg αℓℓ тнαт
You know there's a limit how stupid people can be
And you're way past that limit
Dan Ray (3 days ago)
I wish he didnt try to be so fucking disgusting like its not hard to wipe the gruel from ur face and he trys to spit on his chin when he talks like hes a fucking dirty animal in my opinion im good with the vomit and everything when it cant be helped from eating to much or gross shit but why spit all over your self it doesn't make the challenge look any harder just makes him look stupid and like hes trying to hard idk
cora turner (3 days ago)
Anyone notice that package randomly appear at 3:18?
Killo R. (3 days ago)
Tricks Prodigy (4 days ago)
Is it just me or is LA beast the most dedicated YouTuber to try to make good content for us?
Rob Smudger Smith (4 days ago)
Tastes like burning rubber sneakers 😅
Squidward Tortellini (5 days ago)
5:19 English scolous samusage
Tom Henderson (6 days ago)
I bet going to the bathroom was a nightmare
Cpt. Obvious (6 days ago)
I can't even imagine the heartburn I'd get from that
Detroit Iszm (6 days ago)
Dirty Pancakes (6 days ago)
Gods greatest talent pooping and vomiting at the same time
William Garcia (6 days ago)
R.I.P his entire mouth
Death Pixel (7 days ago)
12:26 I know this is why you are here. Click it. You know what it is. Just do it.
ClauZ Crunchy (9 days ago)
I can barley handle the yellow jalepeno in in n out
Crowvassal (9 days ago)
I dont feel so good
Morgan Drayson (9 days ago)
The music is killing me 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥
DudeCalmTfDown (9 days ago)
U the man much respect I’ll always be a subscriber
StormyTheElf (9 days ago)
Imagine the shits he must have
viewer Vevo (9 days ago)
Poor guy
Steven Scobbie (9 days ago)
You are a legend to me.
the big cheese (9 days ago)
Siracha is the way my friend. I use it like ketchup nowadays.
MATT THE BASS BOY (10 days ago)
Colman's is sucidal
Russell Taylor (10 days ago)
The music makes this so watchable.
KudosK (10 days ago)
Damia Dugar (11 days ago)
he deserves more views than this😲😤
puppy time Channel 2 (12 days ago)
Jesus Christ is the mustard that bad
Seth Draven (12 days ago)
5:19 I haven’t laughed at a YouTube video that hard since YouTube Rewind 2019
dennis di cristo (12 days ago)
I feel sorry for your toilet
Robert Suarez (12 days ago)
is he human?
langers 02 (12 days ago)
why would you do this to yourself dude
William Michalski (15 days ago)
You still have a gallbladder? lol
Aris (15 days ago)
Still the best challenge
xd future (15 days ago)
xd future (15 days ago)
Stop doing that to yourseld
Kyle Knapp (15 days ago)
I died when he shoved the mustard spoon in the hot chocolate!
MatthewDaSmitdog (15 days ago)
And as such his stomach is reckt.
Angel delavega (17 days ago)
Troy Freed (18 days ago)
bro when he put that first spoonful of mustard in his mouth he bout lost it and so did i LMFAO
CaPtIn08Vious (18 days ago)
And this is why you’re my favorite youtuber
buttahsd (19 days ago)
I’m laughing so hard I’m getting dizzy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
buttahsd (19 days ago)
Dude, I love you!!! You’re a fucking boss!!! You’re the fucking boss of all fucking beasts!!! And if you ain’t got no black friends, you got one now!!! If you’re ever in Saint Louis, holla atcha boy!!!✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
Christopher Vercheak (20 days ago)
I love your background music! 👊
Misko Ivo (22 days ago)
Why it is so Funny xD
Mike Lester (24 days ago)
His back side the next morning is just as hot as his mouth now I bet.
JaIch Weiß (26 days ago)
u have milk there but still make your hot chocolate with water.....smd
Outdawayfool P (27 days ago)
Has he ever told us how his turd comes out or how his toilet experiences are? Pls respond LA Beast! Beast sir?
Ryan Loughran (28 days ago)
Cyril Barliso (29 days ago)
Wowwww. Proud of.u
Dr.Praveen Sahave (29 days ago)
I have saw your name in Guinness book of world record 2019
helena arcilla (1 month ago)
Best Part 12:28
Dan McDonald (1 month ago)
I don't even taste this right now... Oh yeah I do 😂😂 You're my hero L.A. Beast.
Sir Luke (1 month ago)
Bro u should do these with your hair completely down like Tarzan. LoL!
Wladimir (1 month ago)
*☆_☆WOW ReSpeCt☆_☆*
Jaiyant R (1 month ago)
Chiken ka k de ka oo 15kg
Täter-Wissen 3 (1 month ago)
Youre crazy bro
david pony Jones (1 month ago)
Love the challenges you do LAbeast but i love very very hot food
Leebron Jemas (1 month ago)
shudda done all of these outside in the blizzard
Jack Loless (1 month ago)
"Have a good day" had a bad day
xX JDM 4 LIFE Xx (1 month ago)
You should of taken the chocolate only
Luke Franklin (1 month ago)
What a legend
Mɾ. Bυввlєѕ (1 month ago)
Taste like burning rubber or sneakers Only the la beast would know what that actually tastes like
Michael Marc (1 month ago)
Bravo fucker!!! BRAVO!!! impressive!!!! "Like an Absolute Fucking Boss!!!"
Kale Dotson (1 month ago)
I ate one square of one of those chocolate bars, started to violently hiccup immediately (to where I thought my hiccups would just pull the puke out of my body) and then couldn't feel my left arm... so a whole bar? I couldn't imagine.
Kale Dotson (1 month ago)
Let alone an entire other bar. 🤮🤮🤮
jk stacks (1 month ago)
My acid reflux is goin crazy watchin this
Tentant lasket (1 month ago)
He's sitting there, making a metaphorical molter core in his stomach...while I'm just ingesting spoonfuls of Manhattan clam chowder to warm up during winter lol
Anthony Enos (1 month ago)
Y'all remember him smoking alcohol?
kaileb brettrager (1 month ago)
Crazy man
Dead_Ghost (1 month ago)
When you finally bust a nut 🥜 10:43
Green Tree Squad [] (1 month ago)
How was your poop the next morning? Let me know
Green Tree Squad [] (1 month ago)
So was my nuts dragging across your face
the poptart channel (1 month ago)
You realize this was 5 years ago right
Holyhallie (1 month ago)
M N (1 month ago)
Lol dude downs a bottle of sriracha. Hahaha where does he come up with this wacky shit.
The Flame On Fire!!! (1 month ago)
I curse the person that taught him about the Bering straight.😕😡😒
Gabrielle Friedman (1 month ago)
Why would anyone ever do this to this to themselves
Ju Ju (1 month ago)
That one string of slob from the beginning to end
Video Occult (1 month ago)
Me the Wife and the kids love you’re videos we watch them and laugh as a family almost every single day. HAVE A GOOD DAY!
Gizelle Stovall (1 month ago)
thats awsome
METAL HEAD (1 month ago)
Johnny scoville had a challenge for you
Mike Schoeffter (1 month ago)
A true champion in his own right !
Vapinwitcejay 94 (1 month ago)
Lmao dude, your the man
Dustin Smith (1 month ago)
this is by far the most educational video I've seen in awhile
Koko Posts (1 month ago)
This man is a sadist's dream
Jasiyya Pearson (1 month ago)
You stupid
Knox Belcher (1 month ago)
What a guy

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