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One Piece Luffy Hears The Voice of All things

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shit 900years
Krillin (8 days ago)
I cannot stand that stupid mermaid character
Super Man (15 days ago)
I can hear it too..
Toaster Doe (22 days ago)
Just a thought but what if JoyBoy’s promise to the Mermaid Princess long ago was to take everyone on fish man island to the surface hence why the ship was built massively. And more than likely Luffy a possible descendant of Joy Boy coincidentally made the same promise with Shirahoshi.
ORO 0147 (29 days ago)
Where in this scene did Luffy hear their voice?
Nø Blazé (1 month ago)
0:38 Katakuri sound lmaooo
Comfortable Midfielder (2 months ago)
I think u also need to show Luffy heard the elephant and the dog in this video
?????? ?????? (3 months ago)
2:37 Oh look, it's those guys from the 1st One Piece opening.
さる さる (3 months ago)
なぜだ、なぜだろうね なぜ帽子って存在を知っているんだろうね
Wisedisguise (3 months ago)
TGA GAMING (4 months ago)
Will of D
CriticalMass 21 (4 months ago)
Haha i can hear the voice of all things i'm such a special man.
Arrogant Loner (4 months ago)
i don't know why i can't hear the voice of my toothbrush
MixUpMike69 (6 months ago)
Bruh that bitch is so annoying. She literally killed the arc for me. Imagine you seeing a dope fight and a dam fucken baby crying in the background like wtf ? Smh
jhoms nunils (6 months ago)
i think monkey d dragon reincarnate roger as luffy the way dragon recieved those marks on hes face. it wasnt their when roger was about to get executed but it suddenly appear thier for no reason which explains dragon got cursed as a demi god for reincarnating roger as luffy
jhoms nunils (6 months ago)
luffy well be stronger than roger one day lol luffy started hearing voice on a young age while roger heard it in adult momentoos
Ftr Gaming (7 months ago)
Ace inherited Rogers will and when he died in Luffy's arms, Rogers will went into Luffy. In turn Luffy is the destined one
Mister07 (7 months ago)
Why did they say Stop if Luffy wasn’t supposed to hear them?
SONE always SNSD (8 months ago)
Roger is still inside Luffy.
Ayomide Oyewole (8 months ago)
Funny even the sea kings don't know the answer to the reason the voice of all things exist
PuRe (9 months ago)
sea king's can talk da faq
Amar Baxla (9 months ago)
luffy is the son of roger
If they sent zoro instead of luffy, the ship should be Gone by now
GamerTV (9 months ago)
Who gets excited when roger and rayleigh flashbacks shows up
Westing Jotaim (9 months ago)
I'm curious of each and one of the Sea Kings this is amazing
JP Bodollo (9 months ago)
I bet JoyBoy is like Gol D Roger of the Void Century, and I bet Gol D Roger is the reincarnation of Joyboy and next is Joyboy.
Anime Fan boy (9 months ago)
Does that mean that buggy knows the full void history?
HeruikPlaysYT (9 months ago)
Will of the D
Misty Diablo (9 months ago)
Now that I think about it... Could it be possible one of the last poneglyphs Luffy will actually hear the stone talk?
Gugma Go (9 months ago)
My Theory guys !!!! Golden D Roger is reincarnated as Luffy I guess. It's like what Rayleigh said he is waiting for Roger, and Shanks also said that there was a child who talk to him a same words like Roger did and it's Luffy. And now they have the same ability to hear or understand all voices.
Nomer Villar (9 months ago)
This was the time that luffy raped hodi.. 😂
I was wondering why those Sea Kings had so much screen time in the first opening. About time they actually worked for their paychecks.
rafid mhaskar (10 months ago)
1:18 katakuri enters
Sebastian Herron (10 months ago)
Will of Deez Nutz
Pujatra (10 months ago)
Calm voice
Simple Person (10 months ago)
Setsuna can hear all voices through Quantum brainwaves, Amuro could because he was newtype, Judau, etc.. Same idea from so many animes... Only different terms.. And telepathy? It seems more to fiction..
Carlos Colon (11 months ago)
Back when Robin was exotic and not whitewashed.
