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Meghan Trainor - Dear Future Husband Lyrics

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Audio belongs to Meghan Trainor I love this new song by Meghan! Although it kinda sounds like dance with me tonight XD I hope you guys like like the new video though Update: OMFG I never expected this many views thank you so much!
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Text Comments (12473)
Jimena Berumen (28 minutes ago)
Omg maybe dear future wife
Jimena Berumen (28 minutes ago)
Omg maybe dear future wife
Aanya Singh (8 hours ago)
Dear future husband: why are you from BTS😝😜
Michelle Hunt (11 hours ago)
As my mom says "Happy wife..Happy life" whats happends if she isn't happy ->- UwU
Sasha Kitty Tiger (15 hours ago)
Do you this song is fine to use with a character that's obsessed with another character or...?
Francesca Provan (17 hours ago)
Francesca Provan (17 hours ago)
syimah 97 (19 hours ago)
March 2019. I found mine. 😘
Neha Bhatnagar (21 hours ago)
when i saw headline i thought it would be something romantic but it was so funny 😂 laughing hard
Kelly the Fangirl (23 hours ago)
Dear future husband Why does your name start with "Once" and finish with "ler" T.T
priscah kambua (1 day ago)
Dear future husband buy me shoes and whatever I want u know that divorce court is not far
patriciajoseph 0 (2 days ago)
High expectations like that will leave you single for the rest of your life
Nicole Mema (3 days ago)
Dear future husband are you still alive?
Baby Circus (3 days ago)
Gregorio Lopez (4 days ago)
If this gets 1000 likes I will for sure song this to my future husband ❗👍
Rizumu Amamiya (5 days ago)
Hello🤗 Can I have a permission to use your song for my video? Don't worry I'll give credits to you b'cuz this was originally yours. Can I just have your permission. Pleeeeeaaaasssee answer me.😣😢🤗. Thank you
Henry Crescenzi (5 days ago)
Dear future husband......why must you be a video game character
Joanna Grace (5 days ago)
Dear Future Husband, Why do you have to be Jensen Ackles?
Joanna Grace (5 days ago)
Daryl Sabara better treat her right
mick connors (6 days ago)
I love this song
Laura Davis (6 days ago)
Dear future husband who the hell are you
Zs Pari (7 days ago)
Dear future husband you are nothing but a myth😔😔😔😔
tea is lit (7 days ago)
Dear future husband Be cute
Tan7rex (7 days ago)
Wtf she stole the tune from olly murs dance with me tonight
Carolina Mavrou (7 days ago)
dear future husband.. WHY ARE YOU FICTIONAL-
KH Yizuku (7 days ago)
Dear future husband... *see my life* nevermind i just stay forever alone
Mars_the _Potato (7 days ago)
KH Yizuku lol
Darla fee (8 days ago)
I will sing this my future husband
EEK ! (8 days ago)
My future husband is not here... that’s because he a dragon tamer. CHARLIE WEASLEY WHERE YOU AT!!!!!!
hukininam (8 days ago)
ang ganda nito eh kahit 2019 na. lalaki ako.my panglalake naman na version.
Ellie Gem (9 days ago)
Dear my 4 future husbands (the members of queen) WHY YOU NO SEE MY LOVE FOR YOU?!?! MY LOVES OF MY LIFE
TheDualDuetists (9 days ago)
some of the lyrics are wrong... such as it’s “but i can write a hook” instead of “but i can buy the book”
Rama Sood (10 days ago)
Dear future husband.....👌👌👌
awesome rae rae (10 days ago)
April 2019?
carl martos (11 days ago)
I love this song
Damaris K (11 days ago)
I want someone to make a slower cover of this song!!
Ashley Bolling (11 days ago)
I love this song
Kristina Donaldson (12 days ago)
The lyrics was not even right I'm trying to practice a song 😂
David Boone (12 days ago)
Dear future husband I wonder who you are but to young to find out 😂
Anime Mae (12 days ago)
2014 has the best songs!!!!!
softeunwoo (13 days ago)
Me when I'm not kpoper: WHERE ARE U MY FUTURE HUSBAND?! Me now: Eunwoo,why are you in South Korea :(
Animating Ace (13 days ago)
Me back a few years ago: i'm not sure about this song Me now at 12 am 2019: Where has this music been!
sweet heart (10 days ago)
Nóra Szalai (13 days ago)
*DEAR FUTURE HUSBAND* I hope ur a girl..
dwendalyn williams (13 days ago)
Yes in 2019 and beyond baby!!!!!
