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This Incredible Animation Shows How Deep The Ocean Really Is

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Just how deep does the ocean go? Way further than you think. This animation puts the actual distance into perspective, showing a vast distance between the waves we see and the mysterious point we call Challenger Deep. Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/sai FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/techinsider TWITTER: https://twitter.com/techinsider INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/businessinsider/ TUMBLR: http://businessinsider.tumblr.com/
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Text Comments (29522)
May Anne De Guzman (2 hours ago)
I Have A Question... How The Heck Do You Know These Stuff But When It's Almost 10,00 Feet Deep?
Jamal Erakkal (16 hours ago)
That's where aquaman lives
Deck Z (2 days ago)
How did the aliens get that deep in water without humans taking notes of them??
Joshua D Smalls (2 days ago)
Dialike for you
Do THE RiGHT Thing (3 days ago)
Alright am I buggin or from what I see looking at the earth 🌏 wouldn't you end up in Space going all the way deep in the ocean same way you would from a space ship going all the way up in the sky 🤔
_Owner_Bing (3 days ago)
The only thing you will find down there are my grades -_-
L Arm (3 days ago)
How do people know about this though
Jacob Morgan (1 day ago)
L Arm yes
L Arm (3 days ago)
Do they send stuff down there
Vesela Rusanova (4 days ago)
Once my grandad was ther.... They goodnes he did not die😳😳
AbbyQ (4 days ago)
Johnson Vu (4 days ago)
That's where Mermaid and MerMa'am live all the way at the bottom.
Scuando Z (4 days ago)
Well, the ocean sounds scary
ÅVÅKÏN QÜËËN (4 days ago)
Maybe spongebob leaves in the bottom couse u know "who leaves in the bottom of the ocean spongebob squarepants
NebX (5 days ago)
If people think this is low, they should do a video of my self esteem.
NotGIGN (5 days ago)
Can't wait to taste the Crabby Patty down there once human technology reached a higher peek.
Make It Go (6 days ago)
I wish they would stop using ancient units in these videos.
Lydia Avila (6 days ago)
I don't believe anyone real knows how deep the ocean can go. It's an estimation. The ocean is endless.
coniell kirpatrick (7 days ago)
bam Williams me too
Gaming Central (7 days ago)
Enes'le Oyun Zamani (7 days ago)
Legends say they saw spongebob at the bottom
kim thanya (7 days ago)
Hi everyone. You can see this video about Photoshop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3jlqIXMqTg&feature=youtu.be Don't forget to subcribe Thanks :)
Nope, bye. (7 days ago)
You know what’s lower than that? My grades.
Eylul khalifeh (8 days ago)
Alyssa (8 days ago)
Omg please use the metric system next time
Lylli Sparkles (9 days ago)
I have water anxiety which means im scared of water and this scares me. How deep it is makes me think ill drown at the bottem.
Jonathan DeMuria (10 days ago)
I run a 10 k every day, crazy it’s only that deep
7 (10 days ago)
i dont understand feets
pancakelover0981 (10 days ago)
Gawdlike (10 days ago)
Davey Jones locker
Mybrwnisbeautiful Hin (10 days ago)
So what does it look like down there??
Holy Lagg (11 days ago)
how could we know that we have only explored 5-10% of the ocean if we havent seen the rest? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm???
Ashirva Bharath (12 days ago)
I get anxiety when he keeps going down Anyone relate?
Ams (12 days ago)
This is why I have thalassophobia 😫
Fred Stead (13 days ago)
It's weird the water is actually gas h20
Kalston Peyal (13 days ago)
What about Mauna kea, Mauna kea from bottom of the sea floor to top is the tallest valcano mountain in the world, 1 to 2,000 meters taller then mount Everest😐
Sarhan Fauzi (14 days ago)
Mariana Trench My Love Ocean n I Living at There 😍😍 Find Me at Mariana Trench 😊
Ryan HD (14 days ago)
But do you know what's lower than that... My Grades
Jason Kluge (14 days ago)
If human beings are able to reach the deepest part of the ocean all ocean species will be hunted for food and other commercial uses. It's better to let the ocean be unexplored and leave it in peace.
Tremayne Douglas (14 days ago)
sumathi gopalakrishnan (15 days ago)
Who thought that sponge bob lives there ??
BakedCookies (15 days ago)
and they say mermaids don’t exist smh
We don't know
Alex_ sharko (16 days ago)
How do you know this the world is just discovered ten percent Edit: please answer
Thanojan Thana i (17 days ago)
it looks reaching down the sea is more difficult than going to mars😨😨😨😉😉😉
Veronica Pomana (17 days ago)
You forgot the twilight zone
Blah BlahBlah (17 days ago)
If ya'll are so sure that those Megalodon and other giant sea creatures are EXTINCT. Why don't you go swim like right now and explore all world's ocean from 5% to 100% go explore what is down there at the bottom of sea since you all know they're gone forever right?
