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One piece - Zoro gets lost and destroys a ship HD

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He's still the same xDD
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M&B Studios (7 hours ago)
Zoro 333 direction
Biona Tom (23 hours ago)
1:20 - Don't act shocked! There's gonna be loads of amazing things later on!!!!
Tirtham Pal (4 days ago)
This is funny and badass at the same time
War Jac (13 days ago)
"Zoro does his best Mihawk impressiom"
Random Name (19 days ago)
Isn't this basically the same thing that happened to Coby?
Aizen Sousuke (20 days ago)
It always bothers me that the lip motion and the voices arent in synch
Milos Vukcevic (21 days ago)
imagine zoro eat devil fruit
firas asiri (17 days ago)
zoro doesn't need devil fruit devil fruit needs zoro
Sam Blob (23 days ago)
Zoro referred himself as a plague brought onto the ship lol
Jansen Kenneth Fatalla (24 days ago)
I can't believe this is 7 years ago
Anmol Biswas (26 days ago)
Probably the only truly cruel act by a strawhat member. It doesn't matter that he inadvertently helped the pirates
mei_ sasuke (26 days ago)
That's why I love him ☺😻
DNL does stuff (27 days ago)
1:33 *_apparently knifes can cut ships_*
Ahmad Nur (29 days ago)
after 7 years, we still stuck here in wano, even worst, wano just started. what a wasted of time, luffy should be 27 already today, at 26 shanks already a yonko's.
Hijikata Yukihira (30 days ago)
future's greatest swordsman only has one weakness maze FREAKIN MAZE!!!
BuDZ FromYT (1 month ago)
2:10 you don't say
sayit koral (1 month ago)
is it bird ? is it plane ? NOOOO it is ZOROOOO
Too Lazy (1 month ago)
I love that title. It's so simple, "Zoro gets lost and destroys a ship."
Kaneki Uchiha (1 month ago)
7 years ago? :O
Crownedbystars (1 month ago)
Cant wait till Zoro cutting a whole ass house with a blade to be animated!!! Wano hype!!!
Derp Herp (1 month ago)
Reference on mihawk where a lot of rumours that he cut ship into half..now they create scene where zoro done it..well done
how can this clip is from 7 years ago ??
KudaMabuk PESMobile (1 month ago)
how good of Sanji, he knew the first thing he need to do first time he arrive is to look for Marimo Head, know that things like this would happen...
Fizz (1 month ago)
I got on.........................the wrong ship!
Info maniac (1 month ago)
Introduction similar to Mihawk, huh? Mihawk's sense of direction is exceptional, but Zoro on the other hand....
Daniel Akinsola (1 month ago)
It was at this point that Zoro hit Mihawk levels of boredom. Same thing Mihawk did to Kreig
Logical Overdrive (2 months ago)
Okay, for real, zoro was the asshole here. Those were some random pirates just looking to keep moving, and just got unlucky that this jackass was on board.
firas asiri (1 month ago)
zoro did them a favor zoro saved their lives by accident. The could have been killed by the kraken or capture by hody's gang and turned to human slaves like the other pirates
Carlito Eleuterio (2 months ago)
1:14 Shutenmaru. Goatda
Link Joker (2 months ago)
"I got on..the wrong ship". Only Zoro could make that line sound so epic XD
MonkeyDLuffy (2 months ago)
So... Nobody gonna comment that we got introduced to the New World 7 years ago? That only confirms that we really are going to be old when One Piece ends.. Probably gonna see Oda using the life force of the Gedo statue like Madara did, in order to have enough life span to finish One Piece story
shogun harlem (1 month ago)
You mean since oda has stated wano is more or less his last saga and than the great war ( throne wars)
Some Llama (2 months ago)
Don't you hate it when it happens
Anon Ni Moose (1 month ago)
Like you're dreaming to go to the New World. And then someone sleeps in your ship and cuts it in half, along with your dreams. Course I hate it. And the idiot has the gall to call it fate.
