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One Piece TOP 20 HIGHEST BOUNTIES of ALL TIME, including Shanks, Roger, and Dragon – Chapter 917+

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One Piece 917 might foreshadow us the bounties of Kaido, Shanks, Gol D Roger, Dragon, Lurking Legend and others. In this video, I’ve discussed on one piece top bounties of all time. We don’t have Zoro and Sanji in this list but we’ve Luffy and Charlotte Katakuri in here. Discord server: https://discord.gg/xba3nGU Arts: Do check out these guys! https://bryanfavr.deviantart.com/gallery/ https://melonciutus.deviantart.com/gallery/ https://fanalishiro.deviantart.com/gallery/ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'fair use' for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use' .
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Gear 5 (4 months ago)
People say that the bounties are too high. Well, it reminds me of my Luffy's bounty video - I gave him over ONE BILLION BELI bounty! Some of us really hated that amount and hated that video as well!
Thunderbolt52power (25 days ago)
+Spandam Yonkos are actually more powerful than Admirals, take Shanks for example, he stopped the entire war and scared even the admirals.
Thunderbolt52power (25 days ago)
+xXyroGodx I agree Luffy is weak compared to ppl like Akainu but he definitely will not get one shot by an Admiral, Ace was tortured and sacrificed himself to save Luffy, Wb was old weakened and illed, he also jumped Wb who got stabbed and Wb still beat him. Also Katakuri is as strong if not stronger than an Admiral.
Thunderbolt52power (25 days ago)
I agree but maybe a bit too high but thats not what I'm going to talk about, Dragon is the most wanted man ALIVE but Roger is dead so we don't know if Roger had a higher bounty or not.
Amir Hamza (1 month ago)
Heheh BlackBeard's bounty 2.2 B
Bivin Pradeep (2 months ago)
Ch 925 Blackbeards bounty is 2.2 billion
Syam Raif Syamsuriani (8 hours ago)
Con d. Riano bounty: Name your price
Robert Moe (10 hours ago)
At his execution Gol D. Rodger's bounty was 1.5 Billion. They show his wanted poster in the opening through season 1.
chrollo luzilfer (1 day ago)
To high
karumanchi khadheer (2 days ago)
Dragon strongest in one piece
ToKSiX zkie (2 days ago)
even they have haki vs ultimate poison of tang clan no one can defend it
MGG Player (2 days ago)
i need the all soundtrack!
MGG Player (2 days ago)
i need the soundtrack please send me what kind of music is this?!!!
Norris Alexis (6 days ago)
You know what guys. Only 2 persons knows what is the ending of one piece. Oda and the kid died oaf cancer. That kid is a super fan of one piece so he's dying wish is to know what is the ending of one piece so that oda let him know what it is. So guys shut up an let oda handle this. One piece is so mysterious thats why one piece is the best 💓
hakaglancworm (7 days ago)
i remember they discuss about Pirates Bounty and The Revolutionary Army, Robin said " Pirates are consider as Theft or Bandits, But the Revolutionary Army is direct Enemy of the World Government
Natsu Ludin (7 days ago)
Gol D Roger prob a 50 billion Bounty Dragon 100billion:)
Yamcha- san (8 days ago)
They didnt put god ussop cause ussops bounty is so high that no one can count it
Stoned Plays (8 days ago)
but w8 baunty system is based on how much of a danger they are to the goverment and Mihawk has 0 baunty based on that
Pokman (9 days ago)
Honestly I don't think the bounties surpress 10b but even if it is the yonko's bounties are very close to each other, that was said by Oda a couple of years ago.
TheLegend 11 (10 days ago)
So youre telling me luffy defeated shiki like nothing. IT WAS PRE TIME SKIP TOO
TheLegend 11 (10 days ago)
Wheres pandaman. His bounty is 3,333,333,333 Seriously im not lying. Ik hes a joke character but still
jans belerts (12 days ago)
luffy is a thing because hes 4th gear armament contains supreme haki(ya know that red stuf) so we know he might combine that nightmare thing + 4th gear....it already sounds op...what ya think.....P.S if you totally disagree then dont bother to change my mind 😂😂😂
jans belerts (12 days ago)
luffy is just 19yo but others who have adv haki have around 30+ based on theyre looks....from my look
Freaky Franko (12 days ago)
Anyone remember luffy eating pie with BB(black beard)
James Merlaut (13 days ago)
People say these bounties are too high, that the World Government couldn't afford 20 billion berries. Well 20 billion berries is actually the equivalent to 20 million us dollars, so... how is that unrealistic?
