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The 10 Cabins To Avoid On A Cruise. How To Choose A Cruise Ship Cabin!

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How do you choose the right cruise cabin for your cruising vacation? There is more to deciding between an inside, ocean view, balcony or suite. In this video discover the ten types of cabins that you should avoid to ensure a great cruise vacation. These tips from Gary Bembridge, cruise expert and author, apply to all grades of cabins and will help ensure you select a cabin that will provide the most enjoyable time in board. You will discover areas to avoid, things to watch out for some unexpected issues to consider. Support Tips For Travellers and book your next cruise through CruiseDirect using this link: http://www.tipsfortravellers.com/cruisedirect . You will get the best and lowest price around. I get a small commission but you pay nothing extra. If you enjoy the video please give it a "thumbs up" and if you subscribed to the channel now: http://bit.ly/TFT_YouTube2 Every week Tips For Travellers shares videos to help you make the most of your precious travel time and money on both land and at sea. First-hand travel inspiration, advice and tips based on the over 20 years I have been travelling every month. Follow me on all social media platforms. Search there for "TipsForTravellers" or "Gary Bembridge"
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Text Comments (2028)
Andrew Gomes (5 hours ago)
I enjoyed the video and I learned a lot however kind of humorous that after everything is said and done there doesn't seem to be very many good rooms left after you avoid all the ones you mentioned LOL
ScottH827 (2 days ago)
Who goes on a cruise to sleep all day.
k-ching (3 days ago)
One thing that annoys me about the use of lifts are young kids and fit adults going up or down just one level! Pure lazyness
arvid gunardi (3 days ago)
Imagine giving the booking agent this list before booking.
Frank Devitt (3 days ago)
With all this to consider, How many Good Rooms are left?
MsQuallaf (4 days ago)
Just avoid the whole cruise then🤦🏾‍♀️
Fnasser (4 days ago)
So avoid cruises, got it. Thanks mate!
Saukya Smith (1 day ago)
Go at least once.
Onetrubrit (5 days ago)
Jesus christ I got anxious just watching this...are there any decent cabins !?
Mark Fischer (6 days ago)
I've been on 23 cruises. I think I'm done cruising. IMO the best cabins are inside cabins on a low deck midship. They are the most stable part of the ship in heavy seas, the sun won't wake you if you like to sleep late, there isn't much noise or activity and they're among the cheapest. Avoid the bow and the stern, higher decks, and the outside. Also avoid facing atriums. IMO modern cruise ships are too large. 55,000 tons is just right for me. Favorite line Holland America. Least liked Carnival, NCL, and Celebrity. Royal Caribbean and Princess were good. My most recent experience was 20 years ago so things may have changed considerably. Best cruise line ever, the old Royal Viking before it was bought out. Haven't been on it since.
JD Markham (9 days ago)
Vacationing on a cruise ship may not be for you if you aren't particularly fond of, parties that go into the night, large groups of people, families with children and early risers that like to jog around the deck...
Dennis Clements (9 days ago)
I just took my first cruise from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas last week, found out I'm not a cruise ship person and when we docked in cabo, there wasnt enough time to barely do an sight seeing, so I'm flying back in may and staying a week
Rick Richter (10 days ago)
Good advice! Looked for all these before our first cruise. I can imagine most people don’t think about any of this! We have traveled a lot over the years & do this for hotels as well! Thanks
Rosalind Jimenez (13 days ago)
Don't know why I watched this. Have no desire to be cooped up on a boat with thousands of people. This confirms my feeling once again.
Tips For Travellers (13 days ago)
But thanks for watching! On the plus side it has confirmed you making the right travel decisions for yourself (so it helped a bit hopefully!)
Brad Nadeau (14 days ago)
I had a balcony on the very rear of a ship and I felt the rudder/prop shake all night.
Nick Dawn (16 days ago)
Avoid cruise ships, got it lol.
adscri (17 days ago)
There is no such thing as a good cabin. Based on an estimated total number of about 23 million cruise ship passengers in 2015 (see de Grosbois, 2016), it can be estimated that each average cruise ship passenger emits 0.83 tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent for their cruise. The 16 major cruise lines plying the waters today generated more than 1 billion gallons of sewage in 2014. Thanks to lax laws, ships can dump that sewage straight into international waters—polluting the pristine ocean near cruise destination hot spots as of Apr 23, 2015. Think of your grandkids before you decide to book and help bring about the ruination of our planet.
