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Naruto Shippuden OST III - My Mother and My Father (HQ)

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Naruto Shippuden Original Soundtrack III "My Father and My Mother" Composed by: Yasuharu Takanashi Track: 4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright Info: This channel is only for promotion purpose. All music belongs to the original creators. Contact me if anything is wrong: - Request to remove a video - adding any kind of information which belongs to the video (audio OR visual - Illustrator, Composer, Publisher, purchase-links ..) Where to find me: ➢ Vidme: https://vid.me/Markie_S ➢ Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/zerogravity060 ➢ YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/MarkieOST's ➢ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/zerogravity411 ➢ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/markie-s-zerogravity ➢ Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMu1uYIUsWqhRYUH4Qo7cjg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Text Comments (464)
Rahadiyan Djap (3 hours ago)
Road 1 million views... :'D
Shane (1 day ago)
Sorry Sasuke... No next time okay...
Lydia Larissa (1 day ago)
Its too late tho..and i know uchiha have a "bad side" but let me say this, Sarada you have amazing uncle and grandparents, also.. you have a very good clan!! Sorry for my bad grammar
BEST GAMER (1 day ago)
Fugaku "Itachi compared to your pain our pain will instantly"
Booty Warrior (2 days ago)
fuck this song brought me to tears.. best part about naruto is the ost.
MasterJennaMcLain (2 days ago)
This melody really is for the deaths of loved ones. Switch some parts around and you get Decision... THIS SOUNDTRACK IS SO GOOD!
Tre- Tastic (20 hours ago)
a young man so selfless and willing to give up his entire reputation to avoid another war for the love of his village and his little brother slaughtered his entire clan all at the age of 14 , i don't care who you are nobody this young should ever have to do this and yet he did because he did what he knew that next to nothing this was the best thing to do to protect his morals the one he truly loved. Itachi is to be remembered throughout the rest of my life
Jennifer Dalsing (3 days ago)
i will keep mooveing foword intill the very end even if i die i will sacrific my sellf for all of my firends and famile and all of the people. i will protect the holl world with 2 of my hands
unknown 09 (5 days ago)
Hans Schneider (5 days ago)
*"Do not fear, this is the path you have chosen. Compared to you, our pain will be over in a instant. Even if our philosophies* *differ, i am proud of you. You are a truly a kind child"* Thanks Fugaku, when you have said that words, i had cried like a baby, like 'm doing right now 😭
Obito Uchiha (6 days ago)
This is the most saddest moment in naruto.. I cry watching this moment.. Itachi is the best character.. His decided to save the village and his brother.. No one ever do what Itachi do.. Salute to Itachi Uchiha!!!
LeTheGenD (7 days ago)
Back when Naruto was good..
Alberto Cortese (8 days ago)
ahhh itachi...so painfull to know you, yet so good to see your history.
Jishu Basak (9 days ago)
The only song that rolls tears from the eyes of an emotionally cold person like me. What y'all think, has anybody been able to surpass Tear no Jutsu after listening to this tracks, and flashbacks of Itachi's life and Minato and Kushina's death(the theme is same for their arc as well)?
Ana Sanchez (10 days ago)
Uta k sad
mohammed elyas (11 days ago)
in this moment all my feeling and my pain turn to quiet river of tears
Nathan Limesand (11 days ago)
Is the person in the video Sasuke or Itachi?
AlissZ (4 days ago)
Itachi. Sasuke was still a kid when itachi slaughtered the whole clan
Obito Uchiwa (11 days ago)
Itachi And Obito And Madara The Best
Le Gamer (14 days ago)
Yeah ! He is really a kind boy. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Feliha'a Niutupuivaha (14 days ago)
In my opinion, Naruto, Kakashi, and Itachi suffered the most.
mr cookie (17 days ago)
Reading all these comments make me cry😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
hairyHarry (18 days ago)
Only one thing he made mistake is... that he loved sasuke TOO much...
#Tcrow282 (18 days ago)
Wouldn’t the floor be flooded of tears lol
#Tcrow282 (1 day ago)
If u put it on loop itachi will drown
Joshua Anderson (18 days ago)
Wyhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😓😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Marciano K (19 days ago)
Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobu, Son Goku, Kokuo, Saiken, Choumei, Gyuuki, Kurama. You always will be together...
BarnacleBlitz (20 days ago)
How on earth did madara awaken rinnegan before his death? The pain Itachi felt must have been immeasurable, how he didn't awaken it I have no idea...
Jonas Mosgaard (21 days ago)
Itachi is in no way overrated
OpTic Wannabe (21 days ago)
(Think this comment got deleted, full credit to the guy who made it. But...) "If I had come to you from the start, look straight into your eyes and told you the truth. Then I wouldn't have to stand before you as a failure telling you everything..." "But I want to impart at least this much truth to you... You don't ever have to forgive me, and whatever you do from here on out, know this. No matter what, I will love you always..."
