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Gummy Animal Breeder - Mini-Mocks

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She helps gummy animals f**k each other. #MiniMocks About Mini-Mocks: With Comedy Central's Mini-Mocks, you'll get to know incredibly unique people in documentaries that are a minute or less. It's like meeting unique humans on the margins of society, without the smell. Subscribe to Comedy Central: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUsN5ZwHx2kILm84-jPDeXw?sub_confirmation=1 Follow Comedy Central: Twitter: https://twitter.com/ComedyCentral Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ComedyCentral/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/comedycentral/ Watch more Comedy Central Central originals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eppojT2hCZA&t=0s&index=10&list=PLD7nPL1U-R5pLK6daNBU2yUwRkE_SmWUE
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Text Comments (1037)
Tyshawn Singleton (10 days ago)
Nate Maze (11 days ago)
Wtf is this😂😂
Just Silva (20 days ago)
Allays Villanueva (23 days ago)
Avery Joosten (1 month ago)
Oh MY gosh
Brandon Aguero (1 month ago)
If the males stay bite size that means the 2 fucking in the beginning are gay.
Êllïë Thë Nëkø (1 month ago)
*eats gummies while watching*
TheHoly PopeTart (1 month ago)
What the fuck is wrong with this lady
Crazy Crap (1 month ago)
What did I just watch like que
asshathoe _ (1 month ago)
I've found my new calling in life
HowToBasic Jr (1 month ago)
Exonic Dirt Biking (1 month ago)
Ummm wha?
Thay are just gummys thay are not alive
Echo Da Gecko (1 month ago)
This is the best thing I've ever seen! Lol...
Renegade Earth Z (1 month ago)
da fuck
Lunch (1 month ago)
I am legit worried there there is someone who looks and acts like her in this world....
Swifty (1 month ago)
0:01 excuse me wtf
Oraad Chaudary (1 month ago)
Welp, time to overthink this shit.
WnM_Spark (1 month ago)
Humanity... Stop
mr weeb fanboyIoI (1 month ago)
Gummy lives matter
Kristopher Parnell (1 month ago)
Why is this an ad 🤣🤣🤣
JoshuaYo Oops (1 month ago)
Welp like if she ruined gummy bears for u 2
Jorge Gijon (1 month ago)
I think I’m hight
Jorge Gijon (1 month ago)
ExtremeGaming34 (1 month ago)
"When your scrolling through your recommendations and see this" hold up what the fuck
GTH Linkie (1 month ago)
fortnite god (1 month ago)
Etc did I just watch
DearTag25 (1 month ago)
Tf is wrong with you?
Jayjaythakilla I (1 month ago)
Yeaaahhh this side of YouTube.....this was in my recommended😐
Ghostridertheboss 123 (1 month ago)
Wtf is this 😂😂😂bro the male bears are small how they fit it in the hole without asking in
Ghostridertheboss 123 (1 month ago)
Falling in
Demon_Crusader (1 month ago)
Whaaa Whaaa holy shit its a gummy sex house
Miles Styles360 (1 month ago)
reyrey 55 (1 month ago)
That’s fucked up on a whole new level
Diana Guadarrama (1 month ago)
This is the kinda content I signed up for
Gruesome Giant (1 month ago)
Wtf is this ???????😫
Isaac Rocha (1 month ago)
samuel brown (1 month ago)
Is she stupid
Christian Bustamante (1 month ago)
Wtf is this
xd IceyPolarPvP (1 month ago)
0:37 what dis is just uncomfortable
*Caiden H* (1 month ago)
I just witnessed gummy bear porn...
HongyiMC (1 month ago)
Oh gosh
*Caiden H* (1 month ago)
Wtf did I just witness
cloudy bxch 🌩 (1 month ago)
what is this 😂
Redpenguin 555 (1 month ago)
This was a ad XD
Thebeastslayer 76 (1 month ago)
Jason Campello Jr (1 month ago)
0:01 you go man!
Bankai’s And Apples (1 month ago)
Lol 😂
RogueGhost OracleGamer (1 month ago)
I....I....cant belive I actually clicked on this video... 0:29 the gummy just shit sparkles lol. Breeds them then beats them.......
piece of shit (1 month ago)
Cowdoggo Rule1705 (1 month ago)
My Dumbass thought thus was real...
Pop Fart (1 month ago)
Mega King (1 month ago)
What the fuck is this I’m calling 912
Mega King (1 month ago)
Umar Farooq (1 month ago)
What the hell is WRONG WITH THIS WORLD???
marcosiguezz ?? (1 month ago)
So she helps them fuck...
king shon (1 month ago)
Wtf i just watch i c y my friend call me wird
AlsoRIL (1 month ago)
What the f*ck did I just watch?
What ... did I watch
Lance Clark (1 month ago)
Play Zodeck (1 month ago)
thx now we can eat them
Ricardo Dank (1 month ago)
Those bears nasty 😂😂😂
Judeman 34 (1 month ago)
0:05 lol
Lil_PandaGirl (1 month ago)
what the hell am i watching XD
Kristian Rivera (1 month ago)
I am now scared for life.
Funny WheelieKID (1 month ago)
I didn’t know what I just saw
Brandon Crenshaw (1 month ago)
What the hell did I just click on?
scribbledable ss (1 month ago)
0:02 ha *GAYYY*
zed (1 month ago)
Ok wtf this is gay asf
Some Person I dunno (1 month ago)
Why is this a ad?
What the hell did I just watch
Slurp Juice (1 month ago)
Traywayyyyy!!!!!!scummmm gang!!!!....
Cueto AA (1 month ago)
sar playzYT (18 days ago)
:/ Why u kill them? And anyway gummy bears aren't alive! And if you think they are, you might as well think the Earth is flat. Obviously it's a cube... Edit: and I thought this was an experiment
KiteString Gaming (1 month ago)
\( -________-;)/
Paangwin Gaming (1 month ago)
What the heck is this why did I get this as an ad
Lucifer (1 month ago)
Best video in existence oml
You saw the two Gummy Bears doing?🤔🤔🤔
Redluigi8 (1 month ago)
WhAt A mEmE rEaCtIon
Greg Heffley (1 month ago)
kole smithl (1 month ago)
zazell sanchez (1 month ago)
0:01 I think porn hub changed
Bobby Winings (1 month ago)
Jammed smoking (1 month ago)
Yo boi (1 month ago)
Are they umm... Having the dility doo
SenorGato (1 month ago)
New facts everyday
THIS IS THE BEST AD IVE EVER SEEN 🤣 I want to be a gummy rancher
BrainyBeaver ‘ (1 month ago)
I did not want to see a gummy bear vagina
Winter stab animates (1 month ago)
Ah, such a lovely place
King3337 Aj (1 month ago)
Oh.... Ok She uh has no shame New meme??
Ourmagicmars (1 month ago)
blue raven (1 month ago)
And I thought I was super weird
JUAN CCS (1 month ago)
What if u eat them alive without chewing
Pheonixgamer12 (1 month ago)
0:02 what the hell...WTF AM I WATCHING RN WTF WTF WTF!!!!
Max Ronchetto (1 month ago)
OK, WTF did I just watch
Exotic Flubbers (1 month ago)
Oooooooooooooooo. K
KS_ ICRAZY (1 month ago)
Neega wot
Ernie Casado (1 month ago)
I lowkey thought this was gonna be one of those TLC shows 😂 strange addiction 😆
DejaVus _Revenge (1 month ago)
Wtf 😆
Ernie Casado (1 month ago)
Dude and this is why I ask my self why I have therapy 😳😑🙄

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