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Luffy, Zoro & Sanji wanna eat a Sea Cat #245

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Angler Speaks (2 months ago)
they will eat anything 😂😂😂
Sin45673 (2 months ago)
I wonder why Nami doesn’t like anyone to eat her citrus duh citrus is a fruit that edible they said they have the first meal in 4 day which mean Nami didn’t let anyone eat it. The citrus bush is full of it though
Emre Akarsu (2 months ago)
0:22 Rinnegan
Tudor Hanganu (3 months ago)
alpha123phi123 haha (3 months ago)
Those faces at 0:35
lio messi (3 months ago)
Hahaha zoro "its the first meal in 4 days"
That ending😢😢
Terrell Raye (4 months ago)
0:37 I would be scared too if I was that Cat too!!!😨😨😨
Relax Luffy Once You Reaçh Land I Shall Kidnap Every Cat For you to Eat
Daniele Lunardi (5 months ago)
0:22 The Rinnegan?!
YouTube Fan (5 months ago)
0:37 Rofl
Gledania Minos (8 months ago)
The end klled me
Daniel Akinsola (4 months ago)
That was in Water 7. When the Aqua Laguna was coming
Andespad (10 months ago)
Ending music name, please ..
Tariq Mason (11 months ago)
absolute Democracy (1 year ago)

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