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One Piece TOP 20 HIGHEST BOUNTIES of ALL TIME, including Shanks, Roger, and Dragon – Chapter 917+

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One Piece 917 might foreshadow us the bounties of Kaido, Shanks, Gol D Roger, Dragon, Lurking Legend and others. In this video, I’ve discussed on one piece top bounties of all time. We don’t have Zoro and Sanji in this list but we’ve Luffy and Charlotte Katakuri in here. Discord server: https://discord.gg/xba3nGU Arts: Do check out these guys! https://bryanfavr.deviantart.com/gallery/ https://melonciutus.deviantart.com/gallery/ https://fanalishiro.deviantart.com/gallery/ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'fair use' for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use' .
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Gear 5 (2 months ago)
People say that the bounties are too high. Well, it reminds me of my Luffy's bounty video - I gave him over ONE BILLION BELI bounty! Some of us really hated that amount and hated that video as well!
kM bruuhhh (1 day ago)
and luffy fighting kaido now, So admiral maybe can 2 shots kaido 😂
kM bruuhhh (1 day ago)
admiral can 1 shot luffy ? luffy mastered a bit of observation haki that can see a bit in the future.
aniket gurav (1 month ago)
Hey did someone notice that shanks had both hands when he met Ace how is that possible
arifuyee a21 (1 month ago)
the golden roger rule is bigger than the dragon because the pirate king
TTV (1 month ago)
We'll never find out Yonko's bounties. They are too strong to be caught by anyone except another Yonko level or admirals.
Jaydin Thomaz (1 day ago)
Why does lurking legend look like mihawk
Recommended for you (1 day ago)
You forgot one *Con.D Oriano* his bounty is 10 Trillion and the world government wants him dead only
SMRO PT (1 day ago)
I do think that Garp and Roger trained Dragon. Roger had the weather control df but was willing to give it to a worthy candidate and that was Garp son. He might have been the one who taught the Raffle secrets and that's the reason he is the leader of the Revolutionary army. He was even happy when he heard by his own ears that Luffy wanted to become the Pirate King. Garp never captured Gold D Roger because they were probably like "brothers" and the real reason why he adopted Ace.
Abdul Muhaimin (1 day ago)
Tetsuya Kuroko (1 day ago)
Anyway,what is roger's power?
Mark jesson Laniog (3 days ago)
I dis agree what u said that no ona can stand against gol d roger!!! Remember what roger said to garp when he tells garp about ace!!
Alyson José (3 days ago)
Quinn appeared in Chapter 924. You got her look right.
pkuko (4 days ago)
Theeraphat Savage (5 days ago)
This right here, is pure bullshit
Yoshi Gaming (6 days ago)
whats wrong with this list. Usopp's bounty is incomparable 700,000,000,000,000 berries
efraim sanez (8 days ago)
I agree with this videos ranking.. But i think the bounties in their heads are too much.. If morgan thinks luffy is the 5th emperor then the bounty of other emperors is close to luffys bounty .. I think the highest bounty you can give is 5Billion berry..
LUFFY'S bounty skyrocketted to 1.5 billion as of now even all strawhat crew members went up.. EVEN CHOPPERS 50.. yes fifty belly bounty now it is B100 lol... after defeating katakuri and cracker luffy;s bounty went up as in it jumps 3 times...
Cefien Lengkoan10 (9 days ago)
Shiki is lame. False character. Why would he even in the list? Not original manga character and luffy defeated him even before timeskip and he is worth 4.5B? Not blaming ur theory but.. Lamest movie ever. He should not be in the list.
/ Hi (9 days ago)
I feel like oda needs to out the bounty poster when heintroduces a new pirate or someone wanted like a narrator would say their name blah blah blah and in the side is their bounty poster
Chris filth (9 days ago)
the one thing that gets me is that we hear dragon is this powerful person but didn't blackbeard pretty much destroy his secret hiding place with dragon present at the time
God Dieu (10 days ago)
i disagree when it comes to shiki, he is weak he lost against luffy before the timeskip, shanks is weak as well since he lost his arm against a sea creature unless he did it on purpose
Super Beam (12 days ago)
This fucking one piece isn't interesting anymore!!!! y??? because ur not releasing full video per episode! better stop this fucking anime!because im mad in all onepiece managent and specially the author! naruto/boruto is better now than onepiece!!!
