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Pre-Owned Rolex Explorer II 216570 "Polar" Luxury Watch Review

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Shop pre-owned Rolex watches: https://goo.gl/3WKEVN Subscribe to our channels for the best luxury watch content available! This white-dialed "Polar" Rolex Explorer II 216570 is a dual-time sports watch with a case measurement of 42mm not including the crown. It's also a 16cm circumference, a 12.4mm thickness, and measuring 50mm from lug-to-lug, all encased in stainless steel with a solid case back. This features the Polar white dial. For more info watch the full video! Visit our website at www.thewatchbox.com for the latest pre-owned luxury watch arrivals and industry-leading value in previously loved luxury timepieces.
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Text Comments (21)
Alan c (11 months ago)
I own this and enjoy wearing it because it is the POLAR opposite to my ubiquitous (but also great) black subby
Dan Rockefeller (4 days ago)
I just love the look of this watch with a NATO strap.
Juan Gallardo (1 month ago)
Just bought one today.
Lorenzo Gonzalez (3 months ago)
I own the same and I love it
rich5883 (3 months ago)
Have a GMT coke and yesterday purchased a 2003 Rolex Explorer 2 40mm black face Y series. Not for everyone but I really love the watch and think the watch is under priced at the moment. I think in years to come this watch will be one to watch out for. What do people think ?
EB (4 months ago)
My next Rolex
LiquidSm0ke (4 months ago)
Should be perfect on a 7 and half inch wrist
Alvin Aw (6 months ago)
Hi Tim been looking to get a Rolex Explorer II polar dial.... Will truly appricate for your advise. Im looking at a set which is from an oversea AD 2011 set... all is good but notice the lum is kind of blueish rather than what u have here which is greenish..... any advise for this? Thanks.....
R S (6 months ago)
I told my hacker like 2 years ago this would be my next big purchase...and I'm here to say I still can't afford it. ill let you know in a few more years for the update
MK12345678100 (6 months ago)
My explorer 26570 polar white watch has this problem. The lume turns yellow once it meets light.
Invincible Summer (2 months ago)
That's not a "problem".... That' a very special characteristic!
Redbirdsfan1970 (9 months ago)
The only Rolex that appeals to me. I find the Polar so much nicer than the black dial version. If only it didn't have that damn cyclops.
Redbirdsfan1970 (8 months ago)
Doug M I could not disagree more. It makes their watches look dated and old and it's not a clean aesthetic at all. Even as a child I felt the cyclops was old man-ish and I still feel that way today. I see nothing cool about it. On top of that it's a damn dust, dirt, and grime magnet. No thanks. Think of it this way. Rolex largely makes steel sports watches. Sports. Athletic, adventurous, active...yet you need the date to be magnified to be able to read it. *sigh*. Rolex just told you that you're nearsighted and need help to read. Hardly very hip and cool.
Doug M (8 months ago)
Redbirdsfan1970 cyclops is cool, a trademark, a classic feature....
João Ribeiro (11 months ago)
They should had kept theire gmt hand design at least in my opinion.
steven uk1 (11 months ago)
that is a nice Rolex.
jumboJetPilot (11 months ago)
Time for Rolex to revamp this model with some wild dial colors!
HachiZenki (11 months ago)
Sorry, polar Expo IIs bring back bad memories of a bogan.
Eric Johnson (11 months ago)
Of all of the watches I've owned, this is by far the perfect size. It's has a slightly above average case size without the thickness or heft typically associated with larger watches.
Swiss Watch Craze (11 months ago)
Nice, always liked the polar. Great review as always.
Jamesir Bensonmum (11 months ago)
Ah, yes, the watch line made famous by AC3. Polaaaaar!

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