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Saitama & Genos vs Deep Sea King (60fps)

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Full HD quality. Enjoy this cool battle where Saitama and Genos are going against The Deep Sea King! Feel free to comment , like , subscribe for more . Thanks for watching. Copyright Disclaimer, Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'fair use' for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Text Comments (343)
Bruh Nation (2 hours ago)
So Saitama can also Change the weather, blew out all the clouds away from the city from that shockwave. Hmmm, reminds me of a really mighty individual...
Rafael Vargas (4 hours ago)
Genos has that fight theme song that makes you just want him to keep fighting shit is fire.
Valence Electron (15 hours ago)
Isn't Deep Sea King the voice of Takamura from Hajime no Ippo?
killua zoldyck (1 day ago)
Yeah.yeah I got it.its raining so come fast
GermanOctopus 001 (3 days ago)
Puny king..
Emric Amrouche (3 days ago)
Genos is the best
Sacha Daenens (3 days ago)
Eagle vs Takamura xD
木野辛雪 (4 days ago)
Hydra 69 (4 days ago)
Lol. Initial D theme song
Jenga (4 days ago)
that girl is fucking traumatized
Nicky Puttera (5 days ago)
So nobody felt the shockwave saitama delivered when punching the guy. K
Maxwell Synard (5 days ago)
Saitama literally stopped the rain with his punch Civilians: “Heroes are super weak”
Wtf 60 fps ?
The PaladinPup (5 days ago)
Literally punches the rain away "HE'S A CHEAT!"
One punch
Hope Dealer (6 days ago)
1:30 the coolest move ever Aside from Consecutive normal punches
Rogi Orlandez (6 days ago)
The rain and clouds wash away with that one punch.
Anzhey Laviranti (6 days ago)
Генос кликнул расенган?
LocalWeeb (6 days ago)
Fist bump gone wrong
ラストオーダー (7 days ago)
the.raven (7 days ago)
you know if deep sea king spat on genos instead of the girl genos would have died because of the close range
Sgt Virus9 (3 days ago)
No he wouldn't have deep sea King says two genos said he could easily avoid his spit.
praveen r (7 days ago)
He just fucking changed the damn weather with his punch.
the great xenu (7 days ago)
wait so that acid spit was enough to kill him, why didn't he use that before then
Ben Rodriguez (7 days ago)
My friend sent me too much words then I say k then my friend get so mad and hate that I not have girlfriend then I tell him/she that I don’t exist then my friend say just wow then I say I like anime and that I’m old 14 that I already know of everything and l’m deaf so I wonder what it looks like Seafreak is my friend Me is Saitama 3:34
Tiffany Perez (7 days ago)
Go to 0:19 and hit 10 secs back. Repeat as needed 🤣😂🤣😂 #FalconPawnch
Peter Parquer (7 days ago)
Damn, I wish the English dubbed versions were extended like this vid.........😑
miguelsiok (7 days ago)
Wakata wakata hayaku kakatte koi xd
arturo hernandez (7 days ago)
You cut the video to early I
Jeth Or (8 days ago)
Most of these characters including the villains are considerably powerful
Sティナ (8 days ago)
1:50 可愛ええ 1:57 この表情でも可愛ええ 2:07 ここも普通に可愛ええ
Jimmy Y. (8 days ago)
MdK (3 days ago)
Yeah, but it's a new animation studio. It's gonna look different.
WaifuMaster9000 (6 days ago)
+nishimisyo nishimisyo EVEN BETTER
nishimisyo nishimisyo (6 days ago)
+WaifuMaster9000 april!!!!
WaifuMaster9000 (8 days ago)
April? I thought it was in May
さんたこ (8 days ago)
さんたこ ああ、真ヒロインやってましたねぇ
Albace (8 days ago)
These aren't your videos
If Saitama took the credit for that he would've been promoted straight to class S and get the fanbase he desires
Jolly Face5 (8 days ago)
The civilians in this anime aren’t worth saving lol
cheng long (2 days ago)
Nope coz saitama too strong to believe lolz even u can u believe ?
