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The 10 Cabins To Avoid On A Cruise. How To Choose A Cruise Ship Cabin!

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How do you choose the right cruise cabin for your cruising vacation? There is more to deciding between an inside, ocean view, balcony or suite. In this video discover the ten types of cabins that you should avoid to ensure a great cruise vacation. These tips from Gary Bembridge, cruise expert and author, apply to all grades of cabins and will help ensure you select a cabin that will provide the most enjoyable time in board. You will discover areas to avoid, things to watch out for some unexpected issues to consider. Support Tips For Travellers and book your next cruise through CruiseDirect using this link: http://www.tipsfortravellers.com/cruisedirect . You will get the best and lowest price around. I get a small commission but you pay nothing extra. If you enjoy the video please give it a "thumbs up" and if you subscribed to the channel now: http://bit.ly/TFT_YouTube2 Every week Tips For Travellers shares videos to help you make the most of your precious travel time and money on both land and at sea. First-hand travel inspiration, advice and tips based on the over 20 years I have been travelling every month. Follow me on all social media platforms. Search there for "TipsForTravellers" or "Gary Bembridge"
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lordminder (13 minutes ago)
In a nut shell: Don't get a cabin near the inside or outside of the ship, front or the back of the ship, high level or low level of the ship, under or over walkways, promenades, clubs, daycare, discos, service ports, staff rooms or walkways, the engine area, the anchor area, balcony rooms,anywhere with views into your room if you get an inner room...... The ocean. Sleep in the ocean. Those are the best rooms. That's the short list of 10 cabins to avoid.
underwaterbubbles (4 hours ago)
A cruise ship is a party ship in today's world. Next we will be told to avoid cabins that have other people walking past in case of loud chatting.
Lynn Hume (1 day ago)
You should delete this video & do a proper one highlighting pros and cons - share those locations that are positive. Listen to your video and see how ridiculous it sounds.
starnet36 (2 days ago)
Those big cruise ships... it's like going to the mall; no thanks.
Wanda Pease (2 days ago)
More wonderful information. This is much better than learning the hard way!
Tips For Travellers (1 day ago)
Thanks for watching. Great to hear you found it interesting and helpful 😀
Esther Watson (2 days ago)
Rent a private tact or sailboat,with cook and great captain...we did this with four other couples, who we didn't know....all of us got to help sail. ,we chose where we wanted to anchor at night, chose edxcursions.....you can snorkel or dive where and when....and cheaper, more intimate, you look like a local....big ship not for us
Tanya Knight (2 days ago)
Dale Pierre (2 days ago)
Juhani Sassi (2 days ago)
So wouldn't it be just way easier just say that you want to avoid cruise ships in general than listing all these?
Peter Bustin (2 days ago)
Err, I dont think I want to go on a cruise, now
ania R. (3 days ago)
BELIVE ME, the WORST cabin it is cabin under the kitchen and close to THEATER or DISCO Wow ! I had one time under the kitchen, o yes they CHANE my cabin in 3 or 4 day BECUSE WE book 21 days on NCL IF YOU ON 7 DAYS ,, DO NOT EVEN THINNING THEY CHANE YOU CABIN THEY WILL TELL YOU ,,, WE SOLD OUT ,, 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😝😝😝😝😝😝
Zachus (4 days ago)
THANK YOU!!! I had a connecting room booked and just got it changed, great tips!
Tim Duggan (4 days ago)
YES! Definitely know the Deck Plans when you book AND do not book a cabin directly below the "Pool Deck". My experience with cruises was mostly on Gay cruises (AtlantisEvents.com) so....Same advice, Music on Pool Decks can go on ....whether Gay or Straight.....
Patrick O'Neill (5 days ago)
Well then , you killed the cruise idea for me.
Jaroslav Mach (6 days ago)
I dont care about cabin or room on vacation.. its just for sleeping :)
Katherine Burbott (7 days ago)
Heard a woman passenger ask the crew where they sleep at night. The crew member laughingly told her that they were helicoptered off at night....yep, the next morning we heard her complain to the same crew member that the helicopter noises kept her awake.
