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Britney Spears Evolution: 1991-2017

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Text Comments (2510)
L M (12 hours ago)
Mucha droga y copete , está echa mierda .
Страна Души (20 hours ago)
vesikko12 (1 day ago)
Everything changes, and passes.Nothing and no one will remain the same.Being a public person is very difficult. Since you are being watched day and night, they discuss you, not having the right to do so".Before condemning someone take his shoes and walk his way, try his tears, feel his pain. Stumbl upon every stone he stumbles upon. And only after that say that you know how to live correctly." - Dalai Lama
Rahma Amilia (1 day ago)
But Britnet is very queen, entertaining, Get Well Soon 🙌💪💖💖
Mariesha Potts (2 days ago)
Plastic surgery changes people's faces she changed her face
VIVI P. ESCOBAR (2 days ago)
she WAS good now is terrible and for me is so sad
Whoever did work on her face needs to be fired & never touch another face EVER again. Whenever she smiles, she looks like Jack Nicholsan-joker, low key. She was such a natural beauty and i think she would have aged nicely without the face work
sofia greaves (2 days ago)
Crazy what actually the first britney song I heard by her KNOWing it was britney
tatiana kerina (3 days ago)
Какая была кросотка и талант....Она совсем износилась. Все таки этак спозаранку основы, и этак немало нагрузок, включая все эти злоупотребления субстанциями. Да и в личной жизни никакого счастья
KARINA SIDA (3 days ago)
Me encantó!!!!
Sharon Mcginnis (4 days ago)
She looks very harsh she used to be pretty.
聂影 (4 days ago)
Britney Spears is a very great female artist in our time, it can be said that half of the world is popular.
Talon Teton (5 days ago)
Lol I remember jamming in my car to a lot of these songs! Memories for sure!
Nico Rodriguez (5 days ago)
The industry built her up but they took her right down. Sad
Konul Ibrahimova (5 days ago)
I am sorry, she no beatiful girl
Kirby Hughes (6 days ago)
Her hair was never the same after the bald incident
K Cla (6 days ago)
Bless Brittany ! 💝
Jeffy (6 days ago)
Where tf did the Britney from 1991 go!?
2009 where is gimmy more
Luara Luz (6 days ago)
Isso que aconteceu com ela é infelizmente o contrário de evolução😔
Mati Jiang (7 days ago)
she always slay
Maryann Khochtali (7 days ago)
People need to stop being shady towards her Like damn she worked hard on her music and she performed and put on a show
abracadabram (7 days ago)
Se puso fea o esta mal maquillada?
Maria Stella (8 days ago)
Twinzers (8 days ago)
Honestly, she's still very beautiful!!! I love her face, the thumbnail was from just a very bad angle and pose that's it!
Matteo Leone (8 days ago)
prochaine évolution : à poil pour attiré le pékin ... MDR
Deidre1588 (8 days ago)
Wait... hold on. Britney could sing when she was young
Elizabetha Leandro (8 days ago)
Her face isn't aging very good. She got joker smile. A fair amount of women get that smile but recently when they are in their mid 40s. Maybe the industry aged her faster.
Guilty Rogers (8 days ago)
Würde ihr trotzdem gerne den Kolben reinbuttern und ordentlich die Fuge verspachteln
susanne suanne (8 days ago)
more older they get more and more they get to devils ..frequenze for money and fame they have sold there souls lady kacka and co so sick ....they take the souls or our kids ...take care that they dont get to ypur kids ears and eyes ....no help for this evil sick satanic prists
Lance Muller (8 days ago)
i love history lessons
Strictly Kaja (9 days ago)
Don't let me be the last to know was before Slave 4 u
Measure Twice (9 days ago)
Her whole career is one long soft porn erotica video. Very sad.
Herje Don (9 days ago)
I still want to know to know why they told her to stick her tongue out like that
Andrea (9 days ago)
Good God, she looks 47...easy!
Casey Vondette (10 days ago)
Maxwell Soares Vieira (10 days ago)
adorei a progressao dela. E Mesmo uma Diva, mas se daria melhor se seguisse meu conselho e continuasse com Justin Timberlake.
LaurenCali Macias (11 days ago)
I saw most of my life flash before my eyes. Legend.
douglas yamaguchi (11 days ago)
Gabriel Sagum (11 days ago)
She looks like debbie gibson..
JFK (11 days ago)
3:07 Justin: three way?
Laura Popescu (11 days ago)
Ich wollte ein Bild von ihr sehen wie sie jetzt aussieht 😟
Rod (11 days ago)
Since I was a teenager I literally watched her grow up. She's gone from a beautiful natural girl to a plastic abomination. It's such a shame that she is a shadow of her former self.
Brianna Bombshell (11 days ago)
Jeez so many white girls age sooooooo HORRIBLE, I know Christina is thankful she’s half Latina (hence the name Aguilera) so she doesn’t age like a grape in a sun turning into a raisin like Britney.... lmao. All of these white girls who were young and hot looked good AF when they were young but aged so horribly... the black and Latina women of this era haven’t aged a day!! (Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Christina Milian, Kelly Rowland, etc.) Sharon Stone aged beautifuly tho.
