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Luffy Zoro Sanji vs Kraken (Gear Third Elephant gun) Post Timeskip

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Tha Kim (1 day ago)
how luffy can inhale this amount of air in this tiny bubble ?
Dopamine (3 days ago)
Anyone else hungry for grilled octopus?
Amber-Lei Curtis (3 days ago)
*Sanji Smoking Underwater* F*** the laws of physics F*** heart disease F*** cancer
Camenraider CC (18 days ago)
2011 wtf it looks like yesterday
Carolin Janvier (1 month ago)
Zoro the G.O.A.T swear to God
Qw3rtyYT (1 month ago)
something wrong sanji shouldve been dead cuz the water pressure right?
ff ss (10 days ago)
or he simply was using invisible haki all over his body to protect him !
ff ss (10 days ago)
that simply means that his body got tougher...
aman agarwal (2 months ago)
How the hell did sanji get friction in the water??😂😂
ff ss (10 days ago)
haki helps him here not friction, before he used friction to maintin his " haki fire form" because he wasn't good at haki, after the 2 years training he mastered it and can do it even without creating friction...
Infinity Gauntlet (2 months ago)
I wonder if Luffy could utilize armament haki so well to a point that it shields him from the weakness of the sea
xXDark gamerXx (3 months ago)
Diable Jambe Bien Cuit Grill Shoot!!! So fucking amazing
Murphy (3 months ago)
Sanji day 730 without sex: Octopus lookin kinda cute
Monkey D Luffy 2934 (5 months ago)
Cute and hot❤️😍😘
Kevin Lee (5 months ago)
There is no way that bubble contain that amount of air in it
abhijeet kumar (5 months ago)
To think that jack sparrow was defeated by that they sure are powerful
マイコルKratos (5 months ago)
Sad kraken....
tombomb4592 (5 months ago)
Sanji smoking a cig underwater???
BIG MAC (6 months ago)
Gum gum Japan nuke
Fazed Intensity of Anime (6 months ago)
Poor kraken
gamming vex (6 months ago)
i love u luffy XD
justanormalgamerguy (6 months ago)
Dnam (7 months ago)
This doesn't make sense. The pressure under that deep water should have destroyed and kill everyone.
Keaton Blackman (8 months ago)
that octopus has lot of arms
Susan Maharjan (8 months ago)
SIMP PALABRICA (8 months ago)
Its like a huge meteor that hit a kraken..poor kraken
Jettyjetster (8 months ago)
Bruh how fast is sanji that he created fire underwater
MASTER GAMER (9 months ago)
love u luffy XD
Alexa Veronica Arellon (9 months ago)
Well, after 2 years, luffy managed to do 3rd gear without getting small .
noisullia a si ytilaer (10 months ago)
Wait how did Sandi gain the ability to jump in air
ff ss (10 days ago)
bro are you watching one piece or not ?
Amogh Dangol (10 months ago)
I laike roroana zoro and his swords
Nate Rivers (1 year ago)
They finished that thing in 3 minutes lol
The DaniRiver0242 (1 year ago)
Imagine this animation and pacing for the whole show. :'( would bring a tear to my eye
Dig Bick (1 year ago)
Sanji smoking a cigarette while in the bottom of the sea. It doesn't even wet his cigga tho.
burning legacy (1 year ago)
luffy's e.gun here > katakuri e.gun right now!
Brian King (1 year ago)
Luffy: HEY DONT CUT HIS ARMS also Luffy: *proceeeds to punch the absoulte shit out of it aruguably doing more damage XD
Link 79102 (1 year ago)
Zoro is Six Paths omg
naruto Z Nation (1 year ago)
Luffy: gum gum no elephant gun
Onigiri_ Demon (1 year ago)
Zoro: Anyone for Sashimi?
AgentSanchez95 (1 year ago)
Why did Luffy transfer the air from his stomach to his left arm, then to his stomach to this right arm? Why couldn't he just transfer i immediately to his right arm?
Zako Animations (1 month ago)
Dude the left one was small and he blow in the right arm to make even massive
Alex Karnon (10 months ago)
AgentSanchez95 It's actually from his arm to his chest to his arm, idk why he can't just blow one up.