Andrés Hernández (7 days ago)
This is useful but it would more useful to let us know what to look for, it seems as if you have eliminated every single room.
Andrés Hernández (6 days ago)
Tips For Travellers thank you, you clearly have a lot of experience on this 👍🏻
Tips For Travellers (6 days ago)
The key is to go for a cabin surrounded on all sides by other cabins (above, below, each side and opposite). Also make sure the cabin does not have a connecting door to the cabin next door....
OBAIA (8 days ago)
This bloke must have supersonic hearing and a very light sleeper or just likes to complain a lot. He should choose a holiday away from crowds if it worries him that much.
Ynneb Benny (8 days ago)
No matter how luxurious those cabins are still im not comfortable knowing that im floating on the sea....
Roy G Biv (8 days ago)
Advice: Stay home. A cruise ship is a noisy floating toilet.
Edwin Dela Cruz (8 days ago)
Going on a cruise is for enjoyment.My understanding is that cabins should be soundproof like at home.So where in a cruise ship is suitable to avoid those things informed?If theres none and not available,I better cancel my plan of going on a cruise.
Tips For Travellers (6 days ago)
The key is to go for a cabin surrounded on all sides by other cabins (above, below, each side and opposite). Also make sure the cabin does not have a connecting door to the cabin next door....
Maddog4x4 (9 days ago)
So you are saying don’t go on a cruise at all. Every room sucks! I’ll just sleep in the water
Tips For Travellers (6 days ago)
No :-) The key is to go for a cabin surrounded on all sides by other cabins (above, below, each side and opposite). Also make sure the cabin does not have a connecting door to the cabin next door....
Brandon (9 days ago)
So basically just don’t go on a cruise?
Tips For Travellers (6 days ago)
No, The key is to go for a cabin surrounded on all sides by other cabins (above, below, each side and opposite). Also make sure the cabin does not have a connecting door to the cabin next door....
linda purvis (10 days ago)
Why don't you just tell what room you would get. It would of been shorter to tell.
linda purvis (2 days ago)
+Tips For Travellers thanks for replying. Normally I do that very thing but traveling on a small ship will be kinda hard. But then again there won't be as many people.
Tips For Travellers (6 days ago)
The key is to go for a cabin surrounded on all sides by other cabins (above, below, each side and opposite). Also make sure the cabin does not have a connecting door to the cabin next door....
Sylvester Jay (10 days ago)
After watching this I'm OUT ! Sounds like a tub full of Nightmares ... vessel for the sheep. .... and Kids ? NFW !
RVA Live Sound (11 days ago)
Didn't realize how lucky I was. I didn't even pick my room, but it was an ocean view both times and in a traffic free area. The downside then is the long walk to get back to "civilization" and the stairs/lift. Just look at the layout map before buying and pick what suits your needs. Seems like common sense, but thanks for the info.
Addik Otter (11 days ago)
TIL Soundproofing is a joke to Cruise Companies
Dawna (12 days ago)
haha....these are they only cabins i can afford! i think i will go camping instead lol
Great advice on what areas to avoid. Thank you for sharing.
John Mooradian (13 days ago)
So, what you're saying is don't go on a cruise
Brenda Black (13 days ago)
Love this smaller ship. About to go on it for the 4th time
Tarot Readings By J.C. (14 days ago)
Who goes on a cruise to sleep?? Psst!
Johnny Garcia (14 days ago)
Basically don’t go on a cruise if you’re a hermit
Anne Karr (15 days ago)
Wondering what the good cabins are...pretty negative video, so should we all just stay home?🤔
Tips For Travellers (14 days ago)
Not that bad. Look for cabins that are surrounded on all sides by other cabins (above, below, left, right, opposite).
wargor (15 days ago)
Very good advice!!!!