Mr. นัท Arty (2 months ago)
Roronoa Zoro
Serena (2 months ago)
when zoro cut the ship of the pirates who were dreaming to go to the new world it reminded me of the early days where mihawk cut tons of ships that were about to enter the grand line
JM Leigh (2 months ago)
the same master, the same trainee
Muhammad Rizqiar (3 months ago)
2018 still funny " i got on the wrong ship" Me: wooooaaaaah cooool
First Last (3 months ago)
Baka marimo
Crownedbystars (3 months ago)
Zoro saved their asses from being turned into a slave
Lee Han Bin (3 months ago)
Zoro, your swords... They'll rust, yknow. I hope you haven't forgotten Yubashiri :)
DCnationdanman (4 months ago)
You fix it, with the power of flex tape
Legendary Zorotard (4 months ago)
if zoro went to fishmen island first they would have found zoro as the king of fishmen island
Funko Pop Studios (4 months ago)
Zoro wont fight mihawk for being the greatest swordsman tho. He is not a man to kill his teacher who made him to be evolved.
Ryan ricks (5 months ago)
Any one know the song in the background?
Roronoa Zoro (4 months ago)
Very very strongest
Some Llama (5 months ago)
Gets lost,ends up destroying a whole pirate ship...yeah that's so Zoro.
wasabisazzdafirst (6 months ago)
but i feel really bad for the pirates omg
Yoeanda Wanda (6 months ago)
Zorrooooo sempaaiiiiiiii..
RohanOf ElvenPower (6 months ago)
It's a qurk of fate. Man understands I got on.. ..the wrong ship. Says God
Wonder777 Warrior (6 months ago)
This is just a theory but bare with me.. What if.... What if... Mihawk has bad sense of direction as well. The dude just wonders everywhere with no course in mind? and he just coincidentally finds people like shanks.. just a thought. maybe not zoro bad but still pretty bad..
Roronoa Zoro (4 months ago)
If that was true then he would've never found don't Kreig.
Kpop Space (6 months ago)
"I got on ... the wrong ship" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Edward Marcel (6 months ago)
Marimo baka
little N (6 months ago)
It would be better if Zoro never arrived on Sabaody and the crew sailed without him then 100+ chapters after that, they find him on a random island trying to find his way back.
GamerTV (6 months ago)
Badass zoro as always
DarkheroNateX (6 months ago)
Zoro lowkey saved those guys, guess it was fate.
Zefanya Lt (6 months ago)
Mihawk : cutting a ship because it's on his way Zoro : cutting a ship because he got on a wrong ship
Josh Park (6 months ago)
Zoro just saved them from slavery
Josh Park (6 months ago)
Zoro just saved them from slavery
Josh Park (6 months ago)
Zoro just saved them from slavery
Josh Park (6 months ago)
Zoro just saved them from slavery
Josh Park (6 months ago)
Zoro just saved them from slavery
mark ariola (7 months ago)
6years ago im in a highschool boy now im now working at hospital 😂 when i first saw one piece when i am 8 years old lol i dont even know the story all i know luffy can stretch his body and can beat his enemy and now im making theories about one piece man thanks god i born in this era 👍😇😇😇
Yellow Flash (7 months ago)
*B A D A S S*
Dipu Kc (7 months ago)
How powerful would be zoro or sanji if they had devil fruit power?
Richard G Weatherspoon (7 months ago)
Remember when Mihawk was introduced at the beginning of One Piece and cut those ships in half, I hadn't noticed it at first but this scene was supposed to mock that one. Showing how much closer Zoro has gotten to Mihawks level than before
Srikrishna Bhat (7 months ago)
both master and teacher cut a ship in half for disturbing their precious nap.