Tae's Lost Gucci (13 days ago)
*_when your multifandom:_* Dear future 322 husbands, plus my 43 wives even tho im straight, if you wanna get...
Siiri Winchester67 (13 days ago)
Dear future husband, if you aren't Dean Winchester or Spencer Reid, I don't want you
Mekyla Antipuesto (13 days ago)
MsButtermellow (14 days ago)
I remember listening to this song when it got released and relating to it so much like I'm envisioning my"future husband" while singing it😂 and now Meghan has found her husband and I still have no boyfriend😂
Cynrielou Palicpic (14 days ago)
My future husband? You mean Yoongi💜💖
Jaymeleigh Busby (14 days ago)
Sakie Mech (14 days ago)
Yerrrr not every girl can make her own way of living in a relationship 👌👌👐👐❤❤❤✊✊✊👊👊
Crazy_Min123 _ (14 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Jess Sargeant (15 days ago)
I said the wrong words
Ana Leal (15 days ago)
Goodall girl
Godly Gamer (16 days ago)
a woman would never be right/always be wrong in a relationship with me
Estu Tiar (16 days ago)
Dear future husband, I think you just a dream...
Aditi Sharma (16 days ago)
Nok FiYU (16 days ago)
I like the lyric😂
Ramen Noodles (16 days ago)
Dear future husband... WHY ARE YOU JUST A CUTE BOY FROM FUCKIN GAME?! And my future WIFE... I love you hun, I going to marry you bish
Hoorain Baig (17 days ago)
Dear Future Husband Do you even exist?
Sergi Alacio (17 days ago)
Good song
MARH Pranks (18 days ago)
Correction You need to know instead of you've gotta know
Reinalyn Saromo (18 days ago)
Wait for me ..my dear future husband I love u
Bhuvan Timilsaina (19 days ago)
Dear Future wife plzz don't be like this girl on the video la...😉😉
Alyna Llapitan (19 days ago)
Me at Jungkook
Valanca Fernandes (19 days ago)
The most interesting comment section ever!
Still 2019
EnfiresMin Suga (19 days ago)
Dear Future Husband... When will I meet you? *cough cough Suga cough cough*
Swarali Gore (18 days ago)
leggo SK!
Giovanna Soares (19 days ago)
I actually LOVE this song!!!!!
Animexx (19 days ago)
And now she is married.
Omar Ghauri (19 days ago)
I agree
Mayleigh (19 days ago)
I already know who my future husband is 😘
aishu Ash (19 days ago)
Well comment section here seems interesting 😂
Leah Mckeown (19 days ago)
Me when I get a text from any boy🤣👆🏼
Poppy Shepoo (19 days ago)
Judy Lee (20 days ago)
hayden ruiz (20 days ago)
dear future husband.... why do u have to be in korea?
Chel Johnson (20 days ago)
This has 72 Mill views 👌🏻😂
Braz123Gaming YT (21 days ago)
Dear future husband Why you gotta be a future husband and not a future wife
Sudip Tamang (21 days ago)
Dear future husband plz stop playing pubg!
The Starbucks Gang (22 days ago)
I’m listening to this song to encourage myself to confess. ;-;
Mischievous Kat (22 days ago)
Dear future husband? Pfft no thanks I'll be fine with my future wife
Jordan Voorhies (22 days ago)
Zoe Ross (22 days ago)
Not sure anybody would want to be her future husband with these rules
Diarra Mbaye (23 days ago)
Love this song
Dear future Husband Can't get u....😞😞😞😞
Withnise Almonord (24 days ago)
I need someone to practice inglish .
Tristen Clements (26 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Tome XVIII (26 days ago)
You got one good luck with him ;)
Min Swaegeu (28 days ago)
Dear Future Husband, Why are you married already to someone else? T_T
Pritam Ghosh (28 days ago)
Dea future husband i came 2 know it today that u still exist😃😃😃😃
Gollapally Veena (28 days ago)
Its not that way how can u leave ur family for my sake if it has to then leave me,even i cant my family for u first is family then u
Rachael Ross (28 days ago)
My future husband is machine gun kelly
deosel_ fabzxcs (28 days ago)
I wonder if Daryl Sabara have listened this😂 lol
lul brriii (28 days ago)
Alex 10 (28 days ago)
This isn’t sexist?
Jerome (28 days ago)
Dear future husband, Just wanna let you know I'm broke AF.
Noleen Kemigisha (28 days ago)
Dear future l wish u knew l exist
ShadyRaindeer (29 days ago)
Hmm I thought it was “I could write a book” :p
Im An Ded Poo (29 days ago)
its *you need know if*

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