Tips For Travellers (14 days ago)
Thanks 😀😀
Thomas (15 days ago)
thanks for the info :) going on my first cruise this summer on the Brilliance of the sea in Amsterdam for 14 days. long ways to go flying out of Tampa Florida for it
Tips For Travellers (14 days ago)
Thanks for watching. Have a great cruise
Luis Ramos (15 days ago)
This should be the least fun guy in the world to travel with
Melissa Bradley (15 days ago)
So for those who are confused he's saying don't fucking cruise. I mean he covered the whole ship. He must be the Capitan. Lmao
Tips For Travellers (14 days ago)
It’s not that bad 😀 lots left if one looks for cabins that are surrounded on all sides by other cabins (above, below, left, right, opposite).
Luis Dominguez (16 days ago)
So in reality you are recommending not to take a cruise, you are boring Sur.
2BeYOUtifulB (16 days ago)
Very clear and concise! Thanks for this informative video 👍
Tips For Travellers (15 days ago)
Thanks. Great to hear you found it helpful. 😀
Mike Wazowski (17 days ago)
well i guess i’m NOT going on a cruise next year
Tengku Hadi (18 days ago)
After watching this, the best thing to do is to avoid cruises altogether.
Munchkin Animations (18 days ago)
Thank you very much! Sounds like my cabin is in a great place! My family booked a lovely Ocean Suite near the top, so nothing too bad! People say "that's where you get sea sick!" But I don't get sea sick, my whole family doesn't! Again, thanks for the info
Tips For Travellers (17 days ago)
Great to hear. Hope you have a great cruise 😀
bruce lee (18 days ago)
Just got back from a 12 day Caribbean cruise(out of ft. Lauderdale),and let me tell you- this guy knows what he is talking about. We had a connected suite on one of those new mega- ships from celebrity and it had a lot of short comings. The biggest problem however was the fact that out of like, 3000 passengers- 2500 of them were loud, pushy, east coasters. We spent north of 8 grand on that vacation, and we will NEVER cruise again. O well, We will just consider it an expensive lesson.
Hega North (3 days ago)
Maybe a game lodge will suit you better, it certainly would me, far more restful but still has its excitement.
Tips For Travellers (18 days ago)
Sorry to hear you had such a lousy time. It can be a real issue. I like the smaller ships with lines like Silversea, Windstar, Azamara, Seabourn etc and maybe worth a look at before giving up on cruising as they tend to be much less crazy and noisy
Stu Art (18 days ago)
I feel that staying home and sleeping beside the dishwasher when it's on, will give the same on-sea effect at thousands cheaper.
Frank G (18 days ago)
You seem like a real fun person, hope your not on my cruise, I go to have fun!
Beverley Coral (19 days ago)
We take ear plugs with us. Sorts out any noise problems we may encounter.
Tan Hui Jie (19 days ago)
Youtube maker Dude i have disagree with you see you can, t avoid this thing you said cause when book a cruise you can, t choose a room which may charge extra. second now a day cruise build in soundproof wall so even you stay in connection room is not really that bad. 3rd now a day party is not what you clam like in pooldeck but in disco hub so stop making cruise sound so horror
sickb2200 (19 days ago)
So basically, avoid roughly 90% of the cabins.
Tips For Travellers (18 days ago)
It’s not that bad luckily. Get a cabin surrounded on all sides by other cabins and should be ideal
Carolyn Brooks (19 days ago)
You will probably complain on how you get to heaven!
Anthony Pizarro (20 days ago)
So basically avoid every room unless it is a Penthouse/Suites? I wonder how anyone can ever cruise.
Tips For Travellers (20 days ago)
It’s not that bad luckily! Go for a cabin of any grade surrounded on all sides by other cabins
Job Hubatka (20 days ago)
I felt totally cornered while watching this video. Towards the end I thought 'well luckily there is still the lowest deck'. I hadn't finished that thought, and than even that option got a negative advise! Really funny.
