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The Best 10 Funny Haribo Chewy Sweets Commercials

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The Best 10 Funny Haribo Chewy Sweets Commercials Amazon - http://go.magik.ly/ml/4gzq/ Walmart - http://go.magik.ly/ml/4gzv/ Jet - http://go.magik.ly/ml/4gzx/ Haribo is a German confectionery company, founded in 1920 by Johannes "Hans" Riegel, Sr. It is headquartered in Bonn and the name comes from an abbreviation of Hans Riegel, Bonn. Haribo made the first gummi candy in 1922 when Hans Riegel, Sr. invented the first Gummibärchen (little gummy bears). After Hans Riegel, Sr. died during World War II, his son, also named Hans Riegel, took over the company. Over the years, Haribo has expanded its operations, taking over many local confectionery manufacturers in countries all over the world. It began international expansion in the 1960s and entered American markets in the 1980s. It currently operates 15 factories which produce over 100 million gummy bears per day. Haribo's key brands are Starmix, Tangfastics, Supermix, and Maoam, with Maoam being its own line of chewy sweets. Official website : https://www.haribo.com/ If you want to buy HARIBO online: Amazon - http://go.magik.ly/ml/4gzq/ Walmart - http://go.magik.ly/ml/4gzv/ Jet - http://go.magik.ly/ml/4gzx/ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- If you believe this video should not be broadcasted on our channel, please contact [email protected] to remedy the situation. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (313)
Psÿçhø Smørë (13 days ago)
Not until you realize there made from...pigs
Karlia Herbig (29 days ago)
The voices though 🤣🤣🤣😂😂
haruno siobana (1 month ago)
4:20 ヤベーやつおって草
Houy Anna (1 month ago)
Bhumika Sb (1 month ago)
Katan Chic (1 month ago)
It's easier to understand the dutch Haribo slogan...
LD Gaming (2 months ago)
Alidanis Delgado (2 months ago)
They look good
Thotto Slayer (2 months ago)
A9 Gamer (2 months ago)
TheDanMizerd 101 (3 months ago)
mjkalasky (3 months ago)
Michael Rosen's favorite candy (company).
het futered kanaal (4 months ago)
3:30 yes the netherlands
Kristina Pitter (4 months ago)
I love the ones in the office
bondoly66 (5 months ago)
After listening to that jingle all those times it makes me think of Halloween III.
OH Yeah (5 months ago)
this is why drugs are good for u....
hat maniacvevo (5 months ago)
Who is eating haribos while watching this
Nadia Fateh (6 months ago)
l love haribo
Sophia Sanchez (6 months ago)
Sophia Sanchez (6 months ago)
I love gummy candy
Mili Sanchez (7 months ago)
Mili Sanchez (7 months ago)
Mili Sanchez (7 months ago)
hi I'm nugget blaster (7 months ago)
Why they talk like kids
hi I'm nugget blaster (7 months ago)
Oh god 4:03 that's in spanish
Melanie Soriano (7 months ago)
kids voice lol😂
dee pbs kids gameing (7 months ago)
Yaya Wangnao (7 months ago)
Every time I eat haribo... It reminds me of kang Daniel....
What iam i (7 months ago)
I was eating Haribo tangfastics while watching this ads
Elin Einarsson (7 months ago)
phiksit (8 months ago)
You forgot the one where the man eats too many and has explosive diarrhea :)
Matz Korst (8 months ago)
michelle ng (8 months ago)
Lea loa (8 months ago)
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuteeee
I use this kind of humor instead p Prozac my doctor gave me 10 refills & samples too 😂
ameera zilla (9 months ago)
theking8356 (9 months ago)
Man, watching commercuals in other nations is weird and interesting at the same time
Blake K Studios (9 months ago)
2:34 is the best one then the one here 1:00 it taste like a lil bitttt of ELecTWISITY! Oml
ASMR Sounds (9 months ago)
Im From the netherlands kersen zijn kersen maar gelukkig zifter er geen pitjes in 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱
Unicorn Squad (9 months ago)
I hate the boy in the middle at the teather ! He is sooooo and really stupid and dumb!
