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One Piece Funny Scene - Currents

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The straw hats discussing underwater currents!
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Reveliara •-• (1 month ago)
Wow, this was five years ago.
BlindEleven (4 months ago)
How did "mystery" turn to "wonderful" in these subs?
Edwin S (4 months ago)
Chopper is one of the best doctors in OP universe, he's playing dumb to fit in!
Smock Elejido (5 months ago)
Somebody must have gadderd the 7 dragon balls 0:14
Jaz1nce (5 months ago)
Smock Elejido gathered*
Michael Angelo Sison (7 months ago)
i loved that Zoro played along hahaha
Piccoloshi (1 year ago)
Someone explain the tea part i dont get it
Aashish Khanal (7 months ago)
It's not for everyone. That seen is sopposed to be funny and it was for me. Everyone has different sense of humour and I have many.
Samuel Kim (8 months ago)
Piccoloshi I think that the guys misunderstood the currents as being a good thing, so it’s basically a relaxing cruising current for them. Even Zoro is chill
Myouirism (1 year ago)
i love the laid back one piece
Earth Chan (1 year ago)
Nami should realize that it's useless to explain those detail to them xD
Bugaboo Blend (1 month ago)
Nami knows that well haha
Samuel Moser (1 year ago)
Does anybody know why they skipped the part when nami was talking about the redline and the salt concentration of the sea in the anime?
CuteSkeleton93 (2 years ago)
Brook is so adorable when he blushes, omg ^_^
Mikey Patchy (3 years ago)
Shenron, is that you!!??
Tornado82s (3 years ago)
Brook: "tchaka djan"
Shlomi Alon (5 years ago)
0:14 Shenron?
あやか (5 years ago)
Nami saying ghosts do not exist with Brook next to her. The irony.
Joel Thomas (5 months ago)
Well brook is only that way cause of a Devil Fruit, same for Perona, actual ghosts have yet to be seen in this show
Crimson Typhoon (6 months ago)
Didn't she see Perona's ability? If that aint ghosts, I dont know what is
shihoblade (5 years ago)
That was early on in his characterization though, I remember how he used to smile, laugh, and even regularly engage in the crew's conversation but he has long since changed out of that. Now he sleeps, or reacts to other peoples stupid jokes. Most joke from him arent done as a group but just him being comically serious in tight situations. I want more of this where he is just one of the guys. Real happy to see him and sanji join in on the fishing plan after fishman island arc was done.
Martin D. (5 years ago)
There are other times before when he joined in the Straw Hats' mischief. Remember back in the Syrup Village arc (where Usopp debuted), when the Usopp Pirates are looking for their captain, and Zoro scared them by saying they ate him? I, for one, thought that part was hilarious! XD
shihoblade (5 years ago)
Never was a huge fan of Zoro but since he has over 500 chapters of being a serious character, when he joins in on the stupidity it makes it all the funnier. If he does this for the rest of One Piece it'll be funny as hell.
Aashish Khanal (7 months ago)
Zoro was funny as hell from the beginning. He is the 2nd biggest idiot in the ship from the beginning. And he is the first badass idiot in the series.
-Sei (5 years ago)
luffy still gives no fuck
plung3r (5 years ago)
144p resolution ?!! So weird..
NoneTheLess (1 year ago)
plung3r hello fellow human from 4 years ago , i am from the future.

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