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One Piece 788. Luffy take down the Sea King, twice !!

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Luffy VS Sea King
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JoshBod2 004 (10 days ago)
Thats not a sea king clickbait
AJ Valenzuela (1 month ago)
0:13 that's what she said.
7 JoSeB (2 months ago)
Abubakhar bin Albar (2 months ago)
sea king is waaayyy bigger than this little shit
Bernarda Cabradilla (3 months ago)
Why not use Conquerors Haki?
Nico Robin (3 months ago)
Showing the audience how strong a base-Luffy Gum Gum Gatling is. And then showed us how much a SINGLE gear2nd Jet Stomp compares. lol more cinematic
Khalid/ papa (3 months ago)
too easy
Meelo (7 months ago)
Sea king is not this size.
Nico Robin (3 months ago)
Um... they vary greatly. Look at the Sea Kings that Shirahoshi, Luffy and Roger keep meeting. Those are huge as fuck. Some Sea Kings are way smaller than others. While some can be bigger than islands.
J PS (9 months ago)
Ngoc Y Le (11 months ago)
dude the sea kings are 10 times bigger than this shit
Levi Levi (11 months ago)
Why does Carrot turn like a yandere when she puts out her claws?
cloud8 (11 months ago)
Levi Levi Its more of like her sadistic side
AMV Fanatic (11 months ago)
Levi Levi I like it
Its a sea centipede no sea king
sea king is more power full than WG .p
Nico Robin (3 months ago)
Naw you guys are misinformed, there are Sea Kings that look like birds and other weird creatures and fish. All a "Sea King" is a class of giant monster in the sea/grand line in particular. Go watch the "Shirahoshi summons the sea kings" video, you'll see they have all different types of looks.
Ice scythe Helcurt (4 months ago)
That looks nothing like the sea Kings at all.

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