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Britney Spears - Circus: Making The Video

3891 ratings | 429477 views
Music video by Britney Spears performing Circus: Making The Video. (C) 2008 Zomba Recording LLC
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Text Comments (188)
Britney Boy (1 month ago)
Andre Fuentes :(
Angela Baxter (2 months ago)
Woo amazing
Marcela Figueroa (3 months ago)
Everything is fabulous on this video, Britney so gorgeous! The only bad things, those poor animals :(
Joey Knox (3 months ago)
The dancing is kind of the focus of the video the director says. Edits out all of her dancing to zoom in and out of an elephant.
ajoy sarkes
Adam Ali (5 months ago)
britney nose was better here :(
Gee Dyhingco (7 months ago)
The director seems to be familiar.. Ahh. He is also the director of Im a slave 4 u
Sandy Di Mora (8 months ago)
Te amo!!! I miss u so much !!! Come back please!
Olenkka Ascárate (9 months ago)
Please, ban animals in circus.
rubi lagatta (10 months ago)
Hermosa parece una muñeca de lo bella que se ve
Felipe Viana (1 year ago)
O leão era de verdade kkk gente
Josh Evanoni (1 year ago)
Maybe Britney doesn't want to dance anymore like she used to coz Andre died
Tyler Hale (1 year ago)
Damn... how'd they know it'd make #1?
billsookieotp (1 year ago)
R.I.P Audre Fuentes, always be in our hearts <3
Jade (1 year ago)
In my opinion this is one of her best videos...luv her style here and the dancing is awesome
DyanPlayz - Piano (1 year ago)
Who's watching on 2017??? 😝
Angelina Ellie (1 year ago)
Hermosa look perfecto debería lucir más ese look saludos desde chile
Slay Music (1 year ago)
Andre was the only one who knew how to make her moves like that! RIP, it's so sad he passed away, but lets not forget something happened before the Circus Tour and they changed all the routines! She's never moved like her prime after that!
Martin Silva (1 year ago)
N1ckCarey Im always wondering about that ...in the circus tour she began being stiff and I didn’t know why cause in this video she moves amazing and this was after her breakdown and let’s not talk about the femme fatale tour and the first years of her residency
MissyMcQueen (1 year ago)
Aside from the Slave choreo (Wade & Brian) Andre was her best choreographer the moves he would give her were amazing, it's so sad that they'll never work together again, after the Circus album I was always hoping they'd reunite
ItsTypicalAlexツ (1 year ago)
He died sadly..
Bryce Sturz (1 year ago)
This song always reminded me of The Lion King, when scar was singing to the hyenas
Chris Stone (1 year ago)
The sexy scenes are her in the nude stocking
Arjan Madan (1 year ago)
R.I.P. Andre Fuentes.
Bella 1989 (1 year ago)
One of her iconic music video.👏👏
Ratchet _King (1 year ago)
Can't believe Andre died
Anime Lover (1 year ago)
I can't believe that they actually put a real lion on set😱😻🦁
Kathy May (1 year ago)
this is nearly 10 years old.. time flies :'(
Petterson Grande (2 years ago)
too bad Andre Fuentes died, he was the best choreographer Britney ever had!
Mifter Baples (7 months ago)
How did he die????
Clover Clover (1 year ago)
Her current choreographer is crap
markximumworks (1 year ago)
U right buddy
Shivam Arora (2 years ago)
Britney you are so amazing.
Red Eyes (2 years ago)
Bitch, this is iconic forever !
Dusan Babic (2 years ago)
Hailah (2 years ago)
Her best video ever, she'll never top this
edy timb (2 years ago)
The choreo is still so britney,sad moment when we witness the last piece of britney's signature choreo...
Lau Martínez (11 months ago)
So agree, and she looks like she's really enjoying it, she doesn't look like this anymore 😔
markximumworks (1 year ago)
Andrei fuentes no more RIP...
Random Boy (1 year ago)
The Choreographer is one of a few she's worked with since day one. Andre has passed away...
Rabail Makdoom (2 years ago)
edy timb ikr😣
Virgínio Marcello (2 years ago)
Gabriel Monte (2 years ago)
ui adoroooooooo beijo britney parece que ela fez esse making the video no for the record
Davy Claes (2 years ago)
Gone mis you André 😪
MrBoomKack (2 years ago)
dance in our hearts forever Andre! rest in peace brother may dance with the angels now... 😢😢😢😢
Isabelle Cote (2 years ago)
R.I.P Andre Fuentes 😢🙏❤
Brainulator9 (2 years ago)
Wow, her costumes remind me of Theda Bara's. This only further pushes the modern-antique feel. Good job.
luna. vidal (2 years ago)
Malena Mosqueira (3 years ago)
El vestido multicoloor, re muñequita con él, Britney♥
wallace torrieri (3 years ago)
0:16 This outfiiit, should be used in her tour
Demon Days (3 years ago)
britney is awesome :)
Torerùs (3 years ago)
Her body was so on point, just after two kids!!! Wow
Hurricane_Blackout13 (3 years ago)
One of her best videos, ever! ❤️
Drew Sommers (3 years ago)
Louisette Bidault (2 years ago)
Navy OrDie (3 years ago)
Neyde <3
lauralou1115 (4 years ago)
Best music video. ...EVER!!!!! :)
No se como el león ese no se comió a Britney, estaba furioso, muy peligrosa esa escena, más que la serpiente en slave tan memorable
Ricky Tedder (4 years ago)
Que pedo con el japonés mongolo que sale al final del video solo abriendo la boca? ._.
