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Saitama & Genos vs Deep Sea King (60fps)

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Full HD quality. Enjoy this cool battle where Saitama and Genos are going against The Deep Sea King! Feel free to comment , like , subscribe for more . Thanks for watching. Copyright Disclaimer, Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'fair use' for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Text Comments (710)
Dat Boi (16 hours ago)
“Heroes are super weak” MY ASS!
Khalil Sonic (23 hours ago)
Genos is pretty Strong He's just not lucky enough
Magikarp Will Survive! (23 hours ago)
0:07 Genos punches the transformation out of him. (Result: 0:44)
Zippy Sippy (1 day ago)
Superman : "Saitama , fight me if you dare" Saitama : "wait , i go watch batman" Superman : "You have a bigger ******* then i am " Saitama : " Omoewamu Shinderu!?!"
Sub Tyrant (2 days ago)
Deep Sea King would've won still,he barely sustained damage but Genos was able to distract him as a means for the people to escape.
Guns n Wheels (2 days ago)
Omae wa taijos
Nash Grier (3 days ago)
After every new episode of season 2 I come back to watch any season 1 episode just to cure my off eyes from the horrible shit they put out here 😵
EndesSteve (1 hour ago)
Season 2 is disappointing.
Lee Hadley (3 days ago)
Just saying this clip really shows how much better the animation looks compared to season 2. I know it’s a different studio making them now but they could’ve at least try to make it look as good as this.
Junko Konno (3 hours ago)
Actually is not fault of the Studio,is fault of the Director and Staff.
Dylan Rimmer (3 days ago)
oh man, seeing this again makes you realize how poor S2
Falco Lord (4 days ago)
If he didn’t target the girl Genos might’ve won if he kept him from going out in the rain and used more flames to shrivel him up completely
Twitchy (4 days ago)
I find that little girl attractive.
Twitchy pervert
Amer Dojima (4 days ago)
I have to watch a fighting scene from season 1 after every episode from season 2, just like when you wash your mouth after a bad taste. Very sad,,
Furo6448 (4 days ago)
STAR PLATINUM (5 days ago)
If the girl didn't say anything Geno's would of probably won
ABU ALI (5 days ago)
1:30 here is some voice emotions
Something. (5 days ago)
Saitama didnt even touch the deep sea king and killed him and stopped the rain with the force from his fist.
ƓɾìʍⱮ (6 days ago)
Dude, genos looked so badass in season 1... They're​ gonna​ ruin his fight with Garou and with the Elder centipide in season 2, just like they did with Metal Bat vs Garou.
ƓɾìʍⱮ (5 days ago)
+Santiago Velasquez No, they arent, I thought the same when i saw episode 3: "hey, this is no that bad" (That's the best episode of season 2). But now they're doing lazy shit, look at Metal Bat vs Garou
Santiago Velasquez (5 days ago)
ƓɾìʍⱮ at least they are traying to make the animation good but never going yo be good as season 1
Ryan Angkasa (6 days ago)
The people in this anime aren't worth saving LoL
Boom Boom (7 days ago)
Hope you guys know deep sea king was supposed to represent how weak the heroes are (except few s class) and how Saitama is like a god figure in this universe. And this is clearly shown in the 2nd season of opm. Saitama is literally Mia for few hours and the world is turning into a shit storm
TranscendentLeo (7 days ago)
Watching this high makes Genos infinity times cooler and saitama infinity times funnier😂😂
Keiran Freeman (7 days ago)
Deep Sea King: I am the pinnacle of a pyramid Escanor: Hold my beer... *Escanor walks up to deep sea king as he pulls out Rhitta* Escanor: And who decided that?
AsiaBBG (7 days ago)
Madhouse: Like JC. Staff: Comment
Stream Spoart! (8 days ago)
1:23-1:30 me when see puri-puri signature move for the first time
amateur match (8 days ago)
Rewatching this only reminds me how stiff season 2 animation is
amateur match (8 days ago)
+N3deSTr0 i was really looking forward to seeing MB fight animated too. it was not only stiff but really short
N3deSTr0 (8 days ago)
Genos vs Sonic and Garou vs TTM were clean, Metal Bat vs Garou was hella disappointing.
Mert Topçuoğlu (10 days ago)
the music and the animation at 0:55 tho ....
