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Jennifer Lopez - Ain't Your Mama (PARODY)

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A parody video from Jennifer Lopez - Ain't Your Mama! Proving you don't need to be naked to make money or a career in the music industry! NOOOOO I AIN"T YOUR MAMA! It's a great catchy song so make sure you support Jennifer Lopez and download "Ain't Your Mama" NOW! How many sponsor flicks can you see in this JLO Parody of Ain't Your Mama? Answer in next weeks parody (P.s. It's Meghan Trainors "Me too") ------------------- Patreon: http://patreon.com/PhilipGreen Merch: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/PhilipGreen/ Website: http://www.philwgreen.co.uk Instagram: https://instagram.com/philwgreen Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/PhilWGreen Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/philwgreen Tumblr: http://thephilipgreenshow.tumblr.com Vine: https://vine.co/PhilWGreen -------------------- Secret Quote Of The Week: "I literally love Jennifer Lopez so much! Lets get loud, love don't cost a thing and Ain't Your Mama are my faves!" End of Description.
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Text Comments (1603)
Fatimaa (2 years ago)
He works hard on these parodies they're amazing !
sadaf abdi (8 months ago)
Fatimaa IKR
John Schembre (9 months ago)
Bishop Overstreet (9 months ago)
I know
Katelyn Myer (10 months ago)
7 grass (1 year ago)
My opinion i think hes 2nd best parody youtuber first is bart baker and hes my fourth favorite youtuber
Mr. Frisp (2 days ago)
Funnily Enough for me there’s no ads.
Kaylee de Jager (10 days ago)
Me: I should go to bed Me: JUST 1 MORE PHILIP GREEN VIDEO. I PROMISR *10 hours later* Me: just 1 more..
Arwen Da best (10 days ago)
@philwGreen is the best YouTube's in the world! Like if you agree! 😁😀
annalisa pearce (18 days ago)
The bottom of the mug😭🤣
Rolan TGK (20 days ago)
a number.. There I counted /:3
Cerys Lock (20 days ago)
Is it just me or does Phillip look sexy as a woman
somehow cheese (20 days ago)
11 sponser clicks
Dance Low (21 days ago)
Macie Silverson (21 days ago)
There is 10 flashes
i e (23 days ago)
Can you see this LJ
saisajel (1 month ago)
brother of Tola Szlagowaka
Aidan Truter (1 month ago)
Hahahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣😂😅😂
Myth Hunter (1 month ago)
This video was sponsored by *Ramen Noodles. Also the sponsors of Taylor Swift's hair*
KoikoLore Edits (1 month ago)
I think the thumbnail is the best
Hot Choco Boi (2 months ago)
Tasha O’Brien (2 months ago)
I counted 8
Bradley Joness (2 months ago)
I like that in the group dancing part they were all wearing the same heels
destiny's destiny (2 months ago)
Ollie’s Animations (2 months ago)
Scarlett Busby (2 months ago)
little nalu (2 months ago)
His makeup is actually quite amazing...im realllllyy impressed
Evina Sedláková (2 months ago)
I'm here to sponsore you.
Nightmare chanter (2 months ago)
11 or 12 times
?Anonymous? (3 months ago)
0:20 door there! Hahaha 😂🤣😂🤣😂💖
Lily Nelson (3 months ago)
7 sponsords
Alishba Ahmed (3 months ago)
Did he say slut and ass? Ummmm I thought this was a kid friendly channel. Pls don’t start swearing. I love your vids soo much I don’t want you to start swearing.
Jazzy H (3 months ago)
sanja cirkovic (3 months ago)
Its funny i like it but hes rocking a blonde wig xD😂😂
Ella Rogers (3 months ago)
11 sponser flicks
XxËłłīęxX (4 months ago)
Asia Pollard (4 months ago)
Gaming WithChristobal (4 months ago)
10 or11
Amber Griffin (4 months ago)
HollyHasFun :3 (4 months ago)
2:21 I have that cup XD
Xxpaige_the _pugxx (4 months ago)
10 sponsor flicks
Gabrielle Bahuaud (5 months ago)
Omg hilarious! 😂😂 I love your videos, they always make me laugh. Where’d you get the Stargate jacket?