Tips For Travellers (20 days ago)
It’s not that bad luckily! Go for a cabin of any grade surrounded on all sides by other cabins
HEDGE1011 (20 days ago)
I couldn't agree more with your list. We're experienced cruisers and my very least favorite cabin of all time was also one of the most expensive I've ever purchased. I got my wife and I a suite for our anniversary on a very upscale line. It was the first time I'd ever spring for a suite and I took it for granted that they'd be ideally located and perfect in every way. That is when I came up against your second rule: do not be immediately below the pool deck. I have never made that mistake again; it was one of my least favorite cruises due to the incessant noise that went on all night as the crew cleaned and dragged deck chairs all over and obviously all day with vacationers being boisterous. Your only rule I slightly equivocate on is the obstructed view rule. I've had obstructed views on both Celebrity and Holland and never had any issues with them (though I did miss the view).
Lynda Alexander (5 days ago)
HEDGE1011 aa
Tips For Travellers (20 days ago)
Yes! I had that too. What was supposed to be a premium cabin that drove me crazy with the pool deck noise! It was that which made me do this video ....
Duke Of Hesse (21 days ago)
You forgot to mention avoiding any cabins adjacent to other people on cruises because they are usually unbearable.
lps fariy (22 days ago)
last time i was at the back corner of the cruise and it was one of the best rooms ever your just saying avoid them all and for the ones under the water and stuff they have a thing above the room to help with that problem
Chippy The Chipmunk (23 days ago)
avoid being above/below the casino, gym, pool, theater, kids retreat, & dining rooms.
Gill Meacher (14 days ago)
Chippy The Chipmunk 3
Sassy Salmon (23 days ago)
I love this video!!
Tips For Travellers (23 days ago)
Thanks. Great to hear. I really appreciate you watching 😀
Matt (23 days ago)
Sounds like this guy hates cruise ships lol
Tips For Travellers (23 days ago)
Although I love them! This probably does sound a bit negative I guess 😀😀
tom ee (24 days ago)
What's left??
Tips For Travellers (23 days ago)
Many! Go for cabins with other cabins on every side (above, below, left, right and opposite)
Matthew Gordon (24 days ago)
Well I guess that means no cruise for me
Roxanne Morrow (24 days ago)
You know it seems like the only option is a Disney cruise!
Chris Young (25 days ago)
So don't go on a cruise
Joe Shmoe (25 days ago)
I learned form this is not to take a cruise.
Natalia Miranda (25 days ago)
Cruise ships do not sound attractive to me.
derek a (20 days ago)
Cruises are very enjoyable, in my opinion. Try one first. Very affordable vacation when you consider that your travel, food, entertainment, live shows, etc. are all available in one place. You don't go on a cruise to sleep anyways. You take a cruise to have fun.
glockman945 (25 days ago)
So basically, don't choose any room on the ship? You must have been on some really crappy ships.
Devin Max (26 days ago)
McShiggity Pilot (26 days ago)
Probably should set up a loungeer on the bacony and sleep outside
McShiggity Pilot (26 days ago)
Seems like the only cabin to choose is my cabin at home!
Angela Marie (27 days ago)
When booking a cruise they're not exactly forthcoming as to the layout of the ship and where rooms are in relation to other things. You pretty much just get whichever rooms are available!
Tips For Travellers (23 days ago)
Online there are very detailed deck plans but if you book a “guaranteed grade” fare rather than a specific cabin fare you are right, you won’t know until close to the cruise what they have allocated you
Storybook Queen (28 days ago)
That's why you really are only in your cabin for getting ready and sleeping
Eric Anna (28 days ago)
Lauren Lustic (29 days ago)
Cover picture cruise is awesome ... Oasis of the seas by royal Caribbean its so fun ...
Ann Ljungberg (29 days ago)
Or...bring earplugs or decide to partyyyyyy!
Traveler86 Love (29 days ago)
So to summarize, when you look at your deck plan, the deck above you, the deck below you, and the spaces next to you should be all staterooms. Anything other than that and you’re screwed lol.
Tips For Travellers (28 days ago)
yes :-)
Chelle Morales (29 days ago)
Soooo...where exactly is that cabin that we ca really relax though????, are there any cabins left? What the...??😶😏
Tips For Travellers (28 days ago)
go for a cabin that has other cabins on all sides (above, below, left, right and opposite)
Carlos Gomez (1 month ago)
I avoided them all, I’m easily to get seasick riding with a boat, claustrophobic and I have a very high blood pressure.