Shrikant Shinde (13 days ago)
Sabo and at least one other commander of the revolutionary army should be on the list.
kunxv15 (15 days ago)
Con D. Oriano >>>> all people in this list
Pappa R (15 days ago)
where is buggy????
Martin Nemenzo (16 days ago)
Though i disagree most of the characters you placed on the rankings but maaannnnn nigga Dragon you were damn right about that! he has ideals, purpose hes got everything to be considered the most wanted criminal in the one piece world!
Marius Paşca (16 days ago)
Nice video. I think Sabo must have a higher bounty(and power!?) than Katakuri, Jack and maybe even bigger then Luffy's, as the 2nd man of the Revolutionary Army...Dragon is the most wanted man in the world and Sabo is not even in the top 20...
Samuel Balog (17 days ago)
I think you might be overlooking something when you sell Gol D Roger short there, the world government was trying to hid what Gol D Roger had and in many chapters that involve the the head of the world government and navy there's debate over Gol D Roger still, usually in reference to the one piece or Luffy. The world government don't cover up Dragon's rather label his actions of that of a terrorist which leaves the question who did they see more as a threat? The man they acknowledge or the man they were so desperate to keep silent they speed up his execution? Not that you're theory isn't great I just feel that maybe people seem to forget Gol D Roger's influence on the navy, world government and pirates, and the things he discovered as they seem to be only brought up rarely and usually when drawing similarities to Luffy and Gol.
NoGameNoLife (17 days ago)
anyway its a theory
Pjjitzu Ps4 (17 days ago)
I agree with every thing in the video and confirmed most things I debated I just wish more episodes of one piece would be posted
ToxicMetal Ace (18 days ago)
Lurking legend..would that be the vampire dude from that one game..he was able to go toe to toe with white beard and roger back in the day
Gaming With Ali (18 days ago)
Rin Chi Akumu Yami (18 days ago)
Noc about bounties luffy's gonna kick their ass in the future arcs.
Meretrix (18 days ago)
you do know they have shown roger and edward newgate's bounties right?
qiu pan (18 days ago)
whats the name of the music please?
ZTA TV (19 days ago)
First of all it’s already fact that Big Mom’s bounty is 500million, do your research before you shitpost.
Shadow Bandz (19 days ago)
shanks is number 2 stronger in four emperor...the stronger is whitebeard....but why?? kaido bounty is more high then shanks?? shanks can defeat big mom and kaido both of them..illogical lol
kakak kaka (19 days ago)
Sachin M.R (20 days ago)
I don't think that the lurking legend is Scopper gaban. If this legend has to be straw hat's greatest enemy, i think it would be Imu. I mean, Oda never said he won't reveal the lurking legend. Maybe he did. And maybe, just maybe, it's IMU. Think about it. Imu is supposed to be Immortal, controls the world government, the marines and even Shanks is weary of Imu.
Teboho Christopher (20 days ago)
I see you stated that this video is based on chapter 917 onwards in the description of this video. @Gear 5 can you share the link or website of where you watch your anime? I watch it on kickassanime and they have only released 858 episodes so far..
Dab (20 days ago)
If Katakuri can like see the future because of the observation (Not sure) I wish he can see the future when will Big Mom become skinny xD
Lasu X (20 days ago)
Kaido. Only Dead.
Isileli Havea (20 days ago)
So luffy is now the 5th Yonkou of the sea, and i don't get why Dragons bounty is not at the top considering that he is the most wanted man in one piece !
Yusuf Islam (22 days ago)
is this man on crack mihawk cant have a high bounty cuz he is a warlord
Flow aka Seth (23 days ago)
This is way too funny. If the person that made this video was searching properly he/she would've found Gol D Roger bounty and it's 7.5bil soooo all of this is really just crap
Felipe Rod (23 days ago)
Like if you also thought that Tony Tony Shopper, would be #1 in that list 😂
Stark (23 days ago)
How come the strongest commander in big mom pirates (Katakuri) equal in term of bounty with the weakest commander of beast pirates (Jack) ?
Daniel Lalandos (24 days ago)
100% FAKE!!!
Chibinaroath (24 days ago)
Kaido don't have any bounty anymore because he already captured .