Mustafa Çağlayan (12 days ago)
Ольга Бузова на нее похожа
Lena Krajs (12 days ago)
Wiecej pokazala jako dziecko
Eva Guimarães (12 days ago)
esqueceu da Britney com o Michael Jackson
Faeries_Xylia 923 (13 days ago)
I miss the Britney Spears from 1998-2002 but sadly no one can stay the same forever. Britney isn’t the same anymore, her passion for music is gone but she’s also a mom of 2 teenagers and she’s been diagnosed bipolar and is on meds and she went through Hell for quite sometime in 2006-2008. That will change anyone. She’s still one of the most beautiful souls of our time!
Clare Hallett (13 days ago)
Early 2000s was awesome.. now she seems so tired. Her sound and image never matured with her. It's sad... she seems stuck and unhappy
Realstat Realstat (13 days ago)
Her face looks like after lot of cocaine. So scare
Maria Salvadora (14 days ago)
Can I get an UwU (14 days ago)
wait...Britney was from disney???
Lily (14 days ago)
My Queen 😍😍😍
dhananjay ray (15 days ago)
Britney fan
nole girl (15 days ago)
Raise your hand if you were alive when Britney appeared on Star Search 🙋🏻‍♀️ I was 15 in 91 and I watched it live on tv
Ну если ассоциировать с Мадонной, то Бритни ещё молодуха. ))
Pro (15 days ago)
That's a clone
ALE ROCKS (15 days ago)
Check out my top 21 Britney Spears in my YouTube channel: ALE ROCKS
lana v (16 days ago)
She came back hard after 2007 and is still turning out hits. This industry chewed her up and spit her out in the process. Much love to our girl.
Jessica Alverio (16 days ago)
What's up with Britney Spears teaming up with Nicki Minaj or Nicki Minaj teaming up with Britney Spears what's up with that don't be a mix hot trap top music hot song hot album
Nataly Rog (16 days ago)
2004 the dress is so beautiful
Emilija Anteljevic (16 days ago)
She WAS so cute
Keilla Lacerda (16 days ago)
Love Britney❤
ford explore (16 days ago)
Wow you can see her soul stripped away right before your eyes
Elizabeth Newberry (16 days ago)
She died.
Oscar Sandoval (16 days ago)
Cerdy spears 4ever is hugly
ՏͲᎪ ᎡᏦ (17 days ago)
8:15 song pls
Ni Co (17 days ago)
coke overkill
Kim McKibbin (17 days ago)
no wonder they all need plastic surgery by 35! she looks like at 45 yr old woman!
noemi (17 days ago)
Tanto dinero que tienen y parece que de nada les sirve esta horrible pobrecita era tan linda por que no envejecen dignamente. creo que sin tanto botox se veria bien se mas vieja sólo tiene 37 años parece. de 45 y mal llegados mas encima.
Kambaria Johnson (18 days ago)
She was the Ariana grande of our generation ♥️😢
Rosarito vega (18 days ago)
Está bien raro este pedo. De niña si cantaba y ya de super star, no y puro playback
2011. Her MILF level is reached.
Der Reinscheißer Ep (19 days ago)
And now 2019 she’s back in psychiatry
Giovanna Musumeci (19 days ago)
Amo e danço até hj...Diva!
D T (19 days ago)
Tj Holmes, she's bald
Krystian Cz (19 days ago)
Raquel Avila (19 days ago)
Hermosa ❤
Enid Pratts (20 days ago)
I loved growing up with britney. Sad her look has changed since 2015. 😔😔😔 her beautiful smile is not the same anymore. Ugh
yasmani martinez (20 days ago)
Anyone can tell she's fucked up in the head, not that I wish anything bad for her but she looks like she's unstable.
Kolton Oglesby (20 days ago)
My left ear enjoyed that news report
Arry Septian (21 days ago)
Now i know. The evolution of camera
Jaime Rambles (21 days ago)
I didn’t see a big difference. Still blonde, half naked & dancing.
Ali Turbo (21 days ago)
Carolina (21 days ago)
2009 and after isnt her anymore ...
I don't care I just love her music
liu kot (23 days ago)
Тетушка Бритни)
Freddy Yusof (24 days ago)
2001-2005 most iconic eraaa
시간관리 (24 days ago)
사랑하고 헤어지고 방황하고 다시 일어서는 오뚜기같은 브리~ 그어떤 가수보다 노력하는 모습 응원합니다~^^
Katherine Roman (24 days ago)
She was a living Barbie! Such a beauty.
fly away (25 days ago)
Britney Spears is so ugly.
Angie Castañeda (25 days ago)
Queen forever your change very lifes
Aleya Fernz (25 days ago)
Pero está mal porque circus y gimme more son del 2006
Tamago Nigiri (25 days ago)
"Overprotected" *gets harassed by millions of paparazzi*
Manhattan (26 days ago)
It's crazy how many hits Britney had!!!
Destiny Torres (26 days ago)
All hits 👏🏻
coração quebrado (27 days ago)
Pra mim ela continua linda,teve seus maus momentos,mas se reergueu 💕💕

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