미도리야이즈쿠 (1 year ago)
Ako Chan (1 year ago)
wow! wanna watch luffy's gear four fist time against Doflamingo? go watch my video :)
Yao Siabi (2 years ago)
2:55 The moment when Caribou realized that he picked the wrong crew to mess with.
Ivan Fadilah Silondae (2 years ago)
+Chaos Jeff not just luffy, zoro and sanji can use haki too
Sans The Dog (2 years ago)
Indeed, Especially since luffy just learned how to use haki so his devil fruit aint worth shit
marvin12 resurreccts (2 years ago)
I cant see the logic here, luffy was able to blew air to his body but the bubble didnt shrink, zoro slashed from inside the bubble and cut the kraken's tentacle with the bubble still intact, did anyone there notice it too?
Divyam Dembla (5 months ago)
Didnt rayleigh said that unless there are a lot of hits the bubble won't pop easily
taha umrethwala (11 months ago)
''Sword follows will''
marvin12 resurreccts (2 years ago)
+James Connor i didnt said it didnt have complex stories, like i said, it needs logic not to ruin its entire plot.
James Connor (2 years ago)
Just because there is no logic doesnt mean it can't have a complex story
marvin12 resurreccts (2 years ago)
+James Connor you still need to put some logic in a plot man, anime should not be just for kids.
Temei (2 years ago)
0:33 No shit really!?
Bard Main (2 years ago)
At the end everyone on the ship realizes they have become fodder lol
Nate Rivers (1 year ago)
Bard Main for real lol
Neptune Jr. (2 years ago)
Bard Main (2 years ago)
Zoro going overboard smh
Tengou (2 years ago)
I know One Piece runs on nonsensium, but for some reason I can't get over the fact that Luffy managed to inflate his arm so much with the very limited air in his little bubble.
BlobOfClay (7 months ago)
And yet in the Arlong arc Sanji had his organs crushed by a fishman using deep sea preasure, wierd.
Nate Rivers (1 year ago)
One shouldn't look at one piece from a realistic standpoint lol: luffy should've taken all the air in that "bubble". Zoro would've destroyed it with this many cuts. Sanji would've been crushed by the sea pressure. You can't run like that underwater especially not at this speed. And speaking underwater.... Really. Still lit tho
Caio de Castro (1 year ago)
err..is not a "bubble" is something waaay different than that, how does it works i dont know, obviously is impossible in our world, just as a rubber man is too LOL (the fact is: is not *fake* by the rules of it own universe, so is ok)
Alberto_S. (2 years ago)
If the cut is clean and fast enough, it might be possible not breaking the bubble . And in Sanji´s case, lava can shine under water and enough friction can produce heat, sooooooooooo... It doesn´t make sense...
Mano Veneza (2 years ago)
Tengou and how Sanji ignited his leg underwater
Marius Amc (2 years ago)
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Mylifeis funny (2 years ago)
Black Sheep (4 days ago)
Well if you put it this way: *Luffy* , acrobatic, gomu gomu no mi devil fruit + armament haki = very compatible and deadly combo, etc. *Zoro* , great swordsman with _three swords_ , haki. *Sanji* , specializes in kicks, strengthened and hardened legs (has flaming kicks too), haki. Conclusion: They have very different styles, so we won't know until they really have individual battles with each other, no holds barred.
Kenny The God (5 days ago)
+Muguiwara No Luffy Zoro is definetly stronger than Sanji right now but when sanji puts on his raid suit he will become a lot stronger.
Muguiwara No Luffy (29 days ago)
I don't know what should i say... Luffy>Zoro>Sanji or Luffy>Zoro=Sanji ?!
Haaeeszeet (1 month ago)
Luffy = Zoro = Sanji
Lee Trevis (4 months ago)
Techno Playz Luffy>Zoro=Sanji
Cee Woo (3 years ago)
imagine if he used, you know what' on the kraken(manga readers know I'm talking bout)
Caio de Castro (1 year ago)
"god gun" ?? Dont you mean KING KONG GUN?
yash Gurung (2 years ago)
+Cee Woo if you mean gear 4 god gun then just overkill
Ryan Cracix (3 years ago)
Name of song plz???
Dhadung Prihananto (3 years ago)
+Ryan Cracix sanji kazaashi - kore ga east blue no koi no aji
Kakka carrot Cake (3 years ago)
Is he smoking a joint? UNDERWATER!!!!!!???