DashPlays (24 days ago)
I know who is the lurking legend.. SPOILER ALERT Its Im the user of void void fruit or the strongest in the void century he is apparently the strongest in the marines even Garp Didnt know it because He didnt live in the void century but Sengoku Knows even dragon and shanks
DashPlays (1 day ago)
+Hello it'sMarc Actually Im eyes is similar to mihawk
Hello it'sMarc (12 days ago)
lol the picture that represents the lurking legends look a lot like dracule mihawk hahaha
Zenith Edianel (24 days ago)
is this a theory or a fact?
I Like Bald People (25 days ago)
Where the hell is the sniper king ussop?
Ronny Fowler (25 days ago)
I’m not about to watch a 17 minute video of nothing but words. Use your voice.
Edward23 Newgates (25 days ago)
So what could be Enel's Bounty?
DoriPlays DN (25 days ago)
Yall sleeping on red foot zeff....
Gio Tongol (25 days ago)
John Daryl Diaz (25 days ago)
This is so gay 😂
Mohit Negi (25 days ago)
Bro i love your videos. Also your background music in starting of the video what's it called?
LAXEN9003 (26 days ago)
i thought shanks alone stopped both big mom and Kaido and fought against them when they team up against him........ kinda says that Shanks is alot stronger then both of them?
Johannes Jaud (26 days ago)
Thx for the spoiler warning <3
MooHaHa BleH (26 days ago)
i believe were underestimating blackbeard
Ptolemy336VV (26 days ago)
I agree mostly with the order of the bounties altough I find only Shiki hard to believe, but that has to do with that Luffy defeated Shiki in the movie/episode. But with the bounties I mostly agree with them all the way up to Kaido. I dont think that Kaido has 10 billion. and also do I think that his bounty is more in the range of big mom's or the other way around. And also do I think that Shanks is stronger than Kaido. But those are little differences. In general I think I can agree.
SquidSgHD (26 days ago)
I just wanna say that in one of the One Piece movies Luffy kick the crap out of Shiki.. so there's no way he has a bounty of 4.5B
George Alilath (26 days ago)
Let's face it,The bounties are too high!
Omni Moon (27 days ago)
Black Beard was recognized as a Yonko because after White beards death he quickly claimed most of White Beards territory. Not just because he defeated Marco and the remaining White Beard crew. Also he was apart of White Beards crew in the past. So he knows the mapping of White beards territory. That is the big reason why Black Beard became a Yonko.
muhammad hasraf (28 days ago)
the highest threat is oda. if oda doesn't want to start the story there's will be no world government in one piece.. 😂😂😂😂😂
diogo teixeira (28 days ago)
I still think chopper will get the highest bounty
Pjjitzu Ps4 (17 days ago)
Lol no it’s the thousand sunny
dhzhs shsbd (24 days ago)
yah his journey is 0.00% complete
I Like Bald People (25 days ago)
Nah sniper king
Zbaja Maryati (26 days ago)
Me too
Anurag singh (28 days ago)
Where is aokiji? He was the former admiral who leave marine to join blackbeard crew. He must be in top 10.
陳坤南 (28 days ago)
Black bear have teeth black n white.
rahul cheerla (28 days ago)
Waiting for luffy to kick the ass of kaido
just 1 boy (29 days ago)
Dragon bounty should be (Moneky D. Dragon, Name your price)
Jeff Ramos (29 days ago)
These bounties aren't crazy. In fact some of them should be higher, like the all the yonkos' bounties should be within at least 10B.
Nico Brav (29 days ago)
Way too big... I mean just use the bounties of the son's of Big Mom and Jack as example... How much is the difference, how much stronger is Katakuri compared to her brothers...
Muhamad Isomudin (30 days ago)
in sabaody shakky said that rayleigh 100 times stronger than straw hat crew, so his bounty is around 8330000000 berry
Anime Otaku (30 days ago)
wrong bounties some are still not revealed, is this your assumptions they are quit wrong because i think maximum bounty will be 100000000
Villiers Ngangom (1 month ago)
Is dragon and roger brother
Abdu baksh (1 month ago)
How much the buggy the clown bounty?
Abdu baksh (1 month ago)
Great i like it your choices
Anime King (1 month ago)
Luffys bounty is 500 million not 1.5 billion no body has a 1 billion bounty in one piece
Anime King (1 month ago)
This not true shoe me real
Jason Moore (1 month ago)
Shanks became a Yonko before meeting Luffy? A Yonko who would lose an arm to a East Blue fish? A Yonko that couldn’t knock out a East Blue sea monster with haki alone? Even current Luffy could either conquerers that fish or just armament haki to avoid damage. I don’t think it is true, I think Shanks was still low tier at that time
marcos lopez (1 month ago)
Are these official bountys or what they kinda deserve?