Huan Ling (15 days ago)
Marine don't have bounty bruv
Kevin 10 (15 days ago)
Big mom is only 500,000
Gemuel Cornillez (16 days ago)
where do u watch one piece bro? Im stuck at ep.867
dragnir Olivier (17 days ago)
One pièce Bouty 26 Karasou 998 million bery Jak 1 milliards Yasop 1 milliards 25 million Katakury 1 milliards 57 millions Lafite 1 milliards 60 million Queen 1 milliards 205 millions Luky roux 1 milliards 300 millions Luffy 1 milliards 500 millions Marco 1 milliards 550 millions Chiliou de la pluie 1 milliards 600 King 1 milliards 850 millions Begbeg Man 2 milliards Shogun 2 milliards 100 Aokiji 2 milliards 200 1 armée révolutionnaire 2 milliards 230 millions Barbe noir 2 milliards 247 Shiki 2 milliards 300 Skouperbagane 2 milliards 500 Roks 4 milliards 100 Big mon 5 milliards 500 Kaido 6 milliards 600 Shanks 7 milliards 150 Reily 10 milliards 500 Barbe blanche 11 milliards 600 Dragon 15 milliards Roger no Bouty pirate no bonty
fitri azim (17 days ago)
I think MIHAWK should be the no 1..look when he fight with zorro with just only small knife.and zorro got hit
Rabbin Mashaba (20 days ago)
Your bounties are tooo high na guy
ZyrGameX (21 days ago)
WTF 30B is too much.. I think marine can't pay it ...and i think 10B is The High Bounty
ZyrGameX (21 days ago)
YongMin Kim (22 days ago)
Just Imagine How rich the Marine is?
YongMin Kim (22 days ago)
The Marine is rich!
Fully heal whitebeard vs shanks with 2hands. Who will win??
Mohan Nilkanth (25 days ago)
All hail to GOD USOPP....
Potato Chips (25 days ago)
No doubt about it. Lurking Legend is Gajeel. He's called Lurking Legend because he crossover FT to OP.
Pau Jameson (26 days ago)
Why is kaidos bounty higher than shank?
Top Anime AL (27 days ago)
you don't even know which around how could I know
Javier .F (28 days ago)
The max bounty for a commander will be 1.400.000.000 - 1.450.000.000. That is easy to know because with 1.500.000.000 luffy is considered a yonko
Song please?
eloisa San Juan (29 days ago)
Read the latest manga. It revealed what king and queen looks like
Epic Gaming (29 days ago)
MIHAWK dont have bounty because his a celstial dragon
Johnloyd Avinon (29 days ago)
EDGE GAMEZ (29 days ago)
Lol Queen from One Piece Mask kinda looks like Drift’s from Fortnite
James Schaeche (30 days ago)
You know, I wish I got money for every time this guy said "It could be..." At the start of the video he said he wasn't going to do predictions of future bounties. But isn't guessing the bounties the same thing? Also Rayleigh's bounty was stated back when he was introduced. Its only a 100 million, probably because his bounty got downgraded after he essentially became a drunk and no longer fought anyone.
Thunder Enel (30 days ago)
I think the highest bounty should go too dr.hilulk
Mayesti (1 month ago)
King > Ben Beckam??? jajajaja
Victor zuned (1 month ago)
Oda never confirm all bounty in this video, so if you want to make conspiration about one piece....you should think dude....this bounty make me laught so fucking helll hahaha
Victor zuned (1 month ago)
In manga the highest bounty is kurohige, 2.500.000.000
Victor zuned (1 month ago)
U want to make anime one piece???
Victor zuned (1 month ago)
This video so fucking fake bitch
Emmar Abella (1 month ago)
In the manga luffy is called the fifth emperor of the sea so why is dracule mihawks bounty is higher im just curious
AS BA (1 month ago)
the revoulution army is so hyped up so i hope they do a big arc concerning them
AS BA (1 month ago)
the lurking legend is probably kurohige (black beard)
Unknown Person (1 month ago)
Gear five. You made a video of complete speculation. Your title suggests you know what your talking about. People dont like wasting their time on bullshit. You would have done better with a video os actual bounties instead of complete bullshit. You lost me when you didnt know queen was also a guy.
Elham Mosaad (1 month ago)
Your an idiot you said these things are official bounties yet you say monkey d dragon is 30 billion berries you are mad and btw they didn't say go d Roger bounty or luffy's dad you just click baited that is all👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 u have one less subscriber means you have -1 now!,!!!
MultiSuperrene (1 month ago)
Dragon is stronger than roger
zhian lauren04 (1 month ago)
so sad your not an OP fan dude.. those bounties are too high that the world goverment can't afford. i think the highest bounty in OP is 5B
John Pillay (1 month ago)
Start of the video: not gonna predict future bounties Yet you're predicting them.
XrusoDaxTilos (1 month ago)
name of song tell me plz bro :)
SinoSheisse SS. (1 month ago)
Dragon is the Gold D. Roger's little brother.Their fates is the same as Luffy and Ace.