BloomsburyBuddhist (6 months ago)
Fuck man......If that was possible how god damned amazing would that truly be. Sugoi!!!!!
he is that BADASS
7 tales (2 years ago)
Marius Amc (2 years ago)
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F A (2 years ago)
+Kakka carrot Cake it's an irony.
Haran Galbraith (3 years ago)
Wow u put up "I love u Luffy." LOL
TheEdwardShow 1 (3 years ago)
i like how Robin is just standing there with her mouth open.
Thijs Jo (3 years ago)
What's the song called at the start?
Loyaan Mahamed (3 years ago)
Not sure what the real name it is but people commonly call it shuraiya vs needles
Raf M (3 years ago)
00:18 Luffy's biggest gear third in the series
Kona Latu (3 years ago)
That moment when everyone thought this was all luffy was capable of after the 2 year time skip
Just a Random davesprite (6 months ago)
Sam yo gear 4 has so many forms out of nowhere plus the power of friendship
Sam (6 months ago)
Just a Random davesprite there’s only so much u can learn in that timeskip lmfao
X_Thane_X (6 months ago)
Just a Random davesprite yeah😂
Just a Random davesprite (6 months ago)
Tolu Akin you mean asspulls lol
X_Thane_X (7 months ago)
Sumit Debbarma and we know that Luffy hasn't even shown us everything that Rayleigh taught him yet. He's still got more tricks up his sleeve I know it.
NightMare Dark Angel (3 years ago)
Look at the tree bosses beasting
Morphacis (3 years ago)
Gear sabo?
Fill With Reactions (1 year ago)
gia sado*
VIZ D (3 years ago)
Though as compared to Luffy and Zoro, Sanji has not progressed much in power level, but still, Sky Walk and Blue Walk are more cool abilities that I have seen yet in Straw Hat Crew.
Kenny The God (5 days ago)
+VIZ D He still didnt do shit 🤣🤣🤣 All he did was kick Oven outta no where.
Patrick Chen (3 months ago)
Nah he definitely did at wci
Lee Trevis (4 months ago)
VIZ D did you not see the encounter with the pacifista? Showing that puffy is the strongest and that Zoro and Sanji and pretty much on the same level. Zoro being stronger by only a tad
Prince Vegeta (1 year ago)
Crudder it is?
Brandon Soulsby (3 years ago)
Sanji was running and running...
Aissa Laasri (3 years ago)
no character is cooler then sanji, he can smoke his sigaret even in water
Static105 (3 years ago)
Does luffy ever get 4th gear? I hear rumors about it being revealed in the comics but nothing concrete. 
Static105 (3 years ago)
omg I have to catch up!
Kuririnite (3 years ago)
+mustafizur123 yeah I saw but just decided to inform
mustafizur123 (3 years ago)
+teleportaat my comment was in feb lol but yeah i know i am hyped
Kuririnite (3 years ago)
It waa revealed in this week's chapter
mustafizur123 (3 years ago)
hasnt been revealed yet
Sisterfister (4 years ago)
sanji can smoke under water D:
Mira Jain (4 years ago)
he can keep his arm in water for 3 minutes, but he cant stand 3 seconds of touching a kairoseki cage.
MetroidJunkie (4 years ago)
It took him 3 minutes to gather enough strength to actually attack with that arm. XD
MetroidJunkie (4 years ago)
What's the music playing at the beginning?
Hixon Red (2 years ago)
MetroidJunkie Darude Sandstorm
Twist of fate
MultiMangaGuy (4 years ago)
hey whats episode is this ?
Beni Habibi (4 years ago)
how the hell can sanji be smoking a cigarette under water?
?????? ?????? (1 month ago)
Because of Hiroshima.
Zako Animations (1 month ago)
He's cigarette has been wet dude
Dragonmyballs (2 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjcOobt9Ef8 saw a youtube video to back up sanjis diable jamble under water its the friction of his feet spinning under water you can also look up joule paddle wheel experiment
Patrick Chen (3 months ago)
This is an anime where people can die from nosebleeds so you shouldn't be surprised.
