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Vevo - Hot This Week: November 9th, 2018

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Hottest Music Videos of the Week. From Ariana Grande to A$AP Rocky to Karol G & Maluma to Shakira. Find out about all the new stuff, subscribe to the Vevo channel. Share with a friend. Nov 9, 2018. #BestMusicVideos #HottestMusicVideos #NewMusicVideos Producer: Jim Macnie Editor: Fieldhouse Productions Ariana Grande | breathin https://youtu.be/kN0iD0pI3o0 A$AP Rocky ft. FKA twigs | Fukk Sleep https://youtu.be/pM5XogpX1JA Swizz Beatz & French Montana SWIZZMONTANA https://youtu.be/pSp42Fq1JA0 Karol G & Maluma | Créeme https://youtu.be/sDKnKzYyx5c Shakira | Nada https://youtu.be/UjX10jO-p3c Calum Scott | No Matter What https://youtu.be/kBIhqNT5gsE Kane Brown | Baby Come Back To Me http://vevo.ly/hgdRja
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Text Comments (133)
Matthew Johnson (14 hours ago)
Modern music is garbage
TheSDC44 (3 days ago)
*Wonderful and Nice Video* _Like_ 👍 My Channel: http://www.youtube.com/TheSDC44
Nick Yourself (3 days ago)
Lo que deberían hacer el promocionar los Videoclips de *Lali Espósito*
Gamit hits (4 days ago)
Saddam Valiev (4 days ago)
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•BLODREINA • (5 days ago)
Let's also watch video vespa thanks LANCANG KUNING #10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9qyB... TBSS XXV BUKITTINGGI (Ngarai Sianok) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSNMd... ANNIVERSARY SCOOTER FANS CLUB (SFC) KE 20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuFuw... ANNIVERSARY AMINOSC (Pantai Tiram) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JVhM... ANNIVERSARY SAKTI SUNGAI PENUH KERINCI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5Z6H... TBSS XXII SOLOK (Terminal Bareh Solok) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sz33y... TBSS XXIV LUBUK SIKAPIANG (Lapangan Imam Bonjol) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vs_Co... ANNIVERSARY [email protected] PARIAMAN INDONESIA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJLRk... ANNIVERSARY KOMPI B PARIAMAN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-uNo... TBSS XXIII PAYAKUMBUH (Lapangan Pacu Kuda Kubu Gadang) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ju5Dm
sonakshi Pawan (5 days ago)
One of the most beautiful and amazing tracks I've heard. It really got my thinking and working. Beautiful, great great job
_____ (6 days ago)
Steven Ruiz (7 days ago)
Mr Fluffy118 (7 days ago)
Are u serious there’s this kid called jay Clayton he had made his own dance track called counting stars I know it’s not got a lot a views but it is something to look up to for the futur music
Dollar Sign (7 days ago)
Guys I know this random but there’s this guy called jay Clayton which made his own dance music called counting stars
Estefany Orellana (7 days ago)
Y. fundz (7 days ago)
Snapchat @young.ems1 Instagram @y.fundz
Justin Dang (7 days ago)
TM-SKoLJ .! (7 days ago)
اقول روحو وانتوا اغاني كم المعوقه انا اغني احسن منكم ناقتي يا ناقتي 😂✌️
KOKAND MUSIC (8 days ago)
Tha Dose (8 days ago)
Tha Dose (8 days ago)
System South (8 days ago)
All terrible.
