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Video Shows How A Murder Suspect Effortlessly Escaped From Police Interrogation Room

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On Friday, authorities in North Las Vegas placed murder suspect Alonso Perez in an interrogation room, shackled his legs, and handcuffed him to a metal bar on a table. On Friday, authorities in North Las Vegas placed murder suspect Alonso Perez in an interrogation room, shackled his legs, and handcuffed him to a metal bar on a table, reports the Washington Post. Nonetheless, Perez escaped. Recently released video by the North Las Vegas Police Department shows how. Perez begins by twisting the cuffs and his body in a way that causes the end tethering him to the table to snap. Soon after, he climbs within reach of the ceiling, moves a tile, and then exits through the sizable opening he created. Perez was fortunate enough to exit into a completely unoccupied hallway and make his way to the door undetected. The captain of the detective bureau said the suspect was incredibly lucky that his escape was successful, noting, “The planets aligned for that guy.” Perez was brought back into police custody on Tuesday.
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Text Comments (7620)
GH_ Scout64 (2 hours ago)
Sean Daigle (5 hours ago)
Eye Candy (5 hours ago)
0:40 you can tell he didn't expect that to actually work lol. I always root for the underdog but he got caught a couple of days later! Such a shame otherwise I would've been pulling for this guy
Jeffery Thomas (17 hours ago)
They let this white boy go...I know, everyone is saying he's latino but I bet that's not what his driver's license says...soooooo, he's white.😂🤣😂🤣
Mike Oz (18 hours ago)
That’s funny
ColonelMetus (19 hours ago)
Build the wall
burymedeep 2093 (22 hours ago)
Hope he had a beer and got laid one last time
Meso Boring (22 hours ago)
His way of saying he’s guilty. And an idiot.
xxBEASTITxx (23 hours ago)
I want to know if he was able to take those cuffs off or if he still had em on when he was caught again lol
Katie (23 hours ago)
Wtf were the cops...
Tony Irizarry (1 day ago)
Cowboy nation lol
Peter Young (1 day ago)
Lol and the moron got caught again. Enjoy the rotting process! :)
JUST CALL ME WEBB (1 day ago)
He's been watching his boy Ezekiel Elliot on that run game...
john john (1 day ago)
they should have shot him, as soon as they caught him the first time
Lewis R (1 day ago)
MrUnit1105 (1 day ago)
I hate no sound
Logic (1 day ago)
Watch man effortlessy put all of his effort into breaking out of interrogation room.
Roku Tv (1 day ago)
Innocent people don't do this
Zach Walker (1 day ago)
4XeoN The oNe7 (1 day ago)
The cops fault they let it happen. They should have been watching
Donald Russell (1 day ago)
Jrmjuve10 (1 day ago)
Im curious to know how he was able to escape the building and to wherever he went with those cuffs in his ankles.
costa rica (1 day ago)
He took the blame for Bradys deflate gate charge..
And no one hurd his big ass size 15 slamming on the door goofs
Luis Garcia (2 days ago)
And with a cowboy jersy estupido pendejo
Luis Garcia (2 days ago)
Hank Hill (2 days ago)
It's the detectives fault for leaving him in there for 2 hrs
Mdna fan (2 days ago)
Wow!!Las Vegas can’t afford more a high security interrogation room?? Sad!!
Paul Ramos (2 days ago)
There probably was a cop watching the camera, but after he broke thru the cuffs, cop said to himself, lets see how far he can go.......we can always catch him IN the hallway AND TACK ON ESCAPE ATTEMPT CHARGE.
NewBorninfant (2 days ago)
After all that I’d make sure to do everything in my power not to get caught 😂
mynellemail Nell (2 days ago)
I would've been too embarrassed to arrest a jackass who escaped but got caught a few days later.
Bryan B (2 days ago)
Was that Ezekiel Elliott after the Cowboys lost to the Rams
Mr. K (2 days ago)
He forgot his pencil....Breakfast Club style.
John Doe (2 days ago)
Criminals usually get construction jobs so they know building construction and plans.
Gabriel † (2 days ago)
I saw quite a bit of effort.
Albert Luna (2 days ago)
A cowboy fan. Not surprised. Just wait. Soon you'll have raider fans in that room everyday.
Tears of Soy (2 days ago)
Allan. (2 days ago)
cutest dude ever
Anthony Somerville (2 days ago)
Wow cowboys don’t only hire players that are criminals, but their fans are criminals too
John Hales (2 days ago)
Must me guilty.... Cowboys fan
STARMAN 2029 (2 days ago)
Elliot's 21 jersey will fly off the racks now!!!
Joshua bartolo (2 days ago)
Smooth Criminal....A for effort man
Jesse James (2 days ago)
And he was killed either late tuesday night or early wednesday morning by a cellmate. No charges was brought since no evidence and no witnesses.