Pit Bull X (1 month ago)
To be king of pirate it's more dangerous than "most wanted man". Why? Have one person high than world government, give that bounty because don't want anyone find ONE PIECE!! one piece or world government which is more important? More risk? So to be king of pirate / Roger had HIGHEST bounty ever
Unknown Unknown (1 month ago)
We saw this and want to share this with you guys. (We saw some questionable plots, but the story was seems legit. It's up to you now guy's. Just want to share it. Spoiler (includes the Yonko arc) this info. ends until episode 1000+ Luffy will beat cracker but he's severely wounded and unconcious, then they manage to get out of the forest because nami kept abusing lola's vivre card. Sanji was able to reconcile with family and the vinsmokes uncuffed him and defended him from big mam's crew. strawhats were able to reunite with sanji back with the help of pudding. jinbei also managed to join the strawhats, they escaped big mam's territory and went to wano kingdom where preparations were made to attack Kaido. The attack was scheduled 2 weeks after Luffy arrived, so that Luffy can heal and then train his haki along with Zoro, and Sanji. Law is also preparing the strategy. 2 weeks later, preparations were made and their alliance were on the move ( samurais, minks, ninjas) they went to kaido's territory. they saw captain Kidd, Hawkins and Appo along with each of their crew displayed in big cages. jack(one of the calamity and kaidos right hand with a bounty of 1billion) suddenly appeared and attacked the strawhats. Zoro,Sanji and Jinbei stepped in and had their hands full dealing with jack, while law and luffy went straight to get kaido. the other 2 calamities showed up. The 2 dukes of zou (nekomamushi and inuarashi) and the 3 legendary warriors of wano dealt with the other 2 calamities. while the strawhat crew, Trafalgar's crew, the mink, the samurais, the ninjas engaged in battle on the rest of kaido's army. law and luffy were finally able to get in touch with kaido (who was sleeping while the battle happened) luffy immediately used gear 4th and smacked his face. kaido was grazed and woke up. The battle began against kaido(a yonko with a 5.2 billion bounty). Law and luffy were completely outpowered. Ussop released kidd, appo, and Hawkins along with their crew and were able to join the battle. the 3 captains (kidd,appo,hawkins) went for kaido's head and helped luffy beat kaido. it was a 5 vs 1. luffy, law, kidd, appo,hawkins vs kaido king of beast. they were all still no match but they gave kaido a hard time with their strategy. meanwhile, sanji was knocked unconscious and had his leg broken but he dealt a big damage against jack, jinbei was also a big help but he took jack's stongest blow to protect sanji who was already unconscious, jimbei was completely defeated. now what's left was zoro vs jack (battle of the right hand men). both of them were badly injured, but jack still has the upperhand. zoro was able to open his left eye which was preserved and only used as a trump card. it was a strong sense of observation haki so that's why his agility and focus increased greatly, not minding his surroundings, big destruction and slashes were over the place affecting everyone. zoro finally defeated jack with his last final blow (his greatest attack) ''asura tensei''. the battle with the other 2 calamities were still ongoing. the dukes and legendary samurais were able to match the calamities, but at the end the calamities beat them all. the calamities were severely injured. one calamity (Jin with a bounty of 900million) was finally finished when ussop, brook and robin stepped in. while the other calamity (Doom with a bounty of 800million) was also finished by general franky and monster chopper combo. the luffy and law alliance is winning the war with the help of the 3 supernovas and their crew that was captured by kaido. the battle was ongoing for 3 days. kaido's crew was defeated but the strawhats took great damage also with sanji and jimbei unconscious and on the brink of death along with the dukes. now what's left was kaido. the strawhats and the others were resting at the battlefield, all of them were injured and couldn't even walk properly. zoro wanted to help but his body wont move because of a great fatigue caused by opening his left eye. all they could do was trust in their captains. appo and Hawkins were severly injured after getting a direct hit from kaido. kidd law and luffy started to injure kaido. kaido started fighting seriously. destruction were all over. kidd, at that moment was able to use his awakening and dealt a very big amount of damage to kaido. kidd used all his energy and fought as hard as he could, but kaido unleashed a great shockwave. destroying half of the kingdom island and the sea was separated. appo was the first person to be defeated in that fight. and then followed by Hawkins. law was able to hold off kaido but kaido took care of law in a split second using kaido's full power. kidd