YamboChecho (8 days ago)
HOT! NEW VIDEOS VERY HOT! CHECK MY CHANNEL *YES OR YES - Twice *BUBALU - Anuel AA, Prince Royce, Becky G *ADAN Y EVA - Paulo Londra (SUGGESTION OF THE WEEK) *AIRLPLANE PT. 2 - BTS *ADICTIVA - Daddy Yankee, Anuel AA *VENENO / GOALS / NAO PERCO MEU TEMPO - Anitta *TE GUSTE - Jennifer Lopez, Bad Bunny *YOUTH - Shawn Mendes, Khalid *POR QUE TE VAS - Calvin Harris, Benny Blanco *SOLA - Manuel Turizo *DAVID ASHLEY PARKER FROM POWDER SPRINGS - Travis Denning *PERFECT TO ME - Anne-Marie *BOTTLED UP - Dinah Jane, Ty Dolla Sign, Marc E. Bassy *CHANCES - Backstreet Boys *HIGHLIGHT - Pabllo Vittar, Super Drags *IF ONLY - Andrea Bocelli, Dua Lipa *ALWAYS REMEMBER US THIS WAY - Lady Gaga *BETTER - Khalid *BOTELLAS - La Mala Lengua *LA EXTRANJERA - Buceo Invisible *NADA - Arquero, Luis Angelero, Alfonsina *BUM BUM DALE DALE - Maite Perroni, Reykon *TE SIGO PENSANDO - Carlos Baute, Marta Sanchez *LOVE MADE ME DO IT - Cherly *EMOJI - Galantis *DETROIT - Loge21 *LIKE A BOSS - Kura *DANCE - Moska, Brooke Evers *BILLIONAIRE - Kryder, Sam Martin *BEATBACK - Dani L. Mebius, Alvaro *MACARENA - Jody Bernal, Billy The Kit, Nicole Jung
Mf77 Francis (8 days ago)
liked shakira, rest not
MLDS divulga (8 days ago)
Os graus mais chaves de 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fr0ZXMXtp-M
Himanshu Yadav (8 days ago)
Backstreet boys chances...too
MLDS divulga (8 days ago)
Os graus mais chaves de 2018: @
MLDS divulga (8 days ago)
Os graus mais chaves de 2018: @
FN (8 days ago)
You forgot JLo's
The video is beautiful, maybe you subscribe to my channel
Rebecca (9 days ago)
Amel PlayzzXx (9 days ago)
purpleluver50 (9 days ago)
Thank you, next
Kyungnam 요정 (9 days ago)
Pop songs ~ jot week 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤
AeeM Channel (9 days ago)
Z feat Ariana, please!!!
Pamilian Exar (9 days ago)
Tushar Rajput (9 days ago)
More mumbling shit .😔
Sr. Tec DIVULGA (9 days ago)
ccjh0806 (9 days ago)
Boring crap
Frostwolf (9 days ago)
why is this in my subs ?? im not a subscriber!
johan Arango. S (9 days ago)
Dana Alshmri (9 days ago)
Dualipa ❤️ Dualipa 💜 Dualipa 💛 Dualipa 💙 Dualipa 🖤 Dualipa 💖 Dualipa 💗 Dualipa 💕 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 💟
Nyxion (9 days ago)
Gods not a woman nor a man. I don’t believe god exist..
Movies Hub (9 days ago)
My Favourite Breathin
Mother Phoenix (9 days ago)
Country music hurts my brain!
Sai Ganesh Buddy (9 days ago)
Good. Songs. 😘😘😘😘
joabe santos (9 days ago)
Ariana perfect i love you.
joabe santos (8 days ago)
Kyungnam 요정 (9 days ago)
joabe santos you girl ♥😘
Crystaline TV (9 days ago)
Only came for Ari!!!!Love her
SMK Me. (9 days ago)
Breathin ❤️❤️❤️
unogazzy84 (9 days ago)
I came across Calum scott What I miss the most in a comic video. I loved that song and that made me want to find another good song and I found one, Good To You.