Summer Love (9 months ago)
3:30 eindelijk iets Nederlands 👍🇳🇱
Bellalistic X (9 months ago)
All the adults with kid voices...
Lamp Moth (9 months ago)
I got nightmares of the voices
Marcus Dranreb Damasco (9 months ago)
I Like gummy
Boxes (10 months ago)
Brings back memories wow
vuxkiller _play (10 months ago)
This is so funny they are kids lol
Devin du Plessis (10 months ago)
“Those sweets taste Haribo” - My Japanese friend
juho 2 (10 months ago)
0:29 bear almost died
hi I'm nugget blaster (7 months ago)
Blake K Studios (9 months ago)
juho 2 oml
Adeline Bakken (10 months ago)
Way kids voices as a older human.
player9000 800 (10 months ago)
That's funny
player9000 800 (10 months ago)
Fortnite Finley (10 months ago)
I love haribos but skittles better
tandy!!!! blankenship (10 months ago)
haribo starmix !
creeper go boom (10 months ago)
Haribos are made from pig skin
Mostafa El khatib (10 months ago)
Tote Lura
GoNoodle and gams (11 months ago)
This is so cheesy
Reindeer Farts (11 months ago)
The voices annoy me so fucking much
Kennedi J (11 months ago)
Kennedi J (11 months ago)
Stephen Jones (11 months ago)
iron Wendy (11 months ago)
They sound like kindergarteners 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
aziz f (11 months ago)
They talk like kids
Joshua Liu (11 months ago)
Got annoying
pindygal (11 months ago)
Love their ads,,so funny!!!
Boss Ass bitch (11 months ago)
5:16 yeey dat is mijn taal❤️😍
Vairitee Rallz (11 months ago)
"the red one is more gooder to me because it tastes like BERRIES"
Amelia TheBeast (11 months ago)
Wh6 have you got funny voice
Jared Levy (11 months ago)
Third one is funny
Pablo vazquez carmona (11 months ago)
2:21 poor that guy 😟😞😭😖
hi I'm nugget blaster (7 months ago)
Pablo Vazquez Carmona lel
Elan Harb (11 months ago)
Elan Harb (11 months ago)
ivana gorup (11 months ago)
A egg
Julka Tajeidns (11 months ago)
1:09 is 😂
KING ALBERT TV J. (11 months ago)
Dutch sounds linke swis
KING ALBERT TV J. (11 months ago)
Nothing in german????
baby jack duck (11 months ago)
It so funny 😁😁🌞🌞
melanie kubat (11 months ago)
I love harribo
Julka Tajeidns (11 months ago)
I mean kd market and those people were like kids
Julka Tajeidns (11 months ago)
I love haribos I was checking in kid market if there is the starmix gummy’s but there were not starmix gummy bears
Donna Doo (11 months ago)
how come you can't share them?
Donna Doo (11 months ago)
how come you can't share them?
Donna Doo (11 months ago)
how come you can't share them?
Donna Doo (11 months ago)
how come it won't let you share them?
Gideon Sarmiento (11 months ago)
lil cap (11 months ago)
The grown up has kid vocies it is so funny
Ki ki (11 months ago)
Cool mi mi
dat savage HARRY (11 months ago)
A big big sandwich
dat savage HARRY (11 months ago)
Anthony ocampo (1 year ago)
Fred A Stair (1 year ago)
De laatste is nederlands :D
It's funny 😂😂
I laughed so much when this voice
Their voices like a kids
JShadow (1 year ago)
KhloeTheBookReader (1 year ago)
Kid snippets to the next level
DuckGirl (1 year ago)
1st one is britans😄
Music Life (1 year ago)
Lol why do thay sound like kids????
Minna Nina (1 year ago)
me ilove HARIBO so matsh👧
Awww! The cute VOICE
Nina Pintar (1 year ago)
FTW is with their woices
Look at the man's face 0:49

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