Demon lord power (3 months ago)
Beni Habibi cause he's sanji a badass
Black Star (4 years ago)
heard this guy can beat up sonoske from samurrai x so i though i check him out, i just don't see it
jennate laamyem (4 years ago)
+Nameless Namek no no I neveer thought that you were rude. I just think that even though I hear a lot of people complaining about how the anime doesn't do justice to the manga, I'm pretty satistfied with it and I learnt to accept that and move on, it's been nearly 5 years that I've started the show, and I still love it as much as I did in the beginning, but thank you all for pointing that out. 
Nameless Namek (4 years ago)
Sorry if that came across as overly negative about the anime. I do like it. It's One Piece! And in your situation the anime definitely seems like the better option. I just kinda wish that a series as great as One Piece would get an anime that has as good of pacing as the manga. Which I completely understand is asking for a lot. The manga is still going and the anime is weekly so of course it's going to be close behind, which means they have to go slow otherwise it would catch up to the manga in no time. I just really enjoy the series and have too high expectations. XD
jennate laamyem (4 years ago)
+Nameless Namek hearing you all talk about how the manga is so amazing makes me wonder how could it be more amazing than what the anime has to offer. I mean I LOVE one piece to death and the animation didn't really bother me up to now + in morocco I couldn't find one piece's tomes and even though I found some, they are either very old or extremely expensive ( if new)... I'm really sad about that but to be honest the anime is satistfying for me.... 
CyberMonkey03 (4 years ago)
+Nameless Namek Gotta agree dude, the anime just isn't near the level of the manga anymore.
katana shisui (4 years ago)
+magnusm4 same here i dont understand it
Koopz (4 years ago)
2:40 Gives me chills
Katsody (4 years ago)
2:54 LOL
Alex Campbell (4 years ago)
I can't stand it when the subs put gum-gum instead of gomu-gomu..
alessandra nicole (6 months ago)
Alex Campbell MEEEEE
4ester44 (6 months ago)
Why , gomu is gum and gum is gomu
unosabokins (1 year ago)
stfu weebs why does it matter
Just call me Tsuyu (1 year ago)
Rigs It has nothing to do with being a weeb, ya twat. It's a matter of wanting to read exactly what is being said. The Japananese dub could be saying gum-gum for all I care but if the subs say "gomu-gomu" then it still isn't right
petplatypus (2 years ago)
+GlacialRuin the funimation English dub is amazing. So I don't see how that's a problem.
savagepinksock (4 years ago)
sanji can talk underwater
halowolf143 (4 years ago)
+jmq700 You notice he was talking I notice that his cigarette was still lit even though he was going extremely fast underwater you know just saying. 
savagepinksock (4 years ago)
he wasn't in the bubble
Jaime Qiu (4 years ago)
inside the bubble
savagepinksock (4 years ago)
if shanks was there hed hv no arms left 
Electric Wolf (4 years ago)
Sanji, smoking in his bubble like a boss.
neowisdom (4 years ago)
0:24 When Robin and Nami saw Luffy's Armament Haki for the first time they realized that he was a stud. Seeing how Luffy can make any part of his body big, black, and hard, it's going to be difficult for Robin and Nami to resist Luffy.
Black Sheep (4 days ago)
Duviere Robinson (1 year ago)
*slow claps*
PSD (1 year ago)
neowisdom hear what Nami said that he has became STRONGER XD
Ivan Fadilah Silondae (1 year ago)
neowisdom like doffy said "it's still hard but streching"
fsgg (4 years ago)
why zoro say sanji number 7
Gehirnsammler (4 years ago)
Sanji was the seventh person who has reached the island.
Kinto_ (4 years ago)
2:54 lol
TheFredHunter (4 years ago)
"Anime Logic"-wise, gear third still hardly makes sense to me, I mean how is he even blowing air into his thumb?
