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Saitama, Sonic, Genos, Heroes vs Deep Sea King | English Dub

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Saitama, Sonic, Genos, Heroes vs Deep Sea King | English Dub All of the battles with the Deep Sea King. Including Sonic, Genos, Saitama, Puri Puri Prisoner, Stinger, Lightning Max, Mumen Rider. Plus the lesser heroes All Back Man, Jet Nice Guy, Bunbunman & Sneck. #onepunchman #saitama #anime
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Text Comments (584)
That Awesome Valflame (5 minutes ago)
0:32 That moment when you're scared so bad you can't even form a coherent sentence...
gautam gautamsuresh (16 hours ago)
0:30 nani? !!
Mobzilla Hunter (18 hours ago)
Does anyone remember which one was edited to make it look like mumen rider beat the deep sea king
General Billy Bob Joe (21 hours ago)
Seriously though, if sonic helped Puri Puri Prisoner they could've easily defeated him, or maybe if Stinger, Prisoner, Lightning Max and all of those other Class C and Class B heroes in the shelter ganged up on DSK they could've easily defeated him. If Genos arrived a little earlier with those Class A,B and C heroes he could've easily defeated DSK.
khalifah khalis 176 (1 day ago)
Its funny in 11:16
Pielonz YT (1 day ago)
Genos lowkey looks like Leon from re4 lmao 😂
DeDeDeDennis (1 day ago)
Oh....fuck its Zarbon vs Zarbon.
BrutallyHonest (1 day ago)
2:03 Oh god I'm shipping *WHY AM I SHIPPING*
Jennifer Thomas (2 days ago)
Ah, Mumen Rider, you may not be worthy of B class, but you're the only one worthy of GAR class.
BHoll76 (2 days ago)
If All Might Existed in this universe he'd surely would've pick Muman Rider as the next holder of 1 for All.
Shashank Tripathi (2 days ago)
i like Geno's tune
Bleeding Silence (2 days ago)
Brah. Look at the....malice and intensity going into that punch at 11:53. If he threw that haymaker on any other hero, instant death lol.
Bleeding Silence (2 days ago)
Everything Deep Sea King did in his entire appearance was extremely badass and aesthetic. Favorite villian by far.
Sukratya Singh (3 days ago)
One Punch Man V§ GÒKÚ....
iloveplayingpr (3 days ago)
One part I like about the Series is that Saitama always defeats his opponents at their Peak :D
Mark Tse (3 days ago)
Anyone know the ost track of Sonic fighting the deep sea king.
Shad8wPhoenix24 xX (3 days ago)
I just now realized that Speed-o-sonic is the same voice actor as Gowther from Seven deadly Sins
OmmiSombra (4 days ago)
When I try to rap (Young Thug - Lifestyle) 0:33
EDSProGamer (4 days ago)
Muman rider is the strongest of them all.. but I actually started dying when it actually seemed as though he was gonna do something amazing... and then he’s just1 shot
Dro Skiii (4 days ago)
lol genos why not just shove the little girl out the way
Jm Fernandez (5 days ago)
Hiren Walia (5 days ago)
Respect to the A class hero and the Bs and Cs. Some good heroes there
Mark Tse (5 days ago)
puri puri prisoner's angel rush is nightmarish.
Mohamed Jalloh (5 days ago)
That child killed mumen rider
porta (5 days ago)
A 3 year old sounds like a 15 year old girl Thats what I hate about dubs 5 year old sound like teenagers
larry khu (6 days ago)
sevan grigoryan (7 days ago)
If saitamas a c class how did he beat it
StarryNights (7 days ago)
Mumen rider should join the Pride Troopers
Krisean Williams (7 days ago)
Pause at 8:00
Skrillex Diplo (8 days ago)
Goblin Savage (8 days ago)
3:35 my right hand vs my meat at 3:00am 😂😂😂😂
prosketch OFW (9 days ago)
Mumen Rider is so whack..
HarryGamer HD (9 days ago)
10:58 , you know it's good then Saitama appreciates you
HarryGamer HD (9 days ago)
Deep sea King underrated AF
Gabe Wells (9 days ago)
I wanna know the shockwave from Saitama’s punch didn’t flatten the city.
Sheva Runtu (10 days ago)
Puri puri prisoner has no penis
Starman64 (10 days ago)
The deep sea king is the best monster ever
Nicolas Pope (10 days ago)
3:08 when your car doesn't start
Spoiler alert! It was frustratingly hilarious how even though Saitama beat Deep Sea King, people still thought he was a fraud and isn't as powerful as he seems. The only thing is, HE PUNCHED THE RAIN COMPLETELY AWAY. Could a fraud do that?
Rumana Najeeb (12 days ago)
Where were class s heroes like TornadoOfTerror/TerribleTornado/Tatsumaki silver fang and more??
Dark Void (12 days ago)
So that's how swift swim works in pokemon xD
FlashSpeed - Gaming (13 days ago)
Haaaa! Gay!
BackToSchool (14 days ago)
they got the voice all wrong in the english version. eh whatever
TrapFerno (15 days ago)
Unlicensed is stupid :)
And what did he get after this?! 😠 i seriously hate that kid
godwin tacuyan (16 days ago)
Bkit andyn i ivancob
Tuushii Tushii (16 days ago)
why cant mumen rider be strong D:
nih sa (16 days ago)
Nakai Keyton (16 days ago)
james damsz (16 days ago)
the sea king sounds like hisuka from hunter x hunter
exam hater (18 days ago)
Hot dayum
Dragloncon X (18 days ago)
The smoothness when sonic was fighting SK was soo smooth
Prince Ahinasi (18 days ago)
11:18 lol, you punch hard no power behind it that's all
Dark Void (10 days ago)
I love how his head just bobbles lmaoo
Dale Evangelista (19 days ago)
6:19 to 6:55 see
Dale Evangelista (19 days ago)
Wait 1vs4 winner 1
knife game (19 days ago)
puri puri prisoner vs sonic hmm who would win?