YDM MDY (1 month ago)
great info! thanks. :)
tom kent (1 month ago)
Best to avoid cruises altogether!
Sam Aidrus (1 month ago)
Summary in other words stay away from cruise ships
denpuentes (1 month ago)
Any tips on jewel of the seas inside cabin deck 4? 4035 in particular, thanks
WOOD BUTCHER (1 month ago)
Darron Galway (1 month ago)
Well after all that I think I'll just stay home
Tips For Travellers (1 month ago)
It’s not that bad! It leaves at least 80% or more cabins ( key is to go for one surrounded on all sides by other cabins)
Casey Holloway (1 month ago)
It is quite evident from watching this that you have NEVER been on 1/2 of these types of ships. The Promanade cabins are sound proofed. I have done them MANY times. You are honestly clueless.  Have you ever even been on a cruise?!?!?!? After having done almost 80 now I disagree with all of your "suggestions".
Rachel Freeman (1 month ago)
If I’m on a cruise, I’m not going to be spending much time in my room anyways so I don’t really care where it’s at. It’s a cruise, if you want peace and quiet do something else
So ok. I’ve never been on a ship, but after watching this video, I’m curious. Is there any rooms that ARE quiet?
Tips For Travellers (1 month ago)
It’s not that bad! It leaves at least 80% or more cabins ( key is to go for one surrounded on all sides by other cabins)
Nick Ross (1 month ago)
...aaaaannnnnnndddd that's all 2,000 staterooms checked off, guess ill just stay home then.
Traveler86 Love (29 days ago)
You still have a lot of options left, especially on a larger ship. You just have to make sure your cabin has staterooms above, below, and next to it. Most staterooms meet that criteria. The only thing that doesn’t cover is obstructing views and connecting rooms, but I don’t think most people care about that.
Tips For Travellers (1 month ago)
It’s not that bad! It leaves at least 80% or more cabins ( key is to go for one surrounded on all sides by other cabins)
Mannon Howard (1 month ago)
Stay off long cruises because of boring old bastards
Arturo Correa (1 month ago)
If want a nice and quite vacation go somewhere else we are here to party. So Fuck off
Tomines Con (1 month ago)
Too bad i already booked my cabin before i watched your video.. at least nxt time i know what too chosed..
Ricco Castro (1 month ago)
Wtf!, I guess in other words fuck a cruise then huh?!
Carl Bloomer (1 month ago)
we try to avoid the side wear folks smoke. Depending on wind you can sometimes get a whiff when outside on your balcony. We pick where there are cabins above and below us.
Cindy (1 month ago)
I think these are good tips and most people would just agree with what you are saying (especially for those who have been to cruise trips at least > 3 times). First or second time people just enjoy but you start comparing between cruises from the third time usually. thanks
Serethine Daselle (1 month ago)
He is basically saying avoid the cruise ship itself. Alright I'll be the iceberg
Bizz (1 month ago)
How do we know where all these are? I'm having a headache already....so where is left? Everywhere is avoidable....look lets just buy our own ship.😳
Flyinghow (1 month ago)
I've always loathed the idea of a cruise, but people are trying more and more to convince me. This video did seem to exclude a lot of cabins so, as you said, perhaps a followup video with preferred or better cabin choices? You're extremely well-spoken and I like your style of presentation. Thanks!
X S (1 month ago)
So basically, sleep on the bridge?? Or in the morgue. Who tf sleeps on a cruise, anyway?? I will sleep when I pass tf out, drunk!!!
Emma Cruises (1 month ago)
I always book a guaranteed inside cabin and get the left overs. Never had any problems with any cabin. =)
WOOD BUTCHER (1 month ago)
xavier garrier (1 month ago)
Stop being a fucking stick in the mud.
Giuseppe Murabito (1 month ago)
Try to avoid ... to go on board !
omc (1 month ago)
I thought cruises was a place where people go to commit suicide by food poisoning? What difference would it make the noise?

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