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BRITNEY SPEARS - Pretty Girls ft. Iggy Azalea (#WITHOUTMUSIC parody)

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It's Britney and Iggy #withoutmusic bitch! And their Pretty Girl music video gets Pretty Funny when stripped from its music! Have fun! If you liked BRITNEY SPEARS - Pretty Girls ft. Iggy Azalea (#WITHOUTMUSIC parody), give it your thumbs up and don’t forget to tell us which music video you’d like to see #withoutmusic next on our channel! We make our videos on request!! Stay awesome and have a wonderful day! Erik & Eline ___ ► Subscribe to never miss another video: http://www.youtube.com/withoutmusic ► FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/houseofhalopage Hi there! We're Erik and Eline and on this channel we create Music Videos Without Music! Wait.. but... isn't that weird? YES! Is it fun? ABSOLUTELY! Has is it gone viral already? COUNTLESS TIMES! Both of us got so hooked on YouTube and making videos since 2015. Erik even became a YouTube Ambassador for The Netherlands. We like it so much that we both have other channels as well. Eline creates music videos WITH music on her channel Eline Vera, and Erik likes to travel the world while making cool 360 videos on Around The World. These channels together with this channel Without Music are all part of House of Halo. So if you want to get in touch with us for business inquiries feel free to send a message to: [email protected] https://www.houseofhalo.com Follow Erik on: ► INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/erikvanderven/ ► TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Erik_vdVen ► FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/erik.vanderven.90 ► AROUND THE WORLD: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLU29yc7ogvmiMt_3qkH-ew ► WEBSITE: https://www.360atw.com Follow Eline Vera on: ► INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/elineveradereus/ ► TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ElineVeradeReus ► FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/elineveradereus ► ELINE VERA: https://www.youtube.com/user/ElineVeradeReus ► WEBSITE: https://www.elinevera.com
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Text Comments (303)
IT’S BRITNEY BITCH (19 days ago)
0:33 make it rain
Sem Paciência (8 months ago)
Sem Paciência (8 months ago)
Sem Paciência (8 months ago)
Sem Paciência (8 months ago)
Sem Paciência (8 months ago)
TheMichaelCW (10 months ago)
No actual singing went on in this video! LMAO!!! 0:26 Azalea.exe stopped responding
Afton Webster (11 months ago)
Can you do girls like girls :)
Beddie Bangtan (1 year ago)
gabriel saez sanchez (1 year ago)
frank rizzo (1 year ago)
It's sad that you can make a crappy video entertaining the people that made the original video should be taking notes
Alwande Yende (1 year ago)
Who sings then if they dont
A Lee (1 year ago)
90 percent of the women on Instagram
Butter Francisco (1 year ago)
Neither one can dance
Uzaygül Jackson (1 year ago)
Christiana Hope (1 year ago)
My jsme holky dvě, co u bazénu dováděj......
zahiia e (1 year ago)
wild toughts
me mo (1 year ago)
all star without the music?
MANAZEER MASOON (1 year ago)
eminem please
omg 0:05 made me laugh so hard when iggy is saying ughhhhh in the water😂😂😂
Johnny Valentine (2 years ago)
You should do Crazy in Love- Beyonce xD
Rabia Atasoy (2 years ago)
What is the name of the second song in the recommendations?
Rae (2 years ago)
worst most meaningless song
Pimmie inc (2 years ago)
Hahahahahahahahahaahaha AWESUUUM!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aras Channel (2 years ago)
we wanna worth it of fifth harmony or turn down for what
Raf Lurv (2 years ago)
How do u sound just like Iggy?? and Britney's laugh was so alike!!
Platinum1z (2 years ago)
I literally died when oops I did again started playing!! 😭
John Beats (2 years ago)
Do nicki Minaj anaconda
Shaniqua ASMR (2 years ago)
Do fancy
0:25 She sounds like YOSHI
TheWeirdoGirl (2 years ago)
Is she trying to say that only. *She* is pretty? Also, who is Britney Spears?
TheWeirdoGirl (2 years ago)
+Pimmie inc I just don't watch these stuff... I don't know what queen of pop is or circus or ifuseekamy is... At least I know what PPAP is! The biggest internet meme! ...He's on my ringtone. -3-
Pimmie inc (2 years ago)
TheWeirdoGirl im pretty sure every1 can answer this 1 bebe...: same reason why u never heared of the queen of pop? womanizer? circus? ifuseekamy? getnaked? tillthe world ends? toxic? oops...? hit me baby...? yh hmmmm.. i dont know why u dont... i REALLY dont. HOW is it possible to miss some stuff... u living in a paralel universe? another dimention or time perhaps? egypt under a tiranic regime? 🤔... no i dont know why... do u? 😈
TheWeirdoGirl (2 years ago)
+Pimmie inc Pretty sure I missed a lot... Also, if it's "most known" why don't I know it?
Pimmie inc (2 years ago)
but dont worry. u didnt missed anything.. its only here since 1995 or so...
Pimmie inc (2 years ago)
TheWeirdoGirl playstation; most played and known multimediadevice in the world. u can play games on it and watch netflix. YOUTUBE.. upload ur gamestuff to here (thats y im here) and doin many more with it.
Mai Flowers (2 years ago)
The funny thing is this sounds WAAAAAY better than the original.