BH (10 days ago)
Love your videos, but could you turn down the volume on your outro? Jesus Christ. #earrape
Mario Alvear (10 days ago)
0:55 that shit was aweosome
Daser Fomalhaut (11 days ago)
0:50 always has me fucking *dying*. lmao
Whammy Cheng (11 days ago)
Saitama should be rich if he sold that crown
TheJPKaram (11 days ago)
The crown falling is why i love this anime
Naved Shaikh (11 days ago)
lets be honest guys if wasn't for that girl genos would've won
Hunter Relock (12 days ago)
Anyone know the song or music of the outro at the end of this video?
Poxiflat (12 days ago)
One punch man in 60 fps =👊
LordConnord (13 days ago)
Didnt all those people see that? Why does everyone still think he's weak?
Emilio Alfredo (13 days ago)
Saitama did not even extend his arm wen he punched him -_____- it was more like he gave a "high five to the air" .
Abdulrahman eyadat (14 days ago)
The graphics are amazinggggggg!!,!!}!,
Sascha Rossol (14 days ago)
through the cuts, the scene is losing it's strength :(
captainremo (15 days ago)
What is the outro that plays??? Really digging that beat.
MTingy (15 days ago)
This machine gun blow is still the best in the series so far
Raging_Bolt_HP 420360 (16 days ago)
Muman Rider
AriswawKuy (17 days ago)
MetalPeasant (17 days ago)
this animation is dope.....................and then there's season 2.... :'(
Zoe Pantoja (17 days ago)
sync'ing audio is the easiest part...
Lil Conker (17 days ago)
This was my favorite villain
AHS ATX (17 days ago)
Now lets compare this masterfully animated episode to season 2 now shall we?
AHS ATX (14 days ago)
The The what are you talking about? Of course they would Season 2 looks shit because they left
The The (14 days ago)
Madhouse is good and all but I doubt they could make the second season on par with the first one.
AHS ATX (17 days ago)
Madhouse why did you have to go?😔😔😔
Ayen Azhar (18 days ago)
I hope season 3 will get on its track again
Zapperpat 0 (18 days ago)
*What is a king, TO A GOD*
Sarah Coffins (19 days ago)
I love when his little crown falls
Not FBI (19 days ago)
0:50 me running to my fridge at 3am
Connection Points (20 days ago)
*Anime isn't 60 FPS stop converting it to 60 FPS*
Asian nub (20 days ago)
this fight could had lasted longer if genos didn't lose a arm by not letting his guard down but what ever
girl : that punch didn't hurt him guy : That's your Imagination Me : Defuq
Talha Eyyüb UZUN (22 days ago)
1:03 He is one armed but still fights amazing. Don't be jealous about him.
dantedero (22 days ago)
Genos would have lost against deep sea king on rain even with two arms, he would have definitely put a good show though. In the next upgrade he can.
Joshua Kovacs (23 days ago)
I hear that Eurobeat in the outro...
Oscar G. (24 days ago)
All might creates rain with his punch. Saitama stops it
Jerry Esque (24 days ago)
Man. Saitama beats these villains sooo fast. I want to say the people are dumb in this anime, but i see its almost hard to believe he beats these guys that fast.
xiao (25 days ago)
See you always have to add someoneelse and saitama vs an opponent because iff it was only saitama the video wouldve only lasted less than 15 seconds
NazenRyu Second (21 days ago)
xiao boros put up a really good fight tho (considering his opponent was saitama). If only Saitama wasn't the first one he fought, He would've destroyed a country
Ia Saiko (25 days ago)
RIP machine gun 2019 in s2.. no emotion at all, no killer intent at all T_T
Arjohn Yosores (25 days ago)
Mad-house why ? 😥
G O F I S H (25 days ago)
I can't believe they used Zipper man's punch sound effect in the new one
Thomas Aidzil Pratama (26 days ago)
Tsuyosugiru~ Kakatte Koi !
Thomas Aidzil Pratama (26 days ago)
Please tell me what is song when they fight ?
Thomas Aidzil Pratama (21 days ago)
+Harry Drake is that available on youtube ?
Harry Drake (23 days ago)
The Cyborg Fights (Genos theme)
Isiah Law (26 days ago)
When he punch that back of saitama head I DIED😭😭😭😭
Ken Kaneki (26 days ago)
What's the ending song?
Alien Nation (27 days ago)
MysticRune (27 days ago)
Am I the only one who's actually focused on the fact that _maybe_ Genos could've won if that girl had kept quiet? :v
karloz (27 days ago)
No one compares to Madhouse in terms of animation and art holy sh... season 2 looks bland compared to this
Oshino Ani (27 days ago)
Can we all just appreciate how without Saitama most of humanity would've been dead by now.
