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The Best Anime Singers in the Voice

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It usually does videos involving thematic rock, this time will be a little different, this video will anime singers who have succeeded in The Voice, by the way most singers of this video comes from the The Voice in Peru and managed to convince the jury of his talent for music and began phase. including having managed to convince four technicians. Although not rock, a lot of these songs are based on the style with some interesting guitar riffs. below is the information of each of the singers ปอนด์ ดิษฐวัฒน์ - ChaLa Head Chala DBZ (The Voice Thailand) Jefferson Tadeo - Pegasus Fantasy (The Voice Peru) Berioska Leyva - Atrápalos ya' Pokemon (The Voice Peru) Raúl Bustios - Chala Head Chala DBZ (The Voice Peru)
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Text Comments (1978)
Jon Philspector (1 hour ago)
I'm jealous, nobody sing anime opening in The Voice France !
LIGHT KAGAMI (18 hours ago)
2019-22-01 I want to hear One Punch Man ipening sing it in singing contest.
mechan taride (1 day ago)
Dragon ball Z
bon bon chan (1 day ago)
**saint seiya plays** Me: **gets up from seat** HELL YEAHHH BOYYY
zervis dragneel (2 days ago)
if you like anime press this buttom 👇
Revan Ordo (4 days ago)
1:58 Just a few notes of the intro and I got Shivers of Pleasure !
Mystic Aura (4 days ago)
I got so excited hearing Cha la head Cha la
kasuke yuchia (5 days ago)
mother and father are like ... finaly we can now finaly clean out our basement XD
kasuke yuchia (5 days ago)
mother and father were finaly proud XD
CH RV (6 days ago)
the voice is a satanic emission
Abyss SC Gaming (7 days ago)
the legend never get old
Sugeee King (7 days ago)
How to be a 4 chair turner? Se~no...
3:54 - the mother of the female auditionee holds her pikachu as a good luck charm!! :)
PH GAMING TV (8 days ago)
Sidali Afraoucene (9 days ago)
Raheem Sterling 6:46 ?! 😂😂
crystalite gem (9 days ago)
Anime lovers where you at?
Bluekiss 2525 (9 days ago)
Just sing an anime song and you'll get a coach
James Lapiceros (10 days ago)
Mirai nikki op pls..
Christian Patricio (10 days ago)
Ohhh!!! That girl sing POKEMON song I thought she is LARA FABIAN haha So incredible voice❤❤
Ruz Ty (10 days ago)
Awesome 😁😊
Nunui Khawlhring (11 days ago)
The 2nd singer has a very special voice,i love it 😊
PERÚ ama el anime
Jonathan Wick (12 days ago)
Fuck yes
lightz studio (13 days ago)
IQRAM IQRAM (13 days ago)
Ad yg dari indo?
Aswin Ahmad (14 days ago)
Chala head chala n pegassus fantasy always in my heart
imn break's (14 days ago)
Woowww this so beautiful 😁
Vivan los latino 7u7
Jona Tripoli (15 days ago)
the first guy tho
Tej A (15 days ago)
His hairline looks like vegeta
kasbaar_123 (15 days ago)
أيها العرب أثبتوا وجودكم 😉
XRV9 ѻғғıсıѧʅ (16 days ago)
TicTac Tif (16 days ago)
The Pokémon got me, all these guys are epic weebs for singing all these songs
Name Earn (17 days ago)
Bobby reza farresy (17 days ago)
The guy who sing Pegasus fantasy make my entire body shaking damn 😭😭
StickyJellyJello (17 days ago)
If someone only sings silhouette
someboredgamer (17 days ago)
They got anime and God on their sides
Niels De Bont (19 days ago)
1:58 what anime is this from
Ge Ann Santos (20 days ago)
Chris Serrana (20 days ago)
2019 here..like
Phantom's eye (20 days ago)
Why can't we have anime singers be popular here in the states?