Claussanta 86 (1 month ago)
Why giving Kaido or Big Mom a Bounty? no one can defeat them
D LEE (1 month ago)
it does make sense, at the end its just a theories of yours right! thanks for the video!! it was fun to watch
Aisha Alharbi (1 month ago)
Luffy will beat his father 👌🏻👌🏻
User name (1 month ago)
I mean last few bounties are a little hard to believe but I do see why u would put such high bounties on them
hafifi azik (1 month ago)
Sabo? Right hand Monkey D. Dragon? 😐
Islamer Alo (1 month ago)
Bro i want to hear voice.. if you add your voice in your video thats will be great..😊😊
MAX GAMER (1 month ago)
u made so high so teach is higher with 1billion
MAX GAMER (1 month ago)
How did u knew queen will be a gay😹
lillquaver80 (1 month ago)
You lost your credibility when you said "Even after Puffy defeated Katakuri, Luffy didnt get recognised as Emp. However every1 accepted bbeard as yonko, when he beat Marco and co." Well yeah why would Luffy become yonko when big mom still alive and unbeaten.
James Schaeche (30 days ago)
The stupid part is Luffy has been officially recognised as the fifth emperor of the sea.
Aming Valencia (1 month ago)
big mom is the weakes yonko
ㄗαԹί XᎠ (1 month ago)
Luffy should have 2B Bounty because he defeat kaido and katakuri
James Schaeche (30 days ago)
His bounty is currently 1.5 billion like 5 Gear said. And he hasn't beaten Kaido yet
Wait what about the living legend buggy? He got 8 billion beli right??
NB Plays (1 month ago)
Bro what u wanted to show us that Monkey D Dragon's bounty = One piece's whole treasure. That mean's if u able catch Dragon then u don't need almighty one piece treasure...... What????? Is this really possible. But u did pritty good job by putting Dragon on 1st place i feel the same way. But the bounty is way higher than anyone's imagination. Sorry For Bad English
Hidayat Syariff (1 month ago)
Now kurohige's bounty is 2.2B
Josua Cortes (1 month ago)
Josua Cortes (1 month ago)
The last bounties are too high
METHOD MAN (1 month ago)
Black beard bounty is 2.2BB lol
zakwan rain (1 month ago)
monkey d. dragon bounty is dead only . even marine didnt want to keep him alive
Akonyo EUW (1 month ago)
They removed the music...
JaSpEr Ma-AmUd (1 month ago)
I think the that has over price is shiki. If shiki has that 4.5B beli maybi luffy has a high bounty for now because luffy already destroy him at first before doffy ang luffy fight.
saurabh joshi (1 month ago)
Kaido defeated Luffy. Then he captured him. 4th gear Luffy only knocked kaido out of his drunken dragon form into a sober human then kaido beat him with one hit.
Lim Steven (1 month ago)
where ace
Akonyo EUW (1 month ago)
Anyone got the chills on 15:30?
Oksh YT (1 month ago)
Lol wtf is this 30 billion?
Ali Affaan (1 month ago)
Mihawk does not deserve that much bounty😂😂
Ferg Kumah (1 month ago)
Talk on vid plz
The God Eater (1 month ago)
I thought marco is dead
James Schaeche (30 days ago)
+The God Eater Either 909 or 910
The God Eater (30 days ago)
James Schaeche (30 days ago)
No he's alive; read the manga
Paul Daniel (1 month ago)
These bounties are too high cause black beards bounty is 2.24 billion according to manga
RC Talent (1 month ago)
Yea I think dragon has the highest bounty
Aymane l'otaku & gamer (1 month ago)
Who see it after chapter 925?
justin fleming (1 month ago)
Well he overestimated blackbeard a bit
Arup Kumar Som (1 month ago)
Blackbeard's bounty is 2.247 billion berry
PAG universe (1 month ago)
These were just bad like it makes no sense
PAG universe (1 month ago)
So garp said that Rocks is so strong that if they were to re surface the WG would be powerless against it and yet you think there not even worthy of top three?
Futt Bucker (1 month ago)
Blackbeards bounty is now over 2 billion
Mihawk is shishibokai His bounty ben frozen for years. I bet his on 700m or else he would be 2B
Frukuri - One Piece (1 month ago)
Nah you're wrong with Blackbeard
Roronoa Zoro (1 month ago)
Wtf are this bounties....ew
An Sa (1 month ago)
Wouldn’t Luffy’s bounty be higher then Shiki because he defeated Shiki but Luffy only care about being pirate king and exploring.
Noël Aspi (1 month ago)
Well now we know Blackbeard is 2.2 bil haha
Spitfire 2103 (1 month ago)
the whole bounty thing is a cammed if you ask me. in the onepiece world, strong ppl are either marines government or pirates. so a man who could defeat those monster are either marines or pirates, if he's marine then he is part of the government hence he got no bounties for turning in those monster. if he's pirates he'll get capture himself when he's turning those bounties to the government
Fahad Abdullah (1 month ago)
What a trashy channel, clickbait af These numbers is from your imagination, today they released that Teach bounty is 2.247.600.000

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