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queen song with gummy bears so funny LOL

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queen song
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高坏泉 (1 month ago)
marina u (1 month ago)
Chungas Fury (1 month ago)
This has got to be done with Metallica and gummy snakes
ifuckinghate cantaloupe (2 months ago)
He got too much time
Stephen B (3 months ago)
Shite produced by someone who hadn’t even heard of Queen until the movie came out in 2018.
Ruby Benita (1 month ago)
Stephen B so, what's your point?
Kathi Götz (3 months ago)
*Freddie Mercury wants to know your location*
Blubber lappen (3 months ago)
It was too much for the yellow one at 0:33 xD
Galaxy Cinema (2 months ago)
ikr XD
patricio varas (3 months ago)
Defne Korkmaz15 (3 months ago)
•Mamut 13• (3 months ago)
Youtube Rewind 2019
Magicmoss12 Did YouTube (4 months ago)
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