Mama Rupaul (5 months ago)
8 sponsorship
anonymous anonymous (5 months ago)
Phill don't forget to do the Tuesday's five minutes of gossip at the chickens beauty parlor...
Maia Rowlands (5 months ago)
I saw 11 sponsor flicks
Yareli Santos 3663 (5 months ago)
Nynke B (5 months ago)
Kawaii Potato (5 months ago)
I saw 11 sponsor flicks
AF Gaming (5 months ago)
Agustina Farfan (5 months ago)
Oye que onda te sale super mal man sima se nota altiro que la cocina es falsa y el ventanal también que onda estúpido
Xiara Gonzalea (6 months ago)
11 sponsor ships showed up and the part were the oven fell i was dying you are amazing
Amerie McCain (6 months ago)
i seen 19 sponsors
jennyfer perez (6 months ago)
ZombieEater28 (6 months ago)
The cup it's a sponsor
George Theboy (6 months ago)
there was 11 sponser flicks
Jazzy H (7 months ago)
Amazing parodies! Please keep making them Philip Green!
Sreemol Vallecha (7 months ago)
Sponsor showed up 11 times!!
Rose Dose (7 months ago)
Nice humor
Blessing Adjei (7 months ago)
SPONSORS is everywhere
Fl0w (7 months ago)
3:50 XDD
Unicorn Gamer (7 months ago)
The bottom of the mug look carefully lol
Sadie Christain (7 months ago)
11 sponsee flicks
That end tho...😂
Alexa Dudley (7 months ago)
I saw 11 sponsor flicks
Errin Wilson (8 months ago)
Dangan_Freak / Miya (8 months ago)
When this guy has better cosplays than you
Lyndsey Roberts (8 months ago)
You copied bark Baker
Makayla Mitchel (8 months ago)
12 times
Nice hair brown lol
Miracle 07 (8 months ago)
J. LO!!!
Ambers awesome world (8 months ago)
That puzzle game though
sadaf abdi (8 months ago)
I like u u say the "nooooooo"😁😀😁🤣😄😅
Jamie Vincent (8 months ago)
he looks like a lady wearing that wig
MineKid227 (9 months ago)
I should be called “I ain’t yo sponsor” Nice vid btw MY BROTHER TO BAD RO BE WATCH U SOMETIMES
Pame Salsberg (9 months ago)
I am the Izard Queen and I just broke the umbrella...fabulous,auch..... jajaja
tiger LPS Emily Hankins (9 months ago)
Asia Wallace (9 months ago)
Just Imagine (9 months ago)
Sarah Hofstadler (9 months ago)
In the thumbnail he actually looks good 😂
The Acid Pancake (9 months ago)
11 sponsor flicks
markus meiermann (9 months ago)
3 WøRdŠ BäÇK (9 months ago)
This was better than Bart Bakers JK they are both SO funny But this is better then Barts
Kally. (9 months ago)
Damn right you need an Oscar
The Joker (9 months ago)
1:50 Im sorry everyone but he makes a beautiful women XDDDD
Princess Sendransa (10 months ago)
dean brocklebank (10 months ago)
you need hlep
Taleana G (10 months ago)
ten and for the lemons 11 and a half
James Shepard (10 months ago)
At least you are not Bart baker
Carol Tate (10 months ago)
5 times jacob said sweatshirt
LittleCuteCupcake MSP (10 months ago)
0:50 you actually look nice
ann readings (10 months ago)
DatRandomKid (10 months ago)
The sponsor flicks showed 11 times
Marcy Hankins (10 months ago)
Michelle Lomas (10 months ago)
11times the word sponsor came up
Malt Geezer (10 months ago)
This is so true 😂 her video is 99% sponsers
Katelyn Myer (10 months ago)
there was nine
Katelyn Myer (10 months ago)
there was nine sponsors
Greatkupkake 2008 (10 months ago)
11 times
Phil Auty (11 months ago)
Sponserd by?,
Cayla Aurora (11 months ago)
OtterPotato! (11 months ago)
Xilentbadluckb (11 months ago)
14 15 or 16
Laura Coulson (11 months ago)
I mean 11 not 21 opps
Laura Coulson (11 months ago)
Voltsjam Dilatibot (11 months ago)
"I am a TWAT" XD

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