Gidian (4 years ago)
so i took a look at these comments about gear 3rd and how realistic and nonrealistic it is and i don't know why people are hating on each other, those saying ,that 3rd gear, according to physics is not possible are stating their criticism and that's ok. For me it doesn't matter if i'm a fan of an anime or not, if i see something really illogical i will say my opinion and not be silent about it, but we're talking about one piece guys, the manga / anime is known to have an enormous amount of plot holes when it comes to logic, so it's just about what oda wants it to be, no logic behind it. And to those desperately trying to explain how gear 3rd  is scientifically plausible, you don't have to accept everything that oda creates as being perfection in every aspect, as it goes for gear 3rd, it's physically not possible to gain a huge amount of mass and power in a stretchable object by inflating it with air, doesn't matter if it's luffy or just a balloon. And i'm not talking about personal opinion, these are common facts (better to say laws) that can be googled within 2 minutes, if you stretch a non-inflated balloon and hit some with it, the person will feel the impact, if you inflate it so that it becomes 20 times bigger , throw it at someone, the force of the  impact will be almost nothing. And please no hating, i have better things to do.
ejmcmurtrie (4 years ago)
I always thought it was about air pressure,if some throws a basketball at you it's not the same as throwing a balloon.
TheMonsterTrio (4 years ago)
good logic but if u harden it like a giant metal wrecking ball then dam will it hurt
Paul Vallecillo (4 years ago)
A special fruit can give you crazy powers. No reason to find logic anymore.
Suna Beqo (4 years ago)
2:40 Epic ! *_*
Path of the N (4 years ago)
wow. to be in the sea and do that.. impressive. don't think even akainu could have done that :)
Abby OConnor (4 years ago)
Zoro is a BOSS like always :)
Muguiwara No Luffy (29 days ago)
Yeah... For sure, Zoro is but ... Luffy is more powerfull. Luffy is more kind. Luffy is more attracted. Luffy is more cute and he has got the cutest smile of all the manga i have never ever seen. He is also more friendly but yeah, yeah Zoro is the boss even if Luffy is the Big boss.
Zako Animations (1 month ago)
And luffy is a captain..
CJ Hill (4 years ago)
haha caribous comment
Dethcat (4 years ago)
Surume :)
maybe its something we havent seen yet
Lightbuster30 (5 years ago)
only a couple hours before episode 618
mustafizur123 (5 years ago)
its off the hook, it may start a little slow but as it progresses its awesome. there is 617 ep so far with another 9-10 yrs to go.
mohammed14141414 (5 years ago)
crossing six path zoro lolllllllllolllololo
Sherwoodfan (5 years ago)
Luffy's Gear 3rd is an air balloon... However he's in a bubble that fits his size, and underwater... One Piece logic.
Alex Karnon (10 months ago)
Big Mac Gear 3rd is Bone Balloon
Jane Sand (5 years ago)
omg how many cuts has he got and what is the last episode???
Glenn Ward (5 years ago)
after gear three comes gear four. it consists of one technique. Gigantic Elephant Red Hawk Gatling. it's basically gear three, plus armament haki armor, and gear two to ignite it, then combine with the Gatling technique.
sunny19886 (5 years ago)
Crossing the six paths technique VS Shiryu's technique XD
TwoStepsfromWhatever (5 years ago)
go back to the alabasta arc and rewatch it.
UniverseKeeper2 (5 years ago)
ummmm, no no... people who think that actually still have brain activity going on in they're noggin ^^, unlike you... : I please learn to fucking type/talk BEFORE saying and or stating anything at all ok??
gogeta207 (5 years ago)
that was on the Surface water not inside the water beside that was a hole in the tsunami i hope u got wat i mean < he is bad in english
Marco L (5 years ago)
actually i never watched Inazuma Eleven
DJ (5 years ago)
sanji can use haki now so he obviously got stronger dumbasses you see this is why i hope he fights vergo again and kills him
TheWeeaboo (5 years ago)
In the anime we hardly saw Sanji do anything. Though apparently Virgo almost broke his leg or something. The only 2 people that really got stronger combat wise are naturally Zoro and Luffy.
Daniel Nahusuly (3 months ago)
TheWeeaboo *spoiler alert if you haven't read the manga* In chapter 899, Sanji blocked Daifuku's genie, which is an impressive feat of showing his strength. I guess we will see Sanji getting serious fight in Wano.
SuperAinsleyVitality (5 years ago)
Oh, and it has a damn good soundtrack.
SuperAinsleyVitality (5 years ago)
Excellent world-building, likeable characters, cool fights (avoids 'power levels' and the special abilities can play out more like 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' in a fight), many emotional and epic moments (that any true man should love), almost all of the story arcs are executed very well and the rest are never less than good. You'll find of a lot of people who have happily watched all 612 episodes. That should speak for itself.

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