Đức Nguyên (27 days ago)
SethTheCyberCuck nah they would still survive, rank 2 S class should be able to carry humanity up to around garou
Mohammad Abufarha (28 days ago)
The reason saitamas punch stopped the rain was because he split that atmosphere.
Vashj Leydi (28 days ago)
Fight scenes of opm 1 and opm 2 is really far. 1 is very detailed.
Rainux (29 days ago)
Hey "The Art of Animation", what is the music title that you played at the end of this video?
biggiecheese77 (28 days ago)
running in the 90s] but its slowed down
Hamid Savage (29 days ago)
Crank up the voltage Genos, your body is gonna "Overload".
yonko kaido (1 month ago)
fight start 3:35 fight finish 3:37
Endevor B (1 month ago)
MadHouse ,thank you for this animation, and fuck you for not making the second season
MamaWantsWaffles (1 month ago)
I miss this animation sooo much
EmberS (1 month ago)
compared this to the machine gun blow of genos in season 2 it was really disappointing
Ia Saiko (25 days ago)
i feel you bruh, no killer intent at all T_T
Panda Smasher (1 month ago)
Who's here after comparing season 2 and season 1?
Uğur Yılmaz (1 month ago)
i came from Season 2 and fights are so stiff. fml
biggiecheese77 (28 days ago)
Nitrote (1 month ago)
Just here to cleanse my eyes after season 2 episode 2
EmberS (1 month ago)
IKR it was fucking horrible
Abdurahim Abu Jebbeh (1 month ago)
Abdurahim Abu Jebbeh (1 month ago)
+admins ender From the camera work alone
admins ender (1 month ago)
Abdurahim Abu Jebbeh why? Was it from the epicness?
WolkerSam (1 month ago)
I just here to say, Season 2 sucks compare to this.
WolkerSam it’s not that bad. and the new episode was season 1 levels of legendary.
Funky173 (1 month ago)
Who is here after the disappointing season 2 ep 2?
Ozu (1 month ago)
0:55 is the reason why this is my favorite fight.
The Random Guy (1 month ago)
I wish that all of saitamas enemies came back reincarnated and were scared of saitama and then the hero registry recognizes him
Minato_namikaze477 (1 month ago)
“hE iS rAnK C hE mUsT bE wEaK” -one punches the villian- Everyone: 😱
Laxus FT (1 month ago)
Came here after episode 1 of season 2...
potato chips (1 month ago)
Deep sea king isn't the strongest but he's the scariest monster in season 1 He scared the shit out of me in the manga and anime. Boros definitely a lot stronger but he ain't scaryscary, more like charismatic and cool character.
Husam Siraj (1 month ago)
It's weird to think about how there are different monsters and heroes that exists yet people can't fathom a being that's too strong for anyone.
Cole Sweetman (1 month ago)
keep uploading and youll be famous in no time. this is so good.
Genos (1 month ago)
Well that melt definitely destroyed my body.
Raishin Egg (1 month ago)
The Deep Sea King's VA is phenomenal. I mean that cry at 1:27 is just a deal maker 😂
Jay (1 month ago)
I needed to see this after watching J.C Staff's terrible work on the second season.
a (1 month ago)
Did you even watch the first episode?
Rapportus5 (1 month ago)
Well thats one little girl whos gonna grow up traumatized as hell.
thibautisserant (1 month ago)
2:06 Welp, that girl needs therapy now. Sweet dreams.
Pancake Slayer (1 month ago)
Sadly we won't get this type of animation in season 2
Alex Lee (12 days ago)
Boring as fuck episodes. Every episode of OPM season 1 was filled with action. Saitama hasn’t done shit in 4 episodes
Jaden Mutuc (1 month ago)
JC has been trying
Laxus FT (1 month ago)
That episode was so bad
SpongeBob Jesus 2 (1 month ago)
Hold on if the acid breathe was enough to melt about Genos’s whole body then why not just do that in the first place
Raishin Egg (1 month ago)
Easy to dodge I guess
0:50 Lemongrab that you?!?
taskforce juanforjuan (9 days ago)
Two things BOI! lol
SilverAc0rn (1 month ago)
Put it to 0.25 speed and watch the animation It's unreal how much effort, skill and love was put into this
Sam Read (1 month ago)
I better see genos whoopin some ass next season
Aayushman Sharma (1 month ago)

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