DAVID SHERRER (18 days ago)
I would disagree with the statement about avoiding being below the pool area. Last year we took a cruise on the Carnival Vista and a room on the 9th floor below the pool and close to the elevators. I had the same concerns that you mention, but to my surprise, we had none of it! The best part was that we had to walk up only one flight of stairs to the pool. Likewise, with the elevators, I thought there would be lots of noise, but once again, there was none...and this was during the height of Spring Break. Maybe in older ships, this is a problem, but we enjoyed our room and its close proximity to the pool and elevator.
D WG (20 days ago)
Bill Burr has some good ideas about cruise ships.
Ferry Anolin (21 days ago)
Like balcony ones
ttgk (21 days ago)
This leaves about 10 rooms lol
Krissy S (21 days ago)
Can you make a video on which rooms to try to get it seems like there’s a lot of rooms to avoid so a video stating how to pick the best rooms would be better
Frank Devitt (3 days ago)
Krissy S You are exactly right. The best comment I've seen on this video. Thanks
Tips For Travellers (21 days ago)
I do have one : Best Cruise Ship Cabins For 11 Different Traveller Types https://youtu.be/IGynsPfmEes hope that helps !
Margaret Kennedy (22 days ago)
Thank you
Lee Bond (23 days ago)
So what's left??
Lar Bear (23 days ago)
On picking a cabin. Go as high up and a far to the front as you can
Jp Vapes (23 days ago)
is there any good rooms left hahahaha
Mariki van Heerden (23 days ago)
We had the bad experience on a cruise where our cabin was on top of a bar and the noise untill 1 am was terrible
Neil Henriksen (24 days ago)
I have had almost all of the mention bad cabins, sold to me by vacation specialist. Call cruise lines direct, there is no really cheap deals.
Stinky's RV Adventures (24 days ago)
So after listening to this video it sounds like there are no good rooms on a shop anywhere
J. M. (24 days ago)
I made up my decision I'm not going on a cruise ship thanks February 25th 2019 bon voyage
Jaymi Rieman (25 days ago)
So........why go every room Sucks...
Vicki Figueroa (25 days ago)
So basically there are no good cabins as I cant imagine there would be any areas left after everything mentioned in this video lol
Sarah Barry (27 days ago)
Ive done interior, followed by obstructed, and Ive just booked a port hole cabin... hey, I dont spend much time in there anyway!
Kirk Bates (27 days ago)
I'll just stay in the life boats LOL
Thomas Flanagan (1 month ago)
I just booked a balcony on the 10th level of the carnival glory! I do agree it is important avoid certain cabins! I find being higher up is the best option. Also dont schedule cruises with like 1 or 2 months prepe time. Its waaaaayyy more efficient to schedule one with atleast 6 months of planning! Atleast i find that helps me. Cruise number 3 happening this summer!
Glenn Throop (1 month ago)
Also avoid the main ships laundry. Everyday the crew replace everyones sheets in order to have clean sheets to replace the next day. They wash all the sheets in very large laundry machines and they run all night. They are located in the crews quarters at the front of the ship. So, do NOT rent a room just above these machines if you want to get any sleep.
carlos alvarez (1 month ago)
Great heads up information but I think it will be very difficult to find a cabin away from all of those things you mentioned. LOL
Nancy Ashford Miller (1 month ago)
I sure wish I Had known the tip about adjoining cabins before we had one--so noisy when our neighbor kept her TV blaring at all hours! We could hear hers over ours!!
lovBolan fmpetergreen (1 month ago)
I agree, where do u go?
Michele Kealy (1 month ago)
I'm cancelling my cruise !!! 😫😫😫😫😫I'll be sleeping in one of the lifeboats at this rate!😀😀😂😂
Colin Gooch (1 month ago)
So don't have a cabin that's anywhere near people, machinery, venues on the ship or that isn't as quiet as a library....Lol that's funny
Raydoug Minor (1 month ago)
OMG this guy complains to much.... Join in the fun or shut up😂
Audrey Macgreggor (1 month ago)
I took a Cruise for the first time with my boyfriend, we ended up getting an inner cabin, and had a great experience.
Allen Tac (1 month ago)
Avoiding crew areas is important, especially if you have an inside cabin. We were on a ship and found there was a service corridor running behind our cabin. All night long we could hear heavy carts being moved. Thankfully, there was a departure from the ship at our second port and they were able to relocate us into that cabin.
