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Luffy, Zoro, Sanji vs Surume (Kraken) - One Piece

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Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji work together to defeat the monster Kraken on their way to fish-man island.
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Glyk'oza (1 month ago)
Episode ???
Juanma Railgun (2 months ago)
So... Diable jamble works through fricction... how do you make so much fricction underwater?!!!
Juanma Railgun (1 month ago)
+schnei hogarth Usopp just barely awakened it, he can't use it consciously yet, but we can't even say that's an advanced form of observation only because he was able to look far away. Let's say it's just a different application of haki, much like predicting your opponent's next move isn't the same as being able to sense everything around you.
schnei hogarth (1 month ago)
No sanjis armament haki is still most likely weaker then luffy and zoro but the same way luffy uses the red hawk move is the same way sanji uses his leg haki. Like sanji has good observation haki but his observation haki isnt as powerful as usopps. As he was able to make actual impossible shots to take out Sugar. So sanji is kinda of like the jack of all trades in expectation of conquers haki. But is haki isnt stronger.
Juanma Railgun (1 month ago)
+schnei hogarth So... Sanji, who's canonically the observation haki specialist of the strawhats has a higher level of armament Haki than the two that have a more specialized mastery of it?
schnei hogarth (1 month ago)
Altho sanji said its was friction in the older Arcs it really isn't friction it's the highest form of haki
STH151NicoleFan (2 months ago)
0:27 So wait Armament Haki CAN be seen!?
Juanma Railgun (2 months ago)
That's why I said retconned. It's either that or Oda didn't want to have to explain haki during Marinefront and before Rayleigh did to Luffy, so kept the limbs the color they are. So long story short yes, haki is visible now. Also ignore what I said about the red-black haki, I mixed up two different things.
STH151NicoleFan (2 months ago)
@Juanma Railgun - Thanks man. This was driving me insane. Before the time-skip whenever someone was using Haki we couldn’t see anything. Then afterwards we apparently could see it. I thought that maybe this is what Armament Haki looks like but it’s still invisible and Oda just introduced this to let readers know when someone is using the ability. But still I wonder: how come no one in the Paramount War was using the high level Haki?
Juanma Railgun (2 months ago)
So... this point has been retconned a few times but this is the jist of it: The most basic levels of Armament Haki are enough to counter devil fruit and is invisible. This scene was said to be Luffy-exclusive, the haki makes the rubber vulcanize, like a bowling ball. However, later on pretty much everyone uses Haki to make their limbs or weapons black, and it ends up being accepted that the mid-high levels of haki is visible. For the record there's one even higher level of armament haki that apparently burns the opponent, only shown but never explained but one character. This one is black-red.
wankydoodle (3 months ago)
They should have made it so that the Kraken was the current Overlord of the Grandline Like there is one Overlord after another, Jormungandr from Norse mythos could be one from ancient age The Leviathan could be another, and many more!
Mylifeis funny (3 months ago)
Sanji smoking underwater now thats badass
Game Noob716 (4 months ago)
Senji would do anything then do it with the girls he remembered
OutlawzNT (3 months ago)
Who the fuck is Senji?
dawinbi (5 months ago)
Diable Jambe is next level of haki.
Storm Ranger X (6 months ago)
1.50 zoro uses the force 😅😅😅😅
XCrisHD (6 months ago)
Sanji, the only guy who smoke underwater
Anup Sheshan Poudel (11 months ago)
Why sanji is not crushed due to sea water pressure after he escaped bubble
Zotero Disuke (6 months ago)
Probably he is really quick
TheUserfriendly18 (8 months ago)
came to the comments section for this. I remembered Robin talked about the pressure. I wonder if he did the same in the manga.
Lee Blong (11 months ago)
I never really understood the whole being weak under water, Like the only description was that the ocean hated you for having a devil fruit and so you couldn't swim. So why is it that water makes you weak? Luffy literally had a bunch of water inside him at the alabasta arc and yet he was doing completely fine. Do you have to be in the water for it to make you weak?
Sir. Dave (1 month ago)
Well Oda said things in the One Piece series is based on science and some real-world connections. Water in the real world or in biblical times, holy water that is, is used to dowse evil (devil). Holy Water (Dowsing) >> evil (D)evil = devil fruits) That's the theory I have.
Juanma Railgun (2 months ago)
It works like this: You can't swim because you can't move. If you can't move, or if you have one of your limbs hmvery hard to move then you have less strength. Also nobody questions sea stone when it makes Luffy sleepy and the effects are the same 😂
blake barnhart (4 months ago)
+haroo86 the sea stone has the same properties as the ocean so both the ocean and the sea stone make power holders weak
Black Splash Media (8 months ago)
haroo86 Sea Stone was a scientific achievement derived from some kind of essence from the Sea I thought
haroo86 (8 months ago)
Lee Blong : its the sea stone that's in the bottom of the ocean thats a DF users weakness not the actually water itself.
Eren Yeager (1 year ago)
1:00 song is Sanji Kazaashi ~ Kore ga east blu
Carter Frank (11 months ago)
then whats the song at the beginning of the video starting at 0:00 and ending at 0:24

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