Paajkub Thao (21 days ago)
If itachi had a wife called itachia things are different Itachi:I’m sorry my brothers naruto,sasuke,obito,minato and my sister kushina and pangjfuab and sorry my beloved wife itachia All of the siblings:don’t kill us Itachia:why?! (All of past memories ends) Itachia:so that’s why..... Itachi:yes... Itachi:this is my final goodbye and we’ll never see each other again Itachia:(cries)why.... Itachi:*hugs itachia and kisses her) Me:(cries) Itachi’s and sasuke’s parents:(cries) My and itachia‘s parents:(cries) Naruto and kushina and minato:(cries) All of the rest of main characters:(cries) Itachi:goodbye everyone*fades/disappears* Itachia:goodbye my beloved husband itachi..... That will be different 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 I’m not crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
MagnifyTV (22 days ago)
You must know true pain before you can comprehend this song 😭
Sixth Serenade (22 days ago)
Kushina and Minato dead?
Luna Twilight (22 days ago)
hazem hani (23 days ago)
The moment Itachi appeared in the show the moment it surpassed all other shows 😍
tutorial channel (24 days ago)
My Heart Is Broken
kasun tee (24 days ago)
my favourite Naruto soundtrack, you can feel the sadness, nobility, and sacrifice in the song. Well orchestrated for this scene. Goosebumps for sure
Luis Chávez (25 days ago)
Si algo tiene naruto es su espectacular maldita banda sonora la banda sonora es otro pedo
Rohit Roy (26 days ago)
"you really are a kind boy"
Junji Mizoguchi (26 days ago)
The name of the ost should be "Decision"
filippo verardi (27 days ago)
I feel so bad when I listen to this song...
Rin Nohara (27 days ago)
I think so all bgm listening suit So.. Tragic , Obito theme , This bgm , Falshback BGM etc...
ProFireFox (28 days ago)
Itachi was wise and a true Leaf Shinobi. He was willing to be pinned as a villain and a murderer, just to protect his home and brother. I respect him from the bottom of my heart. He may have looked like a villain, but he suffered greatly. He lost his best friend, his parents, his girlfriend (Izumi Uchiha from Itachi Hiden and fillers), and still burdened the hatred of everyone to the end.
Jal Nanwani (29 days ago)
The one who saved All the nations even after he Died.
terri blees (29 days ago)
es un honor haber visto naruto mas que una serie de anime es un enseñanza de vida que nos enseña mucho de como valorar y nunca bajar los brazos lo mejor que hay entre todos los animes! y esta cancion me acuerda mucho al momento en que kurama ve al sabio en naruto y que buen momento es !!
Julia Blanco Vallverdu (29 days ago)
Itachi protegió a su hermano, a su aldea y aguanto desonrra y sentimientos negativos, però demostró lo que es ser un héroe y un verdadero ejemplo a seguir. Itachi, descansa en paz y puedes estar feliz, porque conseguiste tus propósitos.
Kratos Spartan (30 days ago)
Boruto is Good,but Naruto is LEGENDARY
llHermitll (1 month ago)
I have told you the whole truth, If only I had came to you from the start and looked straight into your eyes and told you the truth, then I wouldn't have to stand before you as a failure, telling you all of this, and whatever you decide to do from here on out know this, I will love you always
leena 43 (1 month ago)
it's so sad 💔
Margie S. (1 month ago)
He didn't really want to kill his parents, and I absolutely cried with him.
TOBI [ ] (1 month ago)
Ammar DawnJustice (1 month ago)
The King itachi
Bong Knn (1 month ago)
may iknow which episode this soundtrack is play!!
Leticia Bañuelos (1 month ago)
Sounds just like Gentel Hands🤔
Jay Dhamecha (1 month ago)
Happy Birthday Naruto, 10th October
Ammar DawnJustice (1 month ago)
abubarak ali (1 month ago)
The legend Itachi
The Tycoon (1 month ago)
May this fictional character bring the good in all of us.
Medium (1 month ago)
Please do let me know please provide Lee
Alberto Cortese (1 month ago)
sad ...what a terrible moment.
Rahadiyan Djap (1 month ago)
2018 here... 😭😭😢😢
Josheyy Washeyy (1 month ago)
Imagine a movie, about a kid dying from cancer , he gets a chance to experience the best last two months of his life. He meets scientist who have built a machine that allows him to transport to a computer world where anything is possible (like sao but a lot better). He takes the chance and goes into the world of Naruto (it would be like one of those weird movies where the main character goes from live action to animated). I'm not sure what I want the plot of the movie to be, but it would involve the majority of the characters from Naruto, some kind of villian. Maybe the kid reliving his versions of fights with people in the Naruto world. But I want there to be two scenes at the end of the movie. One with rinnegan Sasuke noticing he's not from their world , and the other would be a really emotional scene where the main conflict is resolved and the kid is finally dying and going out in a obito style way, the reason it would be so emotional is because we would see Naruto trying to heal him with his sage of six paths power and not understanding why it's not working, with this soundtrack or sadness and sorrow playing in the background, while the kid cries happy tears of being able to meet and die along side his childhood heroes.
Adrian Nava (1 month ago)
Itachi Uchiha a true hero and also the other two heroes that should be remembered by this epic OST is Minato and Kushina. Minato: besides Our family is Shinobi.
