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2018 Rolex Deepsea D-Blue 126660 (New Sizing!) Luxury Watch Review

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Shop our Rolex selection: https://goo.gl/cWQu6b The 2018 Rolex Deepsea D-Blue 126660 is encased in stainless steel surrounding a blue and black dial with black bezel on a steel bracelet. Functions include hours, minutes, seconds, and date. Launched at Baselworld 2018, this model features an all-new Rolex movement and a case/bracelet tandem that has been resized and reshaped for superior look and feel. The watch measures 44mm in diameter, 18.2mm in thickness, and 51.8mm from lug-to-lug. For complete details, watch the full review! Please subscribe to our channel for the best luxury watch reviews on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/WatchBoxReviews/?sub_confirmation=1 Visit our website at www.thewatchbox.com for the latest pre-owned luxury watch arrivals and industry-leading value in previously loved luxury timepieces.
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WatchBox Reviews (6 months ago)
The Deepsea gets a makeover for 2018. This video is a dummy/demonstrator piece from Baselworld, so I've focused on the key changes that even a demonstrator can convey; new measurements and lug/bracelet profiling for 2018. Best, Tim
srbell67 (6 months ago)
WatchBox Reviews Tim, are you aware that it is trading approximately $3k or more over list in the grey market?
VAMPIRE IRON (11 days ago)
Nobody explains a Rolex or a roll of tissue paper better than Tim!
Tim McQueen (14 days ago)
I am fortunate to have the 126600 SD43 and the James Cameron 126660. The SD43 is easier to wear, but the James Cameron is so amazing to the eye - it is my preference. The SD43 is so practical, all logic says it is a better watch, but the eye - cannot be deceived. That crazy graduated blue with the green - it so far outweighs the single red, in my mind.
MrJKL Foams (1 month ago)
I want it but it looks humongous on my wrist. Should I swap my ym40 blue dial to this one?
dylan dylan (2 months ago)
Just got this yesterday from AD. My first Rolex. I love the dial
WatchBox Reviews (2 months ago)
Congrats! Wear it in the best of health! Let us know how you like it once you've had it on the wrist for awhile! --Team WatchBox
Hi, please what do you think is better? Skydweller or Deepsea?
damachine3 (4 months ago)
Bought it. Love it. BTW, 4:51, how does the increased thickness of the crystal make it more scratch resistant on the surface?
Pat Stone (4 months ago)
Love it but for my slim wrist that watch is unfortunately a no go.
Griever (4 months ago)
I prefer the black dial version. The blue one looks like an OMEGA
Val Rawfoodsky (5 months ago)
The "old" Deep blue was and will always be THE ORIGINAL James Cameron edition with its lovely quirkiness, that is now all but gone. I personally loooove the narrow bracelet on a chunky case, it gives it a nice vintage character. I actually ordered one now since there will be no brand new stock left very soon.
Jake Roth (30 days ago)
+Richard Morgan Hurdidurrr
Richard Morgan (30 days ago)
The 126660 isn't the James Cameron version.
Jake Roth (2 months ago)
Hear hear.
William Stalvey (2 months ago)
I agree whole heartedly.....I saw tiger woods who now wears the d blue thicker lug deepsea and I think by looking of older pictures of Woods and Jason Day the narrower bracelet makes the watch chunkier.,
James C (4 months ago)
100% correct
Beat Schnyder (5 months ago)
ill must have endured twenty or more videos and the comments about this deepsea model watch. this Dude actually explains it to you in a fairly short time and does not just repeat the owners manual like the majority of Haute Horlogerie experts. some Rolex enthusiasts even wear white gloves, jerking their dicks as they rub our nose in it, letting the world know they own​ this Swiss timepiece! Rolex for sure is jerking there dicks too out of joy!
Beat Schnyder (3 months ago)
really? a typo
Tim McQueen (4 months ago)
Beat Schnyder (5 months ago)
little do you know, I was just baning yours! lol
Val Rawfoodsky (5 months ago)
Sir, you have some seriously flawed perverted sense of reality. Get yourself a woman, then maybe the word jerk off will not be as much on your mind anymore, will ya? lol
Aasa C (5 months ago)
Tim, FYI , the minute hand is longer than the first generation.
Vitomir Maricic (6 months ago)
under surface stuff are my favs. Cool.
JungleEddie (6 months ago)
I think i'm in love.
WatchBox Reviews (6 months ago)
Tim loves you too 😜 Thanks for watching! --WatchBox Team
Doug M (6 months ago)
So tell me Tim, did I make a mistake buying the first version of this watch, with its somewhat unproportioned bracelet relative to the case mass, or will it turn out to be a good investment as it’s now discontinued?
nick jones (22 days ago)
You have the original series 1 and was only made for the duration of three years. I think you should keep hold of it. I’m sure it’s a good investment 👍
Val Rawfoodsky (5 months ago)
Doug M I'm afraid Tim has no idea and is incapable of making price projections. As he once presumed in one of his videos, that d-blue would go down in price below the retail after initial spike. As we all know it never happened.
Andrew Holt (6 months ago)
I was under the impression, from Baselworld 2018 photos that Rolex had dispensed with the 'Shark Teeth' Glidelock rack and had the basic version the other Submariner models have, that require you to remove the watch to alter the bracelet diameter. I saw a post with both old and new versions by Henne Jewellers in Philadelphia and it looked that in a order to accommodate the new cosmetically wider bracelet, without making the watch head larger than 44mm, they had increased the inter horn distance by narrowing the lug horns, which looked like a less robust attachment point anchoring a wider cosmetically better bracelet and deduced I'd rather have the older model as it had a thicker lug horn stronger bracelet attachment point and the older non-silicon or Magnesium escapement.
rrp925 (6 months ago)
Wow, pretty great upgrades and changes!!
Joe Giz (6 months ago)
Are you kidding? Tim is a no BS walking watch encyclopedia. Tim your reviews are right up there with the best!
Ezra Pages (6 months ago)
Are you listening to people on how to increase views on your review, Tim? Speed isn't the answer. Look into Watchfinder and how they macro the sh*t out of a watch and make it look edible. Cut scenes/different angles of a watch and lighting will help your reviews.
highnrising (6 months ago)
Gimme the 126600 Sea Dweller (not Deep Sea)!. I'll take the thinner case and the absence of verbiage/gibberish on the dial over this monstrosity, any day. (Unless I'm planning to go a mile underwater. In which case, a watch would surely be the least of my problems.)
Andrei 31 (6 months ago)
Walevolence (6 months ago)
Would be nice to compare both 116660 and 126660 side by side
The only One (6 months ago)
Why is it that a watch you tuber makes a video on a particular watch tim runs on camera to record that same watch minutes later. Have you notice that. This time the you tuber is goldberg
UXXV (6 months ago)
Marcs also got the old version and has had it for years
WatchBox Reviews (6 months ago)
Honestly, I have no idea. I've been shooting and posting watch videos at 1,000+ per year for four years. All this time I thought I was filming them because we sell watches for a living. Who knew? Best, Tim
ripperx444 (6 months ago)
Glad you watched both reviews then? Seriously what are you talking about?
WatchBox Reviews (6 months ago)
Hi The only One! Thanks for commenting, but we are not sure what you mean with this one. Tim filmed this video 3 weeks ago, but we are releasing on the weekend to maximize viewership... -- Marketing Team

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