Limin Lu (5 days ago)
yeah honestly pisses me off
I yeet my kids (6 days ago)
Yeah ikr. Like bitch he fucking punched the rain away wtfs wromg with them.
Oiee :v (6 days ago)
This is how humans works
hilary martins-udeze (8 days ago)
We all know that genes is the punching bag of this series
Sir Kibble (8 days ago)
absolutely no respect for mumen rider
Duong Nguyen (8 days ago)
who noticed. after that punch it was raining
Ogloc gang (8 days ago)
deep see king's voice actor is nuts , and the way he speaks and moves is insane!!
ما لقاش واحد يقلو يا تل ساعف خاوتك
Best Waifu (8 days ago)
Imao stupid people would rather watch then to run for their lives
アキイモン (9 days ago)
深海王鬼だけどバクザンより強そう あのまま暴れてたら竜だったかな
Dark Knight (9 days ago)
Saitamas liek *"quit ur bullshit"*
Domo Brah (9 days ago)
Genos needs silverfang's martial arts training more than saitama. always losing FOCUS
Akira Heru (9 days ago)
Koopy Sandwich (9 days ago)
The acid attack looked way gayer and way better in the manga.
TheBodokejk (9 days ago)
3:50 what's the mix name?
Franco CM (9 days ago)
3:32 ¡Omae wa mou shindeiru! ¿Naniii?
Retro legendary Ace (10 days ago)
Soundtrack from metroid fusion when you fighting electric serpent
あー あー (10 days ago)
Jordan Hernandez (10 days ago)
0:37... Saitama doesn't care a guy that's not humble, he just wants go to home
zzzBYRDzzz (10 days ago)
You suck the conversations is half the battle 😤😤😤
THE KING🔱🔱🔱 (10 days ago)
Mistweaver Legend (11 days ago)
Stupid asian kid
Spidey Parker (11 days ago)
When Saitama punches...it stops raining... When All Might punches it starts raining...
Xx358hff y (1 day ago)
+Wind. Kaslana All Might fucking dies
Wind. Kaslana (9 days ago)
What if SAITAMA And All Might punch each other??
M Billa (10 days ago)
They might be related
Sergio Muñiz (11 days ago)
Seriously, who cares if he beat that see monster in one punch... Saitama punches away a whole thunderstorm, and yet still people don't believe in him. Wtf
SleepyHead (10 days ago)
Reality kicking in is a matter of time - for a normal person, which isn't involved with Hero and Freaks with Superpowers all the time - like the Staff of the Hero Society - its veeeeeeery difficult to measure someone on what they are seeing. Lets only take the people in the Shelter - They saw, for a fact, a diversity of things: A group consisting of 1 A-Class + 2B-Class + 1 C-Class getting instantly wiped out. Following that, the 1st fucking ray of hope, an S-Class who could actually stand his Ground - until he drops his guard (talk about learning something the hard way) when he should know better from past experience, getting back into the fight and holding Deep Sea King off so the people could potentially flee. But no, because Human reasons and the inability of children not knowing when to shut up (nothing against children in general - she did it with the best intentions ^^) the enemy is taunted to attack the little girl, and Genos is strongarmed into using his body as a shield and getting almost killed by melting through acid (damn, this girl needs MUCH therapy after this ...) - resulting in being used as a mop to wipe the floor. After THAT point, of course the people are not really up to believing in being rescued - much less when #1 from C-Class goes down (what should have been clear to the people, but in such a situation u r gonna grab every damn straw for a chance to believe in rescue) and being switched with the "Cheater-Rookie" aka Saitama as the #2 of the C-Class - who then gets punched by this Sea Freak, not even flinching a bit and completely obliterating this Big Fish with ONE PUNCH - which he follows up by stating the big bad fish was already weakened to such an extent, that ONE PUNCH was enough to snuff him out - just to let the other Heros save face, who were earlier beaten. honestly - I too would have my doubts about giving this situation all that much credit - but yeah, as WE as the audience know what we're dealing with with Saitama, WE understand - they are doubting him 'cause of these damn "Cheater"-Rumors. Not that there were already eye-witness reports from the time he punched some sea folks ahead of Stinger on the Beach-Area. OK, enough out of me - long story short. People needs several examples of strength shown before they accept it as fact and stop doubting. Saitama would have gone straight up to fucking S-Class if anyone important had seens this insane Fight with Boros. Even Tatsumakis chin would have dropped to the floor against this fact xD
Blue Moon Has Risen (12 days ago)
So basically Genos needs an alert system to warn him of a very fast incoming attack if his back is turned,acid resistant armor,and arms that don't detach as easily and it's all good
Faishal Jawas (12 days ago)
Wooow... The Quality of This Video is AWSOME!!! Really Enjoying this.. 😍
I am no one (12 days ago)
3:38 I like how Sea King's crown dropped 😂
EtCETERA (6 days ago)
It's now a usable item till he loses his stock! Though I think he might be dead..