AwabElradi (1 month ago)
Man till this day I'm glad i watched naruto its the best anime to ever exist its just too good!!!
Tal Do Mula (1 month ago)
Quando o Naruto viro amigo das bijuus
Matěj Dalekorej (1 month ago)
0:00 - 0:15 always breaks me.
Gabriel Zica (1 month ago)
Melhor ost de Naruto.. chorei 😢😢
Saint Fire (1 month ago)
Sasuke , Eu Sempre lhe Pedir para me perdoar e sempre te afastava , tudo por que não queria envolver-lo nisso tudo , mais agora eu percebo que você poderia ter mudado a mamãe ,o papai , o clã uchiha , se eu tivesse-o olhado nos olhos e dito a verdade não estaria como uma falha na sua frente , mais isso não importa mais , não me colocarei acima de você nem lhe direi o que é certo ou errado , não vou lhe pedir pra me perdoa e não importa o que você venha a fazer daqui pra frente saiba que ... Eu Sempre Vou Te Amar
Mouni Mouninnette (1 month ago)
Mashi kishimoto thank you for this
Abdu Imam (1 month ago)
خشمي كام يحكني من وره الفديو
LucH (1 month ago)
Markie... i think i've fall in love with you ... xD
Gamers Hamrioui (1 month ago)
أوتشيها إيتاتشي ، ستبقى محفورا في ذاكرتي وفي عقلي ما حييت
Taki Benazzouz (1 month ago)
One Of The Most Sadness Moment itachi The Hero
Yasaharu Takanashi the mastermind.
SandiWahyu Fadillah (1 month ago)
i rememmber when Minato said:Happy birthday Naruto Naruto said:.....
Wika Love ;3 (1 month ago)
That's my Music 😍👌❤
jaydeep khimji (1 month ago)
he was the best character and a true shinobi, brother and a son.
長堀健人 (1 month ago)
Zakamoto Sang (1 month ago)
Rip.Uchiha Itachi you are my hero
BOR ボルREDA レダ (1 month ago)
Hinata speech...
alana Nana (1 month ago)
Itachi sempre estará em meu coração 😊😊
Todos nós odiavamos ele no clássico mais no shippuden só queríamos ver ele continuar com vida e seguir sendo foda como ele era...
alana Nana (1 month ago)
Exato ele sempre quis o melhor pro Sasuke e do clã ele quero q Sasuke aprendesse e poder erguer novamente o clã uchiha
+alana Nana Exato...aceitou carregar todo o peso daquela dor de matar sua família e amigos para proteger a vila e salvar o sasuke
alana Nana (1 month ago)
Vdd ele so fez aquilo td pq os uchihas estavam Armando contra a aldeia da Folha ,ele faz td aquilo pelo irmão enta eu tiro meu chapéu pra ele👏👏👏
Eddie (1 month ago)
This man Itachi killed everyone in his family. He killed his mother, his father, his uncles, aunts, cousins, and people who were just of Uchiha descent. He killed them all. Just previously his best friend had killed himself just before Itachi's eyes. On top of all this, Itachi tortured his little brother for a decade and put him on a dark path. Itachi was branded as a criminal and traitor by the village for which he had just killed his family to protect. He joined the strongest criminal organization in the world to ensure the safety of the village who called him a rogue ninja. Itachi's name was never cleared, at least officially. Any common person who knows anything about him knows him as a traitor and mass murderer.
Law Reh (1 month ago)
Like I said before appearance and preconceptions isn't going to tell you anything= itachi
Pastybutt (1 month ago)
"I don't want to compete in a death match with my own son." -Fugaku
Samih Dells (1 month ago)
Promise me u will protect your btother.. sasuke 😭😭
Hanzo Scatter Arrow (1 month ago)
Rameez Hussain (1 month ago)
That bell sound just cracks my heart 😔
No lo supero todavía
Alexander Sontay (1 month ago)
itachi es un hokage berdadero
K en (1 month ago)
fuck danzo
Aerochalklate (1 month ago)
u still are a kind boy... ok stop crying now
Mohammad Muzzammil (1 month ago)
Itachi is an icon of sacrifice.He is the greatest shinobi ever.He was remembered as a villain and died as a legend.love itachi <3.
Kushina and Minato :((
Alexander H. vargas (1 month ago)
When i hear this song. I get very sad.
Syamala Kumari (1 month ago)
Long live itachi
Clutch Emale (1 month ago)
Compared to yours our pain will be over in an instant.
Mangekyō Tears (1 month ago)
Itachi is by far my favorite character in the Naruto series
ANALYSATOR (1 month ago)
2:00 my eyes just start to cry :'( poor itachi even tho he never existed the fucking anime made him real in our hearts
Monserrat Alvarez (1 month ago)
I heard this like five times and my tears didn't fail to fall out of my eyes not a single time.😭😭
Sudikshan Rimal (1 month ago)
Hashirama-"uzumaki naruto , uchiha sasuke you will probably find diffrent conclusion than we did, no make sure u do"

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