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Inspector Clouseau examines the crime scene

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From the 1975 'The Return of the Pink Panther'
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Text Comments (139)
Levi Mattheus (13 hours ago)
Wax is NOT wax! Excellent forensic instinct. :P
Jared Nielsen (10 days ago)
Priceless LOL. I remember when it first came out I almost choked and Never forgot it. some movies you just can't forget :) this is one of them👍👍👍
Schuggerbaby (11 days ago)
You know, there are not that many vids around where you have to laugh before you click them.
AllAn ARo (18 days ago)
Esta película la vi cuando era niño. Y cuando la veo nuevamente me hace volver a esos tiempos de inocencia. Me acuerdo que reía sin parar. Y el doblaje que hacían en México para América Latina era muy muy bueno. El casting de voces, la intención de las mismas. Recuerdo con mucho cariño ésta película. Claro que en Chile la dieron por tv cuando Peter Seller ya había fallecido. Gracias a ésta pagina por subir extractos de La Pantera Rosa. Saludos
odudi (1 month ago)
33 people slipped on the wax.
Ed Evans (1 month ago)
I have this DVD and it's a Classic. In real life Sellers was a total prick. On stage he was all business. His timing and acting are peerless. His passing was a huge lose to the Comedy World.
KOMEKON67 (2 months ago)
Charlie Chaplin, Peter Sellers, John Cleese, Sacha Baron Cohen. Whoever comes next, he's probably British.
Lori Owens (3 months ago)
Are you...uh...alright? Lol
Stormm Ryder (3 months ago)
Could almost be remade with Tom Selleck
Evan Taaved Pert (4 months ago)
yes! TITLE "...EXAMINES..." EXAMINER. EXAM IN HER. E x AM in HER NOoooo! EFV? Hint: The answer is always yes. "SO we meet Again" lol? yep. <crickets> LOL. [GOOB laughing himself i mean 'himself']
NelsonClick (5 months ago)
This movie and "What's Up Doc" are my favorite films from the early 70s.
Lori Owens (7 months ago)
It's his calling card. His voice. Lol
ChrisDutch (9 months ago)
Sir Charles Phantom,the notorious Litton,on the loose again.
Byronlee marley (1 year ago)
"Very ingenious!" "He pulled himself across the floor." "He did?"
Good Old Days Gaming (1 year ago)
After seeing the bloopers, you can see this take they were still holding back laughs and smiles, especially before and after the door slides down and back up.
Kaempfer M (6 months ago)
Good Old Days Gaming There’s a bloopers’ outtake on YouTube?
Lori Owens (1 year ago)
He is sir Charles phantom the notorious litton. LOL
Osk57 (1 year ago)
24 Down votes by some very sad people. If this man doesn't make you laugh nothing will.
P. Hamilton (1 year ago)
Could you TURN UP the musical intro and exit please...now that I'm DEAF !
JJ Thomas (1 year ago)
To think Steve Martin thought he could fill these shoes..I suppose it just of a sign of the new generation..just plain dumb
kilad Betong (11 months ago)
Sacha Baron could do it
Duncan Gerrard (1 year ago)
i agree totally my friend, Sellers is a comedy legend although a lot of the sight gags in the pink panther movies are pure Stan Laurel, there has been NO ONE who has made made laugh more than Sellers and Laurel and Hardy, respect.
Richard Conner (1 year ago)
He was the inspiration behind the detective work in the OJ SIMPSON TRIAL.
Da Royal General (1 year ago)
it's never a dull moment with inspector clouseau NEVER!!!!! 😂😂😂
kudjo24 (1 year ago)
2:17 ".............he did?"
Phil Pedersen (1 year ago)
I sure do miss all the great comidians
Ben Trevino (1 year ago)
Did that claw thing grab him in the crotch?
Kaempfer M (6 months ago)
Ben Trevino Well, I think most guys have taken a hit there before. It’s something you don’t forget. One time I was picking my girlfriend’s son at school, and a bunch of boys were playing soccer in the schoolyard. As I walked past them, a little kid about 8 or 9 years-old kicked the soccer ball really hard into my private parts. There was a loud smack. I bent over in excruciating pain and reeled around a bit. I tried my best to pretend nothing happened but of course that was impossible. Meanwhile, all the kids stood there watching. Some were surprised, but most of the boys were smiling and giggling. Embarrassing.
Kaempfer M (7 months ago)
Ben Trevino More like “nailed” him in the crotch. The first time I watched this in a movie theater, I couldn’t help but cross my legs together, put my hands over “my” crotch, and squirm in my chair. 😖😫
Dak Lamerbusch (1 year ago)
Ben Trevino Hence the raised pitch in his voice!
Freddy Richards (1 year ago)
I love how Peter Sellers can just make any sort of slapstick like it was done accidentally and in one take
blkbushirishwhiskey (1 year ago)
The role was made for Peter Sellers.