Abdirahman Ibrahim Mahamu (11 months ago)
Biggest mystery is going to happen in wano and is going be connection about luffy and dragons the voice of all things
Emerson Alderite (11 months ago)
So this is why Roger never been defeated or lost to someone else during his journey because his ability is to predict what will next happen and his allies is the nature's itself he can hear the voice of all things, anything in the one piece world even those letters he can hear those things even it is not alive... That's why Rayleigh said Roger could see the END of thier journey after he achieved an incurable disease maybe it was his own ability that he was the chosen to create the great pirate ERA...if we go back to the time when Roger meet Rayleigh "He said to Rayleigh that they've destined to meet to turn the world upsidedown" GODA already hint what Rogers real ability is to predict the future ....
Behrouz Jazizadeh (11 months ago)
0:39 that's the same sound as the one when he did his haki inside the auction room.
Titan Gladiator (11 months ago)
Wait so is power of the d to hear voices of all things animals and fishes and other things
HeroK (11 months ago)
Logic, stupid people understand stupid language.
Excy Liztial (11 months ago)
what if.. just what if Luffy is the real son of Gol D. Roger and was swap on Ace to further hide the real truth.
Cloud Prime (11 months ago)
Imagine if Noah becomes Luffy ship in the future
NCS Hacos (11 months ago)
David Ortiz maybe after Franky reaches his goal
海斗 (11 months ago)
いつかしらほし姫が海王類を 操って戦うシーンが見たい
GODLIKE AMV's (11 months ago)
People really stupid!! Not about the D to hear all voices it’s about that pirate king only can hear the Sean kings !! Just like d roger and then Luffy is gonna be pirate king at the end so geah
69 Vide0S (11 months ago)
Toshihiro Kakogi (11 months ago)
They wonder why?? Why can't you guys just watch YouTube?!
At Random (11 months ago)
luffy is an ancient weapon..
開発アナル (11 months ago)
Mr White (1 year ago)
Poor writing on this scene,
I can understand them. I’m a cool kid right?
Lunar Atlas (1 year ago)
Calling this now the Noah is the true pirate kings ship and it will be fixed for luffy
Kielian (11 months ago)
no its an arc for the salvation of the fishman and mermaid race.
West_siiieeed (1 year ago)
They made it to noticeable that he is gonna become the next pirate king
Whogivesashit Tho (1 year ago)
Will of dick hahahahha
bosmanbing (1 year ago)
only Gold D. Roger can hear that and luffy because they are father and son, the true identity hidden because a lot of people wan't to kill Gold D. roger son
Kielian (11 months ago)
they don't need to be directly related since both luffy roger and many others like law and blackbeard are connected by the same family/clan. the family of D.
ledernierutopiste (1 year ago)
You know gold roger died more than 3 years before luffy birth right ? Portgas d rouge was already unbelievably strong to give birth to ace after more than 1 year of pregnancy, so who would have kept luffy for 3 years ? Big Mom ? She was to busy giving birth to a hundred kids so no...
ZMZ (1 year ago)
do you even watch the anime/read the manga?