Carlos Warrior (4 years ago)
Jameson Holbrook (4 years ago)
can we bring back this choreographer please? 
Jameson Holbrook (2 years ago)
Petterson Dias I had no idea :(
Petterson Grande (2 years ago)
Jameson Holbrook He died :(
emo to the extremo (4 years ago)
Did t he direct the hunger games I think
21minute (4 years ago)
I thought she was really standing right next to the lion o.o Also, it kinda sucks that some scenes are cut in the final version. :(
Joey Knox (3 months ago)
21minute like all the dancing
Javier Mena. (4 years ago)
This is so freaking hot😍❤️
3StarLogo (4 years ago)
How many britney fans remember the choreographer? :D
markximumworks (1 year ago)
Yess rip andrei no more good badass choreo to britney now
MarkneticElectric (1 year ago)
RIP Andre
3StarLogo (4 years ago)
+فاطمة عبدي يوسف he was in a lot of other videos in her early days.
I mostly remember him from "sometimes":D
Ashley (4 years ago)
Andre Fuentes. 
B. SRIINNU (4 years ago)
Iris Lin (4 years ago)
brit didn't get to say anything ):
Taufan Aditiya (4 years ago)
I hope "mtv making the video" come back again
Taufan Aditiya (4 years ago)
It's really lion..OMG!!
BRITNEYprincessSPEARS (4 years ago)
Landsofrugby HD (5 years ago)
Wow :3
MC Norbii (5 years ago)
dance with me ill sho u some moves
Karlos Otero (5 years ago)
This bitch can dance
Claudia Jeldrez (5 years ago)
MFs¡¡¡  you used REAL animals???¡¡¡¡¡¡  that is wrong in sooooooooo many ways...and the vídeo would have been just as cool...bad, bad, bad
Xzaithyr Grymhart (4 years ago)
Go hug a tree or something for crying out loud. They did nothing unjust to the animals, and took the right precautions necessary. Nothing wrong with the lion being there, as it's clearly a tame, trained lion, one that doesn't run around in the wild.
Post Physical (5 years ago)
i miss the circus era :(
zack levign (5 years ago)
The Queen Of Pop !
faaaduma (5 years ago)
It's a video to remember*_*
adam rave (5 years ago)
totally agree with you..
rose191991 (5 years ago)
My favourite video and song from queen ;*
Cinthia (5 years ago)
Circus, lol
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Emeric Robin (5 years ago)
imastupidlamb1 (5 years ago)
209k Go!
rocel gomez (5 years ago)
Barbara Castillo (5 years ago)
Como se llama la canción de fondoo?
215ohmygod (5 years ago)
there are actually some great scenes and choreography.....but the camera angles and the cutting kinda killed it in the actual video
Nguyen Khang (9 months ago)
215ohmygod yeah, i think so. Some scence are so good
Delenaftw6642 (5 years ago)
Well at least there's only 22 dislikes
Gwena Bongcac (5 years ago)
For me, circus is the best. How come this got only yhis number of views when this is the most anticipated video comeback of her. This would have reached million views now...
True Colors (5 years ago)
Qué perfecta :)
hussain nasarii (5 years ago)
Wilson Cuadrado (5 years ago)
Godney is perfect.
shaikha Al-Sowaidi (5 years ago)
TheHipIntrovert ! (5 years ago)
omg the lions are real
Gabriel Portes (5 years ago)
Bane Knight (6 years ago)
1:34 LIKE IN HERE. There's an actual cool breakdown and beautiful choreography that they don't show, instead they chose an elephant to be on camera. . So I know how you feel about the final shots... :)
Bane Knight (6 years ago)
Lina Jazz (6 years ago)
I love it when she dance... She look awsome
blubberbotbeans6978 (6 years ago)
Those movements at 2:00 are kind of cool. It would have been awesome if there was some intense choreo right after that during the breakdown. This song deserved it.
Jordan Boxall (6 years ago)
She needs Andre back no questions
Elisa Villar (6 years ago)
omg! it's been andre since day 1.. Andre has been a dancer of britney spears since baby one more time.. talk about loyalty.
CircularSorceress (6 years ago)
I realize that its a about Britney Spears since she is the artist. I was just hoping for more of a short version of MTV's making the video type stuff. I was hoping to hear more on everything they had going on in this video because in case you hadn't noticed there was a lot. I wanted to not only hear about the circus performs but also about working with the animals, maybe more about the dancing, bringing the look of a circus to it all (sets, costuming, etc.) and maybe some technical aspects.
datfr3shkidd (6 years ago)
her dancing was amazing!!
datfr3shkidd (6 years ago)
wtf are u talking about u dumbass this is britneyspears vevo not about anyone else
mycovercr (6 years ago)
that spin at 1:43 is the "old Britney".... if they put scenes like those people wouldn't be missing the old britney...cause she's right here!!
icymargarita10 (6 years ago)
EXACTLY what i thought the first time i saw it..
Max Fernandez (6 years ago)
she was not wore this dress in the video 0:56
lauri1701 (6 years ago)
Que mierda de mania de utilizar a los animales...tienen que estar en estado salvajo en la naturaleza!!basta de utilizar animales como si fueran monigoteeeess!!
JuanMy Collova (6 years ago)

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