Jerry Chavis (1 year ago)
Jesus is coming soon. Repent and accept him into your heart today. He is real! Read John 3:16!
Heather Blankenship (2 months ago)
Y'all sure about that?
rabola55 (1 year ago)
Jerry Chavis Yes yes I know that, I know that.
Corey Dean (1 year ago)
But Santa is real. I saw him at the mall.
Lancer525 (1 year ago)
He needs to be in the rubber room section. jeebus is no more real than Zeus, Baldur, Anubis, Orishas, Quetzalcoatl, or any of the other 4000 gods created by man in all of recorded human history.
Corey Dean (1 year ago)
Jerry Chavis at least you're in the comedy section.
Ready Player Two (1 year ago)
0:36 the element of surprise
Zarathustra #9 (1 year ago)
The talc and then the lens drop, LOL!
Rawk4Life (1 year ago)
Clouseau: It is my guess that you will find it is English wax. General: Why? Clouseau: Because your thief is an Englishman. Detective: And how do you know that? Clouseau: It is my business to know that. HA HA!
Nicholas Heredia (1 year ago)
Caprica Girl The Phantom?
Caprica Girl (1 year ago)
"Sir Charles Phantom, the notorious Lytton!" :D
Zicep Yjarik (1 year ago)
Wax? Argh!
M. Schmidt (2 years ago)
Dont you worry Kim, France's best is on the case!
Thank you Squire for referencing this masterpiece!
jagdish sharma (2 years ago)
co actors really believe he is omnipotent hahahah!!!
Dan Åkerman (2 years ago)
"Sir Charles Phantom, the famous Lytton..."
Dak Lamerbusch (1 year ago)
Freddy Richards Don't you mean: "claw hits sack?"XD Peter is one of the only guys that can make that work flawlessly without it being crude!
Freddy Richards (1 year ago)
Dan Åkerman "The phantom?" "Yes, one of the same" (claw hits his waist)
Faeyrune (2 years ago)
! :D :D
John Clark (2 years ago)
The ellllement of SURPRISE, FUCKING CLASS.
John Clark (2 years ago)
verrrryyy eeeefecteeeve.the eleeement of Suprrrrize. CLASS.
Johnny Organ (3 years ago)
Absolute genius and by far the best movie in the series. I don't know how many times I watched this film as a kid. At least one hundred times.
Shane Bales (3 months ago)
Both Strikes again, and Shot in the Dark are better I think, but this is probably the only other great one.
John Toth (2 years ago)
Well.. I take it that you now work as a detective?
SJW_1982 (2 years ago)
+Johnny Organ For me, The Pink Panther Strikes Again just about edges out Return of the Pink Panther...but you can't lose with either film! As you say, it's absolute genius. Too funny. I wish I could get my stepson to watch these old gems with me someday but our sense of humor is different
Coral Roper (3 years ago)
If he were locked in a padded cell out in the middle of nowhere, Clouseau would accidentally destroy it, by blowing it up or something, and somehow walk away completely unharmed.
6RID8U6 (3 years ago)
"...it was rheaumored throughout the underweaurld -- BOING!" :D
Derek Smallshorts (3 years ago)
I love how, whenever he even comes remotely close to demonstrating competent detective skills, he suddenly causes thousands of pounds worth of damage.
suzycreamcheesez (1 year ago)
uh huh As Metallica says nothing else matters!
Mr22thou (1 year ago)
Clouseau was always a disaster about to happen, then crash, bam, boom! BTW, the pound to U.S. dollar equivalency is so easy to Google. You could easily find out for yourself. It took me 15 seconds.
suzycreamcheesez (1 year ago)
mahalo I know I mean how much is a pound worth American?
pacetti07 (1 year ago)
suzycreamcheesez That's how citizens of the United Kingdom call their paper money. In other words a one pound note equals one US dollar.
suzycreamcheesez (1 year ago)
What's a pound?
John Clark (3 years ago)
class , pure class if you feeling down watch this. increeedeebel.
vaibhav khitha (3 years ago)
Which movie is this ?? Which part i mean
Coral Roper (3 years ago)
+vaibhav khitha Beginning of "Return of the Pink Panther," I believe.
Jess Tapley (3 years ago)
"Therefore, the wax." "Wax? AGH! @$#&!" XD
Rawk4Life (1 year ago)
Detective: Are you all right? Clouseau: Course I'm all right. I'm examining the wax.
E Leo (2 years ago)
I like when Clouseau mentions the wax, it shows he knows something about detective work.
Jordan Elliott (3 years ago)
R.I.P. Peter Sellers
Antonio Pereira (3 years ago)
I agree
Calahan Dineen (3 years ago)
Lmao at "His calling card"
Mark PS (3 years ago)
The very last shot in this scene completely slays me.