Danny Plays Games (19 days ago)
0:33 Calm yourself
Don’t Touch My Faceu (20 days ago)
Genie is pretty good and power full and all but wiener he fights, he usually gets destroyed at the end
Mining Planet (21 days ago)
what if mumen rider will do saitamas training?
Mining Planet (21 days ago)
what if Genos did `machinegun blow` with 2 arms?
thelil hedgehog (15 days ago)
It was confirmed that Genos still could've beaten the Sea King, even with one arm.
Omaewa Kimi (21 days ago)
eng dub suck
Can Cer (21 days ago)
Saitama acquired one for all...
Given Tehran Games (21 days ago)
I laughed so hard when mumen rider gets punched after the kid says "I BELIEVE IN YOU!" and even harder when i saw their facial expressions!! Its so priceless!!
ShadrachASMR (21 days ago)
"Who exactly was that pervert?" Is a question I ask myself whenever some oddball shows up.
commandervulkan (22 days ago)
ThanhTung Tran (23 days ago)
Saitama is SSS Class
Mal-El (23 days ago)
My favorite episode of the whole season, it showed what it means to be a hero. Mumem Rider is the GOAT.
Fx Solitary J (23 days ago)
Funny thing is genos had the best chance to beat DSK in a real fair and square fight. Saitama is crazily OP. And man do I wish sonic had his weapons he's the most dope character bruh 😂
thelil hedgehog (13 days ago)
It was confirmed that Genos could have won against the sea king, even with one arm
King Al (24 days ago)
11:56 😂😂
Why some of them all naked XDDDDD
Ackerman Lover (25 days ago)
2:06 sonic is so cute😄
Generic Name (25 days ago)
Muman rider may be the only warrior skilled enough to take on saitama head on
Anthonie McCay (25 days ago)
I wish genos had a better voice in the dub. Something about it doesn't feel right
Joseph Thomas (25 days ago)
Anthonie McCay they went for a robotic voice his voice actor is good imo I've heard his other works but yeah that's probably what bothers you is that he sou is kinda lifeless. I understand why they did that but yeah it's kinda annoying sometimes.
John Wills (26 days ago)
9:04 Best part
BboyZoinks (26 days ago)
if it wasn't for the crowd Genos had a good chance against sea king
Joseph Thomas (25 days ago)
BboyZoinks it's actually confirmed he could have beat him even with the arm missing
Zeng GamingChannel (26 days ago)
2:41 turn on auto English caption it say Holy puddin prisoner
clement tamika (26 days ago)
I hope that little girl gets yelled at by his parents and gets grounded for like 2 years when she gets home for not shutting the hell up literally 10 feet away from the villain and causing genos to lose a fight he was going to win (he kept drying the sea king up with his attacks making him weaker)
Bobby Pioquinto (27 days ago)
The Anime Creator Joined The Game Saitama:NANI?! Creator:Hehe >:-)
Jc Garcia (28 days ago)
I enjoy that I can watch the series in English dub without having to read the subs, but the Japanese language really brings out the comedy in one punch. The Japanese dub has more emotion.
Storm Goldeluxe (28 days ago)
One of the best moves : JUSTICE TACKLE
Deaconcole Cole (28 days ago)
Anyone else wanna see a show down between sonic and genos
Gregor Carlin (28 days ago)
Mumen Rider had to hold back because their were too many people in the vicinity
*#T H E* *#P O O R* (29 days ago)
*#haahahah** I am a thousand subscriber😊*
Wickedthtz (29 days ago)
saitama is feeling like boros when it comes to looking for a powerful opponent
McDaniel Ram Untalan (29 days ago)
💀 👕 👖
Sai Xiong (30 days ago)
"Clearly you're different from the rest of this trash." Saitama-"Huh, your punch just had no power behind it." 😂😂😂
Taylor Salas (1 month ago)
whats the name of the song at the end of the video?
Reza VWPS (1 month ago)
Kaguya Vs Saitama !! ( Mugen Tsukuyomi Vs One Punchman )
Deez Nuts (1 month ago)
The english voice actor for saitama is perfect, his voice totally fits the nonchalant attitude saitama has
Gungho73 (1 month ago)
Okay real talk though how do you just assume all those other heroes are weak if you're a passerby, when saitama shows up, stops the monster and the rain literally disappears due to how hard he hit him? I dunno that part by pedestrians always kinda made me annoyed.
Joseph Thomas (25 days ago)
Gungho73 exactly. Although to be fair it was mainly that one prick.
GodlyPotat0 671 (1 month ago)
Muman Rider is kinda like a spiderman hearted hero
*Fite me*
Meth Cook (1 month ago)
İf you not wacht this orginal language you miss so much thinks
Gamers Orb (1 month ago)
Outro song?
Imrul Kayes (1 month ago)
what's the music you have added in the end?
Anthony Clegg (1 month ago)
*Justice Crash* The most deadliest move deadlier than Saitama’s serious punch
Samadhi (1 month ago)
your punch had no power behind it thats all xD
Elycius (1 month ago)
Sonic is definitely one of my favorite characters. I also like flashy flash so i guess I'm a fan of the fast characters lol.
james graham (1 month ago)
best punch by far

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