Mateo Valle (2 days ago)
Looks like the ceiling was the judge lol
Lawskii 50's (2 days ago)
My hero ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽
Alexander Perez (2 days ago)
The planets aligned MY ASS...how about your irresposibility allowed this to happen. If he was going to be left UNATTENDED, then both hands should have in restraints correctly. This happens more often than cops would like to admit to.
Bryan B. (2 days ago)
That must of hurt. Judging by his reaction after breaking loose
Gossip Gang (2 days ago)
Why didnt he leave the state after this, because cowboys fans are stuuuuupppiddd
Sub to Pewdipie (2 days ago)
Zach Reed (2 days ago)
Those are some really cheap handcuffs.
Mary Brooks (2 days ago)
His legs were shackled together. No one noticed that as he left the building?
Fipsi Lorenzo (2 days ago)
Young Savage
17donhol (2 days ago)
Typical cowboy fan...lol
EY Live (2 days ago)
Fullmetal Mexican (2 days ago)
Stupid ass cholo, he went back to his Gay lovers house and his ex boyfriend called the cops and poop! Back in custody!
MItchell Luong (2 days ago)
Why is this on my recommended?
Cece's World (2 days ago)
Send his ass back over the border
DARTHMOBIUS (2 days ago)
Cheap cuffs, Not S&W or Hyatt’s
RJtwo6 (2 days ago)
*Coyboys fan don't support*
Trishana rowz (3 days ago)
Effortlessly?🤣... someone's using words they dont know the meaning of seems like a lot of work to me, but hey I'm just a lazy kinda gal anyway.
Coldbeef Shovington (3 days ago)
Should let them free if they escape
braun tough (3 days ago)
cops eating donuts while murder suspect gets tired of waiting.
Kevin Bergquist (3 days ago)
Hopefully the second time around they just shot him in the head instead of wasting everyone’s time.
Jack Mills (3 days ago)
Never thought a cowgirls fan would have the courage to break out of his cuffs and then get caught in the next room
Kennedy Linder (3 days ago)
The Cowboys could have used that running game on Saturday...
Tameka Ross (3 days ago)
He shouldve never got.caught it he escaped STUPID
Elena G (3 days ago)
F'en moron....how can some ppl be so stupid as to think they will not be found or caught!!!??
Jack Jones (3 days ago)
They arrested him at toys are us trying to get a refund on the handcuffs
michael barrow (3 days ago)
Raphael Dawkins (3 days ago)
I wouldn't call that escape effortless.
Hugo King (3 days ago)
Im guessing police stations just have cameras for show?? Who tf was watching the feeds??
James Brown (3 days ago)
Its crazy how they get caught again. He got away so easy
Veronica Oliveiro (3 days ago)
Did he escape again on Wednesday?
NBK Academy (3 days ago)
“Mr. Perez Your mission, should you choose to accept it”
Youknowwho (3 days ago)
Cowboy nation
Martha Mendoza (3 days ago)
Dennis Vasquez (3 days ago)
Good look trying to prove you’re innocent now.
RIPKEE4 (4 days ago)
The only crime I seen here was this man wearing a Cowgirls jersey🤦🏻‍♂️👎🏼
Youknowwho (3 days ago)
RIPKEE4 a chill out
Mitch Ross (4 days ago)
Josh Taylor (4 days ago)
Were he smarter he would have gone to Mexico and hid.
Mr. Finesse (4 days ago)
He had 2 take that lame ass cowboy jersey off by any means even if it meant getting shot
James Teeples (4 days ago)
Like they say hard work pays off
Michael Milburn (4 days ago)
I thought they always watch those people why they're in there just to see what they will say when they talk to their self
The Mrs Bogle 316 (4 days ago)
TDOT 4LIFE (4 days ago)
Illegal Mexican I bet....lol useless
Zac White (4 days ago)
Still made it to Tuesday with leg cuffs on
juans2328 (4 days ago)
Had to be a cowboys fan
Apollo scruggs (4 days ago)
That was amazin
love life (4 days ago)
Damn he did tht
Tony Mango (4 days ago)
You didn't get far
CornRow Kenny (4 days ago)
Steriotypical cowboys fan lol
studadon1 (4 days ago)
I know they BEAT his a** on Tuesday! 🤕😂🤣😭
Freddy Guerrero (4 days ago)
well I guess he did do it....
DeeSmokez Gaming (4 days ago)
He probably had the munchies was like fuck this I'm hungry subway around the corner
Trillfate (4 days ago)
Thats not effortlessly
Don Juan (4 days ago)
Hes like walllaahhhhh takes off hand cuff, jumps through the ceiling. A cops then show up and the suspect says "now for my next trick".
Magnolia Notwar (5 days ago)
Omf freakin illegal
Chuck Carter (5 days ago)
After all that I’m going straight to Mexico... like that night!... he probably went home like a dumbass ...
Hasan Abdullah (5 days ago)
I thought the end was going to say '....and he was never seen again'
DeeSmokez Gaming (4 days ago)
Caught his dumbass 3days.later

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