Maria Kalliokoski (3 years ago)
so clumsy and so sweet!!!
AllAn ARo (3 years ago)
Ready Player Two (2 years ago)
ROFL @ 3:14
Nobufumi Ohara (3 years ago)
美術品盗難 ⁉︎
Nobufumi Ohara (3 years ago)
Elizabeth Carvalho ,thank you very much.
Nobufumi Ohara (3 years ago)
Jenny Burgeon ,thank you very much.
Nobufumi Ohara (3 years ago)
+vfjpsc My post Inspector Clouseau series continue for a while, Please have fun,friend.
Nobufumi Ohara (3 years ago)
Nobufumi Ohara (3 years ago)
Nano Bernardi (3 years ago)
Naoko Mogi (3 years ago)
クルーゾー警部の真骨頂ともいうべき、 指紋採取の小技が光ってますなー・・笑 ふっ♪と吹き飛ばすとこが戦闘開始の合図。 その後に繰り出されるギャグの連打。 English   wax   って何ですか?・笑 見ている者を古典笑いの世界へ引き込む魅力があります クルーゾーさんには・笑
DMPepe (4 years ago)
“so we meet again” this is my favourite Clouseau scene of all
matthew mann (4 years ago)
The only thing he was right about was the wax XD
N (4 years ago)
Classic humor never fails.
kristian wenzlawski (4 years ago)
wax is wax? lol
ABC DEF (3 months ago)
That is where you are wrong.
Sergio Branco (4 years ago)
priceless! Mr Sellers is a legend.
thestranger4812 (5 years ago)
Cocksucker, did you have to make the music at the end so loud?
drServitis (1 month ago)
+THEGRUNGEMENACE Even pussies are tougher than thestranger4812. thestranger4812 is a major labia majora! I'm talking a real fallopian tube!
drServitis (2 months ago)
YA PUSSY! If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen. Or hide behind your mommy's apron!
Kaempfer M (7 months ago)
thestranger4812 Much too loud. 😖
Gdfserdy Fgregnm (1 year ago)
Why, at the begining is it any less loud?...
Gert Veenvliet (5 years ago)
Goede oude tijd leuk
rigaudien (5 years ago)
Bel imperméable ! Plus beau que Columbo !
David Reichenbach (5 years ago)
"Euf ceurse ai new it wos geuing tu heppn all ze taim" xD
Ku Dastardly (5 years ago)
I've seen this movie many times and dayum that last part got me! XD
dogstar167 (5 years ago)
ChrisTuckerexpress (5 years ago)
Disagree. Everyone I know still appreciates this kind of humor.
scribbled309 (5 years ago)
Sad to say. But little of this holds up well over time.
Dak Lamerbusch (1 year ago)
scribbled309 Are you INSANE??? Peter's slapstick is TIMELESS you plebian!
Herb Walker (5 years ago)
Steel claw to the BALLS!!! YeeeEEEEeeeeOOOoooW!!! :) LOL
AMS6thGradeBand (5 years ago)
"The wax? AHHH!" (crash) Priceless! :)
F1nnisher (5 years ago)
Heheahhah! Oh man this is funny scene!
mwp62 (6 years ago)
Thank You for posting.
Angelica Fiocchi (6 years ago)
Effie Ram (6 years ago)
Whst is the name of the film?
Dak Lamerbusch (1 year ago)
Effie Ram "Return of the Pink Panther." Much better than "Shot in the Dark" in my opinion!;)
Dan D (6 years ago)
At the end: "Adjust the volume? AAAHH!!"
felsner1 (6 years ago)
"My trained instincts"... ROFL
Chris Myers (6 years ago)
i just saw a funny one where he played a asian guy in a detective spoof call murder by death it was pretty funny not as good as this though lol
RMJ1984 (6 years ago)
I kinda wish he would have talked like this in all the movies, he acts really smart here :P without being it lol
RMJ1984 (6 years ago)
Yeah we have been robbed of many good movies from him, all the Pink panther movies that we didn get, who knows we might have gotten 2 good ones instead of the Steven martin ones.
james vogt (6 years ago)
I saw "Return Of The Pink Panther" at the cinema a few times back in the spring of 1975 and laughed myself silly each time in the same spots...what was funny then is just as funny now......
Chris Myers (6 years ago)
i cant believe he died so young only 54 he was great, have you seen dr. strangelove or how i came to stop worrying and love the bomb he was great in that movie it is so funny
Dak Lamerbusch (1 year ago)
Chris Myers FUNNIEST MOVIE EVER!!!!! "Well how do you think *I* feel Dimitri?!"
Ronplucksstrings (6 years ago)
...wax is wax...this is where you wrong... Sellers is Brilliant as Clouseau!
clouseau186 (7 years ago)
PinkPantherClips your a genius and thanks so much for your hard work showcasing the genius of Sellers as Clouseau.

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