Nexus OneX (18 days ago)
It's a good song
Kevin Montuya (18 days ago)
The animal travelled the world is a megalodon
James Miller (19 days ago)
The ocean is very deep but as the Bee Gees would ask 'How deep is your love, how - deep - is - your - love . . .'
Seb demoorea (19 days ago)
Exploring the Oceans is so incredible, but we mustn't forget that the volume of all this water is not as big as we think. https://youtu.be/4EgVYCjK-9I
MR. Mæx (19 days ago)
What's there to dislike in this video
Pr0H3ader (19 days ago)
12500FT i see Zapplarang from Pokemon xD
Andri Yanto (19 days ago)
We still able to discover how's deep the ocean, but we can't discover how's deep human heart 💓
spaciousgalaqxy (20 days ago)
After hearing about the deep ocean, you scroll down and realize how shallow the comments are.
Bella Katherman (20 days ago)
How did the free diver survive 800 feet?????!!?!?!?
Alfonso Renteia (20 days ago)
The megladon lives in the Mariana trench
Kayleigh Powell (20 days ago)
At the bottom there might be a snail who thinks it's a cat,a sponge who's laugh is weird ,a grumpy squid and a money mad big eyed crab
VyrticFX (20 days ago)
Reyes Hyatt (20 days ago)
💯Exceptionally awesome video clip
Someone _ (21 days ago)
What if spongebob was at the deepest?
Hisana Rahanas (21 days ago)
Kazi Rizvi (22 days ago)
Is it possible for 1m feet?
Cha4k (23 days ago)
Stop using "feet" got damn it :P
Kenzie Sladden (23 days ago)
You know what's lower than that? my grades
Number of the Beast (23 days ago)
Feet? Would be nice to add meters for the rest of the world? https://gizmodo.com/5786004/these-are-the-three-countries-who-dont-use-the-metric-system
ravi ravi (24 days ago)
This world is full of mystery 🌏
Darkness of Light (24 days ago)
2:09 Dumbo octupos???
Princeflurry (24 days ago)
We goin in deeeep!
verts_tv (24 days ago)
Imagine making a video like this and not using metric.
Ronda Richards (25 days ago)
coooooooooooooooooooooool that is amazing
Brady Shroyer (25 days ago)
Nice vid man
John Smith (25 days ago)
Only retard US uses metric system, US is small country compared with the rest of the world. Disliked + Reported!
rick klerben (25 days ago)
This is false, you can go deeper in subnautica, do some more research bud
Lib (26 days ago)
Tell me I'm not the only person who is suffering from thalassophobia watching this video
Ayush singh (26 days ago)
It is dangerous
Jace Graciano (27 days ago)
But I wanna know if it's in the Pacific are Atlantic Ocean
Katie Gacha (27 days ago)
B u the oceans are goneeee
Salle Sulieman (27 days ago)
Watch Aquaman. You will learn how deep the ocean is.
Chanhoe Hwang (27 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZtqjnRB8Fk ^ please report this Youtube channel above
IndigenousWombman (28 days ago)
Excellent video!!
720 ft is the height what would the Millennium Transmitter can reach. That is a tallest tower in the Philippines and communications tower of ABS-CBN.
Gordon Davis (29 days ago)
Blue whale eat plankton at the surface, sperm whales dive.
Eaglewach (29 days ago)
Valuable report and analysis.
Syyd Ather (29 days ago)
Where is the titanic resting If its deeper than 12500ft
SlimyZ Cake (29 days ago)
Wow we really have an amazing world, the ocean is so deep
lol and just lol (29 days ago)
i think ...hell is here in earth 37000feet ...omg
Георгий А (29 days ago)
Baba Kong (29 days ago)
I'm sorry but I had to laugh at "For scale, here's a human and here's a blue whale'. Totally not to scale, and also ... that's a humpback whale.
skaizun (30 days ago)
Just wondering what it is about this that people don't like! If they're anti-science, then revel in the irony that they're using a device created by science to dislike it! ;)
Monirul Islam (30 days ago)
1:23 you meant the scary zone
Christy Krohne (30 days ago)
Not to sound all religious here, but its when I learn new things about our planet that I can't help to get more RESPECT for our Creator, God.
Thrill Pizza (30 days ago)
How deep was aquaman’s atlantis?
Terrence (1 month ago)
My hopes are that all these undiscovered creatures remain undiscovered. Look at what we’ve don’t to the biodiversity in land ... 😖😔
ThatguyNice (1 month ago)
And I thought the lowest point on Earth was the election of Donald Trump.
Sanket Sanket (1 month ago)
awsome 224523 (1 month ago)
On 2:07 that’s not a hag fish that’s a sea lamprey
The Suspect (1 month ago)
Not as low as my grades
Slim News (1 month ago)
Great educational video, thank you
Imagine being in an airplane closer to 4,000 feet (1,219m) above cruising altitude, at 35,797 feet (10,910m) above the ocean. Gives you a scale how far down Challenger Deep is
Uğur Çifçi (1 month ago)
manavgat falls
Vaishnavi Joshi (1 month ago)
still not as low as my grades

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