SHARIFF PAXTON (1 month ago)
Well damn where can I sleep
kenneth robles (1 month ago)
Basically avoid cruises
Sauce Castillo (1 month ago)
I've been on lower decks, but I'ma heavy sleeper, so noise has never been an issue for me. I've also stayed in an interior cabin & didn't like it, it felt like I was in a box. However, if light bothers u when u sleep, that might be an option for u (even tho at night, there's no light at sea, so sunrise should be the only issue there), but it took 3 days for me to adjust to no windows, so I wouldn't do it again. I would try an interior balcony room tho. The lack of privacy is a bit concerning, but mostly if I'm on the ground floor.
Shaigna Wentz (1 month ago)
My thing is im not going to be in my room all day so I probably won't hear most of it, I wanna enjoy all the time I have on the ship.
Brian Winters (1 month ago)
Since I have a70 per cent hearing loss once my hearing sifs are out noise is not a problem.
Diver D (1 month ago)
can you add a summary sentence of the ideal zonage
Hellkitten (1 month ago)
Do you find there are still a lot of kids around even when school is in season? I'm thinking of having my wedding/honeymoon on a cruise ship and I really don't want to be around crying/screaming kids. Not sure if I should be trying to find an adult only cruise instead.
Alvin Omar (1 month ago)
So what your saying is " dont get on the boat? Right couse you practically saiad avoid the whole fucking ship mate.
David Lane (1 month ago)
Screw the cabin choice, just hope you don't get sick or even die from food or falling over board ( wink, wink, nudge, nudge.)
jason thrash (1 month ago)
Just looking at that pool with hundreds of people in and around it makes me think of piss water. Keep your cruises while I fly to where I want to go and get a damn good room on land.
Marlo Harman (1 month ago)
Avoid the Kitchen being above you. 24 hour noise, from roller carts to dropping things.
Steve ! (1 month ago)
So either I stay with the Captain or I’m screwed. A lot of this is nonsense. I’ve never had a problem.
Tyler Durden (1 month ago)
Good Grief! If you want peace and quiet, what possible reason would you have to go on a flippin' cruise? Paying to be in close proximity to over 1000 people when you want peace and quiet is insanity! If you want peace & quite, rent a boat for a few days and take a private float trip. Or, better yet, save some money and book a retreat cabin out in the wilderness where there are maybe a dozen people within a half mile, and you and your traveling companions are the only ones within 100 yards of you. Cruises are *NOT* for extreme introverts. They are designed for extroverts who enjoy being around other people.
Philip Sykes (1 month ago)
Seriously??? That’s about every single cabin on the ship to avoid.. were exactly are you supposed to stay then??
Ann Brown (1 month ago)
Avoid all cabins. Avoid cruise ships; they are too large, top heavy, easy to tip over. Stay home. Save money.
David o (1 month ago)
That leaves about 6 rooms... got it! Lol
Mariah Nelson (1 month ago)
My room was by the engine but the sound put me to sleep. plus I was up till 2am every night and had drinks so I slept like a baby
MountainDizzal (1 month ago)
Lmao this man names every location on the ship what a joke!
Pixel Fox (1 month ago)
It sounds like there are no cabins left, but honestly, if you actually look at the map of a cruise ship, there are plenty of options! Other than the deck right below the pool deck, most of these guides only rule out a handful of cabins per deck. What you're looking for is a cabin with other passenger cabins to either side and across as well as above you. Because the vast majority of cabins are located on decks that have literally nothing on them but cabins, that isn't as hard as it sounds! Also, on every ship I've ever been on, the promenade around the entire ship and the pool are either on the same deck or the promenade is right above the pool deck.
Rachel Rachel (1 month ago)
One I'd like to add is avoid cabins on the upper decks at the front of the ship (especially in an ocean view cabin). In a storm your cabin will be the first to be hit by the waves and as the ship is rocking, you'll feel it the most.
Regina St. John (1 month ago)
Who wants to be on a boat with drunks and screaming kids just fly where you want to go
Grebb Minor (1 month ago)
Just join all the party’s 😄
Where is the safest place to stay on a ship Incase of emergency sinking ?
Thank you
alexander garcia (1 month ago)
sorry, but just don’t go... you need to stay at your place sr.... “”””it a cruise “”””
bigbono12 (1 month ago)
Top cruise ships have very effective noise isolation between cabins and from public areas into cabin areas and above and below pool deck areas. Check customer reviews on any cruise line you may be thinking of travelling with and where previous travellers have had their cabins, and what they experienced. This man makes very general asumptions which as most commentators have remarked seem to exclude almost all the cabins anywhere on a ship. It seems like he should be travelling only on very small cruise ship where there are less than 600 pasengers and all cabins are suites with balconies, no casinos, no nightclubs etc.i.e. the most expensive cruise ship categories..