was still able to damage kaido and put up a good fight but kaido broke his legs and kidd was unable to fight. kaido had taken the greatest damage and was starting to fall but he remained tough and strong. luffy, who was also severly injured,started screaming all over the place and used his greatest technique which is only used for yonkos, the strongest technique Rayleigh taught luffy. ''gear 5th'' everything in it's path was destroyed. kaido was unable to keep up with luffy because he is injured and can't dodge attacks anymore. luffy was able to do the finishing blow his gatling canon. everytime luffy uses gear 5th, his body gets crushed because of the pressure. so for every attack he does, there's a recoil damage to himself, breaking each of his bones. luffy was able to maintain in that form for 45 seconds. kaido was unable stand after that, but 45 seconds was still short to completely defeat an injured kaido. even after the finishing blow kaido still remains conscious. luffy wasn't able to stand up, he lost his gear 5th and tried his normal pistol punch before he pass out. kaido also used his final attack. they exchanged blow. kaido was unconscious and was completely defeated. luffy also stopped moving after the great damage his body could ever taken. everyone was happy. and marine ship observers witnessed the fight and reported it to the whole world. while everyone was rejoicing, they notice law was shouting and crying. luffy wasn't unconscious,... but he was dead, his pulse has already ended for almost 5 minutes. willpower was the only thing that made luffy fight back at the end even his body already gave up the fight. he was able to bring a miracle on that impossible fight. everyone was emotional. Zoro was in shock that he spaced out of what happened to heir captain. Law remembered that he has the ability to give immortality to a person but he also heard rumors that it could bring someone back to life in exchange for his fruit and the host's own life. the marines arrived and tried to capture the pirates who were injured. law has 24 hours to revive a dead body and can't afford to battle against the marines again. law then carried luffy and turned luffy and himself in to the marines, in exchange to let the others go. everyone was shocked and angry. law shouted and said he will save luffy no matter what, just trust in him. it was a good deal for the navy to capture both law and luffy. the captain of the marine fleet respected law's decision and took law and luffy. law explained to the navy to let him operate luffy. it was too much for a consideration, law begged and bowed his head, crying, The captain of the marine fleet had a past and was saved by garp when he was little. he always respected garp. so he wants to return the favor by letting his grandson live just for a while because even if luffy survives he will be executed in marineford. he will take the blame for letting luffy live. law performed the operation and was a success. luffy was breathing again but unconscious. law then suddenly collapsed and was declared dead. the navy was shocked of what just happened and made a big news about law's death for luffy's life. luffy was then locked to impel down and was scheduled his execution. luffy was grieving after hearing the sacrifice of law. the news for the execution was spread all over the world, shanks was shocked that he beat kaido but he was also shocked that luffy died and then resurrected and is gonna be executed. but shanks decided that luffy needs to overcome this trial and he will not help the war. the strawhats got the news that luffy was alive and gonna be executed. they were relieved but sad at the same time because of the loss of law. Everyone all over the world reacted to the news and a war again was about to happen. at the date of the execution. the strawhats made their first entrance at the frontline of marineford, followed by the strawhat 5600 grandfleet. Zoro led the opening impression by shouting loudly directly to luffy who was in the platform execution. zoro said sorry and bowed his head crying. he swore that he would save luffy at the cost of his life, he knelt down and swore his loyalty as his right hand not to let those horrible event happen again. pointing his sword to the navy. he said he will kill himself if he fails. everyone was shocked of how the vice captain swallowed his pride for his captain. the strawhats were crying and each made a vow. Bartolomeo also slammed his head on their ship and swore to be loyal to the strawhats forever, and then followed by everyone. more ships came which no one expected even the strawhats. the whole army of alabasta came, the army of king riku from dressrosa, the army of fishman island led by the 3 prince, the former whitebeard pirates who wants to protect ace's brother, the former prisoners of impel down who were with luffy, boa hancock (who just resigned from being a warlord and joined help fight the navy) with the kuja pirates and amazon lily warriors, the mink tribe led by the dukes, the wano kingdom, and Trafalgar law's crew who were crying about the loss of their captain but they still want to protect what their captain protected. a huge island ship showed up at the side. it was the revolutionary army, monkey d. dragon showed up, the mo