{DDLC} Model (9 days ago)
This kingdom shall fall, and from the ashes will arise a new order, that will shake the very foundations of the world
All In (12 days ago)
Hover (13 days ago)
music? 3:51
Hover (13 days ago)
+heranth2345 thanks! :D
heranth2345 (13 days ago)
It's running in the 90s, but slowed down and tuned down
Saitama Sensei (13 days ago)
Dammit!! Back to just one punch?! 😤
Guns n Wheels (15 days ago)
He made it stop fucking raining and they didn't believe he was the one who did the work.
B.lovic MA (15 days ago)
I like genos fight.
swagzagoon (16 days ago)
All we know is that little girl is probably in need of therapy
SleepyHead (10 days ago)
for sure, THAT was a Text Book example of "how to get traumatized through your own actions" - sometimes its important to know when not to say anything. That was kind of like "Yo Hunter - use 'Misdirection' to get this mob-group to the tank" and by mistake sends the mob-group straight to the Healer - the Tank has to panic-run as selfsacrificing as good 'ol Genos here :P
Rayy (17 days ago)
i dont know much about that anime .. i only saw some fight scene , but i gotta say visualwise that genos cyborg guy looks dope , but sadly he is the weakest and feels rather girlish with his senpai stuff xD .... and if its true , that this all is rather a comedy than this fits perfectly xD , since most anime guys with cool animations are op as fuck and yet in here a simply punch kills all villians , while the rest sucks with their cool looking attacks xD
LogicalFallacies89 (18 days ago)
2:28 That's when the fish man should've known he fucked up.
Marven Joseph Rana (20 days ago)
Dont mess with a wrong guy- Thats Saitama
YJ Choong (22 days ago)
Stopping the rain means moving the clouds, the shcokwave reached so far up and moved the goddamn clouds from the entire area! WTF
njoYYY (22 days ago)
I just hate that Genos couldnt beat him alone cuz of that shit :/
thelil hedgehog (13 days ago)
It was confirmed that Genos could have beaten DSK even with one arm.
Steve Geo (23 days ago)
Damn those voice actors... They are amazing.
Guy (23 days ago)
1:30 MachinGAN BLOO!!
Soldier 76! (24 days ago)
The fact that Genos actually could have beat this guy because of his fire ability advantage over the sea Kong's water reliance.
Solar (25 days ago)
Deep sea King:you must be another soilder Genos: **OMAE MA MOU**
Mafia Black (26 days ago)
1:20 sharingan 1:30 rasengan
Andrei Maxwell (26 days ago)
Genos did pretty well against him with just one arm
Mankiu (28 days ago)
3:36 jajaja nunca me canso de ver esto
Clos R (29 days ago)
My man Genos hit him with an Uppercut, torched him with a flamethrower, blinded him with lightning eye transitioned into an axe kick, then hit him with machine gun blows. Thats a sweet fucking combo.
