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The deep sea robot search for 370

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A piece of underwater equipment known as a ROV may solve the mystery of Malaysia Flight 370. CNN's Rosa Flores reports.
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Risa Destiana06 (4 years ago)
Tight$wag (4 years ago)
Fuk all da Bs
Tony Vega (4 years ago)
Who cares
HArDNUCkL3S (4 years ago)
So where is the evidence? Did they lie?
right might (4 years ago)
They need to drain the Indian ocean dry or empty to make this gigantic, daunting of a search task easier.
masey diy (4 years ago)
Plantrjr (4 years ago)
Bruno InSight (4 years ago)
+Plantrjr That is true!! But, I like to know this isnt gonna be over like that!! I want to see the plane and i want to see what cause this!!
Plantrjr (4 years ago)
+CastAway smart enough to know the discredited media is running things like this to distract from the real news. so you go ahead and watch rovs
CastAway_Dave (4 years ago)
Wow, you're so smart!

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