sakib khan (7 months ago)
Don't u realize guya this epic music n, the the the strongest music played most of the time zoro background
ClosetNinja504 (7 months ago)
Im lost so I'll cut this ship in half #zorologic
Divyam Dembla (8 months ago)
thinking about it zoro actually saved them
TØMATØ. (8 months ago)
I just wanna know the song name
Awesomesause 111 (9 months ago)
Zoro can literally say anything and make it sound badass "I got on the wrong ship" funny and badass lol
Naruto Uzumaki (10 months ago)
This was the most badass entrance to start the new beginning
Fear No Man (10 months ago)
The title of the video is Zoro's character in a nutshell
Roronoa Zoro (10 months ago)
It was their own fate!! I just Got on the wrong ship
Zachary Adler (10 months ago)
Hey the first thing Zoro does after his training with Mihawk is cut a ship in half. Which is the first thing we see Mihawk do
rocky bordero (11 months ago)
what a badass scene and what a dickmove from zoro. I pity those small fry pirates lol
Ritvik Jayesh (11 months ago)
For anyone like me who felt really sad for those Pirates whose dreams to go to Fiahman island was ruined don't worry cos Hody and the rest of the new fishman pirates would have decked them much much earlier on like legit first The big orange octopus who name I forget woulda killed them and then even if they survived they would been turned into slaves by Hody Lol praise be Zoro Saved their lives lmao at the cost of the ship #worthit
The FØX (11 months ago)
Rule number 1: If you are got lost, then cut everything, especially SHIPS...
suneel reddy (11 months ago)
For all who feel sorry for pirates of the ship Come on he did favour ,in new world pirates of such weak strength will easily be killed by sea monster s or other pirates or by navy so Zorro did a favour of saving their lives by cutting their ship
Gene Nam (11 months ago)
It is the same when mihawk destroyed Don Kreig's ship for distrubing his nap....zoro's badass moment...😍😍😍
mochimin (1 year ago)
Ahhh, classic Zoro
Lucille Agot (1 year ago)
Zoro should have let them live a few hours before they bleed in Fishman island
TTIG GAMING (1 year ago)
it is like when mihawk at east blue someone disturb his nap and he go rampage. same goes to zoro but with 1ship. haha
Fahmi Rahman (1 year ago)
Zoro kinda saved that pirate from certain dead by volcano eruption or fishman pirates.
Locke Cole (1 year ago)
Only Zoro can get lost and badass at the same time.... 2017 and I still feel hype whenever I see this scene
HotaruZoku (1 year ago)
Plot armor at it's finest. "You aren't the protagonists? Ain't that a bitch for you.".
_AlyssaNichole _ (1 year ago)
Has no one noticed the fact that they didn’t blow up the coating so they should have drowned when they went under
M Mugi (1 year ago)
Only Zoro can make getting lost look badass
arthurspooner (1 year ago)
cutting a big ship is a hint for that what mihawk did with don krieg's ship
Bennourine Hamza (1 year ago)
•_•) ( •_•)>¬¦-¦ (¬¦_¦)?
Biggu Bosu117 (1 year ago)
He saved them from Hody
JACK & OZZY (1 year ago)
So is NOBODY gonna realize Mihawk did the same thing when he first was introduced
did anyone notice sanji keep zoros bounty😂
DerpyChicken97 AJ (1 year ago)
Hm... isn't the reason they had Zoro cut the ship in half to like show the time where Mihawk cut the ship in half? That'd make sense to show how much Zoro has grown in strength? Right?
Marco Rizzo (1 year ago)
Zoro ate Badass Badass no mi
Pedro Felipe (1 year ago)
"i got on... the wrong ship" it's amazing How he can say such a idiot thing like that in a badass way xD
Pholge LOL (1 year ago)
That reminds me the moment when Mihawk split in half Don Krieg's ship. It was at that time Mihawk's introduction. Oda used the same introduction for the new Zoro.
Kyrie IrBean (1 year ago)
oh boi, its been 5 years.
VulLord666 (1 year ago)
Zoro obviously spent too much time around mihawk. Next thing you know he'll be the worlds greatest swordsman like him too
bender (1 year ago)
savage... poor pirate crew their dreams just end there.. hahaha
Gary4 DLC (1 year ago)
Freaking Zoro man XDD
lfin _77 (1 year ago)
wtf this was 5 years ago?
Better Than Aurelius (1 year ago)

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