TheCrazyDucks (29 days ago)
Give this bald a medal
Deadshadow YT (1 month ago)
You know the one guy who was like "Or maybe the monster was just weak" That start to think "Then how in the ever loving god did the deep sea king stop the rain for a few seconds or how did saitama stop the rain for good?"
Arturo Bandini (1 month ago)
You missed one of the beist bits! When the crowd scream in astonishment after OPM does the job!
Pancakemix (1 month ago)
To think genos could've had a fair chance if that little girl didn't say anything
Michael Ugas (1 month ago)
Creo que genos pudo haber ganado si no se hubiera confiado
Alex Brown (1 month ago)
I really liked how Genos learned not to waste time at the start of a fight and attacked before Deep Sea King could finish talking.
Daniel Snoopeh (11 days ago)
Alex Brown Damm, i Never noticed it. He learnt so much from Saitama to skip the dialog
Nobody Important (15 days ago)
one of the greatest things about this show is watching Genos go from typical Shonen Anime Protag to Seasoned Fighter.
TheGreatSalsaMan (18 days ago)
And thats why he can never be a main protagonist lead xD no talkie all fightie
Mia (1 month ago)
It's so dumb how they make people oblivious to the strength of characers sometimes. "Yea, but he just took that punch. No it was your imagination everyone else was flattened by that punch..." It's like seeing someone get hit by a car and survive, then turning around and saying. I must have imagined him getting hit.
FKS Art (6 days ago)
+S Fos when you have enough time to take a parody anime a little but too seriously lmao
S Fos (10 days ago)
I’ve seen someone dip their hand in burning cooking oil that was smarter than this comment thread.
the.raven (12 days ago)
that can be explained because the powerful characters move too fast for normal people to see, so they thought maybe they imagined it
Rio De Mark (14 days ago)
Isnt it like that in real-life too?
Berserkhart (15 days ago)
That's the whole point though.. it's satire..
{DDLC} Model (1 month ago)
The deep sea king is definitely no match for the subterranean king, hell he can't do a thing of damage on the subterranean king's little children
{DDLC} Model (9 days ago)
+Herhsey Ford BTW nice try, how's your day?
{DDLC} Model (9 days ago)
+Salvador Vega I mean the subterranean king from Saitama's dream that I ever acknowledge is the true one, not the small wannabe
Domo Brah (9 days ago)
subterranean king with his 4 swords of DEATH
Salvador Vega (22 days ago)
+Herhsey Ford oh I know, just waiting for those who comment saying that hes retarded or something like that
Herhsey Ford (22 days ago)
+Salvador Vega Im not one of them
Alex Chan (1 month ago)
Underwater form deep sea king vs carnage Kabuto carnage mode
Team m. (15 days ago)
+Demon Cyborg he defeat easy many A heroes and a S so its a dragon. In the manga Genoa oneshot many demon level without problem. Deep see IS one of the weak dragon but IS a dragon Level. Saitama oneshot also God level so he dont count
Demon Cyborg (15 days ago)
+Team m. Deep sea king dragon level? Where the hell did you get that? He's just a demon level
Team m. (16 days ago)
+Clash Sensei Deep IS also dragon Level he could destroy a city without effort. But yes Carnage IS way stronger than him
Clash Sensei (1 month ago)
Deep sea king would get obliterated. Even hydrated from rain he wasnt fast enough to beat Sonic and carnage kabuto without carnage mode is way faster than Genos who is similar in speed to sonic. Deep sea king is demon level and carbage kabuto is Dragon level
Eric sombody (1 month ago)
seeing the start of the fight with the hand drawn 360 pan makes you think how much effort was put into animating this
nickbootyface (1 month ago)
Y doez he have love heart on his nips
1aundulxaldin (1 month ago)
All those desperate scenes of C-listers trying their hardest to take the Sea King down. The epicness of Genos' truly heroic barrage... only to get worfed. And the sudden, almost anti-climactic conclusion of the Sea King's defeat.... in ONE PUNCH.
