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Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea Perform Pretty Girls @ 2015 Billboard Music Awards 1080p

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Omar Cataño (10 months ago)
The way she hugs Iggy at the end! It's so nice to see how everytime that Britney finish her badass performances, she becomes again a humble sweet girl from Louisiana.
Mr. Dan (11 months ago)
Al que deberíamos de aplaudirle no es a Britney, fue al que se animo a bailar en patines, ¡que equilibrio!
Alina M (11 months ago)
Iggy had no business on that stage . Britney stole definitely the show
Corijuan Reese (11 months ago)
Listening to this through studio headphones, it sounds like she's actually singing!!! But in all honestly I think she tries her best to sing live mostly... the only thing that is always playback is the chorus in most of her performances that i know of.
El Mochilero Low cost (1 year ago)
Renee Smith (1 year ago)
I love iggy and Britney and the song pretty girls
Travis Johnson (1 year ago)
when the crowd screams much MUCH louder for britney. then again Iggy surly know's who the boss is here.
mtcristi03 (2 years ago)
At 0:23 , how is possible ?!
Fatih Gürkan Semiz (2 years ago)
Iggy is so handsome...
Amanda Esteves (3 years ago)
Once again, Britney is lip syncing. It's a shame, I'd like to hear her real voice. Good job Iggy on the live rapping
Noah A (3 years ago)
simply amazing
Aaron Saltzer (3 years ago)
I don't know why, but a lot of the concerts seem hellish with the fire, darkness, and what look like cultic rituals or something. I just seen one of Britney's concerts for "Baby One More Time" and the props and things made no sense with the music. Almost as if the Hollywood music industry is trying to deceive everyone.
puaka (3 years ago)
live. she sang when she just walk
Lucas Suede (3 years ago)
Cesar Augusto (3 years ago)
eu n acredito... a merda do ano como sempre .. affffffs... ninguem merece
Camélia Geraldes (3 years ago)
y love ils Britney spears and Iggi
iSnag-_ -Vc (3 years ago)
Britney spears hair Is not all that but she looks awesome
John Jacobs (3 years ago)
The camera work makes me so dizzy. They change shots literally every 2 seconds. It really is not pleasing.
José Lezcano (3 years ago)
Dutch.Prerogative (3 years ago)
You can hear Britney sings live here
popsingerstar (3 years ago)
britney kicked ass!!!! i love her & always will!
J_C (3 years ago)
Lip syncing like crazy. I guess Iggy learned she can't rap live. But Britney? That's sad.
Whyatt Preston (3 years ago)
+James Bell Who cares if she's lip syncing?! She has sung live more than people realize during her whole career, and her previous Femme Fatale tour was mostly live vocals. But the most important thing right now is that she's dancing well and looks very happy. She's been through a lot, and for a while there she looked so awkward and scared up on stage. She's finally getting her confidence back and that's a wonderful thing. People like to forget that she went through a mental breakdown which is tough for anyone to overcome, let alone doing it in the spotlight with everyone watching. She deserve praise and encouragement, not nasty criticism.
Elocin eseret (3 years ago)
SaranghaeJess (3 years ago)
Britney looks great; she finally seems confident on stage again. Good for her :)
ranny ran (3 years ago)
iggy just proves all you gotta be is pretty, white and mediocre to win in america...smh.
ranny ran (3 years ago)
+Whyatt Preston Damn you told me Lol
ranny ran (3 years ago)
+DJAT824 and you sweet
Whyatt Preston (3 years ago)
+ranny ran What's she winning though? Her career is flopping, she's been cancelling shows and tours because of all the hate she gets, and I don't personally know anyone who actually likes her. I also wouldn't go as far as calling her "pretty", at least not after she debuted her new plastic surgery face.
DJAT824 (3 years ago)
U salty
Prachi Gupta (3 years ago)
She is singing live. If people can't hear it, Then it's not her problem. People should focus more on the performance and less on the singing part.
crimsonbts (3 years ago)
Britney turned into a disgusting monster, i can't believe she did this to her self. iggy is not worth commenting.  lip sync, as always. at least, brit is dansing better than in past few years...
Lindsey Lockwood (3 years ago)
For those of you who are saying that she is completely lip syncing. Shes not. Sorry. There may be a backing track but she is still singing with her live voice as well. You can clearly hear her singing live in some parts, such as the hook and at the very end. (I can't say the same for Iggy though.)