Dark frozen (1 year ago)
yanuar aidi momonosuke can also hear sea king
bosmanbing (1 year ago)
yes because they got that D., but what i'm talking about is direct relation, just look for the episode about Roger starting his pirate adventure, the first crew is that Rayleigh (a swordman) and also their first boat is a small boat like luffy did, and not to mention that straw hat also Roger wearing that
Nori S. (1 year ago)
Epic omg
minho choppy (1 year ago)
I can also hear them 😌😌😌😌
-Demondevil GT- (1 year ago)
Will of D is the will of the dick =D
Profound B (1 year ago)
Fun fact Luffy gearing the voice of all things was introduced in filler with the dragons
Yoa Pim (1 year ago)
she a crying baby
gaurav sherke (1 year ago)
What if the Noah was meant to be a ship for the pirate king Joy boy saw the fishmen being ill treated so he built the noah for a suitable persom who will help the fishmen but couldn't find a suitable person . And that's is why he apologize to the queen. Also in the present what if the sunny isn't the final ship to reach raftel either. We know a war is gonna take place in fishmen island and The straw hats need a ship (The Noah) in case the sunny gets destroyed. Also the fact that there will be more character's who'll be joining the straw hat fleet (Jimbei,vivi,sirahoshi,some one from mink,momo) logically they'll be needing a big ship
WATS (1 year ago)
Ears of D
edmondYJ (1 year ago)
Goddamn Shirahoshi’s voice is so fucking annoying
Eric Rentarou (1 year ago)
was luffy alive when roger died? coz if no what if luffy was roger's reincarnate lmao i imagine too much
Emgod YouPeasant (1 month ago)
Eric Rentarou no
Light Of Heaven (1 year ago)
Luffy and shirahoshi <3
Ki nky (1 year ago)
I like their voices lek
Death War (1 year ago)
Will Of D
Tak Martinez (1 year ago)
Maybe luffy's real father was gold roger? Hmm? Just kidding
BUSHEYA The Bush (1 year ago)
"The will of D" ohhhhhhhh 😏😏😏😏
Oracle cykŁus (1 year ago)
Shirahoshi is an idiot she's fucking annoying
Ura Bomber (1 year ago)
The will of the D if you know what I mean s:D
Takashi Kurisagi (1 year ago)
Shirahoshi is so cute whenever she speaks.........also Waifu material
Leobardo Delcastillo (1 year ago)
I think the will of D is you can hear the voices of all living things and use the conquer spirit
How could luffy hear the voice of all thing but cannot understand kung fu dugong
Takashi (1 year ago)
Then that means if you are from the Will of D. You can hear all things and even animals
Long Võ Quốc (1 year ago)
I bet it's the inheritance of D's will
Hikaru Skins (1 year ago)
simple because he is the pirate king
baby 11 (1 year ago)
Because luffy is roger son thats why
Eddie Spears (1 year ago)
She lowkey weaved all of Luffy's giant punches with ease... Oda explain please...
Jacob (8 months ago)
TheWildHealer (11 months ago)
Eddie Spears Luffy avoided her idiot.
Rusdi Setiadi (11 months ago)
Luffy love Giant Breast
Ossyria (1 year ago)
Erm, more like Luffy avoided hitting her? o.O
M.A.M certi (1 year ago)
Eddie Spears omg soo true
Ichinose Kai (1 year ago)
n luffy know the emotions of all things
TM Kai (1 year ago)
Funny how Roger reached Fishman Island when he's old while Luffy did it in just 2 years. (under 1 year if you count reaching Sabaody because Sabaody is right above Fishman Island
MinecraftPro15 (7 months ago)
Sure, but the Grand Line's water still technically overlaps with the Red Line, as it connects to the other side via the underground "tunnel"
Isaac Gleeth (7 months ago)
+MinecraftPro15 The Red Line bisects the entire OP world and, along with the Calm Belts, form the boundaries of the Grand Line's divisions, the first half being called Paradise and the second half the New World.
MinecraftPro15 (7 months ago)
But isn't the Red Line technically overlapping with Grand Line, hence it should be a part of the Grand Line, no?
Isaac Gleeth (7 months ago)
+MinecraftPro15 Mariejois is on top of the Red Line and is close to Marine HQ and Sabaody Archipelago, but not part of the Grand Line.
MinecraftPro15 (9 months ago)
I never understood why people make the Grand Line to be some really dangerous place at the start, even though people have been living in the Paradise portion for centuries (at least 800-900, we know this, because of Arabasta, who are one of the 20 founders of the World Government, and thus they fought the Ancient Kingdom during the Void Century). Also, Marie Jois is there, so shouldn't people know that the Grand Line isn't actually that dangerous as they make it to be?
Abdullah RASOOL (1 year ago)
Who loves the way robin says "poneglyph" at 00:007
どん兵衛 (1 year ago)
Tan Zhao Feng (1 year ago)
The sea kings so damn chill hahahah
Muhammad Isaac (1 year ago)
I know roger fruit devil element..he control the sea wave nomi nomi. I notice he fought with shiki..his power control the sea...
