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Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Singapore

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Tour of the place at dusk - room, pool, hotel and a walk to the water on Singapore's F1 circuit...
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Sherwyn Tan (5 months ago)
Tour around the top floor is bonus scene at 6:48
Sherwyn Tan (5 months ago)
6:48: MrKesavaraj taking the elevator from 9th floor to 21st floor
Michael Tsang (2 years ago)
I staying in Mandarin Oriental hotels too , all of their hotels standard are extremely high and such a pleasant to stay in. But the down side is the price, a bit expensive lol. Love your hotels reviews video, keep up the good work :)
Helmy Bryan (3 years ago)
Nice about Marina Mandarin Oriental Mr.Kesavaraj...on monday 28 december'2015 i will fly with my family to singapore also..
Luiz Gustavo Lima (3 years ago)
I am quite sure this one was the "Marina Mandarin Hotel" of the eighties.
MrSteffy27 (3 years ago)
c est magnifique... surtout la vue depuis la piscine, ça donne le vertige tellement tout est beau... waoua
nashie1984 (3 years ago)
Love this hotel, sadly it is now out of my price range :(
Marissa Orozco (3 years ago)
Fantastic video. Singapore looks absolutely beautiful...would love to visit someday. Definitely on my list of places I'd love to travel to. Sir, do you have an Instagram, Facebook or Snap Chat account? Have a great day
Rahul Gubiligari (3 years ago)
Truly marvellous stuff as always.Keenly waiting for your next and the 500th video since a week ago.
Murat Altın (3 years ago)
5:18 Be My Guest BODRUM I recommend to visit strongly.İt's most beautiful sea coast in Turkey. I am happy to see it on a foreinger magazine.
Dan 17 (3 years ago)
grat vids mate will you ever go to the united states?
MrKesavaraj (3 years ago)
+Dan 17 Been many times and plenty of vids on the channel mate - New York City, Los Angeles... and before the days of YouTube Hawaii, Las Vegas, San Fran, Seattle, Houston, Miami, Chicago, and Washington DC on the day Obama elected President - I saw the celebrations on the streets, cars hooting, flags waving outside the hotel. I used to live in the UK and getting to USA 7 hours on a plane - out of Singapore, it is 24 hours of travelling... more USA videos to come I promise...
hank jones (3 years ago)
Looks amazing. And perfectly timed with the music at the end! Definitely on the list of future holidays. Only trouble is I wanna go to MBS as well. Decisions decisions...
Bertiebigballs 1 (3 years ago)
Nice one big boy, that's a great city there. I was wondering,the Rugby world cup is getting huge covering on TV in the UK, are they showing it over there.
MrKesavaraj (3 years ago)
+Bertiebigballs 1 Yah. Hotels don't have all the channels. Certainly watch at home... but games on middle of night...
Mark HS (3 years ago)
Great hotel. Which one would you say is a better hotel in Singapore Shangri-La or Mandarin Oriental? Are you on Instagram?
Steve Glave (3 years ago)
Fullerton is very nice, but they were completely booked.
Steve Glave (3 years ago)
Sorry I meant to say Fullerton Bay
MrKesavaraj (3 years ago)
+Steve Glave Fullerton Bay Hotel, different to Fullerton... check it out, is good
Allan Moore (3 years ago)
The night view gives one a new perspective on a property; makes it warmer I think. Do you have a favorite hotel among the ones downtown. What was the rate on your room if I can ask?
Allan Moore (3 years ago)
+MrKesavaraj Thanks, Will probably be in Singapore in the next year so thinking about where I'll have them book me into.
MrKesavaraj (3 years ago)
+Allan Moore Basic room rate $350 USD a night. Fave downtown hotel - Fullerton Bay is good; MBS is famous and good; high floor at Swissotel good.. all pretty good...
Steve Glave (3 years ago)
Great video Mr. K. Will likely visit Singapore this spring and I've really enjoyed your videos of the city and the hotels. Still trying to decide between Mandarin Oriental, Pan Pacific and Marina Mandarin. Club rooms with bay views at Marina Mandarin are about the same cost as a standard bay view room at the other places so I'm leaning that direction for now.
Leon Fong (3 years ago)
Under Jardine Matherson! Thanks
MrKesavaraj (3 years ago)
+Leon Fong So capitalism is wrong? Hong Kong is not Communist...
Leon Fong (3 years ago)
putin is a capitalist, just like roman abramvorich
MrKesavaraj (3 years ago)
+Leon Fong Dude, Western companies are mature. Without Vladimir Putin there would be no Communist Russia yah???
Leon Fong (3 years ago)
+MrKesavaraj but is design in U.S. Without Steve there wouldn't be iPhone
MrKesavaraj (3 years ago)
+Leon Fong Yes the iPhone is assembled in China. The technology elsewhere. Called cheap labour. Are you capable of thinking outside of Communist China?
Hajo Theunissen (3 years ago)
Great video Raj. Loved it!!
Lee Claxton (3 years ago)
So you've tried all hotels on Sentosa, and now most hotels in Marina Bay (not The Fullerton though?). Mandarin Oriental looks very nice, but rooms are very small - good view though. I am impressed with the choice of restaurants here, especially that Cantonese restaurant, Cherry Garden.
MrKesavaraj (3 years ago)
+Lee Claxton There is a video Fullerton Hotel, only the room though, rooftop suite... not full tour I agree. The MO this weekend was an after thought - booked on the Saturday morning so got a basic room. Had room service dinner - very good food...

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