Uzayr Dinath (9 days ago)
unogazzy84 Good to you is my fav of his album 🙏
john smith (9 days ago)
Dinah Jane
Dariusz Kaczmarek (9 days ago)
Lady Gaga - Always Remember Us This Way Cheryl - Love Made Me Do It Little Mix - Told You So Jennifer Lopez & Bad Bunny - Te Guste Imagine Dragons - Bad Liar Kelly Clarkson - Never Enough Backstreet Boys - Chances Kelsea Ballerini - Miss Me More Andrea Bocelli ft. Dua Lipa - If Only Foster The People - Worst Nites Alice Chater - Wonderland
Sandy Webb (9 days ago)
Dark dark and
Mind Bobling (9 days ago)
I'm fan of Ariana Grande
florestoessel (9 days ago)
ariana is my girl ♥️♥️
Kyungnam 요정 (9 days ago)
florestoessel hello~
Stevie K. (9 days ago)
Kyungnam 요정 (9 days ago)
Stevie K. Hello♥
Emidio Gaytan (9 days ago)
Kunal Choramale (9 days ago)
Ur ass is very hot
Leonhard Jeger (9 days ago)
Grüße aus Deutschland 🇩🇪🇩🇪 🇩🇪!
Валёк! Ок? (9 days ago)
albert nilton (9 days ago)
me cagaste tio taba tam bien con paulo alondra adan y eva y llega tu notificacion para esta mierda ! .v
albert nilton (9 days ago)
fake jajajaja
Mohammed Nehal (9 days ago)
k/DA pop/star was amzing btw by madison beer
Me gustaría ser un artista de ustedes #Vevo
PAME PAME (9 days ago)
Calum Scott a pure sweet
Babyboiivan Msp (9 days ago)
Ariana is the only good song on here. Others are terrible
Lavrstyle (9 days ago)
LLific Y (9 days ago)
LoL, where's Kris Wu 😂
T-SeriesVEVO (9 days ago)
Hassan jokre (9 days ago)
عربي لايك😂
Debasish Patro (9 days ago)
Ariana voice is so freaking amazing. Love from India.
Said Agdour (9 days ago)
Bich who sing for satan
Darius Bizimana (9 days ago)
I really appreciate VEVO ❤❤ The music is life
мaяsн aяs (9 days ago)
Ali Dn (9 days ago)
Wtfkng Song Who Like it ?
Валёк! Ок? (9 days ago)
1? Cuck penis
Daniel W Band ALRIGHT (9 days ago)
B R A V O 🌹💕
Karly Baquedano (9 days ago)
2Brothers Vlogs (9 days ago)
Who's Lodging This Song Now in Time???? Like This???? ♪♪♪♪♪♪♥♪♪♪♪♪
Kyungnam 요정 (9 days ago)
2Brothers Vlogs hello ♥
Julia's World (9 days ago)
Shakira will always be my all time fav <3
Sonali Sharma (9 days ago)
Coll me boys..... 📱📱📱📱📱📱📱
Sonali Sharma (9 days ago)
Kyungnam 요정 (9 days ago)
Sonali Sharma hello ♥😘
Deni Sengla (9 days ago)
Shaki 💋
Kyungnam 요정 (9 days ago)
Deni Sengla hello ♥😘
ALISSON Smith (9 days ago)
💋. Shakira . ❤
Andrew Butera ツ (9 days ago)
vito scaletta (9 days ago)
Love yuo arianaand shakira too wow love amirecan for ever
lB- Music (9 days ago)
Subscribe in my channel
papy nounn (9 days ago)
love & war (8 days ago)
🐣.....love ...Ariana😘😘❤❤🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳from India...... Like Indians 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
elli mmer (9 days ago)
Omg 😂
Hayat Mardini (9 days ago)
Shakira 😍🖤
Валёк! Ок? (9 days ago)
+ALISSON Smith mafaka
ALISSON Smith (9 days ago)
Shakira 💖❤💕💋
Rock Koza (9 days ago)
Like it👌🔥🔥
Hayat Mardini (9 days ago)
Karol j and maluma 😍
Nubia Oliveira (9 days ago)
Love ❤️😍
maanu pino (9 days ago)
I love ariana
Real Sportlight (9 days ago)
Hot babes https://youtu.be/V1o1xyMe-ms
William Da Silva (9 days ago)
Ariana in the thumbnail...... *I CLICK*

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