Forbidden Myth (1 year ago)
The will of the “D” 😏😏😏 if u know what I mean!!
Byron Garcia (1 year ago)
Luffy is the recarnation of gold d roger
Tactical Leehong (1 year ago)
god damn that attack man i miss this kind of heavy attacks
Tactical Leehong (1 year ago)
B R i got that reference
B R (1 year ago)
81st Ace Squad language
asteg's world (1 year ago)
op has just become "what you did has only been done once before, by gold D, grats luffy" still gonna watch every ep tho :D
Gokyoren Gaming (1 year ago)
Robin "The Will Of The D" is U having my D
Jacob (8 months ago)
i think you mean the will of D and not the will of the D
Nadaisme (1 year ago)
glad luffy didnt power up to yonko level, the noah would be completely destroyed instead.
Blazely Hazard (1 year ago)
Which episode is that??
Tapas Singha (1 year ago)
"Not long ago"... How long the Sea Kings live?
Entrippy (3 months ago)
+Cherni Mohamed dude, what if a seaking had enough will for haki, how long would it live then? doesnt it make you age less, or is that nen from hunterXhunter?
YodaWithASoda (6 months ago)
+Isaac Gleeth garp is half merfolk
Isaac Gleeth (7 months ago)
+MinecraftPro15 If that's the case, then Garp is virtually immortal.
MinecraftPro15 (8 months ago)
These aren't actually set in stone, because the lifespans in OP depend heavily on how POWERFUL the person is, somehow.
Cherni Mohamed (11 months ago)
The lifespan of the giants are 400 or 500 years Ancient creatures Like seakings 3000 years Humans (Normal) 90-110 years Humans (Special) 100-150 years
Saransh Karira (1 year ago)
The combination to hear voice of things is to have conqueror's haki as well as will of D
Lemur 1112 (1 year ago)
I love it how at least one of these sea kings is already in the first opening
Dule D (1 year ago)
i think 3 of them the frog like the zebra like and the flamingo like all where in the first opening
MP Unknown (1 year ago)
When I saw then title of the video I was like luffy was hearing God but it was the sea kings but damn imagine the will of D was just the ability to hear God's voice that right there would be scary as sh*t!!!
Chris E (11 months ago)
Luffy can hear Usopp just fine
Argost Abernackie (1 year ago)
I don't really understand sea kings, haven't read too much of the manga or anything. Are they an ancient super intelligent race of guardians for the ocean? Or are they just ancient sea monsters that gained a connection to something after living so long?
MinecraftPro15 (9 months ago)
I guess they could be a superweapon created by the Ancient Kingdom, who were technologically advanced enough to be able to go to space. One has to question, though, how they lost in the first place, since we have seen that they basically were more advanced than any of their neighbours, which is the reason in the first place the 20 kingdoms attacked them, cuz they jelly. As far as we know, the 3 weapons exist to grant complete superiority in all of the 3 terrains; Air (Uranus (Probably some kind of an aircraft with carpet bombing capabilities, or a flying fortress, or an orbital killsat type of thing? To stop any attempts to destroy Pluton from Sky Islands or using their tech?)), Water (Poseidon (Sink any ships trying to attack Pluton(???))), Earth (Pluton (destroying islands in 1 hit, on a world that's 99% archipelago)) At least, that's how I'd do the thing, considering we pretty much know they are these 3 element related, based on their names.
R4nd0m Guy (11 months ago)
The manga hasn‘t explained that yet as far as I know of.
Nepali Rai (1 year ago)
Luffy you jerk you made my one piece wifu cry you ass
Kurama (1 year ago)
I bet next time skip after wano arc maybe will have him learn the Voice of all things by some wano member who knows about it maybe because their shogun knows it so...
Green Aminé (1 year ago)
I thought Roger had a straw hat
Niggaz know (1 year ago)
he gave it away by then
Broken Wings76 (1 year ago)
Jan Michael Catap his talking about the flash back. Roger is not wearing the strawhat 2:53 (I don’t know why ether)
Jan Michael Catap (1 year ago)
Yes he did. The one Luffy is wearing was actually his. It was passed to Shanks then passed it on to Luffy.

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