Jonnn21 (1 month ago)
I always grab a cabin on the first or second floor in the middle of the ship
Dennis (1 month ago)
So in summary, avoid going on a cruise, fullstop
Ervin Fowlkes (1 month ago)
Excellent Video!
Esc Life - UK (1 month ago)
Promenade deck cabins are great
Courtney Roeckel (1 month ago)
You forgot elevators! Our last cabin was near the elevators, so we heard the partiers all through the night and the early birds in the morning. It also happened to be a convenient place for the stewards to conduct morning meetings. There was no sleep to be had! Instead of being rejuvenated when I arrived home, I was exhausted and in need of catching up on sleep.
Kevin Lampen (1 month ago)
Why not just say the best placed cabins.....
samuel mnisi (1 month ago)
Thank u. So much valuable info
jimmy johnstone (1 month ago)
Are there any adult only cruise ships ?
Tips For Travellers (1 month ago)
Not many. The first Virgin Voyages ship will be adult only. P&O Cruises out of the UK has some adult only ships which are based in Caribbean in the winter. Saga cruises (also UK) are adult only (and at least one of the couple have to be over 50)
Belly Dancer (1 month ago)
😂😂😂OMG I think it’s safer to stay at home! How the hell do you cruise? 🚢 I recommend drinking plenty and staying on the dance floor stomping the floor boards all night long 💃 it’s not a floating retirement home😳
Frank Smith (1 month ago)
jeez, what the fuck is left after you avoid all this shit?
Toxru (1 month ago)
Weird flex but ok
J Hill (1 month ago)
On our cruises with the kids we got adjoining cabins. Best thing we ever did.
Cyril Tancinco (1 month ago)
We better sleep on the side of the ship captain...after seeing this..cruiseships are for people who drunkards and party animals..
Bonginkosi Hamphery (1 month ago)
You are trying to tell us basically we must avoid all cabins in a cruise
craig thurston (1 month ago)
Fucker needs ear plugs... Problem solved
richierex (1 month ago)
So that just leaves the captain`s cabin and i imagine that could also be quite noisy
zondaintheair (1 month ago)
Very helpful but the Captain said i could not move in.
Gordon Anderson (1 month ago)
The more you pay, the more you sway!
Kieron Calderbank (1 month ago)
I hope they play techno
Faithfully Jenn (1 month ago)
As a family of 8 (we’re loud) maybe we should stay in an interconnecting room in one of these bad spaces so we can make sure the people looking for the best rooms have some peace. Any tips for large family’s? I would love to hear them! We have 6 kids ages 3-16.
Danny (1 month ago)
You seem like quite a boring person to go on a cruise with, if there are parties and parades and shit going on then why the fuck would you be in your cabin? As far as the privacy thing on the promenade, who gives a shit if people can see you? shut your curtains or embrace it and stand at your window in the buff. If you want to sleep then stay at home.
Craig Field (1 month ago)
Your a fucking bundle of fun you fucking twat
Igor Ivanov (1 month ago)
Avoid cruise ships.
David Askew (1 month ago)
I didn't know you could choose exactly what cabin you wanted. I thought you booked they type you wanted (inside, balcony, suite etc.) and then you would be allocated one when checking in.
jazzboy100 (1 month ago)
You seem to bag out the whole ship, yet don't give your feed back on where exactly one should stay on the ship???????
Julia Ceasar (1 month ago)
Why dont you just say which cabins are the the best to book
So rent a hotel because basically the whole cruise ship is loud and when there are 6000 guests you cant avoid it. Or do as i do and bring a fan or speaker to drown out the bs.
FaithAloneGaming (1 month ago)
Tip number 11: Avoid cabins. Instead buy your own ship and cruise as you like. Much less noise this way.
Denise Roe (1 month ago)
I love cruising. Most of these you learn after a few debacles. I usually choose mid ship decks eight or nine. Our first, 30 years ago was by the crew access to the laundry. Cruising has changed a lot in those 30 years.
steph dee (1 month ago)
I made the mistake once of getting a cabin directly above the theater. We're early to bed people and every night our whole room would shake from the vibrations during the late show. That sucked. Our cabin sweet spot now is mid ship, in between 2 decks of mostly all staterooms (usually decks 9 or 10.)
Denise Marie (1 month ago)
Very informative. I won't take a cruise. Thank you.
Ajay Johal (1 month ago)
This old ass man should avoid a cruise ship. buzz Killington over here

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