Paola Pinho (3 years ago)
+Lindsee Sorry but when Britney is not dancing, her vocals are alreayd not great. So there's no way she could have sang like this while dancing. But at least she knows she can't really sing live and prefers to put on a show instead since she is a performer more than she is a vocalist x
tombraider3586 (3 years ago)
I love Britney... but i don't like the choreography of her more recent songs... Choreography from Baby one more time util  I'm A Slave For you was the best!
Epic Sax Men (3 years ago)
I think half of it is lip synced, iggy looks like she's chewing gum through half her lyrics
Just Red (3 years ago)
iggy looks like a man wearing a blonde wig
macanderson08 (3 years ago)
hahahahaha, i cant stop laughing! :D
macanderson08 (3 years ago)
+Azula Fan nope, he is telling the truth :)
Britney really shape up .. Respect her. She never give up..
Jordan Delbridge (3 years ago)
That is the most blatant lip syncing I have ever seen, how could you possibly think this is real?
Boom Chicka (3 years ago)
+Jordan D It is real! Queen Britney is flawless x
Britney Fan (3 years ago)
The Queeney ❤️
Versatile Rhys (3 years ago)
pls vote pretty gilrs on myxph.com just register and log in then vote,  thankyou i hope you can help me.
Tim Davis (3 years ago)
Britney's body looks amazing OMG. She's so hot
Sven Olender (1 year ago)
also she had a lot of fun on stage. Only I had prefert a live performance like 2016 and not recorded
Sven Olender (1 year ago)
and body got more hot and perfect the other yeras. Already was very good here
Alessandro Costantino (3 years ago)
Thanks for sharing this! For days I've been desperately looking for a full HD performance and thanks to you, I finally got it! Thanks!!! By the way, it was epic, as usual with Britney. :)
Maxine Eronico (3 years ago)
Ohhh!! It's live :) I can hear her voice . Her real voice.. ^^
Momo Wallace (3 years ago)
I just was there last October and watched Britney "live" was EVERTHING!!! Still lipsync but the show is awesome, the fans vibe is great, Felicia is simply lovely and Britney herself is my teenage idol and I love her <333 :P
Maxine Eronico (3 years ago)
+Shoshana Schoenbaum hahaha xD
Joey May (3 years ago)
+Sapphire Eronico it's really weird to be brought back with notifications to britney, i just woke up from a dream where my friends and I were driving to a drug dealers house, who lives on a pony farm? and this brazilian boy came out and explained all of the names of the ponys, one being Godney, and other nicknames for her. and it was basically like a britney pony ranch for drug dealers and now i'm brought here so yeah. it was weird. i didn't get my drugs either, this brazillian boy was more worried about Godney than our drugs, pretty sure we got burnt. ok well good day. 
Maxine Eronico (3 years ago)
Just wait guys... Ill be substituting Britney . Now watch me xD LoL hihi <3 love ya guys ;)
Hey Hey (3 years ago)
+Sapphire Eronico I Love Britney but this is not live ! she only uses pre recorded vocals for live performances now she hasn't reached that confidence level yet her dancing and sexyness is coming bacvk though so hopefully in time we will get a live performance but I honestly think she doesn't want to do one for POM show still I cannot wait for this Album !! Britney Forever ..
Sole Arevalo (3 years ago)
This is a better version, I love this performance it's been so long, and the Time was right
b00m13 (3 years ago)
Hey peeps, play this vid in HD 1080. It's one of the best versions on YT, help it get more view, share it with friends!
Agustín León (3 years ago)
PLAYBACK, Iggy una diosa sin Playblack
Mauricio Fernandez (3 years ago)
La mejor presentación de la noche Britney es lo mejor :)
sesarmiens (3 years ago)
despite the lip syncing, there are a bit of live vocals throughout the track, especially during the hook. you can hear brit clearly over when she says "Brit" at the very start and her main verses sound different. During the hook you can hear her say "world", "girls", "boys" "noise", etc and the very end "were just so pretty". hey, at least we get something. lol
Spazedude • Anton (2 years ago)
the only one who is saying something is Iggy :D
+sesarmiens just 5 words live :/ I mean... She supposed to be this superstar :P I really do like her but common...If you are not able even for a live performance......
Sans Prenom (3 years ago)
did anyone else notice iggy's weird lips ?
Gilberto Junior (3 years ago)
Linda demais!... O andar de TOXIC e a cara de SAFADA! Its Britney Bitch!
Sophia M (3 years ago)
00.46 is the best part! Britney looks so good
Job (10 months ago)
so perfect!
leandro rojas (3 years ago)
Me encanto love Britney
s3r3nity17 (3 years ago)
your upload is the best one out of all the play backs I have seen !! wohooo well done !! Thank you !! Britney looks so amazing here!!

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