Unknown Unknown (1 month ago)
most wanted man in the world (everyone was shaking in fear the same way they did to whitebeard). he said he has no business with luffy, he will step in the war if the pirate crew he hates the most joins the war (he was referring to blackbeard). but he will allow ivankov's and sabo's division to join the war since they are luffy's friends. finally at the opposite side of dragon, the blackbeard pirates showed up and said he has no plan on fighting the revolutionary, he just wants to see how the war will end. the revolutionary and the blackbeard pirates were just observers on the war. a small ship arrived, it was Rayleigh. saying good job on defeating kaido and he will help because his crew is outpowered. luffy cried in tears and said he will never die, he will become pirate king. garp's face was kinda worried of how it will turn out. he decided if navy will be successful in defeating the pirates, he will have no choice but to step in and fight the entire navy to save luffy. he could not make the same mistake again. navy was so shocked that many big time pirates and people showed up just for luffy. no matter how people look at it, the people trying to save luffy has the upperhand advantage, looking at the people, it has more reinforcement than whitebeard's reinforcement during ace's execution. the navy was worried on how to deal the war. akainu shouted the navy will win, a big ship came behind the navy and it was the world government army along with the strongest officers they have the 5 heavenly bodies, which were the 5 old legendary men along with the agents cipher phol. dragon was shocked and said if the world government joins, so will he. the revoluitionary's goal is to take down the world government in the first place. people started calling it the war of the best of the best. zoro started the war by giving a straight slash in which was blocked by mihawk. and the war began... As per this article this was the actual plot Oda had in mind. this was from a website forum discussion. someone translated it from Japanese to English. he was a former graphic designer of one piece but he gave this information to a Japanese website forum and later was translated to English. read it before this will be turned down because of privacy issues. IT'S UP TO YOU NOW Everyone.
Raphael Schostok (1 month ago)
honestly, i think if anything, the bounties you suggest are too LOW7 except for Dragon, that's way over the top
Abdul Rozaq (1 month ago)
so stupid
JESELLA HANGAD (1 month ago)
If red nose buggy put more efforts..he easily can be rated higest bounty in OP. King of the fool..
Vichred Sean Sumatra (1 month ago)
Bounties nowadays is ridiculous. In 2015 the highest bounty was only 1B+ and its Dragon
streetfights guild (1 month ago)
20billion is way too much.
Zunu Dah (1 month ago)
Popular always have a enemy...¤~¤
Zunu Dah (1 month ago)
Well you will see what character new coming soon on one piece...^^
Black Hair Shanks (1 month ago)
I'll post my own top 20 strongest n high bounty one piece character later.. But he has good reasons dragon is on top
Shawn Ocampo (1 month ago)
I think Dragon and Roger strength is equal
Yair Celis (1 month ago)
Monkey D. Dragon was the north wind admiral of the world government. The reason he ranks so high is because he knows secrets that the world government would kill to protect. Secrets not even Akainu knows. Hence why they are all so eager to capture him.
M Mustafa Yeşil (1 month ago)
Bounties are too many ı thing ı dont know maybe its true but kaido boundy is wrong. It will write only dead .
Pilar Christian (1 month ago)
Thumbs down
Pvrewjaw Enkhtuya (1 month ago)
ene bichleg ih goe bailaa daarna goe bichleg hiigeerei
aniket gurav (1 month ago)
Hey did someone notice that shanks had both hands when he met Ace how is that possible?
Jireh Tan (1 month ago)
Captain of rock should be in this list
MasterOne Piece (1 month ago)
Nami, Sanji, Zoro, etc... are the one piece that no one can have but Luffy the king of pirates.
MasterOne Piece (1 month ago)
The One Piece is The greatest crew members (your friends) who make it possible for you to travel the seas to find the most hidden islands in the world. Nami, Sanji, Zoro, etc... are the one piece that no one can have but Luffy the king of pirates.
Ayoola Cole (27 days ago)
Oda said the one piece is something physical.
El Guapo (1 month ago)
The power system in one piece has became as shitty as dragon ball shit
YU NA (1 month ago)
BENN BECKMAN Dead or alive?? No way I remember it says "Only dead"
Uriel Lopez (1 month ago)
My opinion when it comes to monkey and dragon and if I was the world government his wanted poster would say name your price

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