Benjamin Urbina (1 month ago)
I love when the geno's music is on
Michael Mello (2 months ago)
The saddest thing is that Genos would have definitely won if he hadn’t gotten cocky. And he still might have won with only one arm if it wasn’t for the girl. Genos was the better fighter here but he still almost died.
Cyrus Adaar (5 days ago)
To be honest if you make comparisons like "x is stronger than y" , "x would have won if" etc. , in THIS anime , you are clearly missing the point. This is a parody of shonens , not an actual shonen
izz xix (9 days ago)
He will win if the director want him to win.. Thats it
Domo Brah (9 days ago)
Genos wouldve easily beat deep sea king he knocked his ass out with one hit while dsk was at full power. But it just so happened that Genos got distracted by all the people yelling his name like usual so dsk got a lucky hit.
Phu Tran (10 days ago)
There's a canon audio book which said that genos set up a simulation to rematch with all of his past enemies and deep sea king was one of those that he beat with ease:)) u can do research
khalil (10 days ago)
+Savatron she's a little kid lol
ZeroX1986 (2 months ago)
Genos is number 1
Mustafa Alwaeli (20 days ago)
I agree
Dheeman Ghoshal (1 month ago)
+ZeroX1986 If that idiot girl didnt speak genos woulda had a decent shot at beating deep sea king
BIG BOI (2 months ago)
if that girl would have kept her mouth shut genos would have won
Gin Ho (6 days ago)
Just remember this is one arm genos vs DSK dry. If it 2 arm then it might have a chance
nokapp (7 days ago)
GOldenPROdigy115 what? is that not true? lmao
Jerric Romero (8 days ago)
That's something the deep sea king would say.
Buddy Old Boy Kiddo (8 days ago)
Genos can’t win, he would lose fuel and the rain will just keep rejuvenating DSK
Li Jimmy (16 days ago)
BIG BOI probably still gonna become a modern art.
Dro Skiii (2 months ago)
deep sea king could probably stand a chance against superman
Omio Rahman (1 day ago)
Bendis superman yes. Otherbsuperman no
Umer Salman (6 days ago)
+Arexii honestly, as a long term superman diehard fan. Saitama sometimes feels more OP to me than average superman (not counting All star superman).
Arexii (8 days ago)
Not even close he has no feats to put him on Superman's level
khalil (10 days ago)
Against a neutral superman maybe, but a superman who is being serious would fodderize him
grim the reaper (12 days ago)
This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard the deep sea king could not at all stand against superman he would get beaten by batman or any other justice league member much less the guy who beat doomsday
Benjamin Ma (2 months ago)
I’m appalled at the stunning lack of mumen rider
Nejx (2 months ago)
I absolutely adore OPM, but there is single little detail, one 3 second clip, that I absolutely despise, and absolutely triggers me... "He's a class C? So we're all dead still" "But that punch didn't even hurt him..." "That's just your imagination." I'm sorry, what? The rain stopped for a couple seconds after the punch, there was clearly even smoke coming from Saitamas head. No anime logic, I'm not letting you get away with that one...
zzz zzz (13 minutes ago)
trying to make sense an fiction characters xd damm millenials , thats why you wont be happy in your pathetic life
Jvan Timbs (3 days ago)
Nejx ur taking OPM to seriously its a gag anime
Jester Sumagang (6 days ago)
And why shounen protag always love by the people cause they are struggling to defeat the enemy.
Jester Sumagang (6 days ago)
The thing they can't believe what saitama do to the sea king they don't want to acknowledged it that also the strongest go trashed and saitama one hit the enemy that most hero fight and just be defeated.
Jester Sumagang (6 days ago)
+Roo Jackaroo all hero saw that saitama is just trashing garou and also the loli got the taste of the power of saitama

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