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The salt sea in the lowest place in the world
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Hagar Man (2 months ago)
Christopher Tolhurst (8 months ago)
GOD bless you. Nice video. I hope to be in your lovely Israel in about a year from now. GOD bless the IDF soldiers and their families. Amen
Ame ozukum (9 months ago)
Going there soon !!!
Roland Prepose (10 months ago)
Highly salty makes human float?is that so?
Susan Rinon (4 months ago)
yes ,
angi seb (10 months ago)
Pls the name of te song???
Ame ozukum (9 months ago)
onon Mweng
moose mooser (11 months ago)
filthy fucking animals
Ismail Moubarik (1 year ago)
تسقط الاسرئيا
Epoch plus5 (1 year ago)
Dead sea water stings my balls...
Ali Bakir (1 year ago)
Can u cross to Jordan?
Ognjen Mali (2 years ago)
but i am scared will that salty dead sea water bite my penis? please people if you have any experience with it let us know
Opal Chatsronie (1 year ago)
Ognjen Mali It's not dangerous it's actually very healthy just don't dive or drink the water and keep your face dry
Ognjen Mali (2 years ago)
so many bad comments here about dead sea but i still do not understand it: what is bad, why it's bad, will i die if i go there, please, explain all dangers of dead sea. Thank you all. Greetings from Serbia (former Yugoslavia)
Belem Friddle (10 months ago)
Ognjen Mali Dead Sea don’t kill you but be careful if it gets in your eyes it hurts ,it was a blessing to be in the holy land with the chosen one.God bless his holy land...
Ognjen Mali (2 years ago)
Thank you Liran
Liran c (2 years ago)
nothing dangerous man... it's all ok. the dead sea is actually very healthy for the skin and cures skin diseases. you just should not drink or dive in the water because it's full of salt.
Dave Stonehill (4 years ago)
Don't ever dive into the Dead Sea. I tried it and regretted it for about an hour afterwards. I had to learn the hard way. LOL.
Jwf61 (1 year ago)
Dave Stonehill lol same happened to me when i was 11 years old i tried diving in and my nose and my eyes started burning so bad, it took me like an hour for my eyes to calm down.
Liran c (1 year ago)
of course not everyone know it XD i once accidently got into the dead sea with my cellphone in the pocket... after one hour in the water it's became more a salt crystal than a cellphone..
Dave Stonehill (3 years ago)
+Mary Patterson That is true but I still felt like a pillar of salt.
Mary (3 years ago)
+Dave Stonehill At least you didn't turn into a pillar of salt!  LOL! 
רז רייפמן (4 years ago)
+Bellec Pierre explanation, the salt enters your eyes and it burns... oh hell it burns, there are many showers for people that salt entered their eyes, so they can get it out. when i was a child i went there, and couldnt trust the water, i floated for 2 minutes (very unsetteling) and then when i tried to get out, things didnt work out perfectly xD
Heki A (4 years ago)
Very healing.
dyebeach (4 years ago)
ummglick (5 years ago)
Two places on earth you won't find Chinese people..Death valley and the Dead sea......guess why?
Liran c (2 years ago)
i worked in a hotel by the dead sea in israel, there is many chinese tourists here
ummglick (4 years ago)
Chinese are superstitious and four in chinese sounds like the mandarin word for death....you will not find a fourth floor in a china or taiwan building or hospital.
Yenisbeth (4 years ago)
HazelAgnes48 (5 years ago)
I visited here a few weeks ago. Very interesting. Enjoyed your video. Hazel.
אבי כהן (5 years ago)
"desert view" -a beautiful accommodation in- arad , Israel . 0522627042
Rachél P (5 years ago)
which band is this music
Brian Clark (5 years ago)
God Bless Israel and peace be with her...nice music!
Caparica Cor (5 years ago)
I love women.
nalli divya (5 years ago)
I love israel
Martina M (5 years ago)
water looks nice, but it looks impossible to dive in there.
261maddie (5 years ago)
Love from Antarctica
DrEurop (5 years ago)
We Love you 2!! I was in Poland this march !! Stunning
Dave Stanton (5 years ago)
Great background music!
Mo Smith (5 years ago)
its even more beautiful on the Jordan side, its boarder to the whole dead sea and have much better sites and view :)
Jordan Cab (5 years ago)
[email protected] To visit the Dead Sea You need not contact
megan aikens (5 years ago)
hello isreal greetings from telugu!!
Rich P (6 years ago)
Hello Isreal from Texas! I will go visit you one day!
Diana Goshanka (6 years ago)
tak napewnie moj chlopak jak opowiedzial o izraeliu..to nie ma tylku tam jechacO.o
Mildred Lopez (6 years ago)
is this sodom and gomorra before?
Julian Bocchinfuso (6 years ago)
amazing how the high salt content makes your body more buoyant.
sSaMmY Diger (7 years ago)
i was there is beatiful i'm roumainian
Grace Christian (8 years ago)
Great video, im going there this christmas...thanks for the video..im kinda nervous

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