ZX Gaming (21 days ago)
Don't judge the anime 😂
Sol Da Cunha (22 days ago)
Los otakus de Perú son de otro level xD Buenísimo 🌹
Ismax Silva (22 days ago)
a maior parte tem o idioma espanhol como dominante, cadê os corajosos dos outros países?
sport D.mension (23 days ago)
Yeah. Saint Seiya.....
med0Ri# SAwden! (24 days ago)
Pokemon!!!! Song sang so nic:)
M J (24 days ago)
El chico que cantó saint seiya se la rifo completica
Kumpulan Info (24 days ago)
Victor Santos (25 days ago)
Nerd Power Like FROM BRAZIL
MT NaNgo (26 days ago)
sea0837533842 (26 days ago)
the first person is the best
Samuel Taladro (26 days ago)
I hope someone will sing BOKU NO PICO song
SoulAce Parker (27 days ago)
man i cant believe this actually exist
Arda Elkia (27 days ago)
Pegasus fantasy 😆
F84TRK (27 days ago)
Ko Ta ro (29 days ago)
First is Dragon Ball
Raygor's Playz (30 days ago)
Pokemon!!!!!!! Wohooooooo!!!
forever immortal142 (30 days ago)
I wish America can embraces weebs like other countries do.
Kiriay Troust (1 month ago)
ashleyrhodes1531 (1 month ago)
FIRST OF ALL, the woman who sang the Pokemon song, WHY DOES IT SOUND EVEN BETTER. 😆😆😆 no matter what language that song is sung in 😆😆😆WE STILL KNOW ALL THE WORDS
Joelson Paemban (1 month ago)
and kudos to the band ahaha...
Queensaki ez. (1 month ago)
Omg that all a legend anime song😍😍😍💖💖💖
Michely Araújo (1 month ago)
Pokemon 😍
Just looking for fellow DBZ fans
The best one was the DBZ guy
cyrus ezra (1 month ago)
Anime is for adult
Wendy Nieves (1 month ago)
This son is amazing
Wendy Nieves (1 month ago)
Muy bien
Foxy cat (1 month ago)
ellen navarro (1 month ago)
This made play my anime soundtrack playlist. lol
Jhonica JLj (1 month ago)
What anime is the second one. Please
Yazmarohma42 (1 month ago)
If I'm not mistaken Peru have a Japanese President in the past.. maybe that's why Japanese anime was introduced in Peru.
Marina Mimbela (16 days ago)
No, it's before of that. There is a great atraction for Japanese culture
Iyuzz Thereddevils (1 month ago)
Dedy corbouzier versi jaman dulu wkwkwkwkkwkk 😂😂😂
Meme Lord (1 month ago)
It took me a solid 8 seconds to realize it with dragon ball z
Kyochiro (1 month ago)
Le dernier il faut qu il arrete
kakkkkkk whowwwwww
Antonios Foulidis (1 month ago)
pegasus fantasy and dragonball <3 <3 <3 <3
Marcelo Z (1 month ago)
Ini the voice mana ya?
Kak Acans (1 month ago)
kagum saya
YEEEEEEESDBZ DBZ DBZ DBZ THAT LEGEND OF A MAN IF HE DIDNT WIN THE VOICE ILL FOLLOW IN HIS FOOTSTEPS and those who don’t know it kill them and burn the corpses actually don’t do that
jahnavi chava (1 month ago)
No unravel ?? That's a shame
radio active (1 month ago)
Carolina Costa (1 month ago)
pena que no Brasil não existem talentos como esses....
Mastermind8908 (1 month ago)
That Pokemon theme brought me to tears. That song can be sung with so much heart.
Pj Logs (1 month ago)
Magkamukha sila ni senpai kazu😆😆
Flonelle Sagun (2 months ago)
Dragon D. Asnur (2 months ago)
BSBRYAN Holmes (2 months ago)
1. THAILAND: Chala Head Chala, Dragon Ball Z 2. PERU: Pegasus Fantasy (Latin America Version) Saint Seiya. 3. PERU: Atraparlos Ya (Latin America Version) Pokemon 4. PERU: Chala Head Chala (Latin America Version) Dragon Ball Z
Mreaper 10 (2 months ago)
Unravel ?
Justin Fanite (2 months ago)
So many Peruvians! Best country I've ever visited! Love from Brazil.
jqlx (2 months ago)
I LOVE PERU omg its amazing!!! :D
4433 mm9 (2 months ago)
Kaini Lucy (2 months ago)
Had no idea weebs had talents
Carlos Mendoza (2 months ago)
Perú <3 el mejor u.u
Hamedo Z (2 months ago)
hell yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Jhjjd Ksgjhd (2 months ago)
Anmol Channel (2 months ago)
Pokemon tooo 😍😍
Lou (2 months ago)
The girl who sang pokemon have a chanel of covers https://www.youtube.com/user/Berioskax
Muhamad Hafidz Loper (2 months ago)
Like them

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