**GLITTER*BURST** (2 years ago)
Curly 'Rue truu my ears don't feel raped...... they juz feel beaten up😂😂😂
Zak Mik (2 years ago)
its too short
GaG Cheetodust (2 years ago)
I love iggy and britney
maggie (2 years ago)
I was drinking coke
Machete 7322 (2 years ago)
that iggy voice is almost same, who sing that?
Realistic Fantasy (2 years ago)
kml at 0:46 iggy said shoe
Spongebob Squarepants (2 years ago)
Please do Mariah Carey - Touch My Body Please
Lana Del Slay (2 years ago)
Do Lana Del Rey please!
Nat Camacho (2 years ago)
All of your videos have the same voice
ksjay (2 years ago)
Maybe because they use the same voice actor
Paola R (2 years ago)
Love your videos! ahhaa
AeSthEtIc _WanNaBe (2 years ago)
exactally wat happend
Brooklyn Taitt (2 years ago)
So they use auto tune....
Sam Awnkes (2 years ago)
hahahahahahahahahah omg this is sooo fuuun😂😂😂😂
Isabella (2 years ago)
Iggy's voice sounds real
トーマス (2 years ago)
beach boys - get around #WITHOUTMUSIC
Oli S (2 years ago)
Better than the original/
Star Rock (3 years ago)
00:6 Iggy:Why did I have to come I WAS SWIMMING
Klara Matysova (3 years ago)
B TS (3 years ago)
B TS (3 years ago)
Britney was clapping I'm dead ahahahahhaha
rebekahs love (3 years ago)
nice try still can't ruin it
Luana Peragine (3 years ago)
V _TaehyungWife (3 years ago)
not being racist at all but it looks like to dumb blond chicks
Mary-Jane Watson (3 years ago)
0:20 (BUM...BUM) "Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!" <3
Alia Nssh (3 years ago)
She actually sounded like Iggy a little bit lol
Bluenetty (3 years ago)
The iggy impression is good
noemistephanie93 (3 years ago)
omg when oops i did it again came on, i died LMAO xD
callmecoi (3 years ago)
woah.. iggy sound so much like iggy!
BouncyTrouncy (3 years ago)
Damn, that Iggy impression was spot-on!!!!!
Octopi Productions (3 years ago)
You forgot halve of their words
So funny
Bball QO (3 years ago)
Cathy Farmer (3 years ago)
hahahaha 😂
Gabriella Elisabeth (3 years ago)
Please upload the 'behind the scene'
Mya Grant (3 years ago)
how pretty are these girls NOW!
Eliise Yt (3 years ago)
Perfect by one direction
Rosey Nelson (3 years ago)
britney is like a barbie doll
Kubas (3 years ago)
Please make Fancy :)
Orange Explosion (3 years ago)
iggy is so ugly
Poh Diaz (3 years ago)
I understood that Britney traps an alien basically and turns it into a pretty girl. I understand now. This video is so amazing, the coordination is sooooo WELL DONE? GOOD WORK.
YBH 0161 (3 years ago)
these are rubish
haikal muhammad (3 years ago)
God, that bitch looks stupid.
Chaos Kate Vlogs (3 years ago)
0:38 if you pause it right it looks like Brittany has arm pit hair
Heather Brown :P (2 years ago)
Kath (2 years ago)
+Destiny I think he was being sarcastic lol
foreverdes (2 years ago)
Or ar you being sarcastic because they put Brittany instead of Britney? lol
foreverdes (2 years ago)
+TheLittleBastard ! Dude she's the main person singing the song and it says it in the title so yea
andres cabrera (3 years ago)
TAYLOR Swift (3 years ago)
Briteny And Iggy Azalea
Paula White (3 years ago)
They do look pretty
Aggie Butler (3 years ago)
Iggy is Australian
94popart's channel (3 years ago)
it's britney bitch!
J E ss E Y (3 years ago)
Without Music (3 years ago)
+jessey :-) We did! You can find it in our #withoutmusic playlist! Have fun!
Mels (3 years ago)
theiilia (3 years ago)
Halarious, almost choked on my piece of breaf
Alisson Souza (3 years ago)
Muito bom haha
Mercy Colon (3 years ago)
ha lol 😀😀😀
karisa dixon (3 years ago)
Lol I'm done
EV Official (3 years ago)
cool :9
FoodIsLegion_ (3 years ago)
I like how when Britney turned on the pink radio at the start it said its Britney bitch
ASMR slime (3 years ago)
can you do the song mean by taylor swift please!?
Samihah Abuwarda (3 years ago)
Fake all fake it's true
Javonia Goodwin (3 years ago)
they sound like sims this is amazing 💀😭
Emmanuel Manumbas (3 years ago)
woah britney still look a fresh lady
Madeline Holm (3 years ago)
plz do love yourself by Justin Bieber
Mikeey Maartin (3 years ago)
Omfg yasss
Ashley Cassatt (3 years ago)
U mist a part
Deepesh Basnet (3 years ago)
honestly plz tell me how u guyz got iggy's real voice???this is insane...
Iggy in the hot tub 😂
mαddч'ѕ wσrld (1 year ago)
hi army xD
QueenZee (3 years ago)
00:58-1:01..Is this porn 0_)
Sophia lyad (3 years ago)
when Britney clicks the button of the radio I heard its Britney b*tch ?
Sneider Mendoza (3 years ago)
It's really?
Random Person (3 years ago)
What? Is this actual singing w/out music. Or some1 else is singing it..? Because tbh, they sing bad!
Kat Moskal (3 years ago)
way much better than original ♡

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